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Taking over the Hudson Family 1 by 1 (part two)

I climbed into bed next to her. She had been asleep for a while. Looking her over, my body sparked back to life again. The way her flat seventeen year old muscular stomach raised up and then fell back down. The way her firm perky breasts were trying to break out of her thin white t-shirt. The way her black thong clung to her pussy like it was holding on for dear life. I could not help but reach out and softly touch her body ... seems I was not done with this family just yet.

I ran my fingers over her stomach, as I slowly lifted her t-shirt. Her skin was soft as silk and it made my fingers tingle with anticipation. My pussy cried out of more attention as it dripped both her brothers cum and my juices into my panties, soaking through and leaving a slight wet spot on the bed.

Not thinking about how she would react I continued on with my own desires. I pulled at her shirt until it was above her breasts, letting them break free from the prison she had put them in. They were incredible, a little more then and handful in size with the most perfect pink nipples, which were fully erect, as if begging for me to play with them. I could not let them down, so I moved my body closer to hers and took one of the nipples into my mouth.

I sucked it up into my lips and lightly sucked on it. It got harder in my mouth and it was driving me wild. My other hand reached up and took her other nipple between two of my fingers and pinched them lightly before rolling them between my fingers. As I did this a small gasp came from her mouth. This caused me to suck the nipple in my mouth harder. I sucked it further into my mouth and began to roll me tongue around me.

My other hand moved away from her breast that it was pinching and slowly ran its way down my stomach. I could not ignore the begging feeling my pussy was giving me. It wanted to be played with and I was going to give it just what it wanted. My fingers made their way into my panties and they quickly began to work at my clit, causing me to moan against her nipple.

Her body moved slightly, and normally I would have stopped due to fear of getting caught, but instead it made me suck and pull at her nipple faster. My fingers we rubbing my clit hard, two of my fingers slipping down and pushing a little ways into my cum filled pussy.

“What the ...” Carrie’s voice softly spoke above my head. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” She said a little louder as she began to pull away from me. I pulled her back to me and sucked her nipple back into my mouth, not answering her question. To my surprise she did not speak again.

I licked, sucked and bit at her nipple. Slight moans began to escape from her mouth, which excited me even more. I moved my wet hand from between my legs and grabbed her other breast again. Her moans began to get a little louder. I continued to suck and lick them for quite a while longer before deciding that I needed to have more.

I pulled away from her breasts and looked up at her face. Her expression was that of pleasure and confusion. I almost felt bad for putting her in this situation, but she looked so amazing that I could not help myself, I wanted more, I needed more. I needed her to cum in my mouth and I needed to cum in hers. Whatever it took I was going to get what I wanted.

I began to kiss under her breasts and work my way down her stomach. She shivered slightly under my lips. Every time she shivered I bit at her skin and she let out a moan. My pussy throbbed at the thought of what her pussy was going to taste like. I could not wait any longer to find out.

I crawled over her legs and pulled at her panties. He lifted her ass up for me to help me get them off of her quicker. I smiled knowing that she wanted this too, she was not going to try and stop me.

Once her panties were off I tossed them off to the side. Before moving down to her wanting waiting pussy, I pulled my black tank top away from my body and tossed it down to where her panties were now laying. As soon as my shirt hit the floor, I lifted myself up so that I could spread her legs and crawl in between them.

I slid my hand down off of her stomach and softly brushed it over her pussy. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her pussy was warm and I knew that she was wanting whatever I was going to give her.

I slipped one of my fingers between the folds of her pussy, letting her hot pussy feel my finger against it. I moved it up and down the length of her pussy before stopped and lightly brushing my finger over her semi swollen clit. I began to slowly roll it underneath my fingers, as she started to moan loudly.

I rubbed her clit like that for a few minutes, until her body started to shake and buck up against my finger. I could tell that she was getting ready to cum, I figured this was something new to her and it was going to happen a little quicker then normal. Instead of stopping to make this last longer, I began to rub harder, bringing her to her first orgasm. She bucked and squirmed beneath my hand as she moaned loudly, biting her lower lip to try and mask the sound.

I let her body calm down beneath my finger and watched as she began to sit up. I pushed her back down onto the bed and smiled at her. “I am not done with you yet.” I said with a sly smile. She laid there looking up at me, a bit of fear in her eyes. I could tell that she was the person who stopped touching herself after her first orgasm, never letting herself go and working for as many as she can take. I was excited to be the first person to give her multiple orgasms.

I ran my finger once more over her clit, making her body buck again before leaning forward and kissing right about her pussy. She sighed and I felt as she let her body relax under me. I took pleasure in knowing that her body was not going to be relaxed for long.

I kissed down her pussy, listening to her breath and waiting for the change. Once I heard the breaths start to come a little closer together, I parted her sweet lips with my tongue. She let out a moan as I licked down to her welcoming entrance she slipped my tongue in, licking up her juices and then licking my tongue up to her already excited clit.

Her body tensed up under me as she pushed her hips up against my face. I licked over her clit a few more times before licking back down to her soaking wet hole. I pushed my tongue into her pussy, licking around in a circle. I slowly worked more and more of my tongue into her sweet hot pussy.

She moaned loudly and pushed herself harder against me. I began to lick and suck at her beautiful dripping hole. Swirling it around over and over again in circles. She bucked and squirmed and I sucked harder and faster, feeling my mouth fill up with her amazing juices.

Her moans got louder and louder and she bucked repeatedly against my mouth. I did not back down, I kept on licking and sucking and licking and sucking, my nose pressed firmly against her clit. She began to scream muffled screams, making me know she had pressed a pillow over her face. She let out another scream and a moan and began to cum hard. She bucked more and quicker, her body shaking hard beneath me as so much of her juices poured into my mouth.

I pulled my tongue out and licked softly while her body was calming down. I cleaned her up as much as I could with me tongue before pulling myself up and kissing her, letting her taste the juices she had filled my mouth with.

I laid down beside her and wrapped my arms around her for a moment. She leaned down to me and kissed me again. I moaned against her lips and she smiled, this made me smile back.

“Your turn,” She whispered, rolling me onto my back, “Your turn.”

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