Taking Dogs for a Walk

By dark_green_crow

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I met a girl named Alice the other day. She was taking a walk with her dog. My dog Frankie noticed Alice’s dog and started barking. I thought Frankie was trying to tell me that Alice’s boobs are going to squeeze her little doggie to death. They were large indeed, and she had her dog Bond right between them.

Bond got so afraid of Frankie’s barks, that he flinched. He flinched so tightly that the place between Alice’s boobs got too wide for him. Bond fell apart, and ran away into the forest.

I had made Alice mad. She blamed me for not taking control over my dog, but I was afraid to tell her that Frankie was afraid of Bond’s life. The thought about her boobs squeezing Bond to death would irritate her even more.

Alice told me that we should go into the forest and try to trace Bond.

“Frankie scared Bond away, now she has to pay for that. She will have to find him no matter what it takes!” Alice said.

“Come to mummy, Bond! Come to mummy!” Alice was shouting loudly in the forest.

Nevertheless, Bond did not make any signs of his presence.

“Your Frankie has to be blamed for the death of my Bond! He is probably eaten by a bear now. You are such a bitch, Anne! How can you own a dog, if you can’t take control of him?” Alice was irritated.

“Listen, Alice. I think Frankie tried to help. She tried to tell us that your boobs are, ummm… Squeezing Bond in a painful way. Frankie thought that he might die.” I tried to calm her down.

“I’ll show you how boobs can squeeze! Come here!”

 Alice took me by the hand, led me to a tree and propped my back against its trunk. Suddenly, my face was immersed in the crack between her boobs. 

“Is that painful? Am I squeezing you to death?” Alice asked me.

“Oh, Alice! I want more!”

This felt really good. Alice’s boobs were warm and comfortable. Now I know that Bond must have felt good between them. By now, I was craving for more of her body. Her nipples had bulged out. I could see them through her shirt. I slid my hand under her shirt and bra, and grabbed her nipples. She gave a moan full of satisfaction. Then I brought her nipples out and touched one of them with my tongue. Alice gave a louder moan. I started to suck her boobs. At the same time, I moved my leg under her skirt, in her crotch. I could feel wet, with my bare leg, through her panties. I started to rub my leg against her cunt. She gave moans, which tuned out so loud that I was sure she was having a blowing orgasm.

Now it was Alice’s turn. She slid her hand in my shorts and penetrated me with her fingers. Her fingers went back and forth, causing even more pleasurable stimulation with every movement. The intensity of my satisfaction was growing very quickly. Then I reached the peak of excitement.

“Oh, Alice! I could never imagine that such an ordinary walk could turn out to be such a great adventure.” I said.

I saw that Frankie wasn’t here anymore, but I was not worried about that much. Frankie is a clever girl. She will find the way home. I was too overwhelmed with the feelings that our intercourse had brought, to think about dogs.

When Alice and I were going out of the forest, we heard barking. We turned around and saw both dogs, Frankie and Bond. Oh, how happy we were to see them! Alice was so happy to see that bond is alive and was not eaten by a bear.

While Alice was looking back at the forest to see Bond coming, she saw a strange figure behind a tree. She supposed it to be the bear that was chasing after Bond to eat him.

“Look, Anne, there is the bear, which almost ate Bond!” Alice said, and I turned my head.

The figure moved aside from the tree. Alice was afraid that the bear is still chasing after Bond, but soon we both saw that it was only a wanker, masturbating about our intercourse, in the forest.

“I hope he didn’t take pictures of us to post on porn sites. I don’t want any other men wanking about us!” Alice said, as we went home with the dogs by our sides.