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Stepping in From the Rain

Water dripped from your hair and your mascara had smudged down your cheek. We embraced...
This is a work of my imagination...

We met online. Maybe a few months ago. I knew our relationship clicked from when I first saw that picture of you, you looked so shy and timid, it was a real turn on. Your figure was so feminine, with curves in all the right places. In your picture you wore all the buttons on your shirt done up, but I knew inside that you wouldn't be afraid to rip it off.

I continued reading about you, your name was Casey. You lived in Florida - alone. And I knew that I had to meet you, even though I lived a long way away.

When we started chatting, at first it was general topics 'how was your day?' and 'what are you doing at the weekend' but then we started flirting. Every single word that you typed sent shivers down my spine. I knew you wanted me, and I told you I wanted you.

Soon after, we started video chatting. This time it was more intense, the flirting was stronger. The virtual contact we made surprised us both. We were forward with each other and told each other exactly what we wanted.

Then one day, about a month and a half after we first met you didn't come online. We had promised to talk every day. I tried to call you but you never picked up. I worried so much that I refused to leave the house and go to work, just in case you got back to me. Eventually I got tired and went to bed.

As I lay there I pictured your face. Your head was resting on my pussy, taking tentative licks. You were massaging my breasts, taking each nipple and tugging it gently. Your hair fell messily over your face, and I could feel it against my sensitive skin. You took one hand away and brushed it behind one ear.

My hand slowing ran down my stomach towards my pussy which was soaking wet. I slipped in one finger and slowly started to finger myself, my juices making sliding in another finger very easy. I groaned as I pumped them into my warm tight hole.

But she had three fingers in, her thumb massaging my clit as she licked around the area. I started playing with my nipples, the felt as hard as diamonds. But she didn't stop. She quickened her pace.

My other hand lingered over my pert breast on the right hand side, they stood like statues upon my petite frame. I started rubbing my clit fast now, my thumb doing the work as my fingers continued to pump in and out. I came suddenly over my hand, my breaths were short and my chest rose and fell quickly.

Casey you looked so hot there, working on my pussy, and that was more of a turn on than anything else. I came on your hands and you were quick to lap it up, savoring the juices afterwards.

I fell asleep, naked on top on my covers, a wet patch soaking into the sheets.

A few hours late I woke with a start. On my alarm clock it said it was 11pm, but I could hear a knocking at the door. I yawned and stretched, pulled on a robe and went to answer the door.

It was raining heavily when I opened it and it was difficult to see from the lack of light. But there you were, standing in my porch.

Water dripped from your hair and your mascara had smudged down your cheek. We embraced. I held you close to me as we kissed. Our tongues exploring each other mouths. I pulled you into the warmth of my house and held your hand.

I guided you safely upstairs where I turned on the shower. I slowly stripped your clothes off you and hung them to dry. I lingered slightly when I pulled down your panties, gently brushing my thumb over your clit. You squealed excitedly.

I did not linger so much with my clothes and we both jumped in the warm shower. The water cascaded down your shoulders and I started massaging them. I moved slowly down your curved back.

Casey you moaned when my fingers started rubbing your pussy. You groaned when I pushed you against the shower wall and grinded my pussy into your small, round ass. And when I reached for my dildo from the shelf you expertly sucked on it until I rammed it hard into your pussy.

I reached round and started rubbing your clit, I could see that you were teasing your bullet hard nipples. You started shaking and I knew you were about to come my love. So I rubbed your clit harder and pushed the toy in deeper, and your juices we overflowing down the plastic edges of the fake cock.

We cleaned up quickly, not bothering to put any clothes on. You took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. When we went it you threw me gracefully onto the sheets where earlier had been used to masturbate about the very person who was about to do it for real.

You slid your tongue down my breasts and bit each nipple, I moaned slightly as you did so.

Then your tongue moved further south and you teased my pussy. You tongue massaged the inside of both of my thighs until I guided your head straight onto my clit. You obeyed easily and engulfed my clit. You sucked expertly until I felt like I was going to come. Then you stopped. Your big puppy eyes staring up at me. You grabbed the vibrator that was lying helplessly on the table and turned it on.

It was the biggest orgasm I had ever had. The vibrator was pumped in and out of my pussy by you as you smiled sexily.

I came on you hand and you were quick to drink it all up. Licking every last drop.

You moved up to lie next to me, your leg lay over my hip. You leaned over to me and kissed me, our tongues did a tango inside our mouths. Your lips were so soft.

Then I felt you give a deep sight and you slept. Casey, you slept next to me in my arms. I wished that moment could have lasted forever. I whispered, 'I love you' in you ear, but I don't think you heard me.

You have gone home now, you promised you would come back. And I told you that next time it would be for good.

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