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Summer Cummings: The first taste

Who ever thought that I would be fucking my hot little roomate
I hated summer camp. I was 17 at the end of the day. I was too old for that shit but my mother and father insisted that I go to bond with the female community. Well I bet they would regret that if they knew what I got up to.

The morning upon my arrival at the summer camp I made sure I packed my secret bag of sexy goodies. A small dildo (nothing special like Johnny Silver). A half empty tube of lube and a candy thong that my friend got me for Christmas as a joke present. I snapped my case shut at trudged out the door. I was wearing a very short checked skirt and a tight blue blouse. My DD boobs almost busted out of them. I was also wearing knee high leather boot with my hair in pig tails.

As soon as I arrived at the camp a wave of depression over shadowed me. I really didn't want to spend two miserable weeks in this hell pit. Knee deep in mud and earwigs. Soon my mood was about to change when I was escorted to my dorm. "Here is your room Miss Malty" said a deep voiced camp warden "And this is your roommate Annabelle doors".

I looked up and my eyes glared at her. I am not a lesbian but she was perfect. Her eyes where deep blue pools of paradise, her lips where plump and juicy red. She was wearing a short summer dress that badly covered her panties. I could see the blue lace poking out. Oh and her hair was golden and silky. Filled with curls and waves. Maybe I will enjoy summer camp after all

As soon as the warden left Annabelle smiled. "I'm sorry if this is sudden but I'm going to take a shower. My hair is muddy. Maybe we could talk later" I said "Hope you don't mind".

Annabelle smiled "Not at all, go ahead".

I opened my suitcase as pulled out a towel and some shampoo as well as sneaking the pink vibrator in with me.

As soon the hot water from the shower hit me I felt aroused. The warm water trickled down my breasts. I slowly took my vibrator and rubber it on my nipples and on my chest. My fingers slowly caressed my clit. While thinking about how hot Annabelle was I plunged my finger into my wet moist pussy. I took my vibrator and slowly started teasing my clit. I let out a little whimper. I was imagining images of Annabelle licking me out in my mind. My vibrator was good but it was not the real thing.

Soon waves of pleasure hit me and I was screaming. I didn't think anyone could hear me. The shower was too loud. Just as I was about to cum I felt a soft kiss on my neck and someone grip my waist. I dropped my vibrator. Then I heard a little whisper in my ear "Lets stop pretending that were not gagging for it. Lets fuck". I was, Annabelle. Her wet body was close to mine. Her boobs squashed up against my back. Her hand slowly wondered from my waist down towards my pussy, rubbing my clit softly. She was kissing my neck. As soon a I felt her soft fingers inside me i let out a little moan. The water was hitting both of us and was trickling down my ass crack. I turned and faced her. Her eyeliner was running down her face but that was more of a turn on. I kissed her juicy breasts and then her lips. She bent down and picked up my pink vibrator and started massaging her clit. She didn't look impressed. She slapped me. Causing me to hit the shower floor. "Silly girl. This vibrators fucking shit" She shouted " I know what will get you pulse rising.

She reached for the shower head. I was still on the floor. Very much aroused. She slowly started licking me. Then she placed the shower head onto my clit. Millions of tiny vibrations overwhelmed me. I was screaming straight away. "Ohhhh fuck" I screamed. While I was being pleasured with the shower head I was slowly rubbing Annabell's pussy. "I am going to cum" I screamed. Annabelle put a stop to that. She turned off the shower head and walked out the bathroom. I just had a major orgasm denial. "Please come back a panted". I ran out, fully naked to find her snooping in my suitcase.

She picked up a small box containing the candy thong. She ripped it out and passed it to me. "Wear this you dirty bitch" Anabelle demanded. I rushed to get them on. She moved closer towards me "Very sexy" She smiled. She pushed me onto the bed. "You need to relax now Miss Doors. Let me take care of everything". She then slowly started licking and ripping of each candy bead from the thong off one by one. The hard candy was rubbing against my clit. I moaned and groaned. She slowly stared to kiss her way up my body. As soon as she reached my lips she whispered "I want you to fuck me like a man". She got off of and started looking through her bag. At first I didn't understand until she pulled out a 9inch strap on. "Take off the thong bitch and put this on" she demanded. I fastened the strap on very tightly. I wanted it to be stiff enough to giver her full pleasure. She slowly started sucking the shaft of the strap on cock. She squirted a pea sized amount onto in. She spread her legs wide. "I'm ready for it now! Fuck the living shit out of me whore!" she pleaded. I pounded the plastic man made cock into her tight pussy. Every thrust her cries of pleasure got louder. I got deeper and deeper. The thought of being the role of a man turns me on. I started stroking her breasts. With every thrust Annabelle's face grew red. She broke out a sweat. My clit was throbbing. It was all so naughty but the thrill was immense.

She soon began to scream. Oh I did hope them walls where sound proof. Her legs trembled and her eyes rolled. Her body went in full spasm mode. I had giving her a pretty intense orgasm. As she led on the bed recovering I began to lick her heavenly juices off her vagina lips.

I kissed her tender cheeks and led next to her. I couldn't believe what just happened but then the thought came across in my mind. I had two wonderful weeks to enjoy some pussy fucking action.
Maybe I am going to like summer camp after all

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