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Sophie and Jenny's Saturday Night Part 2

The next day Sophie keeps Jenny as her slave, but invites a friend along to play...
Sophie woke up the next morning and got straight out of bed. Jenny was still awake, after being pleasured all through the night by Sophie's electrical toys. Sophie put on her panties and bra and went over to her closet, where she found Jenny covered in her own juices. She helped Jenny out of the closet and untied her and then walked her over to the bed. Jenny had agreed to be Sophie's slave, so she tied her to the bed with her legs wide open. Jenny was so tired, so Sophie gave her a quick peck and then left her lying there, blindfolded and tied to the bed.

There was a sharp knock at the door, the knock Sophie had been waiting for. It was so clear to Sophie, the memory of that beach blonde hair and those deep blue eyes. As soon as she looked through the translucent glass panel her dream had almost come true. Once the door had been opened, Chloe walked in and provocatively swung her hips against Sophie's in her tight blue jeans. Chloe's arms wrapped around Sophie's topless body as both of the girls fell into a deep, passionate kiss. Her large pink nipples responded almost instantly, the little nubs standing to attention, watching as Chloe bent down and allowed her tongue to sweep right across them, causing her pussy to tingle.

"Where is she?" winked Chloe, indicating that she knew what was waiting for her. That was the one thing that Sophie loved about her, her passion for sex.

Sophie did not respond with words, only a firm grope of Chloe's ass through her lace panties. Chloe put her arms around Sophie, looked deep into her hazel eyes and began to kiss her again. Soon enough, they found themselves both in underwear and dry humping each other slowly on the sofa. As their lips softly touched, Sophie groaned loudly and pulsed harder. She could feel her pussy dripping and soaking her bright blue lace panties to a darker shade of blue. Chloe's panties were making their way down her legs and she kicked them off to expose her smooth shaven pussy, which dripped onto Sophie. The juice slowly dripped streaks down Sophie's legs, making her want to taste Chloe's sweet liquid.

Chloe moved further on top of Sophie and place her pussy over Sophie mouth, filling Sophie's mouth with her sticky delights. Sophie had longed for the lips of an old lover back in her mouth, and finally her dream had come true. Her friend's familiar taste was a joy to her and she herself gushed onto the sofa below her arse. Chloe groaned as she sat on Sophie's face, while Sophie masterfully licked and sucked on Chloe's tasty clit. She continued to dribble into Sophie mouth until she reached an orgasm, where she rolled off Sophie and curled around on the floor in sensational delight.

Sophie helped Chloe up, took off the rest of her underwear and bra, took a nice long hug, and continued to explore the bare surfaces of each other's skin. Chloe's skin was so soft to the touch, and Sophie began to lick her friend up and down; she just couldn't resist. Once she had given her amazing lover a full tongue bath, they both slowly walked naked together towards the sex dungeon where Jenny was tied up. Both girls continued to squeeze each other's arse cheeks as they walked into Sophie's room. There they found Jenny lying on the bed naked, still covered in her own juice.

"Jenny," Sophie said, "I've brought a friend to play! She wants you as much as I do!"

Sophie handed Chloe a strap on and they each put one on. Sophie inserted hers into Jenny's pussy and Chloe faced her, whilst putting hers into Jenny's mouth. They lingered in the moment for a while, leaving their slave in the middle of their romantic staring. Sophie loved the deep sea blue of her friend's eyes. They were so beautiful she just wanted to do this with Chloe all of the time. Jenny moaned in delight whilst Chloe and Sophie began to kiss and thrust. They spent plenty of time exploring all parts of Jenny's mouth and pussy. There was a large wet patch from Jenny on the bed, and the other two girls' legs were sticky from their own juices pouring out of their own sacred areas.

Once finished, Chloe and Sophie untied Jenny and sat her up. They took off Jenny's blindfold, and gave her a few seconds to regain her vision in the bright room. Jenny took her first ever look at Chloe, and was instantly drawn to the awesome size of Chloe's chest; it looked delicious. Chloe leant down and stroked her hand through Jenny's hair to reassure her. Chloe picked out a big bottle of lube from Sophie's drawer and rubbed it down the whole length of her manhood. Then, Chloe inserted her now lubed up strap on in Jenny's tight arsehole. She then lay back and Sophie penetrated Jenny's pussy, and then they fucked her as hard as they could, while Jenny moaned and praised them for the way they were treating her.

Jenny was out of breath by the time Sophie and Chloe had finished. Chloe got up and rubbed her boobs across Jenny's face, enclosing the slave's entire face with soft delight. Sophie began to finger herself at this, and let herself squirt across the floor. Chloe got up and helped Jenny into a strap on as she felt she deserved to be pleasured. Chloe had always had the fantasy of being harshly penetrated by two girls. Chloe bent over the bed and began to lick Sophie's clit whilst Jenny began to pulse into Chloe's pink pussy until she could get the whole dildo in. Jenny began to build up speed until Chloe couldn't concentrate and began to scream in pleasure. Sophie reached for a dildo and filled Chloe's mouth with it, gagging her. This was Chloe's darkest fantasy and she was loving it. She even began to cry for pleasure.

Once Chloe had taken enough and had blasted her juices all over the floor, Sophie helped her up and led her and Jenny over to a clear part of her room.

"You're both getting tied up for today whilst I sit in bed and relax. You're both my slaves and you both deserve some punishment." Sophie sat them back to back and tied them together around the waist and hands. She used spreading poles to keep their legs open and then inserted more wired dildos into them. A butt plug was also given to both of their arses. They were both blindfolded but not gagged, as Sophie wanted to hear them make noises.

"Although you both aren't gagged, you need to keep quiet as these electrical devices here pick up noise, and when one person makes a noise the other gets electrocuted a little in the pussy for pleasure! If the other makes a noise when being electrocuted, the opposite will again be electrocuted." Sophie bent over and shouted to start off the pleasure and both Chloe and Jenny instantly erupted into moans and shouting as they were both pleasured. Sophie loved the sound of their moans and began to use a dildo to fuck herself until she squirted all over her bed. Then, she lay in her bed covered in her own juices and stroked her clit until the sensations were finished.
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