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Suburbia Part Two

What's that word again... gay divorcee?
Writing about sex is writing about life. Having sex is like sipping wine, no big deal, just a moment of intense physical pleasure to brighten up your day or night. Yet whole volumes have been written about the subtle qualities of wine. And sex, in one way or another, is one of the main ingredients of world literature.

Well, anyway... why was I thinking like that? To get some perspective, perhaps. To create some distance. Because that's what I needed at this point in my life.

Two months after my meeting with Helen and the other women of the Bush Patrol, my life was in turmoil. I felt happy, but sad as well. Happy that I'd finally found what I had been looking for all these years, yet sad that I had wasted so much time by steering my life in the wrong direction. One thing was certain, though. Choices had to be made, and decisions taken.

I was a bisexual woman, well on my way to becoming a lesbian.

But I was stuck in a soulless marriage, heading for disaster. Even before meeting Helen I had more or less decided to take steps, especially when I'd found those suspicious messages on Edgar's phone, and his furtive attitude whenever he spoke of Melissa ''from the office''.

Of course I discussed it with Helen, my lover, though we never talked of love. She was going through a messy divorce herself and was careful about giving advice, emphasizing that it was all up to me. Still, she couldn't refrain from pointing out the obvious.

''Emma,'' she told me, ''your husband is cheating on you, he's never at home, and you yourself are really more interested in women. So what are the options?''

At that moment we were stretched out on her bed on the second floor of her house near the park, and I was licking her naked ass. My tongue slid slowly across the soft skin of her firm cheeks, while I inhaled the sweet, fruity smell of her freshly showered body.

''I could stay married and live a secret life,'' I ventured. ''Lots of women do. It's the easy way out, and it adds a certain spice.'' Listening to myself I knew it didn't sound true.

Helen snorted. ''Yeah, well, that might work if you were looking for a bit on the side, an affair, a diversion, whatever. But we both know that's not what you're after, and neither am I, nor anyone in the Bush Patrol. We're all trying to cope with a major change in our lives, fucking women instead of fucking men, not to put too fine a point on it.''

She sighed deeply. ''That's really not a matter of choice anymore,'' she mused, ''but a need, an inclination. Destiny, perhaps. You're fast approaching a point of no return, Emma. Time to face the music.''

My tongue searched for her butt hole and found her puckered rose already opened up from lesbian desire. I entered her for half an inch. A heavy tremor shot through her whole body, she arched her back and started masturbating, and calling me names.

We'd met that morning for a short visit to the library, some shopping, and a cup of coffee at Gina's, the pizza place at the mall. When I dropped her off, she invited me in for lunch, we had two glasses of white wine and I wanted to fondle her boobs. One thing led to another and we ended up in her bedroom. After sex we showered, played some silly games under the hot water, toweled each other off and relaxed on her bed to talk.

While she was riding her knuckles, with my tongue stimulating her anus, Helen slowly repeated what she'd said earlier.

''Time to do something about it,'' she said.

So that's what I did, that same evening. Edgar didn't come home till midnight, but I waited up for him and confronted him with my proof of his infidelity. He tried to deny it, but not for long, and then it got ugly. At that point I realized that our marriage was a lost cause anyway, and his affair with the precious Melissa just the final chord of a relationship that had been going downhill for some years.

When he finally stormed out, I had a pretty good idea to whose comforting arms. I threw myself on the bed and cried my eyes out. The next day I called a lawyer to start divorce proceedings.

It sounds simple put like this, in a few words. But of course it wasn't. In spite of everything, it turned out to be a deeply emotional experience that shook the foundation of my world and knocked the ground from under my feet.

My own counsel, a quiet gray-haired lawyer nearing retirement, was not in the habit of dishing out moral support, and limited his involvement to the bare bones of the case. The same could not be said of Edgar's attorney, a fierce woman of forty, in a power suit, stiletto heels, war paint and horn-rimmed glasses. Her name was Lillian and she'd apparently received instructions to bury me.

''But aren't you a lawyer yourself?'' asked Helen at some point.

''Corporate law,'' I answered. ''A whole different ball game.''

Edgar's attorney pestered me with phone calls and messages. Most of her questions and demands should have been directed at my own counsel, but the woman ignored my protests. My lawyer shrugged it off as ''tactical moves, dear, not to worry.'' Well, if that was her strategy, it seemed to be working, because it made me nervous as hell.

Especially when I got the feeling that I was being watched. At first it was just a hunch, but when I started paying attention, the signs were there. I kept seeing the same car parked in my street, at the mall and near the gym.

I mentioned it to Helen the next time I was with her.

''It even followed me here, to your place,'' I said.

Helen moved to the window and looked out.

''Can't see any car,'' she commented. ''You're probably imagining things. Don't worry, I was getting paranoid too, at some stage of my divorce. Must be coincidence.''

She came back to the couch and put her arms around me.

Suddenly, none of it seemed to matter anymore, just the look in her eyes, the way she whispered in my ear and her hands demonstrating the soft promises she made. I forgot about the fears and insecurities of this new stage in my life. Just being with her, knowing what she'd done to me and would be doing again, this whole new experience of women making love.

Every nerve in my body was tense with anticipation and my nipples almost hurt. Helen looked beautiful in the afternoon light that made her hair shine and her eyes sparkle. She stretched her legs out on the leather couch, and we played for a while, exploring each other's wishes and feelings, just drifting and dreaming, slowly undressing each other until we were naked.

Gently, I dragged my lips across her glowing skin in one long kiss, then softly bit her neck. Helen shivered and I felt myself getting wet, trying to please her. As soon as my hand slid down to her pussy, she pulled away from our kiss and her eyes met mine. We maintained eye contact as I dragged my nail down her clit. Helen stifled a cry and we both laughed.

''God, that nearly put me over the edge,'' she admitted. ''Don't know where that came from. The sudden move, I guess. You caught me unawares.''

I gave her a few seconds to catch her breath, then I kissed her again and slipped two fingers inside her, finding her as wet as I was. Helen breathed a sigh of contentment and moved her hips against my fingers, clenching my hand between her silken thighs. Slowly I started to fuck her, using a thumb and finger to softly pinch her stiff clit. She bit my neck and licked my ear.

Teasing her, my fingers circled round her sensitive spot and she started bucking her hips, moaning for release.

But I wasn't done with her yet and used my free hand to fondle her tits and pull on her nipples. I whispered in her ear, and she responded in kind, calling me a fucking, fucking whore, which sounded sweet, coming from her lips. But I knew I couldn't keep her dangling for much longer, that would be cruel.

So the next time she elevated her hips and begged me, I let her have it. Then I held her as she spasmed, shuddering violently in my arms, showering me with kisses. She pumped her tongue into my mouth, so fiercely that at once I knew that I would cum from that alone. And I did, not half a minute later, moving in harmony with Helen's own climax, which seemed to last a blissful eternity.

We drifted off to sleep, my tears hot on her face, gratitude mixed with my growing sense of confusion, perhaps fear, of coping with feelings and choices that would change my whole way of life. I enjoyed the comfort of her strong arms, her legs entwined with mine in a lovers' embrace, and so we stayed for perhaps half an hour or more, until I finally got up to take another shower, not much later joined by Helen.

One of the great things about being with her was that I could now totally relax in the company of another woman who had the same sexual urges as I had, not for one moment feeling ashamed when I knelt before her in the bedroom just to look at her naked cunt and kiss her thighs, not feeling embarrassed when she spread those pink lips for me to show herself, seducing me.

The first clouds of impending rain had gathered above the suburbs when we stepped outside and Helen kissed me goodbye. The street seemed deserted and I felt reassured that my earlier worries had just been some form of paranoia, brought about by my situation. Helen embraced me and I felt her hands wandering over my body.

''Easy,'' I mumbled, still not sure.

She smiled. ''There's no one about, and you're just too lovely,'' she whispered, feeling me up.

So I leaned into her and kissed her neck.

When I turned, waved goodbye and walked down the driveway to my car, I realized my mistake. We weren't alone after all. As I reached the end of the drive I saw a man walking back to a car that had been cleverly hidden behind the hedge in front of a nearby house, just out of sight from Helen's porch. It was the same car that had been trailing me for some days now.

Driving home, I tried to ignore a persistent feeling of doom, telling myself that it probably had nothing to do with me, and even if it had, I needn't worry about it. What would anyone have to gain by following me? I hadn't broken any rules, and my daily routine was pretty predictable and slightly boring. Going to the shops, to the park, to the gym, visiting friends. So what? But still...

When I got home, I had a look around, but the car was nowhere to be seen. Breathing a sigh of relief I took my shopping inside, made some coffee and collected the mail. Just when I settled on the couch and put my feet up, the phone rang and I heard a voice that had become too familiar in the last couple of weeks. Lillian, Edgar's lawyer, announcing that she was in the neighborhood and would like a word.

She was the last person I wanted to see right now, or whenever, but it was no use putting it off. This divorce was something I had to get through before I could start making plans for the rest of my life.

Five minutes later Lillian breezed through the door with a triumphant look on her face that meant trouble. She gave me the once-over and smiled as if she was hugely enjoying herself. My offer of coffee was declined and she sat down without being invited to.

''So, Emma...'' she began, as she searched in her purse for her phone and took it out. ''I've got something interesting to show you.''

''And what might that be?'' I asked, though suddenly I understood what her game was. My fears hadn't been unfounded, then. I wasn't paranoid after all. My secret life was catching up on me.

''We've been following you for some time now,'' she said, as she handed me the phone. ''This is a video we shot an hour ago, on the porch of a woman you've been seeing a lot of lately. We've got other pictures too, of you and her kissing in the park and other public places when you imagined yourselves safe and unobserved. Here, on her porch, when you were saying goodbye this afternoon, she was literally groping you. Hell, she was almost burying her fingers in your ass!''

Lillian grinned. ''We can reasonably assume that you've been engaging in homosexual practices with this woman. Oh, you'll deny it, of course, but believe me, we'll make it stick. Which means that my client, your husband, will get off scot-free, without owing you a penny.''

''A word of advice, Emma,'' she told me when she got up to leave. ''You're going to lose the house, the car and everything else. Three weeks from now you won't have a roof over your head. If I were you, I'd shack up with one of those dyke friends of yours.''

She left me in a state of utter bewilderment. I didn't know if she really had a case to argue in court, but I couldn't figure it out right now. When I watched her walking down the drive, I saw Becky, one of my friends in the Bush Patrol, get out of her car and come towards my house.

The two women passed each other and I noticed Becky casting a curious glance at Lillian before she rang the bell.

As soon as Becky was inside, I threw myself into her arms and poured out my heart. She took me to the sitting room, set me down on the couch, fetched me some coffee and let me tell the whole story again, but more slowly now. Between sobs I told her how Edgar's lawyer had tricked me and how stupid and careless I had been myself.

''I've been such a fool,'' I sighed.

Becky got up and walked to the window. She seemed lost in thought. I liked her a lot. She had fucked me when I was initiated into the Bush Patrol, and since then I had spent a few weekends at her condo overlooking the river. We had talked freely, sipped wine and masturbated together to some of the wildly romantic movies from her large collection.

But Becky knew about my special relationship with Helen and never crossed that emotional line. She was a total lesbian, but had never outed herself. She taught evening classes at a women's college and walked a tightrope between her own cravings and the rules of the workplace.

When I looked at her silhouette, back-lighted by the window, I noticed the slight bulge beneath her short leather skirt. I knew it gave her a thrill sometimes to walk around tooled-up, as it is called, wearing a strap-on beneath her clothes while talking to women she fancied, without them knowing that she already had a hard-on for them. Becky was butch, though she looked feminine enough.

Now she listened silently to my story, my bleak prospects, the way Edgar's lawyer had got me into a corner. But there was something else too. I saw it in the way she turned from the window and looked at me.

''So the woman I passed on the driveway is Edgar's attorney? She is this Lillian you were talking about?'' Becky frowned, as if she was thinking hard, trying to remember something.

When I nodded, she came towards me and took me in her arms. I felt the lesbian cock beneath her skirt press against my groin. Softly I kissed her neck.

''Lick your ass?'' I whispered in her ear.

''Don't tempt me.'' Becky smiled. ''No. Not right now. I may be able to help you in some way. I'm not sure yet, but there's something nagging at the back of my mind. I've got a distinct feeling that I've seen that woman before, but I can't remember where or when. Give me some time, and I'll get back to you.''

And with that, she kissed me on the lips and left. I watched her walk towards the door, my eyes lingering on her swaying hips. How could she know Edgar's lawyer? I hadn't the faintest idea. And why would she be able to help me in any way?

With a desperate shrug I tried to put the matter out of my mind and concentrate on my daily affairs.

But true to her word, Becky got back to me. Two days afterward, she called to say she would drop by, and half an hour later she breezed through my door with a smug smile on her face. It was half past six, one of her evenings off, so I asked her to stay for a salad and a pasta, and I poured us both a glass of wine.

Becky took a sip, searched for her phone and plugged it into my laptop, on which I had been looking for a much needed holiday, somewhere quiet. The screen saver was replaced by the pink and green background of a lesbian dating site, with a row of buttons offering different options.

''Have a look,'' Becky said. ''This is a video I recorded last night.''

I pulled up a chair beside her and wondered what this was all about. It was no surprise to me that Becky visited lesbian dating sites, but why show them to me? It was not my thing. And really good sites like this one, stylish and not cluttered up with cheap ads, charged a hefty fee and checked your identity. I wasn't ready yet to take that step.

''I knew I had seen her before, that woman, Edgar's lawyer,'' Becky said. ''Watch this.''

She scrolled through some names and pictures and then froze the image. I stared at the screen. Looking back at me was Lillian, Edgar's attorney. No doubt about it. But her profile read ''Naked Lily'', within the category Newbie.

Which meant that she had only recently registered as a lesbian on the site, looking for a date, a friend, a one-night-stand, or whatever. It took me a few seconds to grasp the bare facts. Lillian was a closet gay, and Becky had discovered her profile on the net. Wow.

But it got even better. Becky started her video and made me a witness to the cyber session she had initiated with Lillian or ''Lily'' last night. The picture was a bit fuzzy, but clear enough. I heard the two women talking to each other in the background. The main screen was occupied by Lillian, with Becky in the lower right corner.

It took them no longer than five or ten minutes to get naked, Lillian lowering her bra and showing her small, pert breasts, with nipples hard and stiff as pencil erasers, begging Becky to ''please, please, please, show me those tits!''

Trying to find my bearings in a blizzard of conflicting emotions I looked away and closed my eyes.

When I opened them again, I saw that the cyber session had progressed to the inevitable phase of both women exposing their cunts and whispering what they would like to do to each other. I still had trouble adjusting myself to the raw reality of lesbian desire, this strange mix of love, tenderness and the overpowering need to possess another woman.

While I watched, the session ended with Becky and Lillian finding release, Becky drawing up her knees and hugging herself in a shuddering spasm, Lillian riding the back of her hand and reaching her climax with a high-pitched cry, followed by tears when she lost all control.

Becky switched off the video, and both of us were silent for several minutes.

''Thank you,'' I whispered, when I had finally recovered. Becky smiled.

''Did you fake it?'' I asked her.

She shook her head. ''No. That woman is hot. Especially because she's so inhibited. When the brakes are off, she really lets go. I really came for her, no faking about it.''

''Well...'' She pushed her hair from her face and grinned at me. ''Why don't you give that lawyer a call? You've got something to show her, haven't you?''

She was right, of course. And no time like the present. I looked at my watch. It was half past seven, so I would probably catch her at home. After a few moments of hesitation I grabbed my phone and called Lillian on her mobile.

She answered on the second ring. ''Yes?''

''Hi, Lillian,'' I said, ''this is Emma, Edgar's wife... The other day you showed me those pictures of Helen and me... kissing. You've really put me on the spot, I won't deny that. Perhaps we could work something out. I am willing to cooperate. Not that I've got much choice in the matter. Would you come round to talk about it? Right now? And bring any papers for me to sign.''

''Right now?'' She sounded eager, which was what I'd hoped for. ''Yes, of course. See you in twenty minutes.''

I put down the phone and looked at Becky, who nodded. We talked some more, before she left the room. I lowered myself on the corner of the couch, waiting for Lillian to arrive.

About half an hour later I saw her getting out of her car, some pocket-size sports model. She glanced about her and walked up to my door. When I let her in, she followed me to the sitting room with a smile that said it all. She had me over a barrel and she was going to make the most of it.

Looking at her more closely now, I could see what had excited Becky about her. Lillian was an attractive woman, with sparkling eyes behind her glasses, slender hips and a hidden sensuality that was most evident in the way she walked.

''So, Emma...'' she said, ''you've finally come to your senses. Good for you. This need not take long.''

She put her briefcase on the table and worked the lock.

''I've brought some papers,'' she continued. ''If you sign them now, you could save us all a lot of time. Be a good girl, then you'll be granted the lease of the house for half a year, which would give you time to find a job and a place to live.''

She looked up.

''Be a good girl?'' I echoed. ''Funny you should say that, because I happen to know that you've been a very naughty girl yourself. I've even got the pictures to prove it.''

It took some time for my words to register, but then I saw her stiffen. She straightened up and searched my face.

''Whatever do you mean by that?'' she asked, still in that arrogant manner, but with a hint of suspicion, a moment of doubt.

''Come and I will show you,'' I answered.

And with that I turned and walked up the stairs, without looking back to see if she was following. After two seconds I heard her footsteps behind me. And suddenly she was silent, as if sensing that something was wrong, very wrong. She had expected me to be meek and cooperative, not taking the initiative and ordering her about.

As we reached the landing, she must have heard her own voice coming from my bedroom.

She stopped in the doorway, staring at the laptop on the dresser near the window, horrified by the video from her chat session with Becky. On some level, I sympathized with her. It must be a shattering experience to hear yourself moaning in sexual ecstasy, and begging someone to release you from that exquisite pain.

I entered the bedroom and moved aside, knowing what would be next. Lillian took a hesitant step, and at that moment Becky appeared and confronted the lawyer, grinning when she saw the horrified expression on the other woman's face. In the silence that followed I could hear the sounds of slow moving traffic outside, children playing, the breeze whispering through the trees in my front garden.

''Hi ya,'' Becky said. ''Or rather, hi ya, you fucking lesbian slut whore... as you called me last night when you started cumming for me.''

Lillian bowed her head and closed her eyes. Defeat must be a bitter taste at the back of her throat.

''Let's get a few things clear,'' Becky went on. ''Those pictures of Emma and Helen kissing won't be worth shit in any divorce court that I've ever heard of. But this video of our chat session last night will ruin your precious reputation. And your career.''

She waited a moment to let that sink in, before continuing.

''What were those words you used when you were trying to blackmail her? Engaging in homosexual practices with another woman? Well, that's what we were doing, girl. Last night, on line. Cyber, that's called. I'm going to fuck you now, in real life, to take your precious lesbian cherry and put a stop to this, once and for all.''

I watched Lillian's reaction. She could have walked out, of course. She could have risked it. But her face betrayed her. She was scared, fearing for her reputation and her career, as Becky had threatened her.

But there was more. The turn of her mouth, the look in her eyes... I could see that Lillian was willing to take the plunge, and damn the consequences. Not only willing, but unable to stop herself. Her moment of truth had finally arrived, and deep in her heart she was relishing it.

She made a show of resisting when Becky took three steps towards her and started to undress her. But Becky grabbed her and kissed her lips, roughly, without showing the love I knew she already felt for her. It seemed like a struggle, a battle of wills, but half a minute later both women stood in bra and panties, the rest of their clothes strewn across the floor.

I still watched them from the corner of the room.

They weren't paying attention to me, but I had to fight to keep my face from revealing my innermost thoughts. After all, Lillian was still Edgar's lawyer, and I hated her guts. Or did I? My mouth went dry and I was acutely aware of a warm, throbbing feeling between my legs.

Becky pushed the other woman face-down over the edge of the bed and I got my first glimpse of the firm flesh of Lillian's backside, covered in black silk.

Becky's eyes were bright and her breathing was rapid. She released her hold on Lillian, and slowly slid thumbs into the side of her own blue panties and pushed them down. Now, with her obviously wet pussy exposed, she lowered herself on Lillian's back and started licking her shoulders. Lillian relaxed visibly, until Becky suddenly bit the soft flesh of her pale neck. Lillian cried out.

''Did you really think that you would escape without any form of punishment?'' Becky hissed.

She held down the other woman by the nape of her neck. Then she reached out with her free hand and pulled the soft leather belt from her own skirt, which she had dropped on a chair by the bed. She was riding her pussy against the back of Lillian's thigh, before she swiftly moved aside, straightened up and flicked the leather belt across the lawyer's ass.

Becky had told me that she would try this. She had never spanked a woman before, but based on last night's cyber session she suspected that it would free Lillian from her twisted feelings. And she might be right.

As I looked on, I swallowed hard. Lillian instinctively moved her butt towards the soft leather of the belt when it hit her a second time, and she emitted a low sound somewhere between moaning and crying, but mostly pleading. Pleading for more. A dynamic seemed to be at work here that was extremely arousing to the two women.

And to me, watching them.

Of course it was just role playing, make-believe, but it touched Lillian's essence, and I admired Becky for having the courage to explore this avenue and help Lillian realize in this way that she was ultimately a fucker of women.

''I've been so bad, so bad,'' I heard the lawyer breathe. ''Such a bad girl. I've been dreaming about your naked body all day. I deserve a spanking. I'm just so guilty, so guilty...''

Strangely enough, she sounded as if she were in court, confessing her own sins to a jury.

The first two slaps of the leather belt could only have stung a bit, but when Becky got into the spirit of things, she spanked her victim a bit harder and was rewarded by Lillian's cries of ecstasy. Then, slowly but firmly, Becky began a countdown that could only lead to its inescapable conclusion.

''Ten... nine... eight...'' she counted.

The sight of Lillian's bottom wriggling in her panties, and her whole body begging for more, was too much for me. I loosened my jeans and rammed my fingers between my thighs, masturbating furiously. This couldn't last for much longer.

At the end of the countdown a heavy shudder shot through Lillian's bucking hips and she started cumming, crying out Becky's name. Then, and only then, Becky pulled down Lillian's panties, threw the woman face-down on my bed and mounted her, riding that lesbian ass for all she was worth. I heard her groin slapping against Lillian's butt with the wet sound of her dripping cunt rubbing itself to orgasm against the other woman's ass cheeks.

Being a witness to their coupling, I doubled over when my own climax hit me. I tried to suppress a cry, but it was no use. Not that it mattered, because my voice was easily drowned out by the screams of the two squirming lovers on the bed.

When I looked up again, I caught a glimpse of Becky's face and was struck by the look of infinite tenderness in her eyes when she wrapped her arms round Lillian and started whispering to her, in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

Knowing that they would rather be left alone now to have sex in private, I slipped out of the room and went downstairs to have a bottle of wine waiting for them when they were done. Stretched out on the couch, I wondered what had happened here. Once again life had proved itself stranger, and even more magical, than fiction.

Some time afterward I heard the steady rhythm of the softly creaking bed; the unmistakable sound of the two women fucking.

Two weeks later I met Edgar to sign our divorce papers. Much to his chagrin he had to grant me a fair settlement. His lawyer, he said, that stupid bitch, had tricked him into accepting an agreement that would cost him far more than she had initially promised him.

''You women all stick together,'' he grunted, before he turned his back on me and walked to his car, where his precious Melissa sat waiting for him.

When they drove off, Lillian appeared at my side and watched them leave.

''God, how you must have hated me,'' she whispered, touching my hand. The sun glinted off her glasses and her stern face betrayed nothing of the meek apology behind those words.

''Hated you?'' I grinned at her. ''Oh yes, I did.''

Then I blew her a kiss, ''But that was before you became Becky's bitch.''

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