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Taking a Virgin Lesbian

I never expected to get as lucky – in every sense of the word – as I did with Natalie.
She was one of the new girls on my college’s all-girls’ Ultimate Frisbee team. Eighteen and barely out of high school, she already stood out because of her slammin’ bod. The other upperclassmen on the team and I stood watching as the new frosh practiced and tried to show off. I watched Natalie’s breasts strain against her sports bra as she ran and jumped. Lilah, my close friend and occasional fuck-buddy, leaned over to me, whistling softly, “That one’s damn sexy, huh, Jackie?”

I nodded in agreement, “I’d hit it. Just look at her ass. Great face, too – the whole package.”

Lilah rested a hand amicably on my ass and gave it a squeeze, “You can take her. I can see how much you want her.”

I laughed, “You think I’m that much of a seductress?”

“Hey, you had me in your bed moaning the night after you met me.” She laughed, and so did I. It was true. That had been the first of many great nights together.

We hit the field to warm up, running and tossing the Frisbee, laughing more. I showed off a little near Natalie, and I saw her checking me out.

After practice I jogged over to her, where she was standing in a group of other freshmen. “Hey, Natalie, right?”

She turned, a look of surprise on her face. “Yeah. Hi! You’re Jackie, aren’t you? You’re so good at this.”

I grinned at her, “You’re not half bad for a newbie. Do you wanna get dinner with me and Lilah?”

Her eyes lit up. “I’d love to!”

“Great. Let’s go take a shower and then we can go eat.”

In the locker room Natalie seemed a little hesitant at first to undress, but once Lilah and I had quickly stripped and stood, naked and chatting, she relaxed visibly and took off her own clothes. The steam quickly rose as we washed the mud and sweat of a good practice off of ourselves. Lilah was on one side of me, and Natalie on the other. A great view, no matter which way I looked – Lilah’s slim and athletically toned figure on one side and Natalie’s curvy body, slick with soapy water, on the other.

I was enjoying the feel of the hot water beating down on me, and evidently, so was Natalie. Lilah, on the other hand, washed up quickly and then checked her watch, “Oh, damn!”

“What’s wrong?” Natalie asked, turning to face her.

“I forgot I was supposed to meet someone and I’m late,” she answered. “You two will have to get dinner on your own – sorry! Bye!”

I smiled to myself. Lilah was a great wingman.

“Hey, Natalie, could you do me a favor?”

“Sure, Jackie. Anything.”

“Could you wash my back for me?”

I turned around. Natalie squirted some cold, lavender-scented liquid soap in her hands and began to run them up and down my back. Her long fingers rubbed my shoulders, loosening up my tight muscles. I shifted a little on my feet, already feeling horny and wet. Good thing she couldn’t tell in the shower.

“Thanks. Want me to do yours, now?”

She smiled and turned. I soaped up my hands and ran them up her back and down her shoulders, then back down. I started working my thumbs at the tight muscles in along her spine. She leaned forward, bracing her hands against the shower wall. I dug my thumbs in a bit harder and to my delight and surprise her mouth opened into a long, happy-sounding moan. “Mmm, Jackie, please don’t stop…”

Bit by bit I moved my hands lower, slowly massaging her sore muscles. Every few seconds she would let out another happy moan, usually accompanied by a shudder.

My hands got to the bottom of her back. “Lower,” she moaned, and when I hesitated, “Please, keep going.”

I slid my hands down more and cupped her perfect ass in my hands. I squeezed it and rubbed it, then wrapped my hands around her, pressing my breasts into her back. My pussy was dripping. I wanted this girl.

“Natalie, would you like me to fuck you?” I was never a girl to mince words.

She laughed, “You saw me on the field. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.” She turned around in my arms, pressing her breasts against mine. I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard, rubbing her ample tits with my own. Her nipples were hard against me, and I leaned down to lick one gently with the tip of my tongue. She moaned again and I gently picked her nipples, rubbing them with my fingers. She leaned back on the wall, shuddering with ecstasy as the hot water beat down on her.

I kissed and licked her nipples more, switching rapidly from one to the other as I rubbed and gently squeezed her big tits. Still rubbing her nipples with my hands, I began to slowly kiss and lick my way down her belly to her pussy. Her legs parted for me, but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction just yet.

I licked the inside of her thigh and blew cold air over the wet part, watching goosebumps rise over her skin. I gently tickled and rubbed the insides of her thigh, occasionally getting within an inch or two of her wet pussy but never touching it. Her skin, from head to toe, was flushed and her muscles trembled. I wanted her good and sensitive.

“Please, Jackie… please fuck me…” she said, between gasps and moans.

I grinned up at her, “Have you ever been with a woman before, Natalie?”

She shook her head. “I’ve never… been… with anyone…”

I stopped short. “You’re a virgin?”

“Uh-huh…” She gripped her breasts in her hands, squeezing her nipples.

“Just checking – you’re sure you want me to keep going?”

“Yes!” She nearly screamed it, and I resumed teasing her, lightly brushing her swollen pussy lips with the very tips of my fingers. She moaned sharply, and grit her teeth. I could smell desire on her, and I knew that she was in near agony.

I slowly moved my head to press my mouth against her hot slit. My tongue slid out of my mouth and slowly caressed the whole length of her. Natalie shuddered, running her hand through my hair, gripping it tightly. Her mouth was open, but not a sound came out.

I stood up and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices on my lips. She squeezed my ass and then pushed me down by my shoulders, silently begging me to continue.

I gently parted her pussy lips with my fingers, massaging her wetness with my thumbs. I eased the tip of my first finger inside of her, and then slid in another. I writhed my fingers inside of her, feeling every inch of her incredibly tight vagina. All the while I licked and sucked gently on her swollen clit, enjoying the taste of her.

“Oh, God… yes, Jackie, yes… that’s good… keep doing that…” Natalie moaned and twitched above me, her hands bracing against the wall of the shower so she could remain standing. Her legs were shaking as her moans rapidly turned to gasps and screams. The hot water that ran down her body onto mine smelled like her sweat and desire.

I pressed my face even harder into Natalie’s heated cunt and began to lick her sweet clit while thrusting my fingers in and out of her. I never expected her to respond so quickly, and within seconds I was using my other hand to hold her from falling on the floor as she yelled and shook with a tremendous orgasm. She thrust against my face with every wave, leaving me completely drenched.

Natalie and I slid to the floor of the showers, letting the hot water fall on over us. Natalie lay panting for several minutes before finally mustering up the energy to think.

“That was more fun than I ever thought I’d have joining this team.”

I smiled at her, “Anytime, sweetheart. Was I really your first?”

“First for everything… I’ve never even…” she laughed, embarrassed.

“Never even what?”

“Never even had an orgasm.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Not at all,” she replied, “But it was even better than I’d thought it would be.”

“I’m flattered,” I said, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“But you know, I have another fantasy I want to live out.”

“What is it? I’d be happy to help.”

She gave me a wicked grin, “I want to make another girl come.”

“Well, you wanna go somewhere more comfortable before we get started?”

We dressed quickly, pausing only for quick grabs at each other, and nearly ran across campus to my large single dorm room. The door was barely shut and locked before Natalie was eagerly pulling off my shirt. My bra came off next, and soon I was pinned under her while she straddled my hips, stroking my breasts as she kissed my neck and nibbled my earlobes. I inhaled deeply through my nose and arched my back against the bed, pressing my torso into hers.

Natalie left a trail of kisses down my collarbone as she moved to focus all of her attention on my left breast. She spiralled her tongue in tighter and tighter circles, only reaching my sensitive nipple after a few drawn-out and agonizing minutes. She grazed her teeth over it, making me shiver, and then teased it with her tongue. I moaned as she pressed in deeper, sucking on my nipple. For a girl who’d never done anything like this before, she was sure working me over well.

After a few minutes of playing with my left breast Natalie switched to my right, and repeated the entire tantalizing routine: spiral, teeth, lick and suck. I was already clenching the sheets and groaning at her every touch and stroke.

“Oh, God, Natalie… you’re amazing…”

She didn’t say anything in response. She only moved one hand down to softly stroke my pussy through my athletic shorts. A tingling feeling rushed through my entire body. I was sure that she could already feel my wetness through the shorts. Her fingers found their way up my pant leg and began to tease at me, tickling along the edges of my panties. My body hummed in pleasure as she slid off my shorts and panties.

Natalie may have been a virgin, but she was a quick learner. She’d already picked up a few tricks from me. She knelt between my spread legs, using her pinky finger to trace around my thighs and just barely brush my outer lips. I writhed under her touch, trying to press my hips into her hands. Finally she eased my desire, slipping a single finger between my lips. She slid it up and down my slit, coming close to, but not touching, my swollen clit.

This slow torture seemed to last forever before she finally began to softly rub my aching pearl. She pressed her finger into me, and I gave a long, desperate moan, my head rolling back and my legs spasming wildly. She rubbed my clit between the two fingers of one hand while tickling my insides gently with a finger from the other. I was going wild. Holy crap, this was amazing. Her finger curled inside of me in a way that made my toes curl and my back arch even more against my mattress. My entire body felt as though it were on fire. I grabbed and rubbed at my breasts, roughly twisting and pinching my nipples. The desire I had for this beautiful, inexperienced woman to bring me to orgasm was immense. After what seemed simultaneously like hours and seconds of pleasing me she slowly lowered her delicate mouth to my center. She did it slowly and deliberately, and my heart began to pound harder in my chest before she’d even begun eating me out.

After an eternity her mouth finally reached me. What Natalie lacked in experience she made up in enthusiasm. Her tongue and mouth caressed and tasted every inch of me, her lips covering me in kisses that made me shiver while her tongue probed all of my hot sex. She lavished herself on me. An immense orgasm began to well up inside of me, preparing to rip itself from my body.

After a few minutes Natalie paused, and slid up to kiss me deeply. The taste of myself on her lips just made me crazy with desperation for her to return to pleasing me. I whimpered a little, and she quickly returned to my pussy, clearly pleased with having such power over me. The spunky little minx.

This time Natalie slid a second finger inside of me, once again curling and wiggling them inside of me while she licked and sucked my clit. “Natalie, w-whatever you do, don’t stop…!” I gasped. Moans of pleasure escaped my lips. My muscles were trembling and my body ached from want. Natalie swirled her tongue around my clit and I thought I might faint from the wave of ecstasy that rolled through my body.

I soon realized that over the sound of my own moans was the sound of her moaning in pleasure along with me. The naughty girl had slid one hand down her own pants and was masturbating to my pleasure, to the sensation of pleasuring me. My excitement was already mounting. Her hips were bucking against her hand just as mine were bucking against her face.

Natalie pulled away for a second before plunging into me once again. I gasped with surprise as her tongue entered my vagina. She stayed inside me, tasting me, for only a minute before pulling out again and this time inserting three fingers into me, flexing them slightly, stretching me. I cried out sharply, on the brink of orgasm, and Natalie responded with her own muffled cry. She was close as well, both of us teetering on the edge of a vast ecstatic drop. Her mouth pursed around my clit and her moans vibrated all of the way through me, tingling from my toes to my scalp. She gently sucked on my clit, once, and that was enough. My thighs pressed hard against the bed, my back arched, digging my head into the mattress. My stomach flexed and my mouth opened and closed several times before a loud, piercing cry escaped my lips, a wordless shriek of pleasure.

The orgasm tore through me like wildfire, and between my legs, Natalie was trembling and crying from her own orgasm. The sensation was so sexy that it only increased my pleasure, and the two of us yelled and groaned in tandem for an extraordinarily long time. Every time I felt that I was done Natalie would moan into me or nuzzle or lick me in a way that sent me careening off into another spiralling wave of orgasm. It was a long time before we were both done, and we lay breathing heavily on my bed.

“Did you enjoy yourself as much as I did?” she asked when we could finally speak.

“Mm-hmm,” I hummed in agreement, my body still vibrating from happy aftershocks, “You’ve got a serious talent for that. I’m impressed – very  impressed.”

She absent-mindedly stroked my breasts and kissed my cheek, “It was better than I could have expected. Amazing. I hope we can do it again.”

“Of course,” I replied, “Anytime. I’m proud to have been your first.”
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