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Surprises: One for You, One for Me part 2

I model for Lex and give her a taste of my surprise
“So what do you have in mind?” I stepped out of the shower boldly, naked and not concerned about where my towel was. Two bright lights flashed as I did. Lex was standing in the doorway with her camera wearing her long over-coat.

“Gotcha! And you look good.” Lex smiled at me. “I’ve decided it’s just not right that your sexy body hasn’t been immortalized on film yet.” I grabbed my towel quickly and wrapped it around me. Lex retreated to her bedroom and I followed quickly.

I stopped in the doorway though. She had rearranged her room. She had moved her lamps all to one side of the room and pointed them at the bed. On the bed was a gift-wrapped box. Lex was standing by her closet, still in her coat. I was touched. It looked like she had really gone through a lot of trouble.

“Ok, so I lied,” she confessed. “I wasn’t waiting for my test scores. I finished early and went by my friend’s place. I had to borrow some stuff for tonight.” She smiled deviously as she said that.

Slowly she began to in button her jacket, starting at the bottom, so nothing underneath was visible until she finished undoing them all. In one motion she opened her coat and shrugged it off. It slid down her body and crumpled on the floor.

Now I smiled that devious smile. She had on a beautiful corset; black lace over green satin, a garter belt, but no panties. In between the straps holding up her stockings her pubic hair was trimmed into a thin, straight line. She had on some of the highest I’d ever seen her wear. As I looked her up and down and realized she had really gone all out; jewelry, make-up, hair, she looked amazing.

I let go of my towel and let it fall onto the bathroom floor. I walked across her room towards her as seductively as I could. She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed. I leaned in to kiss her, but she turned her head, so all I got was her cheek.

“Hey now, there’ll be plenty of time for that later, but there is no way I’m letting you mess up this make-up. Do you have any idea how long I had to sit still while Rebecca did this for me?” She stepped back, bringing her knees together slightly and swishing her hips. “I look good though, huh?”

“Oh, you do.” I moved towards her for a closer examination, my hands starting low, brushing the backs of her legs as I reached up to feel her ass. For a moment I kept them there, massaging the flesh. Then I brought them up to her hips, she swished them side to side again and then thrust them at me.

“But that’s enough of that for now. We have to get you all prettied up too.” She walked over to her vanity and pulled out the stool. “Sit,” she commanded. She opened a large box filled with make-up and began applying it generously to my face.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” I tried to ask quickly as she switched from one product to the next.

“Shh, don’t move while I’m doing this.” She grabbed the next brush and went back to work. “But if you have to know, we’re going to put on our own little photo shoot. Like I said I went by Rebecca’s on my way home…” She set the brush down and began digging through the box again.

“Who’s Rebecca?”

“I said don’t move. She’s a girl I know from the gym. She dances out at the Mirage.” The Mirage was one of the less tacky strip clubs around us. We don’t have any upscale strip clubs near us, but The Mirage at least has a reputation for not being awful. “I think she’s even done some amateur porn work, but she won’t tell me what it was.”

Lex was moving quickly with the make-up. I admired myself in the mirror as she talked. I couldn’t remember getting made up like this since my high school prom. Hopefully tonight would go better than that had.

I had given my date a blowjob in an upstairs room at a party after the dance. He wasn’t able to control himself and shot his load about thirty seconds into it. He was so enthralled that I was given no warning to his imminent eruption. He shot a massive load of cum into my mouth. I, of course, gagged and ended up spitting most of it onto his pants. Except of course for what landed on my shirt. He was still cumming and managed to get a few thick stands in my hair.

I had to find a shower and call one of my girlfriend’s upstairs to find me a change of clothes. Thankfully I had had the common sense to change out of my dress before hand, but it was still an embarrassing night. I was expecting tonight to go much better.

Lex was leaning over in front of me as she finished my make-up. If she had been wearing a shirt I would be able to see right down it. In her lingerie however, I was able to see her boobs spilling over the top. They weren’t huge, but the corset had them bound pretty tight and pushed way up.

“Alright, what do you think?” She spun me around to face the mirror as she stepped back. I was impressed; she had done a really good job.

“I feel like a model,” I told her.

“Good, because when you go open that box I’m going to expect you to be a model.” I had never let someone take pictures of me naked before. I could feel a few butterflies moving around in my stomach, but I was looking forward to it.

I remembered the rush I felt just a few months ago when I had accidentally flashed Jamie and his friends. I had really come out of my shell since then. It wasn’t just the idea of dressing up sexy here with Lex that had me excited. I fantasized about someone else finding the pictures; someone else looking at me like that.

Most people’s biggest fear would be that they might end up online, posted for the entire world to see. I didn’t plan on posting them myself, but as I thought about total strangers looking at me, and jacking off, I got wet.

I quickly undid the wrapping paper and pulled open the box underneath. Inside was a slinky little teddy. The cups and stomach were a leopard print, but the side and back were made of a stretchy lace. I was already naked so I quickly slipped it over my head and smoothed it into place over my curves.

“Perfect!” Lex was quite pleased. I thought it might have been intended for someone slightly smaller than me, but the way Lex was looking at me, I got the feeling this was just how she’d hoped it would fit.

It hugged every curve I had and as I ran my hands over it I could feel that it barely covered my ass. The neckline plunged deep into my cleavage, but the cups were tight enough to keep my tits from bouncing out, probably. The back also cut really deep. I turned around in the mirror to have a look and realized the back consisted of a strip of the lace covering my ass, and not an inch more.

“Now get on the bed.” Lex flipped the switches on the lamps and flooded the bed with light. “We can try the other rooms later, but I want to start with you here.” She walked over to me and pulled the band out of my hair, letting fall over my shoulders. “Perfect,” she said. “Now, don’t get nervous because of the camera. Just relax.” She slipped her hand in between my thighs and ran her fingers over my slit. “Maybe you’re not nervous after all. In fact, I’d say you’re dripping with enthusiasm.”

I started in some standard pin-up poses; kneeling on the bed with my hands behind my head and my elbows pointing out, she came around to the other side so she could see it from the back. From there I leaned my chest forward, burying my face in the bed and giving her the perfect view of my ass and pussy.

I could hear the camera clicking away so I reached down and spread my lips open with my fingers. I hoped my pussy was wet enough it would glisten in the pictures. I rolled onto my side, crossing my legs and arching my back, to give her a more modest pose. Then I rolled onto my back and lifted me legs straight up, keeping them crossed only at the ankle and let her see everything again.

Her camera continued to click away as I went through every pin-up pose I had ever seen. The whole time Lex barely made a sound. Usually she couldn’t stop herself from talking dirty. I got down on my hands and knees on the bed and started crawling towards her.

“What’s the matter, Lexy?” I pouted as I got closer to her, “Don’t you like what you see?”

“Hmm? Oh you’re doing great. Its just looking at you like this has got me thinking about later. Why don’t we switch now? I think it’s just about my turn.” She stepped toward the bed as she said it.

She reached the edge of the bed at the same time I did. With me on my hands and knees, and her without any panties, I was eye level with her pussy. I had been admiring it as I crawled to her; tracing the delicate folds with my eyes. I could tell she was wet by shine on her thighs.

“Oh, it’s your turn alright.” It was now or never. I plunged my head forward and ran my tongue over her. I could taste the salty nectar between her legs. It wasn’t unlike mine, but it was distinctly her. I liked it. I licked again, this time letting my tongue continue forward, looking for her clit. She liked it too, I could hear her moan as I found it.

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