Swimming Story

By PrettyMom

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My usual trip to swim laps isn't so usual this time
So this is my first try just writing a story with no conversation helping to inspire me. It is a fantasy I’ve been working out for quite a while. I do hope it translates into a story well.

Back to the pool again. I’m there twice a week to swim laps. I usually have my daughter with me, but today she didn’t want to come. Just me and the water today. I really love swimming feeling the water glide over me as I power through it. I’ve been swimming like this for about a year now and it has been the best workout of any I had tried. For a while there I was dieting and working out doing weights or cardio almost everyday for a good couple years. It was really tough, I was miserable and still wasn’t seeing hardly any results. Then I started swimming and it seems to be the workout secret for me. For almost a year I haven’t been doing anything else except yoga and I am in really great shape already. I am fitting into a lot of the clothes I wore before I had my daughter and now that I have larger breasts I fill them out much better too. I am between 5’ 4” and 5’ 5” a 34D and I’m fitting into size 6 jeans now. I’m still a bit soft around the middle, but I have very little left to loose.

I am looking really good in my swimsuit right now. Though I have a habit of picking myself apart in the mirror, it’s getting hard for even me to see the problem areas. I had to get a new suit recently because my old one was getting so big that the v neck in the front kept getting caught on my nipple piercings while I was swimming. This may sound exciting and sometimes it was, but it really gets on your nerves after 8 or so laps of having to pull it back down. My new suit is navy blue and still has a v neck, so that I can show off the tattoos I have on my chest. Unfortunately you can’t see my biggest one on my low back, but it is just about perfect other than that. The amount of cleavage I have in it is almost indecent for the gym. I have very pale skin, bright blue eyes and very long hair that touches my ass when wet.

I go out to swim my laps all by myself today and notice the adorable life guard I have taken to watching while I swim. She really is very cute. I’m betting she is in her late 20s or early 30s. She has skin the color of coffee with just the right amount of cream in it. That perpetual dark tan that I am always so jealous of, seeing as I can never seem to get a tan at all. She is petite, being just a little shorter than me and fairly thin. She has dark curly hair that barely comes to her shoulders and looks so very soft. There is almost no one else in the pool today, so it is basically just her and I.

I always do a few yoga poses in the water before I start swimming, but today I notice her watching me. I put one foot on the edge of the pool and lean over my knee to stretch. It’s like you see ballerinas do on the bar, except I can do a full split to the side so my back foot is much further back. When I’m facing her she looks me right in the eyes and gets this cute little smirk on her face. Before I even realize I am beaming this smile at her, then I’m sure I blushed as I got flustered and turned away. This girl has stared in so many of the locker room fantasies I have in the shower after I swim. I just can’t believe she is watching me the way I usually watch her.

I hurry and finish my stretches without looking at her, but at the same time hoping she is still watching. As I grab the edge of the pool and arch my back to stretch I can feel a blush creeping over my chest. I have got to start swimming and cool off. I listen to music as I swim and my mp3 player just seemed to have turned against me today. Every song that came on just turned me on more and more. Catching sight of her tracking me when I would go to breathe didn’t help either. I swear if I hadn’t been in the water I might have burst into flames. At that thought the song comes on “Pardon Me as I Burst Into Flames”. Oh my god even my mp3 player is conspiring against me. It’s an Incubus song, if you don’t know it I do recommend it.

Now I’m finding myself barely coming up for air. Doing entire lengths only taking a breath in the middle and I still keep seeing her watching me. This feels like the longest it has ever taken me to swim laps. Even though I skipped the breaks I usually take to stretch. Everyone else had left the pool and it’s just me and her. I could feel her staring and I was panting already having little orgasms flow through me. Feeling the water moving as my muscles fluttered. If I tried to stretch I’m fairly certain I would do something embarrassing, like lose my footing or moan out loud. So I just kept swimming and finished my mile.

As I got towards the end I started to worry about getting out of the pool. I would really hate to be wobbly on my feet or stumble. So I get out and sit on the side of the pool for a minute swinging my legs through the water. I didn’t see her where she had been, so I thought this was the perfect time for me to get up and go to the locker room safely. I stood, slipped on my flip flops and turned to walk to the locker room. Of course I ran right into her. She must have been standing right behind me. She smiled and giggled helping me stand as I had stumbled a bit. It was honestly one of the cutest sounds I have ever heard and it echoed through the empty pool. I felt like a dear in headlights. I was staring at her, I knew I was. I had my hand on her arm too, but I just couldn’t seem to move it.

Up close, what I had thought were light brown eyes turned out to be hazel. A beautiful green spreading out from the center to mix with a caramel brown. I was caught, falling into them. When I finally remembered to breathe I gasped, because all I could smell was her. She smelled so amazing, some sort of shampoo or conditioner. I really don’t know, it was a fruity and herbal sort of smell. Oh crap! was I sniffing her. Seriously, I don’t know what my problem is today. I was breathing through my nose smelling, but I don’t think I actually sniffed. It’s ok then I can calm down now.

That’s when I realized she was talking to me. I had no idea what she had been saying. All I could manage was a huh? and a quizzical look on my face. Now I must look like an idiot on top of everything else. She smiled and started again. She was asking how I managed to swim laps taking so few breaths. I told her trying to breath less gave me something to do while I swam. I must have been panting, because she said she’d better let me go catch my breath after my workout. I just nodded and wandered into the locker room.

I was in the shower listening to one of my favorite lush audio stories as I masturbated and thought of her. That must be why I didn’t hear her come into the locker room. With the head phones on and the water spraying, I can’t hear anything. Since I was in here alone I hadn’t worried about it. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and yelped as I turned. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “I thought something was wrong, you sounded like you were hurt or something…and you didn’t answer when I asked if you were ok.”

All I could do was stammer out, “I’m ok, just fine, all my fault, stupid headphones”. That’s when she finally looked down and saw the jewelry in my nipples. I have barbells through them and they have snakes in the shape of stirrups that swing from them. She gasped “wow” and something about them matching the tattoo she had glimpsed on my back as she reached out and fingered one of them. Flipping it up and back down again. I moaned rather loudly, I really tried not to, but it just came out. She looked into my eyes then and a mischievous smile crossed her lips.

We both leaned forward and our lips brushed. She pulled on the nipple ring and I bit her plump lower lip. I was about to apologize for my lack of control when she sighed onto my mouth and pulled harder on my nipple. I suckled happily on her lower lip raking my teeth over it as I ran my hands up her sides and let my thumbs glide over the sides of her breasts. Oh my god they felt fantastic. Those swells on her sides so perfect. I slid my palms into them, so my thumbs brushed over her nipples through her suit. Making them pucker and harden through the fabric.

I was sliding my tongue ring over her lip and she must have noticed, because she slid her tongue into my mouth to find it. She played with it for a moment before she moved her head back, obviously wanting me to show it to her. She smiled and giggled when she saw it, but all she said was wow. I have a rather large plastic barbell through my tongue, it’s a 4 gauge if you know what that means, if not think a soda straw with balls the size of erasers on each end. The size makes it so when I rub it against things it spins inside my tongue. It is a very interesting sensation and I do it a lot.

I didn’t stop touching her during this exchange, but glided my hand up her back and began pulling her suit off her shoulders. Sliding it down her body to let it pool around her waist. Her skin was cold and I had the hot water spraying over my back, so I pulled her close and slowly turned us so the water was on her back as we continued kissing.

My mind had gone blank except for the constant replay of fantasies I had had about this girl in this exact shower as I made myself cum. I couldn’t really believe this was happening, maybe it was just another fantasy. She palmed my breasts barbells pressing hard into her hands as she squeezed them and I felt a familiar tingling sensation spread through my thighs and groin. I must have swayed or my knees went a little weak, because she quickly slid her arms around me and pulled me close.

I’m not sure if it was intentional, but she had pinned my arms against our sides. When this happened she was holding tight enough that I couldn’t move them at all. My hands rested on the fantastic swell of her ass trapped under her swim suit. My palms pressed on top and all I could do was scrape my short nails over the round globes. Our breasts pressed together hard enough that I could feel the sides bulging out against my upper arms. God I love the sides of breasts.

I was glad for the water of the shower running over us and my cool back, because without them to draw my attention I may have sunk to the floor right then and there. I could feel my thighs beginning to become slippery with my wetness combining with the water dripping from them. I was already having small contractions causing wetness to dribble out from me. It was the beginnings of a fantastic orgasm.

Her arms that were squeezing us together began to loosen and work their way down my back. Sliding smoothly over my wet skin, pausing to trace the tattoos on my lower back for just a moment. It made me tingle all over. They slid over my ass, which though not nearly as round as hers is still quite nice. They traced the inner crease where ass meets thigh. Her being just a couple of inches shorter than I allowed her a lower reach with us pressed together like this. I was trembling now, little tremors going up and down my body. As her finger tips slid along that crease creeping slowly, closer and closer to my wetness.

This is probably a good time to mention my obsession with the removal of my body hair, especially my pubic hair. I no longer shave anywhere at all. I use an electric device that pulls all of the hair out and I get a lot of enjoyment from doing this. Sometimes I get help with the harder to reach areas from my husband. Those places where it is difficult to hold the skin taunt with one hand and use the device with the other. I really really enjoy this process and often have to dry myself mid procedure. I get so wet I can’t hold the skin taut, due to the slipperiness. It makes for great foreplay and I’ve found I really like having no hair at all down there all the way back. Because of this, when I am very wet, there is nothing slowing it’s creeping backward and I am often wet much further back that I could ever get before.

She discovered this as soon as her fingers got near the junction of my thighs and ass. Quickly becoming slippery with my wetness. Slipping and sliding along that sensitized and abused flesh. Reaching further and further forward with each slide of her fingertips. I’m not sure if every woman enjoys this sensation, but it happens to be one of my favorite things and I have made myself cum doing just that and nothing else. I could feel the orgasm building feeding the building fire in my abdomen.

As she slid a finger between my folds, passing over my clit to begin pressing into me, she found my G spot. Which I believe is rather uniquely positioned right at the entrance of my vagina. As her finger slid just an inch or so inside me I came. My inner walls convulsed and bright light flashed before my eyes. My skin was on fire and frozen at the same time. I moaned loudly and she must have had to push me back against the wall to keep me from falling when my legs went limp. She held me there wiggling the tip of her finger keeping the contractions pulsing through me. I’m not sure how long it lasted. It could have been seconds or hours.

She was holding me there, an arm around my back, a hand cupping my ass with the tips of her fingers sliding through my folds and entering me over and over. Her thigh had slid between mine and I was rocking my hips against it. My head laying limp with my forehead against her shoulder.

As the contractions began to slow my awareness returned. I flushed with embarrassment. Tried to blink my eyes, but water was streaming over them and off my face. I was breathing very heavily and could barely think. I slid my hands over her perfect ass, up her waist, and over her beautiful breasts that I had yet to play with. When I reached her shoulders I tried to push my hair, that had fallen and stuck all over us, out of the way. I hadn’t lifted my head off her shoulder yet, not sure I wanted to see the look on her face.

She slid her hands up my body and was helping me move my hair to the side and stroking my upper back. We just stood there for a moment still wrapped in one another. Our bodies, still, pressed against each other. She nuzzled my neck and I turned my face so I could see the huge grin over hers. I was so relieved that I returned a big goofy grin of my own.

That’s when we heard it. Someone was yelling in the pool door. “HELLO, did you get lost or something? I need your help getting everything done so we can leave. Everyone is gone, so we can leave early if we hurry up”.

“Just a second!” she yelled back. She smiled widely and kissed me one more time before slipping her suit back up over her shoulders. She continued to smile and look back at me as she walked out of the shower and left the locker room. I was left standing there, slumped against the wall wondering if that had really just happened or if I had just experienced my best shower fantasy yet.