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Summer Fun

Emma's neighbour helps with the sun cream and then introduces her to the delights of another woman.
It was the first proper day of summer, the sun shone brightly and there was the almost inaudible buzz of insects flitting from flower to flower. Emma loved the summer, she loved being outdoors and this was her first opportunity to bask in the heat.

She dusted down the sun lounger and positioned it in the sun in her back garden. Then after slipping into a two piece bikini and wrapping a sarong around her body she went outside with a book and a glass of lemonade.

She had been out there for half an hour or so, basking in the heat. Her sarong now discarded, she lay there feeling the heat on her skin. She put her book down and closed her eyes, her thoughts began to wander.

“You'll burn,” the voice was that of a woman, “you should put some more sun cream on or you will regret it.”

Emma turned towards the voice, “Oh, hi there Helen. I know I was just about to go and get some.”

“Why don’t you pop over, I've just made a jug of Pimms if you would like some.”

Emma was about to say no, she rarely drank and Helen hadn't moved in long ago and she hadn't got to know her very well yet but then thought it was a perfect opportunity to get to know her. “Sure, thanks, I'll be round in a minute.”

Emma grabbed her phone from the house and wrapped the sarong back around her and headed next door. Helen was waiting for her on one of two sun loungers; she had already poured a glass of Pimms for them both.

“Make yourself comfortable, it makes a welcome change to be able to lay out in the sun.”

Emma agreed and sat on the lounger, she looked at Helen and for the first time realised how beautiful she was. Her bikini was, if anything, a little on the tight side; it barely covered her ample breasts and the bottoms were close to being obscene.

Emma applied some sun lotion to her body and lay on the lounger drinking her Pimms and exchanging small talk with Helen. Helen turned over and rested her head on her hands.

“You wouldn't be a love and rub some lotion on my back would you? I'll do the same for you.”

“Sure,” was Emma's reply and she moved over to Helen. She grabbed the bottle and poured it into her hands and rubbed them together to make sure the lotion was warm and wouldn't give Helen a shock and then started at her shoulders she began to rub the lotion into her warm skin.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good,” Helen purred, “are you sure you’re not a professional masseuse? I'll certainly know who to turn to when I need to relax.”

Emma smiled to herself, “Err thanks, no I'm not,” and continued to work the lotion into Helen's skin.

“Can you undo my bikini top for me; I don’t want to end up with tan lines.”

Emma slowly undid the knot and let the material fall either side of Helen.

“Thanks, that feels better too.”

Emma continued applying the lotion, moving down her back to the base of her spine, “What about your legs?”

“Mmmm, please.”

She moved to one thigh and worked on that, noticing that Helen had opened her legs just a little. She slid an oiled hand down onto her inner thigh and suddenly stopped when Helen let out a little moan.

“Please don't stop, this feels so good.”

Emma continued again, conscious of the moan that Helen had made and the comment. Was she enjoying it that much, was the way she was applying the lotion having an effect on Helen? She continued down the leg and moved to Helen’s other one. Again a moan as she rubbed her inner thigh, only this time she let her fingers caress Helen's skin just a little longer.

Finally Emma had finished and gave Helen's bottom a friendly tap and said, “Right, my turn now.” She then lay on her stomach on the lounger and looked across at Helen.

“Mmm, okay. That was so nice, so relaxing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed yours.” Helen got up from the lounger, her bikini top falling to the floor.

Emma gazed at Helen as she got up, she stared at Helen's pert breasts, she couldn't help but notice her large nipples, her large erect nipples. She couldn't be cold, and then she thought about the sounds she had made as she rubbed the lotion into her skin.

Helen straddled Emma, resting against her thighs, most of her weight taken by her legs. She poured some of the lotion directly onto Emma's back making her flinch as the cool liquid poured onto her back.

Emma, let out a small squeal as the liquid ran down to the hollow at the base of her spine. She felt a little uncomfortable that this semi-naked woman was straddling her and, what seemed like, massaging her.

Helen began on Emma's shoulders, her fingers lightly brushed through the lotion barely touching Helen's smooth skin. She worked up and down her back and then she pinged the thin tied bikini strap, “Shall I?” she asked quizzically.

Emma felt her mouth go dry, she had never sunbathed topless before certainly never in front of someone else, but she felt relaxed; the Pimms she had drunk and the way Helen was rubbing her back. “Okay,” she finally said and then felt Helen undo the knot on her back and the one at the back of her neck.

Helen continued down Emma's back and then moving her hands outward she rubbed back up, her fingers gently brushing the side of Emma's breasts.

Emma, let out a gasp as Helen touched the side of her breasts at the same time she felt a tingle in the pit of her stomach.

Helen leaned forward and her hair fell over her shoulders and onto Emma's neck, then as she began to rub her shoulders again her breasts pressed against Emma's back.

Emma felt the hair tickle her skin and then she felt something against her back, she could feel the soft flesh and her stiff nipples. The tingle in her stomach spread to between her legs. She felt herself becoming aroused, heat was building in her pussy and she could feel the ache in her nipples.

Helen moved herself so she was now at the bottom of the lounger; she gently eased Emma's legs apart slightly so she could lean against the lounger and then began to rub across the base of Emma’s back before trailing her fingers over her bottom and to her thighs.

Emma felt Helen's fingers graze across her skin, across her bottom and to the back of her thighs; she couldn't help but clench her muscles slightly at the touch.

Helen brushed down Emma's thighs; she watched her squeezing her thighs together just a little. Her fingers brushed back upwards and inwards, her lubricated fingers easily slipping over Emma's soft skin.

Emma could feel her pussy throbbing, she knew she was moist and just hoped that it didn't show. She wanted Helen to stop because she was feeling too aroused and didn't want her to know the effect she was having on her.

Helen moved her body slightly and as she did so her fingers brushed a little higher, she felt the material of Emma's bikini bottoms and also felt Emma squeeze her thighs together.

Emma felt Helens fingers through the material, it was just the briefest of touches but the effect was electric. She felt warmth spreading from deep inside her, the ache in her nipples grew and her clitoris throbbed. She just wanted to slip a hand under her body scratch at the delicious itch that was growing in her pussy.

Helen moved down Emma's legs, continuing to rub the lotion in to her and then after massaging the last of the oil into Emma's feet she lay back on her own lounger, “There, hope you enjoyed that.”

Emma did enjoy it more than she dare say, “Mmm, yes thanks,” she finally answered. She wanted to add how she didn't want it to stop but she did feel just a little embarrassed at how Helen had made her feel.

They shared the jug of Pimms and relaxed in the sunshine, Emma relaxed even more, her eyes closed as they chatted about nothing in particular. The warmth of the sun, the Pimms and Helen rubbing the lotion into her body made her feel rather sexually excited and she was quite looking forward to going back home and relieving the ache between her thighs.

The sky darkened a little as some clouds formed, “I hope they soon pass, I'm sure they will,” uttered Helen more in hope than expectation and Emma agreed. After another couple of minutes, the sky darkened further and a few spots of rain began to fall.

The two girls looked at one another and prepared to gather all their things up and head indoors when the heavens opened. The two of them grabbed what they could and dashed towards Helen's house. Halfway there Helen turned back and went back for the half empty jug of Pimms.

Emma made it to the house and ran in through the patio doors and turned, waiting for Helen. She wasn't far behind and Emma gazed at her as she ran her bare breasts bouncing with each step, her hair now matted across her face and body. She finally made it to the house and stood panting, her breasts heaved with each breath, her nipples hard.

Emma realised she was staring and looked away and then realised she was also topless. She looked around for her bikini top but realised it was still outside.

Helen realised that Emma was embarrassed, “I'll get us a couple of towels, it's no use trying to get our tops in this,” and off she went.

Emma stood waiting, the rain dripping of her body. She looked down and realised her own nipples were hard, she suddenly felt conscious of them. Emma didn't have to wait long before Helen returned with a couple of bath towels.

“Here you go, get yourself dry and warm yourself up, I see you are cold!”

Emma saw that Helen was staring at her, but her gaze was fixed on her breasts and she could feel herself turn crimson. She took the towel from her and wrapped it around her body, finally covering herself.

Helen smiled and wrapped her towel around herself and sat down at the kitchen table, “There's still some more Pimms left,” she said.

Emma sat opposite Helen and let her pour her another glass of the refreshing liquid. The alcohol had started to take effect, and she was feeling a lot more relaxed sitting semi-naked in front of her neighbour.

“So are you married or got a boyfriend?” Helen asked.

“No, happily single, I caught my last boyfriend playing around and not bothered dating since.”

“No dates at all?”

“None to speak of, there has been a couple of guys that I err,” she struggled to find the words, “let's say they were friends with benefits. What about you?”

“A little bit like you really,” Helen started, “my last partner went off with someone else.”

Emma sympathised and took a sip of her drink.

Helen continued, “She went off with a friend of ours.”

Emma thought she had misheard at first, “She?” she asked

“Yes, sorry just assumed you knew.”

“No, I didn't know. So are you a lesbian then?” Emma asked with a hint of confusion.

“I don't like to label myself. I've had boyfriends and girlfriends. Being bisexual doubles your choice.”

“I didn't realise, I just never thought that you were…,” she struggled finish her sentence.

Helen laughed, “well we are normal after all, haven't you ever had a girly crush on someone?” she then continued in a lower voice, “don’t you sometimes wonder what it would be like to experiment?”

Emma blushed again; she could feel her cheeks burning. She thought back to the way she felt just a little earlier, had Helen been trying to hit on her? Did she find her attractive? Did she want to go to bed with her?

“I take that blush to mean yes,” Helen said with a little giggle.

Emma looked away, frightened that Helen would be able to see how she really was feeling right now.

“You really are an attractive woman Emma; I hope you don't mind me telling you that.” She then continued, “I'm sorry if that makes you feel uncomfortable, I don't mean it to be.”

Emma looked at the window, she could see the sun beginning to shine again and then slowly she turned to Helen. “Thank you, I don’t mind you telling me that, it is very flattering.” She paused then looked down to the floor before adding, “Err, I don’t know if I am reading this right but,” she paused again, her mouth dry, “you'll have to guide me.”

Helen smiled, she slowly rose to her feet and took Emma by the hand and without uttering a word guided her upstairs to her bedroom.

Emma let Helen guide her, her mouth was dry and she had butterflies in her stomach as she was taken into Helen's bedroom.

Helen let her towel fall to the floor and then turning to Emma she pulled hers apart too and let it fall. Then she reached out and slowly undid the ties holding Emma's bikini bottoms up and they joined the towel on the floor.

Emma stood there completely naked in front of another woman knowing that she had gone past the point of no return, knowing that the woman in front of her was going to make love to her.

Helen looked Emma up and down, she was beautiful so sexy. Her long slender legs; her slim waist and flat stomach; her gorgeous breasts with her hard nipples her beautiful face and then she stared longingly at her pussy. She was neatly trimmed; her lips were smooth with a neat strip of hair. As she stared she hooker her fingers into her own bikini bottoms and slipped them down her thighs.

Emma didn't know what to do, she just stood there looking at Helen, watching her slip her bikini bottoms down. She had never looked at a woman like this before. She felt excited and scared at the same time and then she felt Helen take her wrist and pull her to the bed.

Helen laid Emma on the bed and climbed on beside her. She lightly brushed Emma's damp hair away from her face and gently kissed her, not a passionate kiss just a reassuring kiss.

Emma closed her eyes as their lips met; she expected a passionate kiss and was a little surprised at the briefest of kisses. She opened her eyes and saw that Helen was just smiling at her.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked.

Emma nodded slowly, “Yes.” She uttered finally.

Helen leaned forward again and kissed her again, this time with more passion, she cupped Emma's cheek as she did so.

Emma felt the soft lips of Helen's on hers and then her tongue flicking against her lips, pressing against them gently. She let her mouth open allowing Helen's tongue to dart into her mouth.

Helen pressed her lips harder against Emma, the kiss becoming more passionate. She let her hand slip from Emma's cheek, she traced down across her shoulder and onto her chest. Her fingers lightly rubbing across her flesh moving slowly across the soft skin of her breast.

Emma was kissing back passionately now, her tongue flicking out to meet Helen's. Occasionally she would suck on one of her lips and nip her with her teeth. She could feel her breathing quickening and couldn't help but let out a little moan as she felt fingers on her breast.

Helen traced a finger around one of Emma's nipples, she rubbed in a tightening circle until her nail scratched over the stiff peak making Emma let out a gasp.

Emma started to breath in short gasps, her nipples almost hurt from arousal and she could feel a throb starting deep in her belly. Just clenching her pelvic muscles had an effect on her.

Helen broke the kiss and raised her head to look at Emma; she could see the lust in her face. She smiled as she slowly moved her hand from Emma's breast and inched it down her body. The flesh beneath her touch was soft and warm; her fingers slid lower until the tips of her fingers reached the soft trimmed hairs of Emma's pubic mound.

Emma felt Helen's fingers inch towards her most intimate parts and raised her hips slightly.

Helen squeezed her fingers together, pinching Emma's pubic hairs between them and lifted her hand gently pulling on the hairs.

Emma gasped and lifted her hips; the way that Helen was gently touching her was beginning to drive her wild. And then she felt Helen's fingers begin to move again.

Helen slid her hand lower, onto the smooth flesh of Emma's mound; she didn't press against her but just rubbed back and forth relishing in the whimpers that Emma was making.

Emma opened her legs for Helen, her hands made fists into the bed, grabbing at the sheets. Helen kissed her and then kissed her neck.

Helen kissed down Emma's body, across her neck and down onto her chest. Her kisses trailed slowly across a breast and then she licked around one of Emma's hard nipples. Her tongue finally flicking over the stiff peak making Emma gasp and then she gently blew across it.

Emma's wet nipple ached and when Helen blew across it the feeling was heightened, she writhed on the bed her hips rising.

Helen sucked on Emma's nipple, swirling her tongue across it and then gently nipping it and pulling it with her teeth. Her fingers rubbed a little harder over her mound as she did so, feeling Emma pushing against her fingers.

Helen then rubbed one finger along Emma's damp slit; her outer lips were swollen and starting to part. She rubbed her hand harder over her and squeezing her fingers together gently nipping her inner lips. As she rubbed back and forth she pressed two fingers harder against her and rubbed deeper into Emma's pussy.

Emma was gasping and moaning now, her hips pushing up desperate to feel Helen's fingers all over her, in her.

Helen raised her head and looked at the panting Emma, she curled her fingers inwards and rubbed harder; she could feel the Emma's moisture coating her fingers. And then she raised her fingers to her mouth, to taste her.

Emma watched her friend raise her head, she could feel her fingers almost sliding into her and then she felt the pressure on her pussy go and then she watched Helen raise her fingers to her mouth. She could see they were wet, she could see them glisten and she knew that they were wet with her juice. She watched Helen slowly suck on her fingers, taking each one individually into her mouth and seductively sucking them clean.

Helen finished cleaning her fingers and moved up to kiss Emma, to let her taste herself on her lips at the same time she slid her hand back down between her legs and continued to rub her.

Emma looked at Helen, she could see the moisture on her lips and she knew she was going to kiss her. She placed a hand on the back of Helen's neck and drew her to her. Their lips met and for the first time she tasted herself, the sweet taste of her pussy on Helen's soft lips.

Helen continued rubbing Emma and after breaking the kiss she knelt between her spread legs. “I want to finger you now; I want to slide a finger deep into your pussy.”

Emma took a deep breath and whispered, “Yes.”

“And do you want me to go down on you too?”

Emma just nodded; she could feel her pussy become wetter at the thought. She closed her eyes as she felt Helen's breath on her inner thighs. She waited for what seemed like an age as Helen stroked over her pussy and rub between her lips and then she felt her slowly plant a kiss on her inner thigh, then her other thigh.

Helen just looked at Emma's delicious pussy, she was spread a little wider now, her inner lips pink and just a little swollen, her moisture glistened as she slowly rubbed between her lips. She could smell the gorgeous womanly scent of her vagina and then she leant forward to kiss the hollow of her inner thighs. She couldn't wait any longer and planted a kiss on her pussy, licking along her slit as she did so.

Emma felt Helen kiss her pussy, felt her lick her intimately and she almost passed out, the feeling was divine. “Oh Yesss,” she moaned and grabbed Helen's head holding her head still. Then she felt a probing finger pressing at her pussy, the finger rubbing up and down and then she felt it push into her. Another finger joined the first and she felt herself being penetrated, the fingers slowly slipping deeper into her until the knuckles of the remaining fingers pressed against her opening.

Helen slowly started to slide her fingers in and out, keeping a steady rhythm; she flicked her tongue over Emma's wet pussy savouring her taste. She licked along her open slit and flicked her tongue from side to side across her clit.

Emma screamed as Helen started to stimulate her clitoris with her tongue, her hips bucked on the bed. Her breathing was coming in short quick gasps and she knew that she wouldn't be able to last. She lifted a hand to her mouth to try and stifle the grunts and moans, her teeth nipping her finger as she fought not to cry out too loudly.

Helen continued to flick her tongue against Emma and finger her with two fingers; she placed a couple of fingers of her free hand either side of her clit and pressed down exposing her wet pink nub.

Emma was losing control; she was writhing against Helen's fingers and mouth. She was giving off squeals and gasps; she had never felt as aroused as this before. “Please, suck my clit,” she managed to gasp between breaths, “suck it, bite it, please.”

Helen did as she was asked, sucking the stiff clit into her mouth, her teeth gently nipping it and then she released it before doing the same again. Then she bit it through her lips, pulling on it and listening to Emma cry out in ecstasy. Her fingers moved quicker now, thrusting harder and deeper into her dripping hole. She could hear the sound of her pussy squelching with each thrust.

“Yes,” Emma took in a breath, “Yes,” she repeated a bit louder, “Fuck, yes.”

Helen used her mouth, her lips, teeth and tongue to stimulate Emma's clit, her fingers pounding faster into her saturated pussy. She began to feel Emma's contractions, her pussy squeezing her fingers, slowly at first. With each spasm a trickle of liquid ran from Emma's pussy and down her fingers. She ran her thumb along her slit as she fingered her and could feel her juice running down between her legs.

“Oh god, yes,” Emma's body started to shake as she and then buck on the bed. She had lost control of her body, “Oh fuck yes, I'm…” she didn't manage to finish her sentence as her orgasm swept over her. Only her feet and neck and head were on the bed as her climax took hold, she arched her body upwards onto Helen’s mouth and fingers.

Helen felt her fingers being squeezed tighter and then felt Emma’s body become rigid before she felt her collapse onto the bed. She didn't move her fingers, just leaving them buried deep inside Emma. She could still feel her contractions around her fingers and then slowly she withdrew them, they were drenched in Emma's juice.

Emma moaned as Helen withdrew her fingers, she could feel the wet sheets beneath her bottom, she had never cum like that before, never had such a powerful orgasm as the one that Helen had given her. She looked down at Helen and could see just how wet her face was, how much juice were coated on her fingers.

Helen moved from between Emma's legs and lay beside her.

Emma was still coming down from her explosive orgasm; little ripples still pulsed through her body as she lay there. She turned to Helen and just gazed into her eyes; she hooked a hand around her neck and pulled her to her. She kissed Helen passionately; her mouth mashed against Helen's she could taste herself on her lips, around her mouth and on her tongue.

Helen finally broke the kiss and pushed Emma back onto the bed, “My turn now,” she whispered. “My turn to cum,” she added.

Emma lay back a little unsure as what to expect or what Helen wanted her to do.

Helen straddled Emma's body and positioned herself kneeling across her chest.

Emma looked up at Helen's face and then her gaze dropped to her mound, a neat triangle of hair leading to her damp swollen lips. Emma just stared at Helen's pussy; she had never been this close to one and had only ever seen hers in a mirror.

Helen shifted forward until she was kneeling over Emma's face and then she reached down and pulled her pussy open, spreading her lips wide.

Emma looked at Helen's vagina, her spread lips, her clitoris poking from its protective hood and her inviting depths so wet and glistening.

Helen could feel the breath tickling her skin and slowly lowered herself until she could feel Emma's cheeks on her inner thighs.

Emma opened her mouth and then licked tentatively over Helen's spread pussy, tasting another woman for the first time. After the first lick she gained confidence and licked again, pressing harder this time, another lick, this time probing deeper inside Helen's pussy; feeling the delicate folds of skin as Emma stopped spreading herself.

Helen released her lips and started to move her body back and forth, grinding herself onto Emma's eager mouth and tongue.

Emma moved her hands to Helen's pussy and spread her lips again so she could lick deeper inside.

“Suck my clit, suck it hard.”

Emma complied; she clamped her mouth over Helen's clitoris and sucked. She heard Helen moan and sucked harder.

“Bite me, fucking bite me.”

Emma brought her teeth together and nipped Helen, she was nervous about biting too hard.

“Harder, use your tongue on my clit.”

Emma again did exactly what Helen asked, all the time her confidence grew. She loved the sweet taste of her pussy and the delicate aroma.

“Oh god yes, just like that.”

Emma flicked her tongue faster across Helen's pussy; she loved the taste and feel of her.

“God Emma, fuck me with your tongue.”

Emma started to stab her tongue in and out of Helen.

“Yes like that, fuck me with your tongue, fuck my cunt.”

Emma recoiled at the word, she hated it but somehow at this moment it seemed right, she pulled Helen's lips as wide as she could and used her tongue inside her.

“Oh god yes, just like that,” and then as she began to breathe heavier she added, “I'm close.”

Emma wanted Helen to cum; she wanted to make her feel as good as she had felt just a few moments ago. She turned her head away, “Yes, cum for me,” she then went back to her pussy and continued to tongue fuck her.

Helen was close to screaming, she was going to cum but she tried to hold back as long as she could until she cried out, “Oh god now,” and with that her climax hit her. She felt her pussy clenching, and then the spray of juice.

Emma felt the liquid spray into her mouth, she felt it across her face and she knew that Helen had cum hard.

Helen let out a final scream and then fell forward, her pussy still over Emma's mouth. Every time she tried to move she felt another surge between her thighs that made her freeze. Eventually she rolled off Emma and lay next to her panting.

Emma didn't know what to do or say, she had had the most powerful orgasm she had ever had, her face was slick with another girl's juice, she had just pleasured another woman with her tongue and she had loved every second of it.

Helen lay next to Emma; she pressed herself against her and slipped an arm over her body, pulling her closer. They lay facing one another, both of them exhausted from there exertions. “Let's hope that the weather is just as kind to us tomorrow.”

Emma smiled and wiggled up closer to Helen, “That would be just a perfect start to summer.”

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