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Tasting My Best Friend

After years of waiting, I finally got to taste her...
My best friend Michelle and I shared everything together. We looked alike, both curvy, voluptuous girls with large breasts and dark brown hair. We both enjoyed good sex lives- mostly one night stands with no second dates…why did we need them? We liked the thrill of no strings attached sex. We joked around for years about hooking up, if we ever hit a dry spell, but it had never actually happened. We were both straight and didn’t have any reason to venture over to the other team, but we toyed around with the idea.

One night, after a particularly long dry spell between boyfriends, Michelle texted me.

“I’m so horny" the text message said, and my eyes lit up. “Maybe we should just sleep together and end this desert we’re in.

I laughed and replied, “What time should I be there? :)

When I got to Michelle’s dorm, she was wearing pajamas, cute shorts and a low cut shirt. Because her dorm was so small, the only place to sit was her bed, so I crawled in bed with her, like I have hundreds of times, except this time it wasn’t so innocent. We were nervous- something we never had been with each other before.

We talked for a while and I watched her lips as they curved over her words, and I wanted to taste them so bad. Finally, I went for it. I leaned toward her and breathed her in, her soft lips that smelled faintly like vanilla, her sweet tongue shyly touching mine and the desperation in her kiss as I pulled away. She slid her arm around my waist and kissed me again, eagerly, nibbling on my lower lip and thrusting her tongue onto mine.

I could feel my moistness seep onto my panties… she was so hot. She reached for my shirt, her warm hand sliding underneath it and cupping my breast in my bra. She slid her hands over my creamy skin as I gasped. Her touch on my nipple sent an electric shock through my body, raising goosebumps on every inch of my skin.

I reached for her neck, hot kisses down her collarbone, and she moaned in receipt of my lips. Her hand tugged at my nipple and she rubbed it between her fingers. She lowered her mouth to it, flicking her tongue over it and gently sucking it. I grabbed her hair and tugged lightly…nonverbally telling her not to stop. She moved to the next nipple and I felt like my body was going to explode… I needed to touch myself, to touch her, to taste her. I brought my lips to her ear and said, “Let me taste you.” She smiled and gave my nipple a final nibble and laid back to pull down her shorts. I helped her slip them off as she gracefully laid her head on the pillow.

I started with her lips, her wonderful plump lips, and kissed them fully and deeply, then down to her neck, breastbone and nipples, over her round and beautiful belly, to the mound that awaited me. I could smell her… a side of her I’d never experienced before, her sweet pussy covered in dark red hair. It was soaked as I ran my fingers over it. I lowered my face to her and kissed her full thighs, as they gently parted for me. I started at the bottom of her pussy and dragged my eager tongue straight up, as her cunt opened for me and showed me its beauty.

Her taste was amazing. Faint hints of cinnamon and vanilla, plus that womanly taste, the taste I had never tasted before. She moaned, this deep, guttural moan as I took her vagina in my mouth. Slow, steady strokes with my tongue, gliding over her beautiful clit, sucking it and nibbling the folds of her pussy. “Don’t stop,” she whispered, and I didn’t. Faster and deeper I sucked her juices as they filled my mouth.

She bucked my face, pressing her cunt lips onto my tongue, grinding into my mouth. I welcomed her advance and slipped my hands under her ass, bringing her close, inhaling her scent. Her hands grasped the back of my head, pressing me into her. “I’m so close,” she said, and I sopped up her cum as she exploded onto my face, writhing and squirming under my tired tongue.

When I came to lay near her, her eyes were closed, and she was smiling. “Let’s do this again tomorrow,” she said. And we did.

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