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Strangers on a train

My friend's erotic encounter on an overnight train
When my friend Emma came round the other day, I had no idea she was going to give me some great material for a story. I am certain it’s a true story. Partly because we go way back and she would never lie to me and partly because I could see that she was reliving the events as she told them to me. I hope you enjoy it and I hope Emma thinks I’ve done justice to her sexy tale. Sorry it’s so short but I just managed to squeeze this in.

A little bit about Emma. She’s about five feet five with shoulder-length mousy brown hair and lovely green eyes. She is quite slim but has a lovely curvy figure and her boobs tend to stand out because of her tiny waist. She is one of my original buddies from college and is one of my closest friends.

Emma had graduated in the June of 2011 and like most students was faced with a huge debt and whatever the big wide world had to offer. She probably should have gone looking for work but her parents had paid for her to go to Barcelona for a few days by Euro star from Paris. Obviously, it’s quicker to fly but Emma has liked railway journeys ever since she was a kid.

She joined the train in Paris after taking the Euro star from St.Pancras and was shown to a nice two berth sleeping car by the conductor. It had lovely crisp white sheets on the beds and there was a little shower (with the emphasis on little) and a wash basin. She was unpacking her night things when the compartment door opened again and the conductor arrived with another passenger. Emma was half hoping she would have the car to herself but she didn’t mind sharing too much. When she saw her travelling companion she did a double take. There was that instant familiarity about her face and for a second or two Emma couldn’t recall where she knew her from. The other girl had long brown hair and lovely, soft brown eyes. She smiled at Emma, who must have looked a bit crazy, staring as she was.

“Hi. Nice little sleeping car isn’t it?” Said the girl.

Emma was sure she was talking to her favourite weather girl off the BBC.

“Yes, ummm are you Amy?” Asked Emma.

“Yes, that‘s right,” said the girl bashfully.

“I knew it. Wait till I tell my friends. We all think you’re so cool! I‘m Emma by the way.”

“Ah thank you Emma!”

“What are you doing on here?” Asked Emma.

“Ummm…going to Barcelona?”

“Oh yeah sorry…I’m just so excited. I can’t believe I’ve met Amy ----”

“Awww you’re so sweet,” said Amy.

“Maybe we could go for a glass of wine or something later?” Suggested Emma.

“Ooh yes, I would like that,” said Amy.

The girls continued to unpack their bags and Emma had to pinch herself. She was actually sharing with one of the top TV weather girls. Emma thought to herself, how pretty Amy was in real life. She had such a lovely complexion and her brown eyes were so sexy. Emma was more bicurious than anything, although she has dabbled with me and Laura a bit. But suddenly she had a shiver of naughtiness as her mind went into over time. Amy was dressed in a dark, figure-hugging dress. Her pert little bum and her perky tits looked so good and Emma found herself glancing at her every few seconds as she lay her clean bra and panties out for the morning.

“The shower’s a bit small,” said Emma, making any small talk she could think of.

“Yes, couldn’t share that very well, could you?” Said Amy.

“Oh… ha ha no.”

The very idea of sharing a shower with the sexy little TV girl made Emma’s nipples stiff. Amy looked at her and smiled sweetly. She glanced at Emma’s clean underwear, which was laid out on the side.

“Nice little pink set,” she commented.

“Oh thank you. I like pink knickers,” said Emma. “They’re just off the peg in H&M.”

“Ooh I like La Senza,” said Amy.

“Me too, but I’ve just graduated and I’m skint.”

The train began to pull out of the station and Amy looked at Emma with a slightly mischievous expression on her face.

“I’ll let you in on a secret if you like?” Said Amy.

Emma looked at her and nodded, wondering what she was going to reveal.

“OK… go on then!”

“Sometimes when I go on air I don’t wear any knickers.”

“Really! I bet all the guys would love to know that!” Exclaimed Emma.

“Yeah I bet… are you shocked?”

“Not really shocked…but you just seem so normal. Because you’re on TV, I expect you to be… I don’t know.”

“I hope I’m normal!” Said Amy. The girls laughed.

They chatted for a while as the train hurtled at 200mph through the French countryside. Emma felt like she had known Amy for years and they were getting on like proper friends.

“How about we go for that glass of wine?” Said Amy.

“Ooh yes! Definitely.”

“Or maybe we could bring the bottle back here. What do you think?” Amy suggested.

So the girls made their way down to the buffet car, which was busy with diners, some of whom looked very posh, according to Emma. They queued for a while and Emma stood behind Amy. She couldn’t help but get a whiff of Amy’s perfume and more than once Amy’s bum pressed into Emma as the train swayed.

“Oops! It’s going so fast!” Said Amy, as they waited to be served.

“Yes, I’m not feeling you up, it’s the train,” said Emma.

Amy looked at Emma and then looked down, as if suddenly shy.

"It's OK," she said.

They eventually reached the front of the queue and took the bottle of Chardonnay back to their sleeping car with two glasses. The barman had uncorked the bottle and just pushed it a little way back. Emma filled the glasses and handed one to Amy.

“Cheers!” Said Amy, as the glasses clinked.

“To a nice journey!” Said Emma.

They sipped the wine and sat on their own beds.

“Maybe you should come and sit next to me,” said Amy.

“OK then.”

Emma perched herself on Amy’s bed and she looked into Amy’s eyes.

“You’re so pretty,” said Emma.

“So are you. I love your green eyes…you should be on the TV too.”

“Me…nah! I don’t have the confidence. Anyway, I did English, so what could I do on the TV.

“Maybe you could get into journalism. That’s what I did before I joined the Met Office.”

“Hmmm… maybe. I’ll give it a think.”

Amy smiled and she had such a sexy smile, it made Emma’s body tingle in places it probably shouldn’t have.

“How come you’re on you own then?” Asked Emma, trying to take her mind off things.

“Oh just grabbing some me time,” Said Amy.

“Don’t blame you. Do you like long journeys?” Asked Emma.

“I love trains. I always have.”

“Ooh me too!” Agreed Emma. “Nice to have a companion too.”


“Except what?” Asked Emma, uncertainly.

Amy blushed. Then she went to her bag and pulled out a long pink nob-shaped vibrator.

“I Was going to have a little play.”

Emma burst out laughing and then both girls descended into a fit of giggles. Emma leaned into Amy and her hand and inadvertently leant on Amy’s leg. She looked up into Amy’s eyes. Suddenly her face was only an inch from Amy’s and she could feel her breath on her own face.

“Maybe we won’t need your vibe,” said Emma, softly.

“Maybe we won’t,” said Amy. Shall we get undressed?”

“I will if you will,” said Emma.

Amy pulled Emma towards her and their lips brushed together. Amy ran her hands through Emma’s soft brown hair and then stroked Emma’s neck as their kiss increased in passion.

Emma could feel Amy unbuttoning her top and Emma responded, caressing Amy’s breasts through her dress. Their kiss was breathless, as they groped and fondled each other. They stood up and continued to undress, but paused constantly to kiss each other.

When they were down to their underwear, Emma kissed Amy’s neck, biting her flesh gently and then licked the side of Amy’s face until her little ear lobe presented itself and Emma nibbled it gently. Amy turned to Emma and kissed her with such an intense sense of lust. Amy pulled Emma’s bra and scooped her breasts out, teasing Emma’s nipples between her fingers. Emma gasped as Amy knelt on the bed and began to suck her nipples, drawing them between her lips and biting on them until it almost began to hurt, but it just made Emma’s panties wet with arousal.

Emma leant forwards and undid the catches on Amy’s bra, and fondled her boobs while Amy continued to kiss her own soft breasts.

“Oh Amy… Amy… I love how you’re sucking my boobs.”

Amy stood up and slipped her panties off and then eased down Emma’s.

“Ooh Emma… you’re wet!”

Amy ran her two longest fingers between Emma’s soaking wet cunt lips and then licked the juice from her fingers.

“Oh yes baby.. Lick me there Amy. I’m so aching for you to eat my pussy.”

“Me too! Lie on my bed Emma.”

Emma lay down and Amy kissed her from head to toe, lingering around her nipples and then her belly button, which has a little blue stud. When she reached Emma’s toes she kissed each one in turn. Then she made her way back and sucked on Emma’s nipples until Emma couldn’t take any more teasing. She was breathing hard and now just wanted to taste Amy’s pussy.

Amy didn’t keep her waiting and straddled her, pushing her pussy into her face and at the same time began to lick Emma’s sweet cunt. Both girls’ pussy juices were running profusely as they began to have an incredible mutual licking fest. They were moaning loudly, flicking their tongues into the warm, mist gash between their pussy lips.

Emma parted Amy’s bum cheeks and slid her tongue along the length of Amy’s labia until she found her tight little bum hole. She did this over and over until Amy’s tight little ass was almost as wet as her pussy.

Amy was moaning breathlessly, as Emma gave her the best pussy and bum lick of her life. She could only delve her tongue deeper into Emma’s wet hole, lapping up her juice and intermittently pausing to nibble her swollen clit. She sucked on Emma’s clitty until she made her squeal and beg for licking. Emma’s body was beginning to ache with an inevitable, beautiful orgasm. Emma buried her face into Amy’s steaming hot sex, her nose rubbing against her bum, tasting and licking. Licking and tasting the other girl’s salty sweet juices. Amy was herself moaning more and more and as they both licked and flicked their tongues on each other’s molten pussies they came together in a writing, aching trembling. Their bodies trembled, rubbing together, popping and juddering as their screams grew louder and louder and all they could think about was their pleasure and the sweetness, which was engulfing their young mouths.

They lay together afterwards and kissed each other softly. Emma brushed Amy’s hair from her eyes. That was amazing Amy,” said Emma, almost whispering.

“It was beautiful. So spontaneous, like sex should be!” Said Amy.

“Are you bisexual or are just into girls?” Asked Emma.

“I’m mainly into girls, but don’t say anything!” Said Amy.

“Ha ha I won’t. But…”

“But what?” Asked Amy.

“When I see you on TV now and my friends are there. I can say, ‘I licked her pussy.’”

“Will they believe you?”

“Probably not. Danielle might.”

“Who’s Danielle?”

“She’s my best friend. She writes stories.”

"Really? Is she an author?"

"Sort of, but she's a model actually."

"Are you going to tell her about this?"

"Only if you want. Otherwise it's our secret," said Emma

"As long as you change my name.”

“Of course.”

"Hmmm... come here Emma and kiss me again."

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