Sophie Part 4

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Sophie and Vicky go to bed and have sex!
‘You look good naked.’ Vicky said standing in the doorway.

‘So do you.’ I replied looking at her in the mirror.

Vicky walked behind me and hugged me, gently cupping my breasts with her hands and kissing my neck.

‘I owe you an orgasm.’ she whispered, ‘Shall we go to bed and see if I can repay it?’

I quivered again with a mix of shock and excitement and she gently laughed.

‘I love it when you do that!’ she said kissing my neck.

I turned around and we kissed properly, our hands running up and down each other’s backs. I turned off the light and we slowly walked upstairs hand in hand. I hesitated at the top of the stairs and led her into the spare bedroom, not wanting to use the bed I shared with my husband for some reason.

‘Wow, mirrors!’ Vicky said.

‘This is our guest room. My husband hates the mirrors. I come in here when I masturbate so I can watch myself.’ I explained, ‘It’s a much sexier room than the master bedroom.’

Vicky was posing in the mirrors, turning this way and that and looking at herself. Finally she bent over and touched her toes and looked at herself in the mirror through her legs.

‘So that’s the view men get when they take you from behind. No wonder they like it so much!’ Vicky laughed.

‘Not my husband I’m afraid. He loses his erection with anything other than missionary position. Sometimes then if I move too much!’ I moaned.

Well he’s not here and I have no erection to lose!’ Vicky said taking me in her arms and kissing me.

We got on the bed, Vicky on top of me with one of her thigh pressing between my legs, and kissed. We kissed for a solid 10 minutes, just enjoying the feel and taste of each other. It occurred to me that I’d kissed this young woman more in one evening than I’d kissed my husband in 10 years of marriage! Vicky broke away and smiled at me.

‘I want to try something I’ve not done before.’ she whispered.

‘OK.’ I replied, not nervous now.

Vicky kissed her way down my body, spending time sucking and biting my nipples which I quickly decided I loved. She kissed my belly, darting her tongue in and out of my belly button which was also something I decided I loved! Finally she moved lower, running her nose through my pubic hair. She spread my legs wide apart to allow her to lie between them. I felt her breath on my clit and lips as she examined me then her tongue darted out and licked my pussy from bottom to top!

‘Oh, that’s good!’ I said arching my back with pleasure.

Vicky clamped her mouth over my pussy and began licking at it, pushing her tongue past my outer lips and exploring the pink skin inside. I stroked her hair, murmuring and moaning as she found a sensitive spot. Vicky took her time and explored my sex intimately. One minute she was darting her tongue in and out of me like a snake, the next she was sucking one of my lips. Finally she moved upwards and her tongue gently pressed my clit. It was like getting an electric shock and I cried out loud and bunched my hand in her hair. Her tongue began to make slow circles of my clitoris, pushing sideways to exert pressure on it then occasionally licking it directly. My mind began to spin with the pleasure and my breathing increased. Vicky pushed a hand up my body until she found a breast and gently pinched the nipple as she continued twirling her tongue around my clit. Her other hand moved to my pussy and her long middle finger pushed into me, slowly fucking me as her tongue sent me mad with pleasure.

‘Oh yes, I love that!’ I moaned in appreciation as Vicky pushed a second finger into me.

I looked sideways into the mirror, watching the beautiful redhead working between my legs. I started pushing my hips against her mouth, fucking her fingers and tongue. Vicky moved her fingers in me then abruptly pulled them out. I moaned in disappointment but one finger was quickly pushed back inside my pussy. The other finger began probing below my pussy and I felt Vicky gently touch my anus. I’d always thought that something like that would put me right off sex but it had the opposite effect, my pussy seemed to get wetter and a shiver ran up my spine again. I looked at myself in the mirror and found myself licking my lips just like Vicky had done earlier!
Vicky’s finger pushed against the muscle protecting my anus and I felt the finger tip slid in. She continued the pressure, helped by my gentle thrusts with my hips until her finger was inside me. It felt huge and very good and I could feel her rubbing her fingers together inside me, rubbing the membrane of skin that separates my two channels. Her tongue never stopped moving on my clit and I was starting to build to a massive orgasm. It seemed to come from my toes upwards, making my legs turn to jelly. Vicky seemed to sense my build up and changed pace with her fingers, fucking me harder and deeper. The long finger up my bum felt even better than before now it was moving in and out and I put my head back on the bed and cried out for her not to stop. Her tongue was moving directly on my clit now, licked it with long, firm strokes and I was rapidly approaching the point of no return.

‘Oh fuck me!’ I yelled as I finally came, my whole body stiffening and shaking with pleasure.

Vicky carried on tonguing and fucking me at the same pace so as I came down from the first orgasm two other separate orgasms hit me one after the other. By the end of the second one I was begging Vicky to stop but she carried on until a fourth orgasm ripped through my body. Only then did she remove her fingers and crawl up the bed to hold me and kiss my face as I tried to get my body back under control. It took me nearly 15 minutes before I could speak and Vicky kissed and stroked me throughout.

‘Thank you!’ I said finally.

‘No problem Alison!’ Vicky smiled kissing me gently, ‘I think we need to sleep now.’

We got under the covers and curled up together, kissing gently and stroking each other until we fell asleep exhausted. I woke with the dawn as usual and looked at the beautiful girl sleeping with her back to me. Instead of getting up as I’d usually do I snuggled up to her back, put my arms around her, kissed her shoulder and went back to sleep. I awoke several hours later and found Vicky had rolled over on to her back and I was lying sideways on to her with my head resting on her shoulder. She was looking at me with her wonderfully bright green eyes and smiling.

‘Hello sexy!’ Vicky said gently kissing my forehead.

‘Hi, how long have you been awake?’ I asked kissing her shoulder.

‘Five minutes or so I think. I was watching you and enjoying the peace and quiet. My flat overlooks the motorway and you can always hear cars. All I can hear here is your breathing and the birds twittering outside. It’s lovely.’ she said gently, lightly kissing my face.

‘About last night…’ I started.

‘Oh, I hate that line. It always precedes something really bad.’ Vicky said gently.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked innocently.

‘I’ll give you an example. The guy before this one got me into bed and the next morning he said ‘about last night, it was fun but I think it should be a one off. I fancy you and all but I’m not ready to tie myself down to anyone.’ That’s happened to me four times now with men I’ve really liked.’ Vicky explained sadly.

‘OK. About last night, I had a wonderful time and think we get on really well. I want to see more of you. I want to go out with you as you suggested, to a pub or a club or something. I want to spend all day in bed with you just holding and kissing you.’ I said smiling gently at her.

‘Oh Ali,’ Vicky said surprising me by using my ‘alternate’ name, ‘that’s so sweet and wonderful!’

‘Hang on though, there is a ‘but’ that you might not like.’ I said, ‘I’m married remember.’

‘And I have a boyfriend.’ Vicky laughed, ‘I’m not asking you to marry me; I just want to see you again. As friends if that was all you were prepared to do but preferably as lovers. I have a very open relationship with my boyfriend as neither of us wants to settle. We have fun together but we only see each other a couple of times a month as he works all over the country.’

‘OK, so that’s settled. I stay married and we fuck each other as often as we can and you help me find my lost youth!’ I laughed.

‘Your lost youth? You look younger than me and you’re only 7 years older anyway!’ Vicky said pushing me on my back and lying on top of me.

‘You know what I mean!’ I said trying to kiss her, ‘Make me less of a mouse.’

Vicky grabbed my wrists and put my arms above my head holding them down. She straddled me and put her face in mine, teasing my lips with hers but pulling away when I tried to kiss her.

‘Maybe I like you as a mouse!’ she teased.

‘You’re mean!’ I pouted.

‘Yep. I’m going to sit on your face now and you’re going to make me cum.’ she said quickly moving up my body and straddling my head with her thighs.

I looked up into her pussy, seeing it clearly close up for the first time. Her bright red pubic hair was neatly trimmed around her bikini line. Her pussy lips were devoid of hair and quite plump and prominent. One inner lip was longer than the other and hung down tempting me to suck it. Her clit was quite large and poking out of its hood already. I could just see her anus at the opposite end of her sex. Vicky lowered herself on to my mouth and I pushed my tongue out and twirled it around the prominent inner lip sucking it into my mouth. Vicky pulled away and started teasing me with her pussy, letting me lick it then pulling away before moving closer again to put another part of it within reach of my questing tongue and lips. Her teasing was making me horny and I reached between my legs and started to gently rub my clit.

‘Suck and lick my clit Ali!’ Vicky whispered lowering herself into position on my mouth.

I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue hard against her clit then started circling it with my tongue as she had with me the night before. I had to abandon my own pussy, as I couldn’t move my arm properly with her thighs pushing down on me. Vicky started to grind herself against my lips moaning encouragement and running her hands through my hair. I looked up past her ginger pubes and tiny boobs to look into her green eyes that were virtually glowing with excitement. I got one arm free and ran my hand up her body to find her left nipple and pinched it between my fingers, rolling it around and pulling on it. Vicky moaned louder and began grinding her pussy hard into my mouth encouraging me to press my tongue more firmly against her clit.

‘Suck it hard!’ Vicky demanded.

I complied, sucking her long, thick clit out of its hood and between my lips. I used the end of my tongue on the end of her clit, feeling her shudder as I did so. I pulled her nipple harder making her squeal and gasp with excitement. Her hand covered mine and encouraged me to pull her nipple hard and rhythmically in time to her thrusts against my mouth. I doubled my efforts on her clit, sucking harder and thrusting my tongue around the end of it until I felt her thighs tense. I slowed down and used more pressure on her clit, trying to draw out her pleasure but she came anyway throwing her head back and screaming. Her clit came out of my mouth as she fell sideways off my face and I quickly rolled over and climbed up the bed to hold her and kiss her. Her breathing was raged and she couldn’t speak so I held her close and kissed her face until she’d recovered enough to look into my eyes.

‘Wow!’ was all she could think to say.

I kissed her nose and then we shared a deep, lingering kiss before we broke apart and she had to stagger off to the loo to relive herself. I followed her, slightly worried that she was going to stagger and fall down the stairs but she got to the loo and sat down. I turned away, a little embarrassed that she was peeing in front of me and heard her laugh at me. I turned back and did something I’ve never done before… stuck my tongue out and made a face at her. This made her laugh even more and I found myself laughing back. We swapped places and I peed in front of someone for the first time since I was potty training. Vicky sat on the bath and looked around my bathroom.

‘I love your house, it’s so tastefully decorated.’ she said.

‘I wanted to be an interior designer when I was at school but I took some business courses at college then took over my Mum’s shop when she retired instead. It’s always been there in the background as a hobby though.’ I explained.

Vicky was looking through the collection of lotions and bath oils that I keep in a glass cabinet. She pulled out a bottle of olive oil and smiled at me.

‘Want a massage?’ she said, ‘I’ve done a couple of courses in massage and my friends reckon I’m very good.’

‘Sounds nice.’ I said and grabbed a beach towel from the airing cupboard.

We walked back into the spare room, which was brightly lit with sunlight from the South facing garden. I put the towel on the floor and lay down on my back as directed by Vicky. Vicky covered her hands with oil and began gently massaging my feet and legs. She spent several minutes on each, slowly moving her way up my body. She teased me with her fingers as she massaged my inner thighs and I moaned gently with disappointment as she skipped my groin and started to massage oil into my belly.

‘Patience.’ she whispered leaning over and kissing my nose.

Vicky carried on with the massage, doing my hands, arms and shoulders before moving on to my stomach and breasts again. She spent a lot of time playing with my nipples, sometimes using soft, sensuous strokes, sometimes pinching them hard and other times pulling them so I arched my back. I was getting really turned on and my breathing was ragged again. Finally she gently rolled me over and began massaging my back and shoulders. I was almost purring with pleasure when she’d finished my back. She moved down past my buttocks and massaged my legs and feet again before gently moving my legs apart and putting her hands on my inner thighs. Vicky straddled my lower back and began stroking her oily hands up and down my buttocks and thighs. Her slippery fingers finally found my pussy and began to tease my lips and clit.

‘You’re so exposed when you lie like this. I can see everything!’ Vicky giggled running her finger around my clitoris then following the line of my lips to my bum. Her finger gently ringed my anus making me shiver.

‘Do you like being touched there?’ Vicky asked gently.

‘Yes, I think so. Last night was the first time and it felt lovely.’ I replied.

‘I like a finger or two in my bum.’ Vicky said softly pressing her oily finger into my bum then withdrawing it, ‘Sometimes a cock is nice too.’

‘Really?’ I said breathlessly

‘Oh yes. Remember I told you about the three guys I fucked at once? I went with two of them again the next night and they DP’d me.’ Vicky said, playing with my pussy again.

‘DP? What’s that?’ I said moaning gently.

‘When you get fucked by two guys at once, one in the pussy and one up the bum or in your mouth.’ she explained as if everyone did it all the time, ‘Like I did to you with my fingers but about a million more times intense!’

‘Wow!’ was all I could think to say.

Vicky moved her fingers inside me again, leaning forward over my bum to watch her fingers fucking me. I spread my legs wider, pulling my knees up to lift my bum off the ground. Vicky moved off my back so she was knelt between my legs, her fingers never leaving my pussy. A third finger followed the first two and her free hand moved to my bum, one finger making circles on my anus again. I looked in the mirror and watched her watching fascinated as her fingers fucked me. Her finger pushed into my arse again and I sighed. There was so much olive oil on my bum that her finger slipped deep inside me without stopping. The fingers in my pussy started fucking me with firm, short strokes and I rocked backwards on Vicky’s hand helping her fuck me.

‘Fuck my hand Ali!’ Vicky whispered.

I felt her fingers move in me and her little finger joined the other three stretching me wide and making me groan. A second finger pushed against my arse and I froze just for a second then pushed against it. I felt it stretch my anus without any pain and slip alongside the first finger in my bum. I began fucking Vicky’s hand again, feeling more of it slip inside me with every thrust backwards. I was panting now and my lower body felt like it was on fire. Vicky moved the fingers in my arse so that they were pushing against the hand in my pussy. I pushed back hard against her and held myself there. I could feel her hand sliding in me.

‘Oh Christ Ali, I’m almost fisting you!’ Vicky said sliding her fingers rapidly in and out of my arse but keeping the hand in my pussy still. ‘Hold on, I’m going to try something. Tell me if it hurts too much.’

I couldn’t answer as the fingers darting in and out of my bum were sending me crazy. I felt the fingers inside my pussy curl up slightly then pressure pushing against it. I later learned that this was Vicky’s thumb curling into her fist and the bulk of her hand entering my pussy. I didn’t feel pain during any of this, just pressure and pleasure as I was filled up.

‘Fucking hell, I’ve got my fist in you!’ Vicky said slowly fucking me with her hand and removing her fingers from my arse.

Now I really was on fire and felt full. My pussy ached and every movement of her hand made me shiver. I looked in the mirror and saw Vicky’s wrist ended at my bum and almost came with the thought that she had her first in me. I pushed back and started fucking her hand again. Vicky leant forward to steady herself and kissed my bum cheek. She held her hand steady and let me fuck myself at my own pace. I felt wetness on my anus and realised she was using her tongue to lick me there. The sensation was weird at first, wet and tingling but built up to a frenzy with the other feelings from my pussy as she began to dart her tongue in and out of my arsehole. I screamed as the first orgasm hit me and fell forward slightly pulling her hand half way out of my pussy. I recovered and pushed back, impaling myself on Vicky’s fist again and screaming as a second orgasm hit me. This time I fell face down and Vicky’s fist came out of my pussy with a wet ‘plop’ sound. I lay on the floor gasping for several minutes then heard Vicky moaning. I looked sideways and realised that her fingers were buried in her own pussy and she was fucking herself. Vicky noticed me watching and smiled at me.

‘Get behind me and finger my bum Al!i’ Vicky demanded.

I moved behind her and she bent forward offering me her bum. I could hear her hand squelching as she fucked her pussy. I pushed one hand under her and found an oily nipple to squeeze.. My other hand went to her bum and I slid a long, slim, oily finger deep inside her arse making her cry out.

‘Does that feel good?’ I whispered in her ear pulling and twisting her hard nipples alternately.

‘Fuck yes!’ Vicky gasped pushing her bum against my fingers.

I pushed a second finger in and began to finger fuck her kissing her neck and pulling her nipples hard. Vicky twisted slightly and our lips found each other and we kissed, our tongues fighting for space in our mouths. We broke away panting as Vicky began to approach orgasm. Her tongue moved over her lips, licking them and her eyes closed. I swivelled around a little, keeping two fingers of my right hand fucking her arsehole and bit her nipple hard. That was it, her arse clamped down on my fingers making me cry out in surprise and a little pain and she began to shake with her climax. I pulled my fingers out quickly making her cum again and caught her as she collapsed sideways on to me. I held her in my arms, kissing her hair and stroking her back and side until she had finished shaking. We lay together on the floor, kissing and caressing each other before going for a shower.

Eventually we were dressed and tidy and I took Vicky out for dinner via her house for a change of clothes. Around 3pm I dropped her off at her flat and had to head home in time for my husband’s return. We kissed each other goodbye in her living room and I was finding it hard to let her go.

‘When can I see you again?’ I whispered in her ear.

‘When are you free?’ She whispered back.

‘Some afternoons this week, but not the evenings. Oh, but all next weekend. I’m on my own then although we’re both working on Saturday.’ I said.

‘I’m away from tomorrow morning until Friday afternoon anyway.’ Vicky replied ‘You can come out with us on Saturday night. It will be fun. We go to a club called The Mission; they play heavy rock and Goth stuff. It’s relaxed and there’s never any trouble there. I think you’ll enjoy it if you can cope with the loud music.’

‘I never listen to music so I don’t know what I like.’ I replied, ‘But anywhere you are will be good. Oh, will your boyfriend be with us?’

‘He’s away for another couple of weeks. Actually all my friends are on holiday so it will just be you and I. We’ll dress up and go and tease the boys!’ Vicky laughed as I left.