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Strangers In The Sauna

Just a short little public sex story, nothing too amazing. Warning: it`s rushed
I left to go to the gym after work. I intended on toning up my abs some more and getting stronger. I was already in shape but could really use some muscle work.

I wore a purple sports bra and black spandex shorts. I threw my towel down and hopped on a machine.

"Hey, Bridgette," Brittany, my friend I see around here, greeted me.

"Oh hey," I smiled.

She was pouring sweat and it glistened her body.

"Just work out real hard?" I guessed.

"No I just got out of the sauna. Real relaxing," she answered.

She waved good bye. The sauna didn't sound like such a bad idea to me. I've been working hard all week and could really use a break.

I made my way to the sauna. I peaked inside and noticed the shape of another woman sitting in there, the steam covering my view from noticing her better. I stripped from my clothes and stepped inside feeling uncomfortable being nude in front of a stranger. It was a very small room so I just took a seat beside her.

We sat in silence until I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Bridgette," I said.

"Alessia" she said.

We chatted about our lives and got to know one another. I could tell through the steam she was a very beautiful girl. A thin sexy brunette.

The benches were uncomfortable so I went to push myself up and shift my body. By accident, I pushed off of her lap.

"Oops I'm sorry I didn't mean to touch you! I can't see properly and I - it was an accident!" I explained.

She said it was fine and made a comment about how soft my hands were. She felt my thigh and noticed my smooth skin. Her touch gave me goose bumps. The excitement spread through my entire body. Her touch was electrifying.

I reached out and touched her hand that was resting on my thigh. I looked into her eyes and she seemed confused. I just grabbed her hand and leaned in closer to her. I kissed her on her moist lips, the sweat of her upper lip pushed against mine.

I pulled my body into hers and pushed my chest against her. I let our breasts come together as our bodies melted into one. Her sweet taste of her tongue was inside my mouth. I could feel her body touching me, her hands now running up and down my spine. I wanted her to touch me so badly.

I reached down and touched her moist pussy. I wondered if she was wet or just sweating. I found her clit and rubbed it with my finger. I made little circles rubbing her hard making her moan. She dug her nails into my back and arched up. She moaned into my mouth as she let out a wild orgasm.

"You don't mind me doing this do you?" I worried.

"No don't stop," she encouraged me.

I pulled her body on top of mine and encouraged her to sit on my face while she ate my pussy. We tasted each other on the sauna bench until I made her orgasm in my mouth. She took her mouth off of my pussy and turned around so she was facing towards me. I stuck my tongue inside her soaking hole and tongue fucked her. I licked her every inside while she rode my tongue faster and faster. She grasped onto me while she squirted into my mouth.

She climbed off of me and took a break to catch her breath. I started to kiss her neck but she stopped me by sticking her finger in me. She fingered my and curled into my G-spot.

She pulled out and started to rub my clit. I reached over and rubbed hers too. She almost slammed her head against the wall as she convulsed into an orgasm, moaning and groaning loud enough for the whole gym to hear.

She pulled her hand away from me but I just slipped my hand down to her hole. I stuck one finger inside an continued to please her insides. She pulled away from me and sat on my lap. Her bare pussy rested against my leg and her leg rested against mine. She slowly started to grind my thigh and I did the same to her. We both held each other tightly as we fell back into an orgasm. The both of us moaning and humping, arching our backs, our pussies now relieving sexual tension at the same time. She dropped to her knees with her face at my pussy. She stuck her tongue inside my hole and licked my wet insides.

I grabbed her hair encouraging her to not stop. She licked me faster until I squirted.

She got up and sat back down beside me. A manager came in and kicked us out. Turns out another member of the gym was peaking through the window and saw the whole thing.
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