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Survival of the Sexiest part 4

Contributing Authors: literot 

Rewards for being the Sexiest

In the last episode, I suggested I wasn’t totally without morals. Well, I lied, I do have morals, but they can, at best, be described as loose. My new customers, Jenn and her husband Roy, had clearly led me astray. But as you will have read in the last story, it was the business meeting to end all business meetings. Jenn and I had worked closely together, with Roy just putting his oar in from time-to-time when called on, if you know what I mean.

Jenn was hooked. I was the first pussy notch on her headboard, and she now had a voracious appetite for more. She decided that just the two of us should jet off to Las Vegas to discuss more business matters, and that she would pay. My hubby agreed, although he had no idea what the ulterior motive was, and dear Roy had no say in the matter.

I think it’s fair to say, and for those of you who have yet to read the earlier stories, that Jenn and I were dirty, naughty whores throughout the five-night trip. Actually, another moral issue here, we weren’t whores as no-one was charged money in this adventure, we were paid with copious amounts of sticky cum.

And so, here we were in Vegas, hyped up on the idea of making some money, and more probably hyped up thinking we might (who am I kidding!) get laid, so it was downstairs to the casino as soon as we could.

Jenn had booked us in to the MGM Grand, one of the best in Vegas I’m told, and posh – not like us two. After a while at the roulette wheel, where Jenn proved to be something of an expert, we spotted two girls at the opposite end of the table.

You may remember that I took Jenn’s lesbian virginity and she was now a convert. It was obvious that we were both checking them out, and equally obvious that they were doing the same. My knickers started to get wet. Who am I kidding, I wasn’t wearing any, and a quick finger of encouragement under Jenn’s short skirt proved to me that she was in the same state.

Licking my fingers clean, we both followed the girls to the bar. They were on vacation too and were filthy rich and happy to tell us that – the drinks were on them, and they were as posh as the hotel. Could we be their bit of rough for the night? Too bloody right we could.

Jenn started to talk casually about the vacation, where they came from, and all that stuff, but from the way we were all looking at each other, it was pretty clear what we intended. We soon shifted to the night club and their wealth got us a seat in the VIP area. By now we knew each other a lot better and the intention was clear. Normally I don’t know the names of strangers I sleep with, but it turned out they were called Amy and Roxy.

Amy was the older of the two and was married. Jenn started dancing with Roxy, while Amy and I sat on the couch, talking about marriage, and inevitably the subject turned to sex. As the topics got hotter, we noticed Jenn and Roxy touching each other and kissing as they danced, and that was enough for Amy and me to start playing with each other as well. This was the trigger we all needed and as their hotel was some distance away, we moved to our suite.

All four of us were on heat, and it was clear straightaway that they were not new to sex with ladies, just from the way they touched and felt us up before we even got to our room. Even before the door had closed, Jenn, the newbie bi-girl, led Roxy by the hand to the bed and started making out. Amy and I, the mature ones I like to think, sat on the couch drinking wine and watching the other two getting hot on the bed. Soon this was too much, and we started snogging and fondling each other.

While Jenn and Roxy had undressed each other as if they had insects in their clothes, Amy and I made out more slowly and took our time to undress each other as we kept teasing and talking dirty to Jen and Roxy who were going hard at each other.

“Ooh! Look at that, you’d never think Jenn has had a mouthful of pussy before,” jibed Amy.

“Only one and that was me,” I retorted, “and now she can’t get enough!”

At that moment, the two girls switched positions and started tribbing, and the well soundproofed room meant we could hear the slosh of their genitals rubbing together. They were frantic and both talking about what they felt.

“Oh God, that’s it Roxy, keep rubbing, you dirty bitch.”

“I’m going to cum too soon, Jenn, if we go on like this, let’s 69 and see if we can edge each other a bit.”

Roxy lay back on the bed as Jenn flipped her leg over the top and lowered her pussy onto Roxy’s waiting tongue. Gasping with pleasure as the expert started to give her a tongue-lashing, Jenn was neglecting her side of the bargain.

“Get that dirty mouth of yours to work on her cunt, Jenn,” I shouted, just as Amy slipped two fingers into my dripping pussy.

“This is not a spectator sport,” Amy ribbed, “I’m going to explode if you don’t get to work on me now.”

Before I knew it, our making out had intensified and we were now both naked. To the glorious overture of the two other girls panting, groaning and finally having their first orgasms, so powerful after all the edging, Amy and I set to with a purpose. Taking it in turns to suck each other’s tits, we both worked our pussies with fingers, swapping our juices for a delicious taste to heighten what was turning out to be a very intense experience.

Seeing the success of the two girls’ 69, Amy and I began the same, and as if we had the same filthy minds, we simultaneously worked our fingers, soaking from the pussy-work, into our partner’s arse.

“Oh, oh oh, yes! That’s it, I love having it in my bum,” Amy burbled, “deeper, please, deeper.”

As if mirroring my efforts, I could feel her finger going deeper into my back passage too and my voice went down an octave as I growled my approval. I was vaguely aware of the rest of the room having gone quiet and it was clear that Roxy and Jenn had taken a breather to watch us. I glanced across and briefly saw that they were sitting, rather cutely, side-by-side, one arm around each other’s shoulder, and the hand of the other gently rubbing their partner's clit, mesmerised by watching us.

This was enough for me and I stepped up my ministrations of Amy’s puss and started fucking her arse with my finger. Feeling her begin to tense was enough to send me over the top, too and we both came hard, with that glorious feeling of muscle spasms around the finger embedded to the second knuckle in her anus.

“Fuckin’ hell, that was hot,” Roxy said, and we all laughed and decided to relax a little and have some more wine. The atmosphere was wonderful. It was warm, we were naked, and the aroma of girl cum was intoxicating, so it wasn’t long before I suggested we all go onto the bed and swap partners as I was now more than ready to taste Roxy.

With no foreplay now required, both Jenn and I set to our task with our new partners, dare I say, with gay abandon. After enjoying the new and different taste of the delicious Roxy, I called a halt mid-way and suggested we form a circle, a double 69 if you like or a 138! Lying on our sides and enjoying the pussy of the girl next in the circle, we also wallowed in having our own pussies licked at the same time. Now I know what they mean by a perfect circle.

We were now well in tune with each other and could sense the build-up in the other girls around the circle and magically we all orgasmed within seconds of each other. Our faces now covered in girl cum, I grabbed Amy, pulled her close and then kissed her as I licked off the juice from her face, followed quickly by doing the same with Roxy, while Amy cleaned up Jenn. Cum heaven!

Roxy and Jenn were tired by then, no stamina some girls, but I was still horny and thankfully so was Amy. We made use of the Jacuzzi in the suite and went at each other one more time. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up again. They were busy with some friends the next day, so we decided to meet the day after.

Tick in the box for day one then, but I think we both needed some cock after overdosing on pussy, so curling up in bed, naked together, Jenn and I started to dream about what could happen the next day ...



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