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Summer Nights in Seattle

Olivia feels like an outcast but finds some fun through some beer and some revealing clothes

Summer Nights in Seattle

This story takes place after My Sister Parts 1-3 and My Mother Never Looked So good. They can all be found in the incest stories section. I will do my best for those of you that aren't interested in those types of stories to make it as non confusing as possible. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing your feedback, good or bad. As always, you can contact me on here or at hope you enjoy!


I was never one of the ones that was included in the popular crowd, I was one of the ones that was always brought along by someone else and it always seemed to ruin someone day when they saw you there. But that was my life for a time. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Olivia, I am 21 years old standing about 5'10" and I have all natural D cup tits to go very well with my blonde hair. I work at a club serving drinks, and all the guys love my sexy little ass in the mini skirts and the tight tops I wear. I always get lots of tips and so I can afford to play and have some fun whenever I want.

Now where this story takes place is on Alki Beach in West Seattle. One of my friends, Sophia, invited me to go to a beach party. Well I shouldn't really say invited, I was with my best friend Stephanie when she got invited and Sophia felt awkward not inviting me. It's not like we aren't friends, it's just not the group of people I normally hang out with. Sophia and I went to high school but it was normally a friendship based on convenience, when she had no one lees to hang out with or wanted some help studying or something she would call me. I guess it had to do with the fact that back in high school I was a pretty big nerd. But anyway, back to the story.

The only reason I was going to this party was because Stephanie wanted a "wing girl." Our other best friend, Carly, wasn't able to come because she was out on a date with Stephanie's brother, her new boyfriend. I don't know what all is going on there, but last weekend at the party, Carly and Tyler disappeared and next thing you know we were being told they were an item. Which kinda sucks because after Carly fucked him, from what I was told earlier that day, I was looking forward to getting a chance at him. But any, that is how I got wrangled into this whole thing.

Stephanie was going to pick me up in about 20 minutes and I needed to finish getting ready. I had on my favorite bikini, a really small black one that really showed off my tits and my ass. I was just having trouble figuring out what to wear over it. I finally decided that I would wear a small pair of jean shorts and then a shirt that I tied just below my tits. I couldn't help but look at myself and think "If I were into girls, I would do me." But the funny thing about that is, sometimes I really think I would be into girls if I had someone I knew I could experiment with.

I was lost in thought about my possible bi side when I heard my doorbell ring. I knew it was Stephanie, so I grabbed my bag and my sun glasses and ran for the door. When I opened it I was in for a surprise. Stephanie was wearing the sexiest micro bikini that I had ever seen. It barely covered her nipples and I can assume that her pussy would be very well displayed for everyone. It was hot, my pussy got wet just looking at her.

"Took you long enough!" She reached around and slapped my ass.

"Well I had to make sure that I look good and I don't really know if I want to come...No one wants me there." I was really hoping that she would allow me to stay. I knew that no one was going to be happy besides her that I was there.

"No, you have to come, who am I going to cuddle up next to by the fire?" That thought made me drift off, but I brought myself back to reality.

"Oh come on, we both know that you want to curl up next to Kyle. Everyone know's he has a giant cock and that you have been flirting with him ever since he broke up with his ex and she went across the country."

"Yea well...I don't know, he keeps hanging around Anna and I don't think he really notices me around."

"Well we shall find out, lets go before I change my mind and I lock myself in the house."

With that she walked over to her car and got in. I followed suit and was happy that the car was air conditioned, it was an extremely humid 100+ degrees out and even in the skimpy little bikini I was wearing, I was sweating and it wasn't cute looking. Stephanie kept looking over at me and it almost seemed like she was checking me out but I knew that was just my mind playing tricks on me because of my "healthy" curiosity for the female form. We spent the remainder of the car ride from my house to the beach in silence, listening to the radio.

When we got to the beach it took us a while to find a place to park and find the group. Everyone was excited to see Stephanie and made the polite hellos and hi's to me. We put our stuff with everyone else's and grabbed some drinks. Of course as expected, Stephanie immediately ran over and found Kyle, leaving me all alone. I sat on a log and was drinking my beer when Eric walked over and had a seat. I had met him a couple times while being drug to various parties or events.

"So you're Olivia right? I am Eric."

"I know who you are, we have ran into each other a few times."

"I know, I just didn't think you would remember me."

"I have a good memory, comes with being the nerd I was in high school."

"For a nerd you have a smoking body. Don't get me wrong, but I would never have pictured you as a nerd by looking at you."

I wasn't sure how to take that, but I figured as a compliment would be best. But I did know one thing, I was out of beer and that was not a good thing. I definitely wanted to get a good buzz so it would be a little more fun tonight.

"Well I am out of beer, would you like to come with me and get a drink?"

"I would love to, but I have a better idea, lets grab a beer and go for a walk by the water while the sun starts to set. Sound good?"

I wasn't sure what he was getting at but he was cute and that couldn't hurt. Eric was one of the starting wide receivers on the high school football team a few years back, and he still had the body for it. He stood about 6'1" and probably 210 pounds of what appeared to be solid muscle. I would fuck him in a heart beat if given the chance. But right now, all he wanted was a walk and a beer, I will settle for that.

"Only if we make it two beers."

"Sounds good to me." He couldn't help but chuckle at my response.

We both got up and walked over to the cooler. We each grabbed a couple beers and headed off down the beach. As I was walking away, both Stephanie and Sophia noticed who I was with and smiled. As Eric and I walked, we talked about everything from work to what we do in our spare time and everything in between. As it turns out we both had attended the same concerts over the past few months and we both loved the same tv shows. We had enough in common that things we could easily hold conversations about something and yet also learn new things about each other. Made for an interesting walk along the water.

As the sun was setting behind us, casting a beautiful glow on the Seattle skyline, we realized that we had been walking and consuming our beers for about an hour and a half and the sun was almost down. Thus meaning that the bonfire was gonna start soon and we needed to get back to where everyone else was. We stopped the direction we were going in and turned around and made our way back a little faster than normal. When we got back they were just getting ready to light the bon fire. It appeared that everyone had brought tons of wood and so we would have plenty to use for the next few hours.

What happened next was the funniest thing that happened all night. Kyle volunteered to light the fire and unbeknownst to him, a few different guys had thrown some gas on the wood and so when he got near to light it, the vapors lit and caused a giant fireball that scared the crap out of Kyle causing him to trip over a log as he bumbled backwards away from the fire, and coincidently everyone else to laugh at him for doing so. He was a good sport about it though and laughed, that was until he noticed that he had a decent burn on his arm and a gash on his hand from the log.

Eric was on the scene though, he worked as an EMT and so he went over and decided that Kyle needed to get his arm and hand looked at, probably requiring stitches. He offered to take him to his car and patch him up then drive him in. Kyle agreed and they disappeared, leaving me wanting. I understood though and it was such a turn on after seeing him take charge and handle the situation.

We all sat around the fire drinking some more and everyone was getting a good buzz. Everyone was telling stories and a few people were playing never have I ever and it was revealing some really interesting facts about people we would have never expected them from. As it turned out one of the guys, Tony, had slept with three of our teachers in high school. It also appeared that Monica had only been fucked in the ass but not in the pussy, she wanted to save that for merrige.

As the night progressed everyone was laughing and having a good time and next thing I knew, Sophia was next to me on the log.

"So did you and Eric do anything?"

"We just walked and talked for a while getting to know each other."

"Did he say anything interesting?"

"As to what are you referring?"

"Oh I don't know, I was just curious if he said anything about"

I was about to get angry, I was thinking that she was trying to say that he was into her and that she was trying to claim him as hers. But I figured I would let it play out and see where it leads.

"Just what would he know about you that he might say to me?"

I figured that if I could bait her into telling me what it was, I wouldn't make a fool of myself saying the wrong thing. And she was just drunk enough to maybe let it happen. She wasn't stumbling or slurring or anything, but you could definitely tell that she was more relaxed than normal.

"I don't know, maybe about how I kissed a girl and I liked it!!!"

She broke into the chorus of the song and I couldn't help but laugh along with her. She looked so sexy that coupled along with the fact that I was a little drunk as well, made her all too tempting. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers as I also brought my hand up to cup her left breast. I pulled my face back and looked into her eyes.

"Now I have kissed a girl too..." I trailed off the last part, not knowing what was going to happen.

"Did you like it?"

I couldn't even respond verbally, I just nodded my head looked at her. She didn't say a word but looked around to see if anyone else had noticed what just happened and everyone was either too drunk or not paying attention to noticed the two of us. She reached over and grabbed a towel that was beside her and then grabbed my hand.

"Follow me."

With that she led the way off down the beach. We were walking a ways down the beach towards the light house on the point before we stopped. There was no one around for at least a half a mile up the beach. Sophia spread the towel out and sat down. She pulled my hand and brought me down next to her. I was breathing hard and didn't know what to say. She took the lead and pulled me close to her, into a hug. She laid her head on my shoulder and pulled my hair out of the way. She began kissing my neck and licking my ear. It felt amazing.

"Sophia...Stop, I'm not a lesbian or anything. I have never done anything like this before." I was so nervous, I didn't know what I was supposed to do or what I should do.

"It's okay, neither am I. But right now, I really want to do this."

Now Sophia is one hot girl. She stands just about 5'11" with brown hair and eyes, but the thing that separates her from most girls that we hang out with is the fact that she has small tits, they are barely an A cup. But that is ok with me, I think she is still sexy as hell. And she was beginning to really turn me on with the fact that she now had a hand in my shirt and was playing with my nipples and rubbing them as she kissed my neck.

I grabbed her neck and pulled her face to mine. We started to slowly make out. It was completely different than any other time I had ever made out with someone. All the guys I kissed were always rough or pushy and forceful with their kisses. As I was kissing Sophia, everything I had ever thought about kissing changed. She was slow and delicate. It was so erotic the fact that while normally I would be reaching for a cock between someone legs that in all rights would be hairy. She was so smooth and soft. Everything about her was soft and smooth. She pulled her top off at the same time I pulled mine off and I found out that she had some of the larges pierced nipples I had ever seen. They were about twice the size of pencil erasers and all I could think about was sucking them into my mouth. So I did.

"Olivia, don't stop, bite them and pull them."

I did just as she asked, I bit her nipples and sucked on them and pulled them and did everything she asked and she was loving every second of it. She swung me around so that we were in a shortened 69 position and she could give my nipples some attention at the same time. It felt amazing to have my nipples in her soft mouth and then feel her teeth graze them until finally she bites down. This went on for some time until finally she started to kiss her way farther down my body and slowly she came to my shorts.

"I think we need to take some more clothes off...It is getting way to hot out here." She had a point. It could have been twenty below but with both of us kissing and sucking on each other, it seemed like it was a hundred and fifty degrees out.

She slowly started to undo my shorts as I did the same to her. Once we were both naked, we started kissing again. But that only lasts so long before it gets boring when you have pussy juice running down your leg. So I took some charge and slowly pulled her around into another 69 position and we both started to explore and examine each other's pussy. I was surprised that she was so similar to me, I know that the basic anatomy of us was the same, but it seemed like I was feeling an exact copy of myself and yet it was so different.

I slowly started to insert a finger into her pussy and feel my way around, exploring her depths as she did the same to me. It was hotter than I have felt with any man I have ever slept with. It was like I was losing my virginity all over again as I experienced new things again for the first time. After she loosened up a little bit from the first finger, I slowly pushed a second and then a third in. But I was still scared to do what I really wanted to do, taste her pussy.

I was so lost within the battle in my head about weather or not I should do it, I was extremely surprised when I felt her mouth slowly touch my pussy. It was very tentative at first, a soft little lick across the lips the sent a shiver through my spine. After her first taste, she became more brazen and bold and started to lick from the bottom of my pussy all the way up to my clit and suck on it a few times. Her brazenness led me to my own. I slowly stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy. It tasted a little tangy but sweet at the same time and smelled intoxicating.

We laid there for what seemed like hours as we both licked and sucked on each others pussy and humped at each others fingers. By this point it felt like she had four fingers from one hand in my pussy and another two in my ass. I had backed off on sucking on her pussy for a few minutes now and had been focusing on licking her ass and tongue fucking it. We had both cum around 4 or 5 times so far and I don't know about her, but I was getting exhausted, I don't know if I can stand to cum again.

I slowly pulled myself away from her and turned around so that our faces were next to each other. We slowly started to kiss, mixing our juices together and tasting the result. If a company could figure out a way to bottle that, they would make a killing. It was the best thing I have ever tasted. When we stopped so we could have a chance to breath, we just looked into each others eyes.

"What are you thinking?" was all she could muster.

"I am wondering what this makes me. A lesbian, bi sexual or just maybe horny as hell and drunk."

"I think it is or was a combination of the last two."

We both laughed at that and slowly started looking around for our clothes.

"We should probably be getting back, last thing we want is someone to walk down the beach and find us like this."

"I think you're right, that would make for some interesting explanations and conversations."

I leaned over and kissed her.

"When can we do this again?"

I was hoping that she would at least say we could and not just blow me off and leave me hanging like some stupid girl at a frat party.

"Well, do you want to sleep at my place or have me sleep at yours?"

I smiled at her and we got dressed. I knew that tonight was going to be a wild night since I know my collection of toys is quite immense and I have a new reason to go and add to my collection after tonight. But that is all for another story.

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