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Stick Your Tongue in Me NOW

A shopping trip becomes an adventure.

Lila was riding in the passenger seat as Janet drove. They were on the way to the warehouse store for a pallet of bathroom tissue and several cases of cat food, or some such. Lila wore a navy twinset with no bra, a matching tweed skirt, and under that, a sheer black thong. Black boots completed her ensemble.

Janet was wearing a royal blue knit dress with a ribbed bodice and buttons all the way down the front.

Lila knew a back way to the store and was giving directions. It was somewhat ironic for Lila to be schooling Janet on the back way, since Janet is something of a devotee of backdoor love, at least with her husband. But he wasn't in the car today. Lila was.

Lila was feeling naughty and quite unlike her shy self, but horny is as horny does, and she was horny indeed. So she decided to do something an uncontrollably horny woman might do. She decided to tease the driver.

She leaned over to touch Janet's erect nipple through the thin material of her dress, and Janet made a little whimpering sound in response. Lila slowly undid some of the many buttons of Janet's dress, and she pulled it open, also pulling down the fabric of the black lace bra Janet was barely wearing. Her lovely breasts, now exposed, were warm to the touch.

Lila was pretty sure she might be asked to stop at this point, but Janet only smiled in approval. Lila dipped her head and took one of Janet's stiff nipples between her lips, nuzzling gently before opening wider to take the soft flesh of her breast into her mouth.

An excited cry escaped Janet's parted lips, as she freed a hand from the wheel and ran fingers through Lila's hair. Lila wanted her so badly that the pulsing between her legs was almost painful now.

Luckily, there wasn't much traffic that day. Otherwise, Janet might have crashed her car when she felt Lila's hand sliding up between her legs, under her dress. Lila caressed the inside of her thigh, slipping a finger under the edge of her thong, letting her nail lightly brush Janet's nether lips.

Janet braked as she came to a stop sign, looked down at Lila stretched across the car, and smiled a dazzling, lusty smile. Keeping her hand buried under Janet's dress, Lila was sliding a fingertip up and down between her labia.

Jamet moaned and parted her legs a bit, closing her eyes briefly to enjoy the sensations, lifting her hips slightly from the seat. Then a loud, insistent honking made them jump and then giggle at each other.

Janet headed through the intersection, letting the car behind them make its turn and trying now to pay attention to the road, despite the feel of Lila's fingers still between her thighs. Despite her concentration on driving, Janet groaned loudly when a fingertip came into contact with her clit. Encouraged by this reaction, Lila slowly moved her finger in a circle, lightly teasing. “You're very wet,” she said, and Janet just nodded.

Lila was fairly wet as well. She leaned back in the passenger seat, withdrawing her fingers from between Janet's legs. Janet may have been more frustrated than relieved, but at least she could concentrate on driving. Crashing would have been a real possibility, the way things were going.

Janet was swallowing hard, keeping her eyes on the road and following the directions that were being given to her. “Turn right and then follow the road to the end,” said Lila, and then her voice trailed off to a low moan as Janet made that right turn.

She glanced over to see what was making Lila sound so odd. Lila's boots had been unzipped and pulled off, and she was twisted around in the seat, leaning her back against the door, facing Janet. Her skirt and sweater were pulled up. Lila smiled and licked her lips, keeping eye contact with Janet as she circled her nipples with her fingertips, pinching and tugging them. She whimpered as they hardened to the touch.

Janet may have noticed the evidence of wetness on or even through Lila's sheer thong, In any event, she was clenching her thighs together as she drove. Lila cupped her breasts with both hands, playing with both hardened nipples, then she slid one hand down between her legs. As Janet watched from the corner of her eye, she brought her other hand down to join the first. Two fingers spread her outer lips.

Janet watched a drop of moisture trickle out of Lila and down the crack of her ass, and she moaned softly along with Lila. Lila's heart was pounding wildly in her chest as she wondered if she'd lost her mind to be doing this in a moving car and distracting the driver this way. Really though, she couldn't make herself care.

Lila moaned when her finger touched her clit, and she circled it slowly, shuddering at the touch. She pinched it gently and sighed, knowing it wouldn't be long now. She plunged two fingers deep inside, the heel of her hand pressing against her swollen clit. Eyes half-closed and unable to hold back, she was panting non-stop now, her body trembling as she thrust her hips up from the seat. Her vaginal muscles clenched around her fingers, pulsing with the impending climax.

Luckily, they'd arrived, and Janet pulled into the first available parking spot. She turned to Lila and stared in rapt attention. Lila was too far gone to keep eye contact with Janet. When her orgasm overtook her, she closed her eyes involuntarily; she cried out, head thrown back and mouth open. The spasms started deep and rippled outward, and a hot tide of slippery fluid coated and flowed down Lila's fingers, to drip onto the car seat.

Returning to her senses, finding herself in a crowded parking lot in broad daylight, exposed and in such a condition, Lila was breathing heavily and trying to recover, but Janet had turned in her seat and was looking at her with extreme lust. Her look said she had to have Lila RIGHT THEN.

Lila suddenly had an overwhelming urge to bury her face between Janet's legs. She leaned over and pushed Janet's dress up with her hands. Helpfully, Janet moved her seat back from the steering wheel. Her hands were in Lila's hair as Lila kissed and licked her way up those thighs. Janet was guiding her head upward to where she wanted it to be. Soon, Lila was licking at her thong, running her tongue along the fabric, teasing the sensitive areas underneath.

Janet moaned and spread her legs wide, as Lila took the edge of the thong in her teeth and started to pull it away from her body. Janet took over, lifting her ass, removing the thong and tossing it to the floor of the car. Lila licked her way back up Janet's legs, and when her tongue flicked over Janet's clit, she gasped. Janet slid forward on her seat, pressing herself to Lila's face.

Lila's tongue darted out, slipping into Janet's vagina, curling inside. Lila was loving the taste, while Janet's hands were still in Lila's hair, clutching tightly, pulling her in to meet Janet's hips as they arched upwards. Lila licked her with long, slow strokes, pressing her tongue against Janet's clit as Janet fucked her mouth.

Lila ran a fingertip along Janet's slit, and she was so wet that Lila's finger easily slid deep inside her. As Janet panted and moaned loudly, Lila added a second finger. Janet put one leg over Lila's shoulder, as Lila twisted her fingers inside her snug opening, curling them upwards, all the while fluttering her tongue across Janet's clit.

Lila reached a hand up and took one of Janet's nipples between her fingers, and Janet's body tensed. She thrust her hips forward and back, moaning with each thrust. Lila could feel Janet's throbbing muscles gripping her fingers. With every pulse, Lila felt more juices running out onto her tongue.

If anyone were nearby, they had to have heard Janet's cries and moans, which went on and on and on.

Finally, her body relaxed and she whispered, "No more." Lila looked up at her and smiled. Janet pulled her up and kissed her, and her hands began to roam over Lila's body.

But just this once, cooler heads prevailed. Looking about and remembering where they were, the ladies donned their shed articles of clothing, made themselves more presentable and headed into the store to do what they had set out to do. Well, truth be told, the remainder of what they had set out to do.

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