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Surprises: One for You, One for Me part 1

Lex plans a special evening, just for us girls.
Lex and I had hooked up a few times since our trip to the sex shop. She wanted to make sure I was enjoying my dildo and insisted on seeing a demonstration. She even used it once or twice herself. I had gotten used to the idea of sharing dildos with her. It was a small price to pay for part time access to her collection.

She had been preparing for her certification to be a physical trainer. It didn’t mean she got the job instantly, but she would at least be qualified for it when it was available. I knew it was important to her, and it really seemed to have her under a lot of stress.

That was something I could help with. As she got closer to getting her certification, our sexual escapades got more and more frequent. Every night this week she had come into my room as soon as she got home from work. We would make out for a minute, then finger ourselves, each other, sometimes we’d move on to a dildo. After a few orgasms she was off to the shower and spent the rest of the night studying.

She had gone down on me a few times, but I hadn’t returned the favor yet. I had never licked another girl’s pussy before, and it had me kind of nervous. What if I was bad at it? I would be so embarrassed. I had taken some precautions though. Google was first, and I had read up plenty on the subject. Porn was my next resource. I had watched more lesbian porn in the last few weeks than in my whole life before.

She was finishing her testing today. I was hoping that didn’t mean an end to our daily sessions, but understood that they would probably relax to a few times a week. I decided today would be the day I ate her out. If she did well on the test, it was celebratory. If she had done poorly, it would hopefully help to ease the pain.

When I got home from work I had stripped to my bra and panties and lay on my bed. Lex usually got home half an hour or so after me, so I didn’t have long to wait. I turned on one of the porn videos that had become my favorite lately. I figured one last cram session before my big test wouldn’t hurt.

I was almost half way through it when I realized Lex still wasn’t home. I worried briefly something might have happened to her. Then realized it was much more likely she had gone out with her classmates to celebrate. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt my feelings just a little bit, but I understood why she would want to go out.

My phone rang, it was Lex. I waited a minute before I answered, I didn’t want it to seem like I had just been laying here waiting for her. I also needed to catch my breath; I was almost an hour into my new favorite porno and was pretty worked up.

“Hello,” it wasn’t completely breathless, but I didn’t expect it to fool Lex.

“Hey, I’m running late. The guy said if we wanted to wait around he would look over our tests really quick and let us know if we did well or not. He’s almost to mine, should just be a little while longer.”

“Ok, sounds good.” As I said it the girls in the movie were reaching yet another orgasm, this one particularly loud. I knew Lex heard it on her end.

“Is that…?”

“Yes!” I cut her off quickly. “It is.”

“Well finish up and then hop in the shower. I need you clean when I get home, ok?” I wasn’t sure what she had in mind. “You remember that surprise I picked out for you when we went shopping? Well, tonight’s the night.” She hung up without another word. Now I really wasn’t sure what I was in for; but I knew I was going to like it.

It took a little while to focus back on the movie. My mind was preoccupied with that surprise. After envisioning a few possible fantasies my eyes found their way back to the movie. It had moved on to the next scene and two new girls were making out furiously.

I rubbed my pussy quickly. I wanted to cum, but I didn’t want to be too satisfied. Then I wouldn’t really get to enjoy whatever Lex had in store. A third girl had entered the scene. One girl lay on the couch with the second’s head buried in her lap. The third girl straddled the first’s face, keeping a tongue buried deep in her pussy.

I pushed two fingers inside myself and moaned softly as I stretched to accept them. It wasn’t as much of a stretch as it used to be. I had been masturbating a lot more and was really getting used to the size of my new dildo.

The third girl left the screen for a minute and returned wearing a large purple strap-on. This was my favorite part of the scene. I watched absently as my mind wandered back to Lex. I wondered if a strap-on was her surprise. I thought about it for a minute and let the image form in my head.

I thought about myself, lying at the edge of her bed, completely naked; her wearing that large purple strap-on, gently prying it between the lips of my pussy. I thought about how tight of a fit it would be in my hole and gasped. Then I sank my fingers deeper inside, imagining Lex burying her rubber cock fully inside me.

My hips bucked and pressed against my own entry, increasing the force of each thrust. I was going to cum. My fingers wiggled back and forth inside myself and coaxed out the first rush of my orgasm. I could feel my juices rushing around my hand as I thought about cumming on Lex’s dick.

I could see her taunting me as I came; questioning if I could take it. Laughing and asking if I could stand any more? My hips slowed as my orgasm wound its way down. It had been a little more than the warm-up I was looking for, but I was ready for more. I licked the cum off of my fingers and imagined Lex forcing her cock into my mouth; telling me to lick it clean. I was definitely ready for more.

I rolled over and glanced at the clock. Shit! What felt like just a few minutes had been more like twenty. I jumped up and ran to the shower, getting in before I let the water warm up. The bracing cold shocked my nipples to attention and chased away any remaining euphoria from my orgasm.

As it warmed, the water relaxed me though. I left the heat run over my back, and drip from my ass. Rivers of warmth wound down my legs as I brought the shower head down and rinsed my pussy. I kept the spray there and let my mind drift away for a second.

“You know the shower door is glass, right?” Lex’s voice startled me. “I can see what you’re doing.” The glass was frosted, if I had any modesty left when I was in front of Lex it would have been some what preserved.

“Then why don’t you come in here with me?”

“No time to shower,” she chided. “Jamie’s gone for the night; we have the whole house to ourselves.”

“When is he coming back?”

“Tomorrow afternoon.” I quickly shut off the shower. Now she really had my attention.

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