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Surprises: One for You, One for Me part 4

Lex gives me a taste of just what I've been waiting for.
I wanted to sprint up the stairs. I almost dropped the camera I was in such a hurry.

“Crawl” she said. She didn’t say it loudly, or forcefully, but it wasn’t a request. I knelt on the bottom step and began the climb up to her. The wooden stairs hurt my knees and my necked ached from looking up, but I didn’t dare take my eyes off of her on my way up.

She continued to tease me the whole way. She slid her finger deep inside herself and slowly drew it out. I could see the juices dripping from her fingers as she did. She sucked them clean, one by one; then, leaning forward, she pressed her small tits together and pinched her nipples.

As I reached the step she was resting on, she leaned back and stretched her arms out, just like her legs. I stared up at her, anxious, nervous, and unsure what to do next. I sat there, frozen, staring at her pussy just inches away.

“Well? What are you waiting for? An invita…” Suddenly I knew exactly what to do. I dove in before she could finish. My tongue traced around the lips of her pussy, up and down. I stopped for a second right above her clit and teased it aggressively with the bottom of my tongue, then kissed it gently and moved on.

I ran my tongue over her pussy in slow, wide strokes. Her hands reached for my head, and she ran her fingers through my hair. I could hear soft moans escaping in between her breaths. Her hips started moving in rhythm with me, making sure she got the most out of every pass of my tongue.

I tried to wait, to take it slowly, to savor the gentle taste and soft feel of her in my mouth. As her hips ground against me, I could taste more and more of her nectar. It wasn’t a subtle taste anymore, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy me either.

I pushed forward with my tongue, pressing past her tender lips and deep into her wet hole. My mouth was flooded with her warmth, and her wetness. This was what I had been looking forward to. She gasped as I passed the threshold and her fingers clung to my scalp.

My sudden entry must have surprised her; she pushed my head away for a second. I reached further with my tongue and continued to tease her as she struggled to catch her breath. Little giggles interrupted her breaths every time my tongue made contact with her delicate flesh.

Her grip on my hair loosened and she nestled my head back between her thighs. I probed deeper and deeper with my tongue, pausing only long enough to lap at the soft skin around her pussy. Whenever I strayed too long her hips would shift and I’d find my tongue once again deep inside her.

I could tell she was enjoying herself, but I wanted to really send her over the top. I felt anything I lacked in technique, I could make up for in enthusiasm. I felt her engorged clit as she ground her hips into my face. Her breathing was quickly and I had the feeling she wasn’t far from cumming. I knew exactly how to finish the job.

Lex had done this to me before, and it drove me wild. I slid my tongue out of her pussy and focused on her clit. Wrapping my lips around her most sensitive parts, I swirled my tongue around it. I made wide circles at first, massaging the mound of flesh, but always shrinking with each rotation.

“Oh fuck, fuck…fuck…me.” Despite how busy my mouth was, a smile crept across it when I heard her. She was going to cum, quickly. “Fuck…me…Robin…” She was panting, barely able to get the words out. “Your fingers…use…your fingers.” I slid my middle finger inside her, just halfway.

“More,” she begged. I pressed it further, burying it to my knuckle, then pulling it back out just to thrust it back in. “More!” It was more of a growl this time. I didn’t know how she was holding on this long. “More…fingers…Robin.” As I pulled out I added my index finger and pushed forward slowly, not wanting to push too much too fast.

As easily as they slid in, I added a third finger on the next thrust. All three slid in easily and I resumed my quick pace. Her breathing had reached a fever pitch and she was practically grunting as she placed her hand on the back of my head. Her knees were shaking as her thighs squeezed my face. I made sure not to slow down my fingers, or my tongue.

“Argh!” she screamed as her orgasm took hold of her. Her grip tightened and she forced my head down hard into her lap, her legs wrapping around my back, making sure I could move away until she was done. Her stomach shook and tightened, making her bolt straight up.

I felt as though she curled her whole body around my head in an effort to keep my mouth securely in place. I could feel the spasms wrack her body as she held onto me. Slowly they faded, getting weaker and less frequent.

“Keep your fingers still,” she gasped with barely enough breath to get it out in one sentence. Her hand released my head and gently pushed my forehead away. “Just don’t move them…Just stay inside me…For a minute.” She paused between each sentence, taking several breaths before starting the next.

“Wow,” she blushed. “That was great.” Now I blushed. “And you say you’ve never done that before?” I shook my head, my jaw and tongue slack with exhaustion. Bracing herself against the railing Lex began to stand, slowly raising herself off my fingers as she did.

“Help me downstairs?” she asked as I stood. She reached for my shoulder to steady her as she took each step. We stopped when we got to the couch. She leaned against it and kissed me, her tongue reaching deep into my mouth. We kissed for a few moments before her hands found their way to my ass. I let her knead it gently as she pulled me closer.

It didn’t take long before my hands found their way to her chest. I rubbed her tits gently, not wanting to overwhelm her so quickly. I liked playing with her tits; they were so different than mine, which were quite large. Hers were small, firm mounds, each topped with a perfect, pink peak.

We stayed that way for a while, kissing, and exploring each other.

Then Lex began to lean back and fell over the arm of the couch. She didn’t loosen her grip on me and pulled me with her. I landed on top of her and we began kissing again.

Her hands roamed further now that we were lying down. They moved up and down my back, then around to my chest. Her hands could barely contain my tits. Her fingers reached as far as they could and tried to keep them in her grasp.

“Maybe you should try your mouth?” I teased. “A little suction might be just what they need.”

“I will,” she paused, “in a minute”. She let the silence hang between us before wrapping her arms around me and kissing me again. “But pass me the camera first. I wanna see how sexy we look.”

I pulled it off the coffee table by the strap and handed it to her. She turned the lens toward us and took a quick picture of us, entwined and naked, on the couch. Then she sat up some and began flipping through the archive of pictures stored in the camera.

I worried for a second about how she would react when she found out I had videotaped her masturbating instead of taking pictures of it. Then I thought back to the first time we had fooled around together. She had turned on a video of herself having sex and hadn’t been embarrassed in the least. In fact, she had let several play through after that. I had nothing to be worried about.

“I don't know Robin," she said. “The video on this camera is terrible. That’s going to be a grainy, pixilated version of me masturbating. I’ve got a much better camera for video upstairs.”

“Oh, sorry,” I said. I didn’t really know how to respond. She wasn’t mad, but she wasn’t excited either. “I guess I’ll know for next time?” I offered. It was the only thing I could think to say.

“Next time?” She stared at me, amazed that I didn’t get it. “If you wanted to make a video you should have told me. We’re doing this right now.” With that, she leapt over the arm of the couch and dashed up the stairs to her bedroom. Her smiling face peaked back a round the corner for just a second, “Wait right there.”

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