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Summer of Surrender Part 2

Lottie's Sapphic fantasies are getting out of control, and Mrs Smith hints at what is to come...
The school bell rung and the words of Miss Harley wishing her class a lovely summer break were lost in the chatter of fifteen upper sixth girls clasping books to their chests, pushing their chairs behind them and chattering excitedly as they made their way to the classroom door.

Lottie hung back a little and blushed as she passed Miss Harley, thinking of the naughty things she had been imagining the exotic looking young history teacher doing to her for the last half hour of her lesson. She wiggled her peachy round bottom wrapped in her little pleated navy skirt as she passed and Miss Harley smiled at her.

“Good bye Charlotte,” Miss Harley purred, “Have a wonderful holiday!”

“Thank you Miss Harley,” Lottie replied, feeling her nipples stiffen and a tingling warm moistness grow in her regulation white knickers as she made her way to the door.

She bit her lower lip. God! What was wrong with her, she thought. She was having so many crushes on other women that she wondered if she was turning into a full on lesbian. It was usual for girls to have crushes on other girls, but her Sapphic thoughts were out of control. They were filling most of her waking hours and giving her the most shockingly debauched dreams at night.

Just a phase Lottie told herself, it’s just a phase.

Lottie’s best friend Emma was waiting beyond the door, and Emma grabbed Lottie’s hand, entwining her fingers in hers and dragging her away excitedly. “Come on gorgeous,” Emma grinned, flicking back her thick dark hair over her shoulder and pulling Lottie up the corridor to the main door. “It’s holiday!”

They stepped out into the glorious summer sunshine, and Emma clapped her hands. “Freedom,” she laughed. “Let’s go to our dorms and collect our things. Mum’s meeting us on the main drive in fifteen minutes to take us home. I’ll see you there.”

Emma turned and walked away. Lottie smiled. The summer was going to be such fun.

Charlotte Harrington was eighteen, and was in the final year at her exclusive all girls’ boarding school. When she was not at school she lived with her father, who adored her, and spoilt her; she was his princess, and they looked out for each other since Lottie’s mother had passed away.

But events for the summer meant that Charlotte’s father had to be away; big business in the far east which he had to attend, so he had requested Emma’s mother would take Lottie for the holiday, and Emma’s mother had agreed happily.

“That will be wonderful Charles,” Silvia Smith had smiled over a glass of chardonnay, brushing back her shining brunette hair, and fixing him with her captivating dark eyes.

“It will be lovely for Emma to have her best friend with her. We will have to find lots of things to do, all girls together.”

Fifteen minutes later, Lottie made her way along the school’s leafy tree lined driveway, still replete in her school uniform, and dragging her suitcases on a small trolley behind her. She cursed as one small bag fell from the trolley and clattered to the floor.

A wolf whistle made her blush as she crouched down to replace the bag, clearly exposing a lot of golden thigh, and possibly her tight white knickers beneath her short skirt. She looked around to see who was eyeing her.

Lottie hadn’t seen Emma’s mother already waiting, leaning back against her shining red mini, bathed in the mottled sunshine breaking through the trees. She was grinning, and Lottie blushed harder still.

Emma’s mother looked stunning though Lottie, absolutely stunning. She felt the familiar stiffening of her nipples beneath her white blouse, and moistening between her thighs as she recovered her bag, and made her way over to say hello. There was no sign of Emma yet, but there was nothing unusual in that.

Oh God! Lottie cursed. Now even the sight of my best friend’s mum is making me horny. I don’t know what’s doing this. But, oh my goodness!

She watched Emma’s mum push herself up from the car and make her way towards her, swinging her hips.

Emma was envied at school for her sultry Mediterranean good looks; sparkling dark eyes and shining brunette hair, and a figure everyone would die for. It was evident that she had inherited much of this from her mother.

Silvia Smith flicked back her dark hair, and paced towards Lottie. She was dressed in black riding boots, tan jodhpurs and a white silk blouse, looking every bit as youthful as Emma and Lottie. When she was with Emma, the two of them could easily pass as sisters, rather than as mother and daughter, although Silvia did have a sense of presence and power that comes with age and financial security thought Lottie. She always felt a little overwhelmed when she was with Emma’s mum.

Silvia threw her arms wide as Lottie reached her, and wrapped them around the schoolgirl as she reached her, drawing her in, and up on her tiptoes into a tight hug.

“Hey gorgeous,” Silvia purred, echoing her daughters customary greeting as she rocked Lottie from side to side.

Lottie bit her lower lip. Would Silvia detect how hard her heart was beating, or feel how stiff her nipples were beneath her blouse as her heavy breasts were squashed against the equally heavy breasts of this gorgeous woman. The firmness and heat of Silvia’s body filled her with lust.

Silvia pushed Lottie back a little and surveyed her as she held her with a hand on each shoulder.

“It’s so lovely to see you,” she purred. She turned her head, “And that wicked little daughter of mine too.”

Emma had just clattered around the corner, dragging a heavy suitcase and bags, and she grinned widely when she saw Lottie and her mum together. “Hey bitches!” she chuckled.

Emma’s mother tutted, and waived a finger at her.

“Less of that young lady,” Silvia smiled. “We must be on our best behaviour whilst Lottie is staying.”
“Yes miss.” Emma stood to attention and saluted. “Jeez, I thought we just got away from school,” she muttered under her breath.

Emma bundled her suitcases into the boot of the car first and then jumped into the front seat and began texting on her phone.

Lottie’s suitcase was heavy and she had to lift it with both hands into the back of the Mini.

Fuck! She bit her lip as she felt Mrs Smith step behind her and slide her hands around the curve of her hips to steady her.

“Careful Miss Harrington,” Silvia purred. “Let me help you.”

Lottie tingled all over as she felt Mrs Smith’s warm breath in her ear as she spoke; she could smell Mrs Smith’s expensive and alluring scent; but most exciting of all, she could feel Mrs Smith’s hands sliding around her body, and in over the swell of her bottom. Mrs Smith was grasping her, scrunching the material of her skirt in her fists, raising the hem of her skirt up her thighs, and pushing herself against the younger woman. It was an overtly sexual advance, there could be no doubt about it, and it sent Lottie into a quivering wreck.

Lottie gasped and leant forward against the car. She shuddered with desire. She spread her legs a little, and Mrs Smith’s hands worked down under the hem of her dress and up the burning hot flesh of her spread thighs.

“Good girl,” Mrs Smith breathed in her ear.

When Mrs Smith’s fingertips pressed the sticky wet gusset of Lottie’s knickers to feel her plump pussy beneath, Lottie moaned out loud and gripped the car. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as her climax shuddered through her.

Mrs Smith stepped back smiling. “There we go Charlotte,” she smiled, and she sauntered around the car to open the side door signalling Charlotte to jump in. Lottie slammed the boot of the car, and blindly followed.

“You took your time,” Emma complained, looking up from her phone as her mother jumped into the driver’s seat.

Mrs Smith smiled, “Just helping our guest, my dear.”

As they drove through the leafy lanes of Oxfordshire, Lottie looked out of the window, her heart still beating fast. She was guessing this summer holiday was not going to be quite what she had expected, and it thrilled her to the core.

To be continued...

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