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Tanya's first day at the office

It was 6am when the alarm clock rang, jarring me awake. I opened my eyes and instinctively jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, another long day locked in a small office all alone. It was until I had washed my face and brushed my teeth that I realized how wet my pussy was and slowly the dream I was so shockingly awoke from slowly began to invade my consciousness, it was another in the long series of dreams id had for weeks now.

I was having wild passionate sex in all sorts of exciting places, things I can only dream about but never actually experience. Though I was asked out all the time, men rarely walked past me without looking at my long legs or my perfectly shaped C cup breasts but like most people I am a workaholic, dating just isn't something I have time for. All  I could think about as I undressed was the passionate sex I dreamed of having on a beautiful beach, I didn't realize I was slowly rubbing breasts and pinching my nipples till I let out an involuntary moan. It was all I could do to stop myself from climbing back into bed and satisfying my aching pussy, but looking at the time I knew this was impossible, maybe after work.

I turned on the shower deciding on a cold shower hoping it would calm my desire, a quick shower later I went and grabbed my underwear though I wasn't planning on having sex with anyone, the thoughts I had rolling around in my mind were enough to lead my hand straight to the red lace bra and panty set. Then I quickly slipped into a white button down shirt and a black skirt which was too short for work, but I wore anyway, a pair of black heels were the last addition. A few quick minutes in front of the mirror and I was out the door.

Sitting in morning traffic I felt myself becoming wetter and wetter just thinking about the dreams I have had for weeks now. My body was aching for sex, it needed sex which it hadn't had in months. I decided I couldn't work like this and since the boss insisted and not hiring anyone to work with me and split the load, id use company time to relax and catch up some me time. With this decision the closer I got to our parking lot the wetter I became, I couldn't wait to walk into the office and close its doors for a bit.

Upon arriving I realized my hopes were going to be realized not only was my bosses car in the parking lot but another unfamiliar SUV, I reluctantly walked in and there stood  my boss and a young woman. As soon as I walked in he looked at me and said good news I have hired an assistant for you, you don't have to be stuck in this office alone all day anymore. I mustered a smile and she introduced herself and Tanya, and said she had just graduated college, she is two years old then I am, at 23 she looked perfect, not an once of extra weight on her with perfectly formed breasts and soft smooth silky dark hair. I had never been attracted to women but her sitting so close to me all day was a thought I couldn't bare. I was wetter then ever before, unable to masturbate as I had hoped I showed Tanya to her desk and she began to organize her desk and fill out piles of paperwork which all new hires needed to complete. I sat at my desk pretending to work, and trying to figure out if I could quiet enough in our small bathroom to relieve myself. Thinking about this only made me wetter and I slowly began to grind against my chair and every so often my hand slid down over my thigh and up my skirt. Suddenly I was regretting the glass desks I had picked out.

Suddenly my whole body froze Tanya caught my hand sliding up my skirt and instead of looking away or horrified she slid her hand into her blouse and squeezed her breast then took  her hand out again and continues to work. No that's not possible I must have imagined it, every few moments I caught her looking at me at one point she licked her lips, I couldn't take it any longer I practically ran not our bathroom. Our bathroom looks more like a broom closet with a toilet in it then a bathroom with an entrance right between our desks. It would have to do, I ran inside and immediately slid my panties down and began to rub my pussy which was soaking wet, as a finger slid inside I couldn't contain a moan as I slowly began to pump in and out I began to hear moans which weren't mine, I slowly opened the door and saw Tanya's straddling my chair and moaning. Her panties were laid across my desk and her top was unbuttoned with her breasts hardly covered my her bra. I stood there in disbelief of what I was seeing. She looked at me and smiled, i began to walk over to her but she motioned for me to stop, she walked over and pushed me into our small sofa that we keep for client meetings. Once I was laying down she walked over and slid my drenched panties all the way off and smelled them. She smiled and sad she'd been smelling me since I walked in and knew this moment wound come. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off of my shoulders and looked amazed at my hard nipples poking through the lace bra. She unhooked the bra and began to tease lick and suck on my breasts all the while slowly teasing my clit I couldn't take it any long I begged her to slid he finger in she laughed and refused. she slowly slid all the way down my body and began to lick the lips of my pussy leaving me aching for what I needed, I though I was going to pass out from all of the pleasure then she began fucking me with her touged this was too much with a scream my back arched and cum came pouring out. I lay there breathless unable to move for what seemed like hours my body still convulsing. Tanya looked pleased then laughed removing her blouse and bra she sat me up and sat down on my lap and eased a nipple into my mouth, I began to suck lick and bite soon she was moaning and I could feel her juices on my leg she then directed my hand down into her vagina slowly at first then increasing my thrusts with he moans and breathe she came onto my hand. We sat there wrapped up in each others arms covered in each other cum till lunch. Then we went for a drive to the beach, the beach is so empty on a Tuesday afternoon in March.

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