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Sorority Slumber Party ~ Part 1

Bianca now understood why her parents didn't allow her to attend slumber parties in high school.

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Every young co-ed is nervous when they arrive on Campus.  Nervous didn't begin to explain how I felt when I arrived.  Thank goodness my room mate was cool.  She was fucking gorgeous too!  Ashley was athletic, feminine, 5'8, blonde and very sexy.  I mean she looked like Pamela Anderson used to look.  Don't get me wrong I am pretty but damn I would hate this bitch if she wasn't my room mate. 
Ashley had made fast friends with some of the hot chics that all jog at the crack of dawn.  I also like to work out and it shows but I am just not a fanatic like Ashley is.  I had seen a few flyers on campus about various Sorority activities for the weekend and I was seriously contemplating one in particular.  At that moment Ashley entered the room from the shower, she was so comfortable in her skin that she walked around in her bra and thong most of the time.  Ashley asked me if I wanted to go with her to the NU-Lambda-L Rush Slumber Party.  I gave it some thought and I knew that if Ashley had been asked then these had to be the hottest, most beautiful, sexy women on Campus.  I figured if I was going to be a follower these would be the women to follow, so I agreed.  I looked at the items we were told to bring to the Rush : sexy black dress, bikini thong, sexy bra & panty set, red high heels, whipped cream, body oil and our imaginations and an open mind.  The list was interesting and I must admit I was intrigued.
When Friday night came we both put on our little sexy black party dresses, stiletto heels grabbed our bags and headed to the location listed on the flyer. I was so nervous that I thought I would pee on myself.  When we entered the living room there were about fifteen of the most beautiful young women I had ever seen.  We were asked to fill out a short questionnaire about our likes, dislikes and it felt like an application for the Ms. America Pageant. They lined us all up, took our measurements, weighed us and told us that anyone who weighed over 130 lbs. would have to lose weight before they could make "line"  I was so happy that I had kicked my pesky desire for food my senior of high school.  I used to be a chubbo.  I felt bad for the one girl who was clearly was about 160 lbs.  She was beautiful and I was hoping she wouldn't like go home and kill  herself or something.  Next we told to go upstairs where there was a sexy red-head at the top of the stairs with a clip board.  We were given numbers based on our height.  My number was 11, and once the healthy brunette left there was now only 14 of us left.  We were all given a partner, my partner was #12 she was a dark-haired Latina with huge breasts and a tiny little waist.  We were told this was our partner for the next 12 weeks.
I was happy she was Spanish.  If I didn't mention it I am Spanish and White.  My father is White and my mother is Puerto Rican.  I had been worried this might be a "Baywatch" group.  Remember Ashley is my gorgeous blonde room mate after all.  Number 12, is Mercedes and my name is Bianca but my friends call me B. We were handed a piece of paper that was folded and when I opened it I thought I was seeing things.  The paper said: Ladies you and your partner need to take a shower together, wash each other, talk to one another and get to know each other intimately.  The shower was to be 15 minutes and afterwards  we were supposed to put on our bra & panty set and red high heels.   If you have an issue with this you need to leave now.  I looked at Mercedes and she looked at me and I know we were both thinking "well at least she looks good".  We walked toward the bathroom that was indicated for #11 & #12. 
I turned the water on and took the deepest breath I could and slipped out of my black dress, Mercedes did the same and we both stood there for a moment like kids in a locker room.  I asked Mercedes if she had ever been with a woman and she said no but like all women the thought had crossed her mind from time to time.  I told her that I kissed a girl when I was young but that was as far as it ever went.  I knew we were stalling so I just pulled my panties down slipped out of my bra and stepped into the shower, Mercedes did the same and we both stood there studying each other's curves.  I grabbed the soap and a wash cloth and told her to turn around so I could wash her back.  She pulled her hair to one side and it was really sexy.  We took turns with the cloth and soap.  We agreed not to touch each other there and washed our own special parts.  I know that I am not gay but watching Mercedes wash between her thighs was such a huge turn on.  I felt like I was getting wet and it wasn't from the shower.  She had a neatly shaved pussy it was so beautiful, like a rare flower.  I wanted to touch it but I was scared.  I felt myself staring at her and turned around. She commented on the beautiful butterfly tattoo on my back.  Looking back if we had any idea what was ahead of us we would have known that washing each other's private parts would soon be the least of our lustful deeds.   

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