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Summer Lesbian Lovin'

Elizabeth couldn't control her excitement any longer as Marisa took off her black bikini
Elizabeth Suson walked along the golden white sandy beach of North Spain barefooted feeling the slight breeze through her long black hair. She worked in a dead end job in North London in a office and was glad to get away to paradise. She had to get away from all the grief work had given her when everyone found out she was a lesbian.

Elizabeth walked to the end of the beach as the sun was beginning to go down. She saw a black bag on one of the rocks and sat down on the sand and looked out to sea stretching out her long, athletic legs.
A beautiful blonde with a gorgeous slender but curvaceous figure and a knockout set of huge knockers stepped out of the sea wiping back her wet hair. She grinned down at Elizabeth then sat down and reached out her hand. "I'm Marisa and you are?" she said.

"Elizabeth," Elizabeth replied, shaking her hand. 

"So what are you doing down this end of the beach?" 

"Just walking."

"Not checking out me then," Marisa grinned. Elizabeth blushed, "It's OK, you want me, I get a lot of women lust over me. I get crushes from men and women. But not any as pretty as you." She leaned back on her hands and arched her back pushing her chest out.

Elizabeth gulped nervously as she stared at her luscious big wet breasts in that skimpy little black bikini. A sensation of sexual arousal grew in her crotch area. And she knew if she kept on gawping down at her breasts like that she'd get so aroused that her knickers and white hot pants would get wet from her pussy. But she couldn't help herself staring, she wanted to reach out and touch and feel and suck those breasts. Her arousal getting stronger.

Marisa was aware that Elizabeth was watching her so she stuck her chest out even more and opened her legs wide.

Elizabeth felt herself getting hornier. She wanted to rub herself at that moment. She stood up and took off her hot pants and knickers and dived into the sea to cool off.

Marisa stood up and watched her. She ran into the sea after her and swam towards her. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Me? You're the one teasing me. You know I fancy you."

Marisa grabbed hold of Elizabeth's face and kissed her hard.
They stared at each other and then kissed passionately arms around one another in a passionate embrace. Marisa cried out a little as she was being finger fucked in the sea by Elizabeth. 

"Don't stop," she said, pleasurably.

Elizabeth was turned on by fingering a girl in the sea so she fingered her faster and faster. Turning on the girl even more and herself. "I want to fuck you, please," she admitted, surprisingly.

Marisa looked at her and then kissed her. She swam back to shore and Elizabeth followed.

Once on shore they kissed passionately as no one was around. Marisa pushed her onto one of the rocks and she got out a red rubber strapon dildo from her black bag.

"I bring this with me wherever I go in case I get lucky," she explained grinning. "Do you want to fuck me or I fuck you first?"

"I want to fuck you," Elizabeth said lustfully, taking the strapon and strapping it around her waist. She bit her lower lip lust burning inside her body as she couldnt contil her excitement any longer as Marisa took off her black bikini and her 36DD breasts spilled out.
They explored each other's bodies until Elizabeth got on the sand and Marisa sat on top of her pushing the dildo into her dripping wet pussy. They fucked fast and hard making each other cry out in ecstasy. Elizabeth's breathing was heavy as she fucked Marisa again doggy style this time. She couldn't believe she was fucking such a beautiful woman. The very thought made her thrust even harder. Her body began to quiver and she tightened her arms around Marisa as an orgasm came.

"Wow," commented Marisa, looking up at her. "You sure can fuck.," She grinned. "That was amazing."

Elizabeth grinned and kissed her. "It was. Want more?"

"I thought you'd never ask," replied Marisa.

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