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Taking over the Hudson Family 1 by 1 (part three)

I laid down beside her and wrapped my arms around her for a moment. She leaned down to me and kissed me again. I moaned against her lips and she smiled, this made me smile back.

“Your turn,” She whispered, rolling me onto my back, “Your turn.”

I smiled at her as she climbed on top of me. She straddled my waist and leaned forward to kiss me. Her hands finding my breasts and squeezing them lightly. I let out a little moan against her lips, and she smiled. The feeling of someone smiling against your lips is one of the best feelings in the world. It is like someone telling you that you are doing and amazing job.

She worked her way from kissing my mouth down to my chin and down around my neck. She made her way back up to my ear and nibbled on it lightly. I smiled knowing that she remembered. I had once told her that it turned me on when people nibbled on my ears.

As she nibbled on my ear I could feel her warm breath against it. This made my body shake and I could not help but close my eyes and take in the moment. She was making every inch of my body tingle and I could not wait to experience her more.

After she spent a few more minutes on my ears, she worked her way down to my chest. My nipples were fully erect and waiting for her mouth to suck on them. She did not let me down either. She pulled one of my nipples into her mouth and I let out a loud moan. She swirled her tongue around it and brushed it briefly with her teeth. It felt so amazing I felt my panties get that much wetter.

She sucked and bit and licked for what felt like an eternity of bliss. I did not want it to come to an end any time soon. Everything comes to an end and I knew that there were bigger better things around the corner, so when she pulled away from my nipples and back up to my mouth, I was okay with it. I wanted to know what else she was going to do to me.

She kissed my lips a few times and moved back to my ear. This time instead of biting it, she whispered softly and seductively into it. “Fingers or tongue?” she asked me.

For a moment I could not find my voice, all I could think of to do was moan. I did not know which answer to choose. Did I want her to lick my pussy until I came or did I want her to fuck me with her beautiful fingers?

“Tongue,” I finally let out, almost in a begging tone. I wanted to feel her warm tongue pressed up inside of my pussy. I wanted to her taste my juices which were still mixed and kept warm with her brothers cum from just a while earlier.

She smiled at me and began to kiss me again. Working to my jaw and then to my neck. Kissing over my breasts and making her way to my stomach. She kissed and bit lightly around my belly button which made me moan louder then I had expected. I had thought her brother was amazing and she had made me moan so much louder and she had not even touched my pussy yet.

She moved down and began to kiss along the lining of my panties, he hand slowly moving down and running over the top of my panty covered pussy. She let out a moan as she reached the parts of my panties that were soaking wet. “You got yourself good and ready for me,” she purred. That nearly sent me over the edge. My once super shy friend was turning into that of a sexual god. She knew all the right places to touch and she was saying all the right things.

She began to pull at my panties and I lifted my ass to help her get them off of me. It was not moments after my panties hit the ground that her face was buried in my pussy. She dug in so quickly that my first orgasm was instant.

Her tongue licked and sucked at my clit and then moved down the full length of my pussy. She moan as she flicked her tongue over the lips of my pussy, licking up all of the juices and the cum that was on and inside of me. I felt naughty and excited knowing that half of what she was licking up was her own big brothers cum.

I moaned loudly as she worked her way back to my clit. She sucked it into her mouth and rolled her tongue over it again and again. It felt so good, I almost could not handle it. My body fought to pull away but she grabbed my hips and held me down. I was moaning loudly on the verge of screaming. She did not seem to care that I was making so much noise. The louder I moaned the more she sucked and licked at my clit. I was almost about to cum again when she pulled away from my clit and moved down, shoving her tongue inside me as far as she could.

She lapped at my pussy, taking in my juices and her brothers cum. She reached up and began to rub my clit as well. It was such an amazing feeling having her tongue inside of me and she worked my clit so well.

“Oh fuck Carrie,” I cried out as my hips buck up against her mouth. “I am going to cum, please don’t stop, oh fuck.”

I moaned and thrashed and screamed slightly as I came inside of her mouth. She listened to what I had said and kept going. My body once again was shaking and trying to pull away but she held me down as she licked every last drop of cum and juice off of my pussy. This caused me to have another orgasm, which gave her that much more to lick off.

Once she was done and my body was calm, she kissed her way back up my body to my lips and kissed me hard. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and our tongues played together for the longest of time.

“Wow,” she said out of breath and she laid down beside me. “That was amazing.”

“You are telling me,” I said, just as much out of breath as she was.

“You tasted different then I tasted.” She said looking over to me, “more bitter and salty. It was really amazing.”

I smiled at her and wrapped myself up in her arms. I decided not to tell her yet that what she had just licked up was her brother cum. I would tell her though, just not tonight. I wanted to curl up and enjoy the moment and that is exactly what I did.

We fell asleep wrapped together, not even bothering to clean ourselves up or get dressed.

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