Strawberry Surprise

By samjam88

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It was Trish's birthday and Maria wanted to give Trish a little pre-birthday bash surprise...
It was 5:00 and Trish would be home from work in 45 mins. So Maria decided to do something special.

Maria spent all day cleaning the house for Trish. Everything had to be perfect. Trish was turning 25 today and Maria had planned and entire weekend of fun. It's a good thing that Trish's birthday fell on a Friday because now Maria could spend the entire weekend pleasing her woman.

The house was clean so Maria jumped in the shower making sure to wash really good so she could give her woman a fresh slate. She got out, dried off, and blow dried her hair. Maria looked in the mirror as she applied sweet smelling lotion to her body.

Maria is 5ft 5inches, slender, long dark hair and brown eyes, 32C. She was completely tan. Maria quickly put on her sexy outfit that she wanted to surprise Trish with. It was a matching bra and thong set she picked up from an adult sex store. Both of the pieces were edible. The flavor was strawberry, Trish's favorite.

Maria carefully put the little outfit on and climbed in her bed. She took three silk sashes from the bedside stand. She tied her left ankle to the left bed post, and her right ankle to the right bed post. Maria did this so her legs were spread a part and she wouldn't be able to close them when Trish came home to please her.

She took the last silk sash and used it as a blind fold. She didn't want to see Trish's next moves while she was being pleased.

Maria lay there on the bed, blind folded, and her legs spread far a part. The anticipation was making her wet and she hoped it wasn't messing up the edible strawberry thong.

Just then she heard the door open.

"Hello, I'm home," Trish yelled through the house.

Maria just smiled. She didn't want to respond, she just wanted Trish to find her.

"Maria, where are you?" Trish yelled again.

Maria could hear Trish making her way through the house. Maria was getting even wetter just thinking about Trish's beautiful body. Trish is 5ft 7inches, long legs, beautiful blond hair, green eyes, 36DD. Trish had perfect soft pink lips, and white teeth, her smile could make anyone become her slave. And that body would make you cum just thinking about it.

"Oh, shit, fuck, Maria," Trish said as she walked through the door.

Maria just smiled.

"What's all this for?" Asked Trish.

Maria could hear Trish taking off her clothes. Maria didn't say a word she just smiled.

"Maria, where do you want me to start?" Trish was naked and climbed on the bed beside Maria.

Maria didn't say a word she just lay there.

Trish kissed Maria passionately on the mouth. "You're so fucking sexy," Trish told Maria.

Trish straddled Maria and Maria could feel Trish's neatly trimmed bush tickle her belly. Trish planted small kisses down Maria's neck. She got to the edible bra and licked where it cover Maria's nipple.

Maria let out a gasp.

"Mmmm, strawberry, my favorite," said Trish.

Trish began to lick at Maria's nipples. After a few licks, Trish started to nibble through the strawberry bra until Maria's nipples were fully exposed. Trish sucked hard on Maria's right nipple, pulling it up with her teeth

Maria let out loud moan, "Mmmmm, shit, that feels so fucking good," said Maria

"I knew that would get you to talk," said Trish with a devilish grin.

Trish reached up and removed Maria's blind fold.

"I know you don't like to watch, but it's my birthday and I want you to watch me please you. I want you to talk to me," Trish told Maria

"Ok, anything for you," said Maria.

With that Trish kissed Maria all down her body. She paused to eat the remainder of the strawberry bra; nibbling at Maria's body along the way.

"Mmmm, eat me already," said Maria.

Trish moved down between Maria's legs. She licked at the edible thong covering Maria's wet cunt.

"Mmmm, Trish, don't fucking tease, eat me!" screamed Maria.

Trish just smiled and licked the strawberry thong again. Trish used the tip of her tongue to draw circles around Maria's clit that was still covered by the strawberry thong.

"Trish, you slut, eat my fucking pussy!!!" said Maria through clenched teeth.

Trish giggled. She loved when Maria tried to be dominate. Trish used her teeth and bit at the thong covering Maria dripping hot cunt. Her teeth gently scrapped over Maria's clit.

"Oh, fuck me, that felt good. Bite my clit."

Trish did as she was told. She gently bit Maria's clit, "ooOOH, fuck me, Trish, you slut."

Trish quickly shoved four fingers in Maria pussy. She began to pump them in out of her tight little cunt.

Trish licked, sucked, and bit on Maria's clit.

"Oooh, damn it, i'm going to cum, oh shit, i'm cuuuuuuummmming!" said Maria.
Her body jerked all over the bed. She tried to close her legs around Trish's head but couldn't because they were tied down.

"Oh fuck yes, mmmmm baby, yes, thats it, shit yeah," said Maria as Trish cleaned up the sweet cum from Maria's pussy.

Trish kissed her way back up Maria's body and straddled her face. Maria stuck her tongue out and began to lick Trish's dripping pussy. Trish started to ride Maria's face.

"Oh, fuck Maria, tongue fuck the shit out of me, slut," said Trish

Maria reached up and stuck two fingers into Trish's tight pussy. She coated them with Trish's pussy juices. She slid them along Trish crack and caressed Trish's bum hole.

"Oh, fuck Maria, that feels so damn goooood," said Trish.

Maria continued her tongue assault on Trish's pussy. Maria glided both of her fingers into Trish bum hole.

"Oh, fuck me, I'm going to cum."

Maria pumped her fingers in and out of Trish's bum hole and ate her dripping pussy. Maria sucked hard on Trish's sensitive clit.

"Oh, yes, i'm cummmmmmmming," said Trish, as her knees buckled and she collapsed on Maria's face.

Maria's face was buried in Trish's pussy. Maria removed her fingers from Trish's ass and wrapped her arms around Trish's body, holding her down. Maria's face was still buried in Trish's hot pussy.

Maria continued to lick deep within Trish's hot cunt.

"Oh fuck yes Maria, you little slut," said Trish.

Maria let go of Trish. Trish slid down next to Maria and kissed her on the lips, tasting her juices.

"Damn, that was great," said Trish.

"Happy Birthday, Trish, now lets get up and get ready for your party," said Maria with a smile.