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Something I did after I got married

Something I did after I got married

After the honeymoon, Julie gives into temptation
My name is Julie, and I just married my loving boyfriend Eric. We knew we loved each other a little early in our relationship. So it was very easy to just say yes when he proposed. Anyway, before we got married, Eric gave me an very odd request. He told me he wanted to have sex with his sister, Shelia.

At first, I didn't know what to think. I just knew it took a lot for him to ask me that. It wasn't like asking if he could bring a few extra friends to the wedding. So, I told him he could do it. Although, she wanted him to take her on a date first. I actually liked that, and then he told me how things went the next day.

He didn't give me any dirty details, or anything like that. He just told me that he had a great time, and he also thanked me numerous times too. As if it was possible, Shelia actually became closer to both of us. She was there every single day after for two weeks straight after that. That included the wedding, and she almost went on our honeymoon with us.

Anyway, about three weeks after the wedding, Shelia and I had some alone time. She was horny for some reason, because she decided to ask about my sex life with her brother.

"So, is he still making you moan at night?" she wanted to know.

"That's a little personal," I told her.

"Not really, he has had his cock inside me too, remember?" she asked.

 "I know, but it's still personal," I replied.

"Okay, I'm sorry," she told me.

Then she shut up, after talking nonstop for about an hour. I felt a little bad, so I gave her something.

"Yes, he still has me moaning at night. We have a great sex life," I put on the record.

"Do you ever regret letting him have sex with me?" she wondered.

It was valid question, and truthfully, I wasn't sure. It surely made both of them happy, which made me happy. I just wasn't thrilled with the way it happened.

"No, I'm just glad he did it, and got it out of his system, I guess," I replied.

"Do you ever get jealous, that he got to fuck someone else, and you never did?" she wondered.

"Maybe, I guess. I don't resent him, if that's what you mean," I told her.

Then she began to get close to me. She put her hand onto my leg, and rubbed it slowly. It was unclear what her intentions were exactly.

"You know, ever since Eric introduced me to you, I've actually had a small crush on you. You are one stone cold fox," she confessed.

I never thought of Shelia as a possible sexual partner. Although, I actually did experiment with a couple ladies before. So it wasn't the fact that she was female that stopped me.

"No, that would be cheating on him, I can't do that," I made clear.

"He doesn't have to know, besides, we're best friends. How mad could he be if he found out?" she wondered.

She thought I was one stone cold fox, and I thought she was one hot devil. As the possibility came up, I found her to be very hot. She kept her eyes on me, and she knew exactly what was going through my mind. She knew I was weighing the options, and definitely leaning towards her position.

"Eric never ever finds out about this, got it?" I made clear.

"Yes," she told me.

I slowly leaned towards her, and kissed her. It lasted for about ten seconds, and we kept our arms down. As we were done, we both backed away a couple inches. First, we had blank looks, but then we both cracked smiles. Then we began making out. After another minute, we both put our arms onto each other.

Eventually, her hands went down onto my butt. She slowly rubbed it, and that certainly got my pussy wet. I knew it was wrong, but it felt at least a little right. I knew I loved Eric, and he loved me too. I took the pleasure, without being able to completely justify it. I just put it out of my head, and put my right hand onto her left boob.

"Those aren't just for show," she said.

Then she helped herself to my boobs as well, and rubbed them slowly. She was pressing my buttons slowly, and letting me deal with it in my own way. That actually turned me on even more. After we made out for a few more minutes, she slowly leaned onto me.

I laid down on my back, and she got on top of me, as our lips never departed. Then we both wrapped our arms around each other, and I was getting closer to wanting to strip. I was about there, although then she wanted to push a little bit more.

"I gotta see these tits you've been hiding," she put on the record.

She had me lean up, and she quickly took off my shirt. She admired my C-cup tits for a minute, and then she put her face right between them. She stuck her tongue in my crack, and licked me. That certainly tickled me a bit, and then she put my hands onto my back. She quickly went for my bra, and she undid it. Then she stayed close to me, and kissed my neck numerous times.

"Oh, I stand corrected, you are one lava hot fox," she whispered to me.

I was unsure what that meant exactly, but I was sure it was a compliment. She took my bra, and threw it on the floor. She looked down at my boobs again, and then pushed me onto my back. So, she decided to start pushing the buttons a bit quicker, so she went for my shorts. She unbuttoned them, and took them off too. I was just in my panties, and she still wasn't satisfied. She wanted me naked, so she ripped off my panties, literally. I heard them rip a bit, and I wasn't sure what to think.

"Sorry, I'll buy you another pair of panties," she said, just before she dove right into my pussy.

She wasted no time getting what she wanted, and that was my glistening pussy. She immediately stuck in a few fingers, along with her tongue. In less than thirty seconds, she had me loving her. She wasn't just my sister-in-law/best friend anymore. I found her to be one hot piece-of-sexy-lady-ass.

By then, I was just thinking. How could Eric be mad, when I had this hot chick that wanted to fuck to me. I admit, that's still no excuse, but I couldn't help it. I was moaning out loud, and she was just getting started with me.

She began thrusting her fingers in and out of my pussy, and that had me wanting to scream. I put my hands right onto my boobs, and then I began moving around too. I had a couple women eat me out before, and she crushed them.

In no time at all, I was on the edge of cumming all over her face. I was already about to shoot, but I somehow managed to keep it down for another minute anyway. Although, after that, I was completely defenseless. It was coming very quickly, and my moans gave it away.

"Shit!" I screamed.

I splattered her face, and her clothes. Even her shorts got some of my cum, and she seemed to love it that way. After that, she immediately got on top of me. She put lips onto mine, and we made out for about five minutes straight.

"Oh, that's a sweet pussy, just the way I like them," she muttered.

She kissed me again, and then went down to my tits. She began sucking on my left nipple, and put her left hand onto my pussy. She was the devil, and she was swaying me over to the dark side. I was defenseless against her, because she had me under the devil's curse. She began circling my nipple with her tongue, and I began moaning insanely loudly.

"Fuck, Shelia!" I screamed.

She stuck in a couple more fingers into my pussy, and I held her there. I couldn't help it, she had me loving her a whole lot more by then. She just sucked on my nipple, and played with my pussy for a few minutes. After that, she got on the floor, and onto her knees. I watched her slowly take off her shirt, and expose her matching c-cup rack.

Even as it was being covered by her bra, my mouth was watering. So, I leaned up, and put my hands onto her back. I took off her bra, and threw it on the floor. I had to admire her boobs too, they were quite a work of natural art. Then we both stood up on the floor, and I put my lips onto hers.

I put my hands on her shorts, and unbuttoned them. They fell to the floor, and her pink thong was exposed. Then I leaned towards her, and put my forehead onto her left shoulder. I stuck my right hand into panties, and began rubbing her pussy. We locked eyes on each other, and there was no key.

Eventually, she slid down her thong a little bit, so her glistening pussy was visible. It was quite a sight to see, although my fingers begged to differ. After she let me see her pussy, she put her hand right back onto my pussy. She was using her magic fingers to make me tingle. I felt it all throughout my body, it was like a full body orgasm.

I opened my mouth very widely, because I was having the time of my life. I leaned my head back, and she got really close to me. Our boobs pressed up against each other perfectly, and then I just couldn't hold off. From one second to next, I came all over her legs, and feet.

I loved Eric, but I had never had such a satisfying orgasm before in my life. Maybe it was because of the emotional strain that came with it. I didn't regret it, but I still felt it was wrong. Then she kissed me again. I just starred blankly, but she looked right at me. She took off her thong completely, and she brought to the floor with her.

We both wrapped our arms around each other, and then I found myself wanting to return the oral favor. So, I began climbing down towards her pussy, and I just eyeballed it first. It just seemed to be a little overwhelming for a minute. Eventually, I leaned down towards her pussy, and stuck my tongue out.

I began licking her pussy slowly, and she laughed a bit. I just guessed that it tickled her a bit, but then I stuck in a couple fingers too. Then I got her to moan, which was what I wanted to hear. I ate two ladies before her, but I didn't think that I truly satisfied either of them though.

"Don't be scared, it's only pussy," she muttered.

I laughed a little bit, and got a little more aggressive with her. I really ate out her pussy, and made her moan. I wanted her to moan so loudly, I thought I'd lose my hearing. I almost got my wish there.

"Fuck yes, Julie! Eat my pussy! I want to cum all over your face!" she screamed.

She put her hands onto my head, and had me bury my face deeper into her pussy. My face drenched, my hands were getting tired, and my tongue already felt like it had carpal tunnel. Although, I loved it that way. She took one of my hands, and actually began licking all the cum off it. It was hot, but she just wanted to make it hotter. I looked over at her, and did my best to smile. She looked right back at me, and then blew me a kiss.

That just made me want to make her cum nonstop for about ten minutes straight. It was gonna be so satisfying at the end, but the journey there was gonna be one hell of a ride too. I stuck in my tongue, and a few fingers too. I was cheating, so I was gonna make sure it was worth it.

I ate her out, just how Eric liked to eat me out. I always splattered his face, and he loved that. She eventually leaned up, and put a lot of pressure onto my head. Before I knew it, I hit her g-spot.

"Shit!" she screamed.

Then I got her to cum all over my face, and that was one hell of an experience. I loved it, but afterwards, I still felt bad about cheating. I got up, and sat on the couch. She knew exactly what I was thinking, so she came up, and consoled me.

"He will love you still, this will change nothing. It was just sex," she said.

She said it, but I still felt what I felt. Then all of the sudden, Eric came walking in.

"Nice, got room for one more?" he wondered.
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