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Take me away

It's dark and I am closing up the theater tonight. I love the smells, the silence, the ghosts, the echoes of shows past and the anticipation of shows to come. I make one last pass through the building to make sure all the lights are off. I grab my bag, my coat, and fish out my keys so I can lock the door and get into my car. I step out the door, lock it and start across the parking lot. It's late, it's dark, and per Washington weather it's drizzling a fine mist on my head. I reach my car, unlock and open the door, and throw my bag inside. Suddenly someone grabs me from behind and presses me up against the car. A hand slides up my thigh as the other hand fists in my hair and jerks my head back. She's using her body to keep me pressed up against the car and oh god I want her to touch me all over my body. I feel her start to nibble on my neck and kiss my jaw. The hand in my hair pulls hard jerking my head back further so that now all I can see is clouds and mist. "Get in," a rough voice grates across my ear. The hand in my hair stays put as the other hand shoves me inside the car. As I start to climb over into the passenger seat the hand in my hair roughly untangles itself. "Don’t you dare look at me, bitch." A soft cloth is tied over my eyes as I get myself into the seat and I feel a hand reach into my pocket and take my keys. Shortly thereafter a seatbelt is fastened over my lap and the car is started.

We drive for quite a while, all the time my anticipation is growing. Finally the car stops, and after some shuffling, moving, and zipping she helps me out of the car. We walk for a ways, and I have no idea where the hell I am going. I can, however, feel leaves brushing my face and hear sticks cracking under my feet. We come to a stop and I am pushed onto some kind of seat. There is more shuffling, then she grabs my hand and pulls me to my feet. She undresses me where I stand and pushes me down onto something soft and cushiony. "You gonna cum for me bitch? I wanna hear you scream!" I gasp when a hand encircles my breast and squeezes, hard enough to hurt a bit. I moan with pleasure as her mouth joins her hand. Her other hand slides between my legs and starts to manipulate my clit. Two fingers slide inside me as her thumb continues to play with my clit. "You gonna cum for me bitch? Cream all over my hand now!" Then her mouth becomes busy with my breasts again. God, I am so close to the edge. One more flick of the thumb and here it comes. "Oh god! You better be fucking ready for it. Here it comes! I'm gonna cum!" The orgasm rips through me in waves. She pushes me down onto my back. "Play with your tits, bitch! Twist those nipples! Squeeze those tits!" Then a mouth replaces the hand between my legs. "Your cum tastes so good! You gonna cum again for me? I wanna taste more." Her tongue circles my clit, and she starts to nibble. I claw at her head, her body, whatever I can reach. I wrench her shirt over her head as soon as I can get my fingers around it, Her skin is so soft! I reach further down moaning as she continues to munch my cunt, I fumble with the hooks on her bra. Man this is hard with a blindfold on. Finally I free her sweet breasts. I wish I could suck them, but with her enjoying my cunt and clit so much I don't dare break the contact.

Suddenly she sits up and so I take the opportunity to take one perfect, pert breast into my hand and swirl my tongue over her already erect nipple. She tastes so good. I suck hard and nibble as she wiggles around a bit, I assume that she is removing her pants She pushes me away slightly and says "Don‘t move, I brought something wonderful for you." In that same gratingly rough voice that she has been using all night. I hear some shuffling around and suddenly she pushes me back onto my back. She pushes my legs apart roughly and I feel something slide inside my cunt. "You want my cock bitch?" I feel her lower herself onto me as the didldo slides as deep inside me. "You gonna cum on my cock you whore? You like the way I am riding you with my strap on? Do you want me to pound your hot little pussy? You are so wet and tight, you must like my cock." I am gasping for breath as she thrusts deep inside of me. Pounding me harder and faster, I am not sure how much more I can take. I am almost out of my mind with pleasure! I can’t concentrate on anything other than the sensations filling my body. I want to cum so badly I can taste it. "Oh god baby! That’s it, deeper…harder…harder…deeper baby…deeper!!" I can’t take it anymore and I come in one messy, hot, clench. "OH MY GOD!!" She is screaming now as she nears her own climax. "HOLY SHIT THAT’S IT!! YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD LITTLE WHORE! YOU LIKE MY CUM? YOU WANNA TASTE IT, HUH YOU BITCH? YOU MAKE ME SO HOT! THERE IT IS YOU BITCH TAKE IT ALL!" She cums and collapses on top of me.

She rolls off me and lies next to me gasping for breath. I guess that she got hers as well as giving me mine. I know that she wants me to cum over and over again, but I can’t move and I don’t think that she can either. Something hits my stomach and something else is placed in my hand. "Lube that thing up and fuck yourself you little bitch. I wanna watch your cunt as you cum. Make yourself scream! I wanna hear it echo!" I take the dildo off my stomach start to lube is up with the lube that she had put in my hand. I take it and start to slide it in slowly, relishing the feeling of slight rawness our earlier fucking has given me. "Use your other hand and play with your cunt bitch." You gonna cum hard for me bitch? Whose whore are you?" "Yours!" I moan out as my next climax is already starting to grow. My breathing quickens, and not far away I hear hers quicken as well. "You like that master, " I pant out getting so close to the edge. "Can I cum now, please master?" I plead. "Cum you bitch!" I scream my cum out and hear her echoing cum nearby. I lay there for a bit gasping like a fish. After a bit I hear a rustle that must mean that she is getting up and around and starting to get herself put back together. She throws me my clothes in a lump. I somehow manage to separate them into individual garments and get myself dressed again. After she has dressed herself and packed up whatever she brought, she takes my hand and leads me back to my car. She gets me inside the car and buckles me in again. We drive back to the theater where I am pulled back out of the car. "Thanks bitch," she murmurs into my hair as she presses me up against my car. She slips off my blindfold, but by the time I have turned around she has melted into the darkness of the night. I recognized her smell however, and although we didn’t cuddle I know that when I get home she will be waiting with open arms in my bed. My girlfriend.

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