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Take My Cherry

A few words, picked up in passing, manage to turn Judy's world head over heels.
“If you want, you can take my cherry!”

I’m not sure how it came that I heard it at all, with the music blaring much too loud through the worn-down speakers and the crowd around me shouting and jumping. Someone had bumped into me, as if I hadn’t been miffed enough after Kirsty and Jo-Anne had somehow up and vanished from the party. I had swiped the spilled Tequila Sunrise from the front of my red tank top as good as I could and cursed the gods.

This should have been our big end-of-year party, with Kirsty, Jo-Anne and me celebrating our eighteenth birthdays again, dancing through the night, getting ourselves absolutely pissed and, hopefully, getting laid. It was the latter that my two friends had probably wandered off to, just after the party had gotten into swing, and now I was mightily pissed at them for leaving me to my own devices. And I was more than desperate to get some of my own after six weeks of nothing but studying.

I didn’t have a boyfriend. I had myself and my fingers, and as lovely it was to play with myself before falling asleep, that yearning between my legs had increased daily. Listening to Kirsty talk about getting her cunt filled and stretched - her words, not mine - all afternoon had started tingles that didn’t want to disappear, so my body felt hot and my mind revolved around that one thing.

That was when I heard the girl’s voice next to me, barely intelligible over the hubbub going on all around me. “If you want, you can take my cherry!” It was followed by a giggle.

My head swiveled to where the voice came from. I caught a quick glimpse of her profile before she turned and all I could see was a blonde shock of hair, next to a fire engine red one, and I realized, listening to their giggles, that they were both girls.

I’m still not sure what drove me to do so, but I started to edge around the table they were sitting at and tried get a look at their faces. I leaned casually against one of the support posts a few feet away from their table and studied them.

The blond one, the one who had spoken, looked about my age, but she wasn’t in any of my courses. She was slender and had a fine jaw with high cheekbones, which gave her a bit of an impish appearance. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, but she was rather pretty.

The girl next to her, the redhead, was a bit older, a senior probably. She got tipsily to her feet and grabbed the two empty glasses that stood in front of them, swaying a bit before taking a deep breath and making a straight beeline for the bar.

They seemed to be having fun. I wouldn’t have pegged the blond to be a lesbian. Most of the known campus lezzies tended to be of the leather-wearing kind and the few others went for either boyish looks or the alternative style. Her dark red mini dress was rather nice, though. Her gaze roamed towards me and I quickly looked away.

Redhead came back, two Mojitos balanced in her hands. One of the straws tumbled to the floor when she put them down on the table, which started another round of giggling. They whispered something, clinked their glasses and - kissed. Not a full out French kiss, but they did pucker their lips and press them against each other’s. I started to feel warm.

I tried to look away, but couldn’t stop wondering what it would feel like to kiss a girl myself, and my eyes invariably came back to the blond. Did she really mean it? Was she going to lose her cherry to another girl?

She left the cocktail glass on the table and bent forward each time she took a gulp. Her dress was cut loose enough to expose most of her small breasts to the curious eye. I had never understood why boys always wanted huge tits. Hers, two tight little hills that needed no support, were just perfect. Colored spots of light, reflected from the mirror ball, danced over her skin and made the soft sheen of sweat on her chest glisten.

It was hot. It was summer, after all, and the room was filled to the brim, but my own heat had been rising steadily, and it had nothing to do with the temperature around me.

Something felt off. I licked my lips and tried to figure it out, but when I did, my face exploded in red-hot shame and my eyes quickly turned away.

It was too late.

Redhead had apparently fallen asleep some time ago and was now snoring on the bench, her head resting awkwardly on the backrest. And blondie had noticed my stares, had played with me for the last few minutes and given me more than accidental glimpses, while she had stared at me with calculating eyes.

Red, high-heeled ballerinas entered my field of vision. My knees grew weak, and I pressed my back hard against the post. I slowly looked up, only to fall into a pair of eyes as green as the Scottish sea.

“It’s impolite to stare!” Her accusing words barely made it through the pounding of blood in my ears, even though her face was only inches away.

“I’m...” My breath hitched and trembled. “I’m sorry.”

“How will you make it up to me?”

The way her pale pink lips parted with each word was something I had never noticed before, but the glimpses of white teeth and a darker pink tongue stirred a new and exhilarating emotion in me. The room was closing in around me.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” My question was rushed, but I had to get it out before I could begin to doubt my actions. “Will your - friend,” I nodded towards redhead, “be okay?”

She sent a quick glance at redhead. “Sandy? Yeah, she’s not going to wake up any time soon.” Her eyes became calculating again. “Why should I go for a walk with you?”

This was crazy. I had never ever considered other girls, but the impish face with those huge, incredible eyes made me tremble.

“Because…” I tried to come up with a plausible reason, but when moments turned into seconds, I admitted defeat and hung my head with a shrug.


It to me a moment to register that. “Okay? I mean, really?”

Her melodious giggle, a sound like glasses clinking against each other, drew goose bumps all over my skin, and when she took my hand in hers, my heart missed a beat. I let myself be pulled through the throngs of people and out the backdoor.

The door fell shut behind us and locked away the sound. The silence wrapped like a blanket around us, and the rushing of blood in my ears filled my world.

We didn’t talk. The air was hot and humid, and the distant growling of a thunderstorm could be heard. The world sparkled with static electricity and the ground seemed to bounce with every step along the dimly lit trail that wound through the park.

Her hand suddenly left mine and gripped my upper arm. I froze, sparks shooting through my skin where her fingers touched me. She pulled off her shoes, which were not made for gravel paths.

“Mm,” she whispered when her bare feet touched the ground, “better!”

Her hand trailed down my arm, and she interlinked our fingers. Her hand was warm and soft, and it fit perfectly into mine. A minute or two passed by in comfortable silence.

“Where are we going?” I didn’t dare to speak in more than a whisper. The song of a nightingale sounded from a group of trees and a smile tugged at the corner of my mouth.

“How Cheesy!” Her whispered echo of my thoughts made us both giggle. “Wherever you want.”

Butterflies started to dance in my tummy, and I grew bold, allowing my thumb to stroke the back of her hand. She didn’t pull away.

We came by a group of trees that formed a wide circle. My daring spiked again, and I pulled her through a gap. I had come here often in the daytime, to study away from my hyper coeds, but now, in the dark and with the sizzling tension of an imminent thunderstorm, it felt magical and ancient.

We stood in the middle, face to face, and I could see her chest heave with the same excited trepidation as mine. Her eyes searched my face, her lips parted in a small, cute pout, and I bent closer.

It wasn’t the explosion of sparks I had expected when our lips met, soft and hot. Instead, it was something equally as wonderful, a lustful yearning that spread through my whole body and made me tremble all over.

She gasped, and I felt her lips part wider, felt her tongue enter my mouth with silken softness. Our arms wrapped around each other and pulled us painfully tight. We devoured each other, hungrily, greedily, and our gasps and little moans sang an ancient duet.

A drop of rain, big and soft, splashed onto my face. It was like a trigger. I pulled away slightly and looked deep into her wide, hungry eyes.

“May I?” I asked throatily while my fingers touched the straps of her dress, and my knees buckled at the cuteness of her shy nod.

A soft motion of my hands was all it took, and the dress pooled around her ankles. Her breasts, little less than a small handful, but soft and cute and incredibly kissable, were crowned by soft pink nipples that stood rigid and inviting. We kissed again, even more eager, and we bit down and nibbled on each other’s lips.

It was my turn now, and she pulled my tank top off me with almost frantic motions. More drops fell on us and sizzled on our heated skin. I helped her get my jeans off, and we both almost ripped our panties in our frenzied need to uncover each other.

It was like the heavens had waited for this moment.

A deep rumble shook the world around us, and the clouds opened their gates and let torrents of water splash down on us.

We didn’t mind.

Our bodies flew together in needful urgency, and when our breasts touched, skin sparkling on skin, and our mouths found each other again, it was pure bliss. The pattering of rain drowned out every sound.

We slipped and tumbled to the floor, and we giggled and rolled around while we touched and kissed. She was so incredibly soft, but at the same time so strong. Every touch of skin and every little kiss tingled and sparkled and gifted me with waves of pleasure.

It wasn’t planned. I somehow ended up sitting astride her thigh, held up by my hands right and left of her head. Her fingers played games with my breasts, and my pelvis jerked and met hers. As if she had done it a thousand times, her free leg wrapped around my back.

I knew what to do. I rocked my hip and watched her back arch, while my pussy heated up and pulsated with need.

I rocked again, hard, and felt her soft pubes rub against my own. And again. Her lips parted in aroused delight, and a lightning in the distance let me see her full beauty for a moment. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy and her lips were open in a moan. Her eyes stared off into the clouds, heavy-lidded and glassy. God, she looked sexy.

This time it was her that started rocking her lower body, and I started to meet her movements. It felt so good. Like liquid, hot lava, the lust and pleasure coursed through my pussy, and our movements became frantic. The rain drummed on our bodies, splattered everywhere, and it was a symbol of the wetness that sprang from my pussy like a river.

It was timeless. Her hands suddenly wrapped around my tits and gripped them hard. I couldn’t see much of her face, though I tried, but it was the final push over the edge anyway, and the heat in my loins exploded into waves and waves of endless pleasure. I soared and cried out my joy.

Our pussies clashed together almost painfully, but I didn’t mind, only wanting to prolong the beautiful moment.

But my thighs started to shake, and I finally collapsed onto her, instantly wrapped by her arms. We kissed once more, but this time softly and sensually. My heart jumped and tumbled, and butterflies danced in my tummy. I was falling in love.

She said something to me, but the rain drowned out every word.

“What!” I shouted.

“...out of here!” Her voice was as shaky as mine.

“...kay,” I answered, “...or to my place.” I couldn’t even understand my own words.

“....a minute.”

A minute to her place? Better than the ten to mine. If I guessed right. “Okay!”

We picked up or clothes and slipped into the wet fabric, forcing it over our sticky skin. God, we looked a fright! I giggled, and she did too. Then I was racing after her over slippery grass, and we both slipped a few times and tumbled into the dirt, laughing like maniacs.

But we finally arrived at one of the dorm buildings and fled into the protection of its halls. Water dripped onto the floor in rivulets, but we were both still giggling. She looked incredible, with her hair matted to her face and that excited gleam on her face. Why hadn’t I ever thought about girls before?

She unlocked a door and gestured me inside. It was tight and kept tidy, just a bed, a desk, two chairs and a tiny kitchenette. She pulled me through another door into a small bathroom and opened the shower stall.

We were shivering by now and couldn’t get out of our clothes fast enough.

The spray of hot water was like salvation. We hugged and kissed softly.

“That was…” I struggled to find the word, but everything seemed too banal to describe our shared passion.

“I know,” she replied with her eyes closed and a knowing smile.

“I’m Judy, by the way.” My throat felt sore.


Fifteen minutes later found us snuggled against each other in her bed. The linens smelled of flowers and lemon, and it fit her perfectly. Everything was soft and comfy.

“I can’t believe it,” she whispered, “I mean, what we did, and that it felt so good.”

“But you’ve thought about it.”

“Me?” She lifted herself up on her elbow. “Never!”

“But - but what about what you said to Sandy? About taking your cherry?”

“Cherry?” She looked perplexed, but only for a moment, then she threw back her head and laughed. “God, you’re hilarious!”

It made me self-conscious, and I closed my eyes.

A soft kiss on my lips made me look at her again.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “that was insensitive. But you saw Sandy. She dropped the cherry from her Singapore Sling. I offered mine.” Her hand caressed my cheek. “So, have you ever…”

My relieved giggle was only half-assed. “No.” I shook my head, blushing madly. “Never thought about, until I overheard you mention the cherry.”

We stared into each other’s eyes for ages, searching, finding, and my heart wanted to explode with joyful warmth.

The words forced themselves over lips with a power that threatened to shatter the world and turn it into a maelstrom of broken shards, and my voice choked up. “You’re so incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful! I love you!”

She gripped my cheeks and look at me with a strange expression. I saw moisture fill her eyes and panicked for a moment. But then she kissed me, hard and demanding, and when she let go of my tingling lips, she whispered, “I love you too, you silly, crazy, wonderful girl!”

We spent the whole weekend in her bed, only nourished by water and love. It was crazy, but we didn’t need anything else. We had each other. We fell asleep from exhaustion, safely wrapped in each other’s arms, and woke to kisses and touches that danced like rays of sun on our skin. We touched and tasted, we kissed and loved, and we held a whole new world in the palms of our hands.

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