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Take a Chance

Anna stirred. The duvet had slipped from her arms and goosebumps prickled her skin. Groaning, she tugged at the heavy cover until she was cocooned once more in duck down. She wriggled into a comfortable position and, eyes still tightly shut, chased the remnants of her dream.

But something disturbed her: a muffled drumming somewhere close.

What is it? Rain?

Rubbing sleepy eyes, she listened, her sleep-fogged brain slowly connecting the dots. It sounded like… like a shower running.


She stretched out her arm and searched between the cotton sheet and the duvet. The far side of the bed was warm but, sure enough, it was empty. Anna lifted her wrist and squinted at her watch.

Five. It's only five.

Leaning sideways, she flipped the light cotton curtains at the window and peered at the world through the rain-spattered glass. All dark. Not a glimmer of light on the eastern horizon, yet no stars or moon either. A thick bank of clouds, tinged orange by the street lamps, scudded by in a westerly direction. The blustery wind rattled the window and bent the shadowy trees into twisted shapes while tearing at the last of their dry autumn foliage.

A solitary set of car headlights pierced the darkness and the swish of tyres on wet tarmac temporarily disturbed the quiet. The light faded. The noise died.

Yawning, Anna let the curtain fall. She stared into the gloom of the bedroom, blinking at the intermittent red flash of the smoke detector while willing her eyes to adjust to the dull glow of the streetlamps permeating the curtains. Shapes emerged in the shadows – a chair, a wardrobe, two tall bookcases. Matilda's haphazardly heaped clothes sat on the chair seat and, next to them, a backpack; stuffed ready to go.

Matilda's coat hung on a door hook, Anna's coat next to it. She couldn't see her other clothes. When she'd called round after her shift, Matilda had greeted her, Champagne in hand, wearing nothing but a smile and Anna had hurriedly shed her clothing, scattering garments like leaves in the wind in her eagerness for skin-on-skin contact.

Ah, what a night...

Anna briefly smiled at the memory but, as she gazed around, her face fell. Even in poor light, she could see that the room was bare. No pictures on the walls, no ornaments or books on the shelves. Nothing. All gone. The once homey flat reduced to a shell.

She screwed her eyes shut, blocking out the sight. Instead, she concentrated on the sound of the shower and let images of Matilda – lovely images – consume her mind. Body wet and glistening, she'd be slathered in strawberry shower gel and green apple shampoo. The foam would be dripping from her breasts and clinging to her neat little triangle of pubic hair, like it did when they showered together after making love.

Memories. Wonderful, lovely memories.

Anna wriggled back under the duvet. Snug and safe, she let her thoughts fly… She touched her breasts, squeezed them like Matilda had done mere hours ago. Her hips snaked slowly, rubbing against soft cotton, as she recalled their lovemaking. Sighing, she slid her hands down her naked abdomen and, parting her thighs, touched the soft folds of her sex.

She was wet, juices beaded along her slit. She was sore too. Her pussy felt used. Ravished. Loved. Clenching her thighs, she eased a finger between her inner lips… but heavy footsteps stomping across the room above caused her to stop. She looked up.

The couple in flat five were starting their day. Always early risers, Anna had heard their morning noises many times but never paid any heed; she'd merely turned over and hugged Matilda. With her lover's warm body in her arms, the racket always disappeared like fog in the sun.

My sweet Mattie, you have that effect, but…

Anna peered at her watch again – and groaned. Feeling vaguely nauseous, she covered her eyes with her hands.

It's almost time.

Rolling to one side, she drew Matilda's pillow close and pressed her nose onto the cotton case. Traces of strawberry shower gel lingered on the fabric. There was another scent too – the faint whiff of sex. Matilda's heart-shaped derriere had rested on that pillow while she, head between Matilda's thighs, lapped the honey from her core.

Anna licked her lips as if still able to taste the sticky sweetness. Her pussy throbbed but, suddenly tense, she sat bolt upright. She glared at the backpack lurking by the chair.

That was the last time. The very last. Unless…

A car door slammed, then another. Engines revved, then two sets of tyres squealed away in different directions.

Flat five gone already?

Anna flipped the curtain again and watched the car lights disappear. She turned away just as the shower stopped running. Sitting back against her pillows, she pulled her knees to her chest and listened. In the hushed room, she could hear her heartbeat, the rapid rhythm mirroring the panic growing inside her. She held her breath, trying to restore calm, but when the bathroom door creaked, her pulse surged.

She gaped expectantly at the doorway, watching shadows flicker in the shaft of light illuminating the corridor beyond. She heard light, padding footsteps and, swallowing hard, forced a smile. Just in time… Matilda's curvaceous figure, lit in silhouette, paused in the doorway.

"Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."

"That's okay." Anna, smiling, wrapped the duvet tighter around her body and rested her head on her knees. "I need to get up anyway. I'm coming to the airport with you, remember?"

"If you're sure," said Matilda softly. "It's very early."

"I'm sure," said Anna. "Got to kiss you goodbye."

"Farewell, not goodbye. I'm not going forever."

Aren't you? Anna pushed a lock of hair off her face and pursed her lips.

"D'you mind if I put the light on?" Matilda asked.

"No, go ahead, you can't dress in the dark. Besides, I want to look at you."


There was a sharp click and Anna shielded her eyes as light flooded the room.

"Geez," she winced, "that's brighter than I remember."

"It is a bit dazzling. I replaced the bulb and I think I got the wrong wattage." Matilda grinned. "Try this." She clicked the light off and hit a different switch. This time, a wall light glowed. "Better?"


Encased in an opaque glass shade, the light provided a soft, diffused glow, almost as warm as the flickering candle that lit their lovemaking the previous night. The light made Matilda's skin glow and her hair burn red and gold like the candle's flames.

"Stay there a moment," said Anna. She made a square with her fingers and peeked through. "I want to capture you."

Anna noted every detail of Matilda's face and body: the smooth curves of her figure, the way the water droplets bejewelling her skin shimmered as they caught the light, her wild hair, already drying into ringlets. She lingered on Matilda's smile. Such a beautiful smile; warm as the sun with the promise of kisses.

"Have you memorised me yet?"

Anna nodded slowly. "You're safely locked away in here." She tapped her temple. "And here," she said, touching her chest.

"Aw, you're so romantic." Puckering her cherry red lips, Matilda blew a kiss. "Can I move now? I'm a bit chilly."

"Yes. Sorry. Watch your step." Now the room was illuminated, Anna saw her clothes strewn everywhere. "Mind that shoe, it's right by your foot," she said, pointing. "Don't want you tripping."

Taking care, Matilda tiptoed across the carpet. Midway, she hopped over Anna's discarded sweater. Her breasts jiggled, almost escaping from the tiny pink towel wrapped around her body. Securing the towel, she trotted onward, her hips swaying in that sassy way Anna adored. The mattress dipped as she sat.

"Crikey, it's cold." Matilda shivered.

"Oh sweetie, come here." Anna pulled Matilda close and hugged her. "Let me warm you." Sharing her body heat, she stroked Matilda's hair. "Does that help?" Anna tightened her hold and tears stung her eyes as the words don't leave formed on her lips. "Sorry." She swiped a hand across her eyes. "We said we wouldn't cry, didn't we?"

Matilda nodded. Pulling away, she held out her hands. Anna took them and they laced fingers, palms hot against each other. Their eyes met and there was a momentary silence before Matilda nuzzled into Anna's neck. Looking over her shoulder, Anna's gaze drifted toward the backpack.

"Mattie," she whispered. "Time…"

"Yes, I know." Letting go of Anna's hands, Matilda pushed her hair back and finger combed her damp curls. "So, erm… would you like my old work shirts? They're in there if you want them." She nodded to her chest of drawers. "Top right. They're clean. Not ironed, though," she added, wrinkling her nose.

Anna smirked. Matilda's black work shirts, with the Jerry's Bar logo emblazoned across the back, were always crumpled but she wore them with the top three buttons undone, showing off her cleavage – and who cared about a few creases with those beauties on display? She'd been wearing one of those shirts when Jerry introduced them. Three buttons… Anna's attention had been drawn to exactly the same spot as everyone else.

"I'd love them," she said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Matilda sighed. "S'pose I'd better get dressed." She looked at the pile of clothes on the chair. "I can't be bothered," she said, huffing. She stroked her pink towel and picked at a loose thread. "D'you think I'd get away with wearing this?"

"Definitely," Anna agreed, grinning. "Airports have heating, so do planes, and hot pink's your colour. Actually," she trailed two fingers down Matilda's sternum and slid them between her breasts, "I think you're overdressed. Oh, yes." She eased her hand deeper, feeling the squeeze of Matilda's warm globes. "Far too much covering these."

"Is that right?" Matilda wiggled playfully and clasped the towel as if to rip it off. But she faltered, smile fading. "What time is it?"

Anna checked her watch. "Just gone quarter past five."

"Okay." Matilda drew a breath. "No rush."

"Nervous?" asked Anna, watching Matilda's hands. "Is it the flight? I know you don't like planes."

"No, it's not that." Matilda's eyes darted over Anna's face. "I don't know… Maybe I shouldn't go."

"What? Oh, Mattie, don't be silly," Anna retorted. "You've been planning this trip since before I met you and look," she gestured around the room, "you're set to go."

"I know, but—"

"But nothing," said Anna. "You're going, okay? Besides," catching Matilda's eye, she gave her a nudge, "you've got to go." A smile played on her lips. "With your name, you don't have a choice."

"Waltzing all the way, huh?"

"Yep." Anna watched Matilda's sunshine smile return. "Australia is your destiny. You've said so yourself a thousand times."

"I have, haven't I?" Matilda bit her lower lip. Her brow furrowed. "I haven't even got a return ticket. That's daft, isn't it? What happens if…"

"You'll be fine." Anna patted Matilda's knee. "You've wanted this for too long to back out now. You've worked for it too. All those back-to-back shifts."


"So go. Have fun. Do everything you've talked about, everything you told me you wanted to try." Anna studied Matilda's face. "Oh, Mattie, you're trembling. Is that cold or nerves?"


"Come under for a minute. Cuddle-up." Anna flicked back the duvet and patted the mattress beside her.

"I shouldn't." Matilda hesitated, her mouth twisting. "Oh, what the hell…"

Whipping off her damp towel, she slid under. She nestled close and Anna nuzzled against her.

"Goodness, I'm going to miss you," Anna whispered.

Burrowing deeper into the duvet, she draped an arm over Matilda's stomach and rested her head on her chest. The thump, thump of Matilda's heart was such a comforting sound – steady, constant, intimate. But Matilda fidgeted.

"Time?" Matilda asked. "Actually, never mind," she said when Anna, groaning, raised her wrist. "Time can wait."

Shuffling around, she cupped Anna's face in her palms and kissed her lips. It was a gentle kiss, like the brush of butterfly wings, and followed by a cavalcade of softly nibbling kisses that danced over Anna's skin, tickling delightfully. Anna sighed but, uneasy, she protested.

"Mattie… No." She wriggled from Matilda's grasp. "Time won't wait, you need—"


Matilda placed a finger on Anna's lips and a look of devilry flashed in her hazel eyes. Anna's heart lurched. She knew that look, loved it, and when Matilda touched her nipples, circling them, her blood almost boiled. Desire burning feverishly, she lay back on the pillows, arms draped above her head.

Time won't wait? It'll damn well have to. She tilted her head, allowing Matilda to sink her lips into her throat. If this is what Matilda wants, who am I to argue?

A lusty haze drove rational thought from Anna's mind, her sole focus becoming Matilda's hot, naked flesh and the touch of her lips. She wound her fingers in Matilda's hair and moaned – soft and low – while the sensitive flesh at the base of her neck was sucked and kissed. And when Matilda paused, Anna took her turn. She kissed Matilda's neck: mouth open, tongue rasping. She tasted shower gel, smelled strawberry, apple and that seductive aroma unique to Matilda… Fiercely aroused, she grasped Matilda's hand and placed it upon her sex.

"Take me," she urged, parting her thighs. Her pussy throbbed with anticipation. "Please."

Matilda didn't move. She stared as if 'capturing' Anna's face, imitating the way Anna had earlier captured her. She caressed Anna's cheek and her cherry lips curved into a mischievous smirk.

"I should be getting dressed," she said. "I really should but…" she kissed Anna hard on the mouth.

Anna swooned. She loved these moments and, lips locked, she pushed her tongue against Matilda's, tasting her and probing her mouth, grabbing as much intimacy as she could. Forgetting time existed, she slid her hands around Matilda's neck and squashed against her soft body. Matilda's bullet-hard nipples poked her flesh and she he gasped when a thousand tingles rippled out from the point of contact.

"You okay?" Matilda sat back. "You flinched."

"Uh-uh, no." Anna slapped a hand to her cheek and the corners of her eyes crinkled into laughter lines. "That wasn't flinching."

"Oh, right," said Matilda. She doodled a fingertip around Anna's nipple. "Well, in that case..." Grasping Anna's breasts in both hands, she kneaded gently, kissed them, and rubbed both hardened nubs with her thumbs. "I love playing with these."

And I love you playing with them. Anna's nipples ached. "Suck them. Please," she begged.

"With pleasure."

Tossing back the duvet, Matilda leaned forward and popped Anna's right nipple into her mouth. She sucked hard, slurping her tongue over the nub before delicately nibbling. With a glance at Anna, she switched, sucking the left nipple.

"Umm… that's good," Anna murmured.

"Uh-huh. And this?" Cupping both breasts, Matilda blew air over Anna's sensitive bumps. "D'you like this?"

"Oh, fuck, yes!"

"Good." Matilda kissed each nipple then sucked them until they stood erect. "How about this?" Shifting position, she brushed her nipples across Anna's.

"Ooh… Mattie, do that again."

Back arched, Anna quivered, but Matilda had moved on to busily kissing Anna's body – belly, lower abdomen, pubic mound. Nudging her legs apart, she licked her inner thigh.

Anna closed her eyes, excitement building. She knew what Matilda's next move would be; she'd experienced it enough times.


The tip of Matilda's tongue touched Anna's slit. It was the lightest touch, a mere tickle, but her juices gushed. Then Matilda inhaled and blew air over her clit.

"Oh, fuck!"

Tremors rippled through Anna's body from her pussy to her fingertips. Her head flopped from side to side and she fought to stop her hips from writhing. While Anna shuddered, Matilda grasped her thighs and spread them wide. Moaning quietly – almost purring – she dipped her head and drove her tongue into Anna's open, soaking slit. She licked and stroked while Anna jolted helplessly beneath her, head spinning with exquisite sexual pleasure.

Oh. My. Goodness…

The trembles in Anna's core grew too strong to contain. Clutching the duvet, she briefly tensed before thrashing helplessly on the bed, like a woman possessed. Shoving Matilda sideways, she clamped her legs together and rode out the waves, legs crossed, back arched high, panting and gasping.

The orgasm passed, the ebbing waves washing through Anna's body and mind, leaving her calm. Her breathing slowed; racing heart steadied. Eyes closed, she relaxed into the mattress.

"How was that?"

Opening her eyelids, Anna found Matilda leaning close. Sunshine smile illuminating her face and eyes glistening, she trailed a fingertip over Anna's flesh, lingering on her heaving chest.

"Sorry I pushed you," said Anna meekly.

"That's okay. I don't think you could help it." Matilda swept her hair back. "More? I know you like doubles." She stroked Anna's slit, easing a finger between her wet folds. "You like that, don't you?"

Anna could only sigh in answer. She lay still while Matilda moved her finger inside her. She added another finger and, stretched, Anna felt the delights of friction when her lover thrust deep. She gasped: with her pussy still throbbing, it wouldn't take long to trigger a second orgasm.

Matilda rotated her fingers, pressing Anna's g-spot, before withdrawing. She repeated the process, varying the depth and pace of her thrusts – slow and deep, fast and shallow, deep again. She watched Anna exhale each time she thrust and licked her lips at the soft squelches.

Anna moaned. Delicious waves built for the second time. Close… so close already. More pressure on her g-spot threatened to tip her over into the arms of Elysium – but that second orgasm wasn't to be. Her conscience pricked her. Time, it reminded her, over and over. You're being selfish. She drew a sharp breath and put her hands on Matilda's head.

"Stop. No more."

Matilda looked up. Lips wet with juices, she stared blankly.

"You'll miss your flight." Anna held up her wristwatch. "Look."


"Exactly," said Anna. "You need to go. We had our fun last night." She touched her temples as a wave of nausea made her head spin. This is it. Wriggling backward, she propped against the headboard. "Go. Go!"

"Uh-uh." Matilda held up a finger. "Not yet." She placed the finger on Anna's lips. "Listen to me, this is important," she said, locking eyes with Anna. "I'm serious. Now, do I have your attention?"

Anna nodded.

"Okay." Matilda lifted her finger. "I have a proposition for you. One I want you to truly consider." She paused. "Okay, here it is – come with me. Buy a ticket and meet me, as soon as you can."

Anna stared. "A ticket to Australia? You're asking me to…"

"Why not?" said Matilda, nodding enthusiastically. "Oh, Anna, you must have thought about it? I have. I know we've not been seeing each other long but what we have is different, special. I can't lose you."

"But I…" Anna's words tailed away and her lips moved silently.

"Think about it," Matilda implored. "Please? I mean, what's keeping you here? You live in a shitty rented flat and work in the worst bar in town."

"The bar's not so bad."

"It's the pits," said Matilda. "I know. I've worked there twice as long as you, remember? Look," she grasped Anna's hand, "I'm not promising it will work out for us, but it might. It just might. Take a chance, Anna. Hand in your notice and come join me."

"Walk away and follow you?"

"Fly, technically." Matilda grinned.

Anna snorted. A half-smile flickered on her lips but questions burned in her mind – worries, insecurities.

"Anna? You're frowning… talk to me."

Anna sighed. "Okay… Why ask now?" She tapped her watch. "Rubbish timing, Mattie."

"I know. It's crap." Matilda pursed her lips. "Truth?"

Anna nodded.

"Because I wasn't sure. All that stuff you've gone through, you know, the break-up with Julia. I thought I might be a rebound thing, and even if I wasn't, you come with—" Matilda stopped abruptly.

"Baggage? It's okay, you can say it." Anna smiled wryly. "Not been my year, has it?"

"No. But it can be." Matilda touched Anna's face. "Hand in your notice, say your goodbyes and meet me out there. No time limit. Just tell me when and where."

She's serious. Anna's heart fluttered.

A car horn sounded from the street and Anna, roused, glanced at her watch.

"Erm, Mattie," she said, grimacing.

"What? Is it late?"

Without waiting for the answer, Matilda scrambled off the bed, scattering pillows in her haste. She grabbed her pink towel and wrapped it around her waist, then, stamping her foot, quickly whipped it off again.

"What am I doing?" she said, looking exasperated. "Here," she threw the towel towards Anna, "can you bin this for me, or keep it? I can't take a wet towel with me."


"Thanks." Matilda scurried toward the chair and her pile of clothing. "Fuck, it's cold," she said, hauling on underwear. "It's not in Australia. It's summer there."

Yes, it is.

Anna watched Matilda dress; her wild hair, drying into tight ringlets, fell over her face as she stooped, and her breasts swayed while she grappled with her T-shirt. She swung her hips comically as she wriggled into her leggings and Anna observed every movement, every facial expression, every sound. She watched. Adored.

"Are you sure?" Anna asked from her perch on the bed. "Do you really want me with you?"

Matilda's head emerged from a sky blue roll-neck jumper. "Yes, I want you. Absolutely." She pulled the thick jumper down and smoothed it out. "I'm dreading getting on that plane and if you won't even con… Anna? What is it?"

A smile as sunny as Matilda's crinkled Anna's face. Eyes shining, she breathed deeply.

"You're right," she said. "I couldn't agree more."

"Oh?" Matilda paused, hands hovering in mid-air. "About what, exactly?"

"Everything. There's nothing here for me and I happen to think the same way you do – what we have is special. Very special."

"Do you? And?" Matilda's eyes widened. "Will you come with me?"

Anna shrugged. "Got to really… I've already bought a ticket. I fly to Sydney next week. Couldn't get the same flight as you but—"

"Anna!" Matilda raced to the bed and leaped on Anna, covering her face with kisses. "You're coming? Oh, my goodness, that's brilliant." She sat back, shaking her head. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because it's your dream and you hadn't asked me to join you. I hoped you would, but you didn't, so…"

"Oh, babe… but I have now."

"Yes." Anna wiped away tears – tears of joy. "So yes, I'll meet you. I'll see you there. Jerry's losing two waitresses, not one. Unless you miss your flight."

"Oh crap!" Smiling broadly, Matilda shoved Anna out of bed. "Quick! Get dressed. You're still coming to the airport with me, aren't you?"

"Of course."

"Oh, Anna," Matilda jigged on the spot, "I'm so happy."

"Me too."

Excited, relieved, butterflies danced in Anna's stomach.

It's all worked out. It's happening. She took a deep breath and held it before exhaling. Not the last time, it's not over… It's just the beginning.



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