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Sugar and Spice, Fire and Ice

Her name was Iris, and she was a goddess if I ever saw one. Her pinned back platinum hair almost glowed under the stage lights and her blue eyes sparkled with secrets just begging to be investigated. Her skin was fair in tone, and flawless in quality. But what secured her goddess status for me, was the first time I heard her sing.

My too involved friend had dragged me into this underdeveloped, run-down neighborhood to a bar that had no sign or indication it was open to the public. Just a door to open into a small hallway. A bald, buff, grumpy looking man with an eye patch carded us, then grunted. A thumb jerk indicated we'd passed, and we entered a small lounge. Large black leather couches lined the walls. There were round tables, each capable of seating three people, spread around the middle of the darkened room. The stage was under low lighting, and I briefly wondered if the bar made such low profits that it was required to keep the room so dark. The drinks were cheaply priced, but the liquor was strong, so I agreed to stay. It had been obligatory until the piano player, a short balding man who looked to be in his early sixties announced Iris.

She strode to the microphone, gripping it with a confident ease, "Evening, loves." Her eyes swept the room, taking in the twenty or some odd people in the room. I felt frozen in place as her eyes met mine. She graced us all with a bright smile, smoothing her hands on her fire-truck red dress before she began to sing. I don't remember what the tunes were, but I kept my eyes glued to her every movement until the end of her performance.

"Thank you all for coming out tonight. Make sure you tip your bartender. The man works hard and deserves a little somethin', somethin'!" she winked at us all before blowing a kiss to the piano player and sauntered off the stage.

The bartender switched on a radio behind the bar, and the speakers played a soft and silky smooth jazz tune. My friend nudged me and told me that she had to step outside to make a call. As she left me, I made my way to the bar, ordering a refill. I did tip him well, better than would be expected. Alcohol turned me generous.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, "Is this seat taken, sugar?"

I turned and tried to calm down the butterflies that had suddenly lifted off in my stomach. Iris was asking to sit next to me. I somehow managed to find my voice enough to choke out, "Please, sit."

She slid gracefully onto the bar stool and held up a single finger to the bartender, who silently nodded and poured a strong-smelling liquor into a glass, after adding a couple ice cubes. He slid the drink over to her. He then retrieved a rag from his back pocket and began wiping down the bar, moving away from us when he spotted another customer.

She turned to me, "Enjoy the show?" She lifted her drink to her smiling lips.

I nodded, nervously playing with the napkin coaster under my own drink. "I really did. You have a beautiful voice, Iris." I fought the inevitable blush rising in my cheeks.

Her smile lit up the dim room as she set her glass down, "What's your name, sugar?"

"Spice," I held my breath, hoping my small joke didn't turn her off completely.

A slender eyebrow raised as her lips stretch into a half smile. "Really, now?"

She wasn't asking if my name was really Spice. She was asking if I was really that terrible at making jokes. I racked my brain for a solution. "No… it's Lia. L-I-A." I ran my hand through my brown-red hair and took a sip of my drink.

Iris leaned forward, and I tried hard to not allow my eyes to fall to her cleavage. "Lia, how pretty."

I felt a hand on my shoulder; I turned to see my friend, her eyes glued on Iris, "Hey Lia."

"Oh, hey," I said, "Iris, this is my friend, Bette."

Iris extended a hand with a smile, "Pleasure to meet you, sugar." Bette accepted the hand before turning to me. "I gotta go, Leese. The cab is waiting for me outside."


A sound that could only be described as a cross between a snort and sigh was made as she muttered, "Boy's being a dick and a half."

I gave her a sympathetic smile. Her most recent boyfriend in a line of disasters had been giving her crap lately for the most trivial of things. I sincerely hoped that this relationship would end sooner, rather than later. I didn't say anything about it then. I didn't want to get into it in front of Iris. Instead I asked, "Need some back-up?"

Bette's hazel eyes darted between the singer’s face and my own for a moment, "No, I can handle him. I wouldn't want to interrupt."

Iris spoke up, "I'm enjoying Lia greatly, but if she's needed elsewhere, I promise that I understand." She then leaned forward and whispered, "There could be another time, if she wanted."

That was all Bette needed to hear. "Oh, no... no... No. That isn't necessary. Lia, are you okay staying here?"

Was I okay with allowing my friend to go home safely while I stayed here and drank with a gorgeous woman? Was this a trick question? "I'm fine. Text me when you're home?"

She nodded, we said our goodbyes and Bette waved politely to Iris as she was leaving.

"Are you certain you don't want to go with your friend?" Iris asked as Bette made her exit.

"I'm sure, thank you Iris. Bette is capable of taking care of herself. She'll text me later."

"I'm glad you decided to stay, Spice."

I smiled, all I could do to not giggle like a moronic school girl. The conversation continued for what seemed like a very short time. I checked my phone when I heard the tone; it was a message from Bette. She'd just finished an argument with the boyfriend and was going to bed. I texted her affirmative generic friendly responses quickly so I could get back to my conversation. I glanced at the time and blinked. Iris and I had been talking for over three hours.

"Wow," I said aloud.

Iris cocked her head to the side, "Hm?"

I showed her the time. "Time flies when you're talking to a gorgeous woman."

She smiled, "Do you want to get out of here?"

My heart pounded as I heard the implied invitation in her voice.

I agreed. We paid for her drinks and left the bar. The night air felt wonderful on my too-hot skin. We walked to my car and I let her into the passenger side before I slid into the driver's seat.

I turned to her and asked, "Your place, or mine?"

Iris responded with a wide smile, "I'll give you directions to mine."

It took about thirty minutes to arrive at her apartment. She'd played with my fingers the entire drive, a smile never leaving her face.

She let us in and shut the door behind me, asking if I'd enjoy a drink.

"I’m craving something other than liquor, gorgeous. But thank you."

She closed the distance between us in three quick strides. Grabbing the back of my neck with a firm hand, she pulled me in for a kiss. Her lips were soft and tasted every bit as delicious as I’d imagined since I saw her on stage. My arms wrapped around her waist, pressing her body into mine. She caught my hands has they approached the small of her back and shifted them down to her ass. A playful bite to my lower lip told me what the evening had in store.

I rushed us forward, through the short hallway, pressing her against the wall there. Her leg raised and rested against my hip, pulling me more tightly against her.

Kissing her neck was its own adventure, I gently moved her head to the side with fingertips against her chin for better access. When I kissed the hollow of her throat, her back arched and she made a soft mewing sound. I grinned up at her, “Caught a spot, didn't I?”

She laughed, running a hand into my hair and tugging my head away from her neck as she turned us around, sandwiching me between her body and the wall. And I was not about to complain. Her hands roamed, exploring my body as our lips met again. Her fingers traced my tattoos down my arms and back up again to my bare neck. I gasped sharply, my head falling back against the wall as she pressed her hands flat against my chest, moving them out and down to my ribs, completely ignoring my breasts. A kiss to the chin and jawline, and her hands found their way to my hips down to my thighs. She pushed away gently, pulling me by the arm as she led me down a short hallway to her bedroom.

The lighting in her bedroom was similar to the lounge, but she’d hung white Christmas tree lights around the perimeter of the room. Battery-powered candles flickered, casting soft shadows against the walls. Her furniture and decorations gave off an earthy, secure feeling. Exactly the opposite of the retro glamour-kitten décor I was expecting. I didn't linger on the thought; Iris pushed me back onto the bed.

She rested her hand on my lap for a moment, indicating a “stay put” sort of request before she backed up a few steps. Reaching up, she pulled a single pin from her hair, shaking her head. Her ice eyes glued to my brown ones as her hair tumbled just past her shoulders. Her other hand had undone a zipper on her side, and my head spun as her dress fell from her frame to the floor. Her bra and panties matched. Black lace with pops of blue satin-looking material was a startling contrast from her flame colored dress.

My breath caught in my throat, and I made sort of a strangled sound.

Iris blinked, “You okay?” She stepped closer, a look of concern on her beautiful face.

I held up my hand, “I honestly wasn’t expecting that.”

Her head cocked to the side in curiosity.

“I thought you couldn’t get more beautiful than you were at the bar,” I could feel the burning in my cheeks and groaned inwardly at my awkward cheesiness. “But I was wrong. It was sort of a she’s-so-pretty-she-made-my-brain-melt sort of sound.” I mentally prepared myself in anticipation of being thrown out.

Her lips pressing against mine was the last thing I was expecting at that moment, but that’s exactly what happened. She trailed her kisses down my neck and chest as she reached down, grabbing the hem of my shirt, tugging it up and over my head. I couldn’t wait to feel her skin on mine, and my own hands found their way to my pants as I wriggled out of them. I’d barely kicked them off before she crawled over me, laying me back against the bed. A leg of mine between hers, and a leg of hers between mine.

Her lips were electric as she kissed along my bra line, reaching under me to unclasp my bra. She flung it aside as I felt her eyes roving across my chest. I actually like my breasts; they’re fairly perky C cup, boasting pale pink sensitive nipples, which were tight and hard from her attention. I let out a groan as her lips locked around one of them, her tongue fluttering skillfully. My back arched from the bed as she slipped her hand into my panties, squeezing my pussy lips tightly around my clit.

She rested her chin against my ribs, smiling devilishly up at me, “You’re soaking, sugar.”

I chuckled, my hips rocking in time with her stroking. I watched her shift her attention to my other nipple, sucking that one the same way. “I blame you,” I said, pushing a hand into her hair to massage the back of her neck.

She laughed and bit the side of my neck playfully, “I happily accept the blame. I can’t say I don’t blame you for what’s going on down here either.”

I hooked my leg around hers at the knee and rolled us onto her back. With a smile, I slipped my hand into her panties, noticing that she was very wet. Leaning down, I kissed her stomach, moving my hands to her hips as I inched down her body, trailing kisses as I went.

Her impatience became obvious when I began kissing her pantie-line. A groan and a hand to the back of my head pushed my face against her pussy. “Are you going to tease me all fucking night?” She gasped, releasing my head.

I pulled her panties off her body and flung them aside, running my tongue up and down her shaven pussy. She tasted so good, I immediately dove back in for more, wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking. My tongue stroked between my lips slowly at first, then building speed.

“Mm, yes, baby,” she moaned, her head falling back.

I slipped a finger into her pussy, which was tight but slick. I decided I could slip in another finger and angled it, eliciting another moan from Iris. Her hips raised and started rocking, and I kept my tongue and fingers busy, going hard and fast. My pinkie relaxed and rested against her asshole, trying to gauge a reaction.

Her legs spread a little wider, and I heard a faint “Yes!”

I gently pushed my pinkie into her ass to the second knuckle and was taken by surprise when I felt her hand at the back of my head again. Her fingers curled into my hair as she rocked and bucked her hips against me, her moans echoing in my ears as she came, her juices dripping down my chin and fingers.

When Iris finally released her hold on my hair, I pulled my fingers out of her and crawled up her body, making sure to lean my thigh against her pussy. Her eyes met mine as she lifted my hand up and sucked my fingers into her mouth, cleaning off her juices.

“My turn!” She grinned, and pushed me up into a straddle, somehow maneuvering under me until her face met my pussy. She waited no time, and her tongue began attacking my aroused clit and drenched pussy. A wave of pleasure dropped me on all fours; I needed to support my weight with my hands on the bed. Her fingers filled my holes and started fucking me passionately. I whimpered and bared my hips down against her. For a moment, I thought I might have pressured her too much, but she responded with a playful spank to my ass as her licking intensified.

She moaned into my pussy, and I looked behind me to see that she’d reached down and started fingering her own pussy furiously. I pushed myself up, keeping my shaven pussy very firmly and happily in her mouth, pushing her hand away and shoving three fingers into her. She groaned into my pussy, and my climax suddenly overwhelmed me. My body shook uncontrollably and I let my head fall back with a little scream that faded into a whimper.

Iris let me settle a little bit, shifting so she straddled my leg as I lay on my back. I fought to catch my breath as I gazed into her sparkling eyes. I kissed her lips, tasting myself there. This kiss was gentle, probing. I enjoyed the heat coming from her as our hands explored. Somehow any remaining clothes were taken off without a real conscious thought. Her breasts were slightly smaller than my own, but more perky. Her nipples were just about as pale as mine, and they tasted as wonderful as the rest of her did.

As our kissing progressed, we began rocking our hips, grinding our exposed, slick pussies together. Our eyes stayed locked, our grinding intensified. Every inch of my body exposed, begging for her touch. Her hair fell over my face, but I gently brushed it away and held it in place at the back of her neck.

She rested her hand on my throat. Not squeezing hard, but resting there for a moment before moving down flat against my chest. My climax came first, and my erratic jerking hips must have given her just the right amount of friction for her climax to follow very closely after. She finally collapsed against my body with a barely audible sigh of my name.

We laid there, I don’t know how long.

“Wow,” she whispered. “That was amazing.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Do you want to keep relaxing on me or do you want me to call a cab?” I asked, not wanting to overstay my welcome, although I truly doubted my ability to walk at that particular moment.

She looked up, resting her chin on my chest, “Do you need to go? You’re kind of making a great pillow for me here.”

I shook my head with a chuckle, “I don’t need to go.”

She rolled over and pulled the comforter over us both. “Good. Let’s take a nap before the next round.”

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