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Teach me

Young girl finds the true meaning of the orgasm from older woman

                                               Please teach me
     I am a 18 year old white female and my name is Rose. I stand 5' 3 and weigh 95lbs. I have small breasts but they are full and very round for my size. I have a small waist and very sexy legs and tush. This story is about sex education. I am not a virgin and l have been with 2 boys. One shot his cum on my face when l was 16 and then it was over and the other l had protected intercourse with last year and it lasted about 6 strokes and he was done. After those 2 events l decided that sex was not all it was made out to be and concentrated on my education.
     I am very attractive and l have let my hair grow down to my waist. I graduated high school with honors and l have enrolled in a provincial University for September. My education is very important to me and that is why l do not have a job. My mom and Dad are covering every thing from tuition to books to accomadation and living expenses. They were so proud of my school years and this made me proud.
     Well now that l was set up for school and l will be staying at residence l had 4 month's off doing nothing. I saw an ad in the local paper of a lady looking for a sitter for twin boys for 6 weeks. I was excited because baby sitting would give me time to read through some of my class books that we had gotten for me. The real test was to sell my dad on the concept of me working. I do like to shop also and this would give me some spending money.
     Well dad was all for it and he basically had so much faith and trust in me that he never was very strict. He liked to come across that way though and l could play dad like a fiddle. I was his pet and the youngest of 3. I have two older brothers.
     Well l phoned the ad and went the next morning to the huge house in a ritzy part of the city. Mom drove me but she stayed in the car and was there if the lady needed any reference.
     I rang the door bell and this very attractive black lady answered the door. " Good morning sweetie, you must be Rose." She reached out and shook my hand.
     I followed her to a large den and she led me to a couch. She sat in a recliner. We talked about my schooling and what my parents did for a living and about my excitement about being a freshman at University.
     She asked where l lived and l told her about the other end of the city but transportation would not be a problem. I told her that my Mom was a stay at home Mom and that Dad owned a Car dealership which she was quite familiar with.
     I told her that l have never worked before but l looked after my neice alot and she was 4.
     She really liked my enthusiasm and would like to speak with my parents first. I told her that mom was out in the car and that l could go and get her. She laughed and said that would be wonderfull.
     I jumped up really excited and went out to the car. Mom was feeling my excitement too because l was doing this on my own. Mom got out of the car and came up the walk with me and she asked " What is her name Rose "
     I stopped in my tracks and was getting ready to cry. " I don't know "
     Mom swatted my ass and said "that is ok silly l will find out". Mom always had a way of making me realize that there are never problems in this world only sollutions.
     We entered the den and my Mom reached out her hand and said " good morning my name is Kay.
     " High Kay my name is Kim "
     " Kim Chancellor "
     Mom looked at me and winked and then we all sat down.
     You have a beautifull home here.
     " Thank you , all this for just me and Mrs. C laughed .
She had such a wonderfull voice and her beauty was electric. She had such elegance and poise about her.
     " My husband was killed in a car accident about 15 years ago and l never re married. I am a 48 year old grand mother and l work alot being an attorney and all. I went back to University when Don was killed in a car accident. My daughter and l went together which was a rush. I was 37 and she was 18 like you Rose. I graduated and went to law school and my daughter graduated and never worked a day in her life. She met an investment banker and had these two wonderfull twin boys. They are 8 now and very busy.
     My daughter and her husband are going away for 6 weeks cycling through Europe. This is there first holliday since they were married and l told them that l would be glad to look after them and arrange for a qualified sitter. This is the catch. Some days l work long hours and l never will work on week ends as a matter of fact l will only be working 4 day weeks so l can spend more time with them. On the weekends l go to my cottage about an hour away so l will only need some one for 4 days a week. I would prefer some one to live in for three nights though because like l said l work long hours and l start early. Does this sound like some thing that you would be comfortable with Rose and Kay.
     My eyes were like saucers and l was ready to jump at this opportunity, but Mom was the conservative one.
     " Well Mrs Chancellor "
     Call me Kim
     " Ok Kim, I do have my reservation's because this is a huge responsibillity for Rose being her first real job and everything" " Don and l have so much faith in her and her judgement that this decision will be all left up to her"
     " Wow, Mom you are the best "
     " Mrs. C laughed and said " Just a second though , l have not offered you the job.
     " This part was the formal guide line section and now l must ask you some personal question's and l am glad that your mother is here for them "
     " Oh,.....OK"
Are you married and she laughed, no serriously, do you have a boyfriend?
     " No "
When was your last boyfriend ?
     I blushed and said 7 month's ago.
Do you like to talk on the phone?
     Yes l have a large group of friends and l guess you could say that l am popular but this is my job and l would never have any of my friends overe or speak to them at all while l am working. I will reserve my friend time to working hours only.
     " Good answer " and she laughed again.
Do you smoke or do drugs?
     I blushed again and said that l do not do drugs and l have tried smoking but did not like it. My boyfriend tried to get me to smoke but l would not be led down the wrong path with him. That is probably why we broke up was because l was responsible for my action's and he was not.
     " Ok l have had enough and l am quite satisfied. You only have two more people to be interviewed by and if they agree then l will offer you the position."
     I had a smile from ear to ear and l wanted to rush to the dealership right away and tell Dad.
     There names are curtis and scott. They are 8 and she laughed again and this time with Mom.
     The boys live in another province and that is why Mrs. C wants to spen more time with them. She then gave me a list of the rules and all the important phone numbers on this list. The rules were the basic ones and there was nothing surprising. I would arrive on Monday morning and leave by 2 on Thursday. She said my pay would be.
     I gasped. I did not even think about money and l just about said that l would do it for free.
     " $700.00
     I thought wow about 115.00 for 3 days work a week.
     Then she continued " per week ". Because of my age and the nature of my position there would be no deduction's and her accountant would be doing a direct deposit every Friday.
She looked at Me and asked if l had a blank check with me.
     I was going to say no and then Mom came to my rescue.
     Kim, We will get one to you when would all this start.
     Kim said this comming Monday but Rose would have to come over on Saturday to meet my daughter and the boys.
     " No problem Rose can drop it off to you this afternoon.
     " That would be wonderfull and at that time l can show her around this big dust bowl. She then said that the cleaning lady is here on Mondays, Wed, and Fri. and the Lawn guy is here every Monday but l think l will change that to a Friday.
We shook hands and left with a bunch of papers and forms to be filled out by my parents. I asked mom if we could go and see dad and she was not going to deny me this excitement. Dam , l was actually getting wet like when l had a boy touch me down there.
     The reason l went into all this detail was to show you all how excited l was about getting this job and how professional Mrs. C. was.
     Well we had every thing in place and Saturday came and went and the boys loved me as well as her daughter Casey.
     I could not imagine getting paid 700 dollars to look after 2 boys and spend time away from home for the first time in my life. This will get me preparred for University. My room was large and the bed was so comfortable and l had the run of the house and the pool in the back yard.
There was only one room that was locked and l was told that this was her private room and l should not go there but any where else in the house was fine.
     The first week came and went and l was having the time of my life. These boys were so well behaved and l loved spending time with them.
     By this time l was calling Mrs. C. Kim and we always had long talks at night. She always got comfortable in the evening and wore really revealing sexy night gowns that hardly covered her large boobs.
     Occasionally her friend would come over and her name was Elaine. The first time that l met her she had a smile on her face from ear to ear and she was really looking me over. It was kind of eerie and also kind of exciting. Elaine and Kim were really close friends as they were always hugging and slapping one another. They went for late night swims to gether and l would go to my room and read or watch some tv.
     Some nights l could hear faint moan's and crys comming from Kim's room down the hall. I thought she was crying from her lonliness and missing her husband. I never knew that Elaine was sleeping over and in Kim's room but l was naieve.
     Well by week 4 Kim and l got along so good that our conversation's got really personal. I could talk to her about anything including sex. I told her about my 2 times and we were like sisters.
     She asked me if l ever had an orgasm and l could not answer that because l did not know. I told her that l would get moist down there and l had little butterflie going through me when l kissed a boy.
     She told me about meeting her husband and not being very good at sex and then that all changed once he passed away. Her experience really came later on in life and now she has a private life that she will let me in on in due time.
     I did not know what she meant but l was not going to pry or ask her peronal question's.
She told me that Elaine was comming over and she wanted me to join them in the pool later. I agreed. Well a hour later Elaine and Kim had two of the skimpiest swim suits l had ever seen.
I had a one peice. We jumped oin and played with the beach ball and l was having a lot of fun. Elaine was about 25 and not much older than me and she seemed like she was a touchy feely kind of girl. She would slap my ass and wrestle me in the water and once l even thought she touched my breast on purpose.
     Kim was getting closer too and she was also being a little closer to my inner space but the strange thing is it all felt so natural and l enjoyed there affection. When l went home on weekend all l talked about to my friends was Kim and Elaine. I am sure that they were tired of hearingf about them.

     6 Weeks just flew by and here l was thinking that l was loosing my best friend. I even had a tear in my eye when the boys left the drive way to go home and there was Kim and l standing on the steps and she was really sad.
     I gave her a hug and my head came up to her shoulders. We went inside and sat on the couch and talked some more about how things are going to be different around here now with out the boys and then she stroked my hair and said " I will also really miss having you here ".
     I was getting goose bumps and did not know why. Kim said that l was welcome to come to her place anytime day or night and if l wanted to meet for lunch or dinner that would be excellent.
     I smiled and said that l would love that. Then my cell phone rang for the 10th time that day. It was Jack, my ex boyfriend. I did not answer it.
     Kim looked puzzeled and l told her he has been bothering me a lot lately and then l got bold and said he was just horney and wanted to fuck me again. He is such a rude and arrogant guy and if my dad knew he would slaughter him.
     Kim laughed and said " Here sweetie let me have your phone for a minute.
     I gave her the phone with a puzzelled look on my face.
     She dialed his number from my phone and he answered on the first ring. She introduced herself as my lawyer and told him he had better quit harrassing me or he will be sued. She then asked him to get a peice of paper and a pen. She then gave him the number to her office and said for him to phone her right back and ask for Mrs. Chancellor. He has 2 minutes to make the call and then she hung up.
     Kim handed me the phone and said that she did not think that he will be a problem in my life if l did not want him there. Then her office phone rang.
     She has a separate phone for her work. She answered it and said yes please put him through carol and thank you.
     " Mrs. Chancellor speaking " " Ok Jack that was to show you that Rose has retained my services and you should try and find another girl to seduce with you small dick and you should also get some sex education lesson's and learn how a lady needs to be treated in and out of bed. Good day sir and l trust that we will not be having this conversation again.
     She hung up and l was smilling from ear to ear and was amazed at how professional and abrupt she was.
     Kim had another idea but said that she wanted to speak to my parents first before she told me and no it has nothing to do with Jack.
     I had to leave and get home for supper, so we hugged and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and we said our good bye's. I drove home with tears running down my face and the silly thing is that l know we will be seeing each other soon.
     A few days passed and my final deposit was made to my account with a thousand dollar bonus. Dad wanted me to return it because this was more like club med than a job.
     The next day l phoned Kim up to thank her and also to question her but l got her voice mail. I left a message and thanked her a million times and tole her that l missed her and Elaine and our conversation's.
     Kim was at the cottage and when she returned she went to see dad at work. Then she went out for lunch with Mom.
     That night she phoned me and asked me over to her place for some lunch and a swim. I eagerly agreed.
     It was so good seeing Kim again and we had lunch by the pool and then we swam and played and it was like being with a long lost love. After being there for a few hours she said lets sit down, I have a proposal for you.
     I would like to hire you to help me paint and work around my cottage. This would be for about 5 weeks and you would stay there with Elaine and l. I have taken the time off work and we might even travel out to see the boys.
     I was wide eyed and l wanted to jump at the opportunity byt l had to ask my parents first though.
     " Kim said that she cleared it with them and they thought it would be a chance for me to be productive and to get some education on life. You Dad is going to give you a car to use and he thought it would be great for you to get ready for University. I also invited them out any time that they wanted to come.
     I jumped up and gave Kim a big hug and said when.
     She held me close and leaned back and said we will be leaving in 2 days and l could follow her and Elaine out there.
     I went home to pack and Kim said that all l needed was a swimming suit and grubby clothes.
     When l got home l ran into the house and there was mom with a big smile on her face and said that employment is following me around. The luck of having picked up the newspaper when l did.
     The next two days took forever to arrive and then l was up at 6 a.m. to make sure l was at Kim's for 9. Dad had brought home a loaner for me to use and his credit card. What a sweet heart. I packed up the car and said my good bye's. Mom made sure l had my charger with me for my phone. I had spent the last couple of days doing some shopping and l even got a real skimpy bikini which l did not show my parents for obvious reason's. I wore a t shirt and shorts and l was off.
     I stopped at a gas station and went into the wash room and changed my t shirt and shorts to a skimpy and revealing halter top and very short and tight shorts. I don't understand why but l think l wanted to look and feel like Kim and Elaine do all the time.
     When l got to Kim's they were outside loading up Kim's van. She had so much stuff in it and there was also some kind of exercise equipment in the back of it. Kim and Elaine whistled in Unison when l got out of the car and Elaine said " It is a good thing that she was not a guy because she would for sure try and hit on me "
      Kim said " why would gender stop you " and we all laughed.
     Elaine said that l hopew l don't mind but she will hop in my car because the Van is full and she knows where we are going incase l got lost. I did not mind at all.
     Well we were on our way and this is the first trip l have ever taken with out music. Elaine and l talked the whole trip. She knew about Jack and the kind of unselfish lover he was and still is. She also spoke of her first real orgasm and how it sent her to another planet.
     I asked her question's and was really curious about sex and what the big deal was with it.
She laughed and said " Sweetie, l think that going to this cottage for a month with her and Kim will be very educational and l don't mean just for painting a cottage " Then she reached over and softly patted my leg.
     I had goose bumps and could not understand why.
     We finally arrived and Kim was behind us. I was amazed at this cottage on the lake and there was no one or building around for miles. It was secluded on a lake behind a forrest of trees. There was a swimming pool with gorgeous furniture. Inside the cabin was an open concept. It had a sunken living room and on the second level was two  rooms over looking the whole cottage. We unpacked the vehicles and put this peice of exercise equipment on the patio. They loked after that and they also kept it covered up.
     We were going to bar-b-q, but first we had to change and have showers. Elaine and l stayed in the living room drinking some beer and Elaine went first. She went into her bed room and changeds and left the door open. From where l was sitting l could not but help to look up and see her totally naked and with a firm body that men die for. She exited the bedroom and went to the shower and did not cover up.
     " OK cheeky, you are embarrassing our guest "
 Around here at the cabin you will soon notice that clothes are optional, but if that bothers you just let me know and l will speak to her about being a little more discreet.
     " I said no it doesn't bother me and if my body was full and firm as that l would want to flaunt it" " So when do we start painting and fixing"
     Elaine laughed and said " My little Rose is trying to change the subject " " We will start on Monday but for the next couple of days it is unwinding time and fun fun fun.
     We all changed and had our showers and then it was time for dinner in our swim suits. I came down in my bikini and they both just stood there and were amazed.
     How can such a beautifull creature like you not know the true meaning of seduction.
     If you would allow me l would show your body what attention is all about Kim said and Elaine said that goes for me too. We all laughed again but l was a little shy at first.

We took our drinks out to the pool side and talked and drank for hours. I was not used to this drinking and they were laughing about some of there sexual exploits. The good ones and the bad ones and l was amazed at there stories.
     I got up to go use the bathroom and fell back into my chair. Kim came to my rescue and helped me inside. She took my bikini bottoms off and l sat on the toilet. I think l pee'ed for what seemed like a gallon. Then when l was finished Kim helped me up and that is when it hit me. I was going to be sick. She helped me to vomit in the toilet and l stayed there on the floor for quite a long while hugging the toilet bowl. Kim had left me alone and she returned with Elaine and they helped me take off my top of my bikini. I was apologizing in my slurred speech and they both laughed and said that l needed a cold shower and some sleep.
     Both of them got naked and helped me into the shower but l had no senses. I just knew the water was fucking cold and l was really drunk. The next thing l knew was waking up in bed and l heard some one weeping and moaning. My head really hurt and l crawled to the bathroom to pee.
     The moans were quite loud and l did not understand but l also had my own dilemma. Unstable leg, a hurting head, and trying to move around in the dark in a cabin that l was not familiar with.
     I did make it back to bed and the next thing l knew l was waking up to the smell of coffee and bacon cooking. I was naked and l was trying to regain my senses to understand what had just taken place in the last 12 hours. In walked Elaine totally naked and a coffee and some orange juice with aspirin.
     " Here sugar take some of these and a good cup of coffee and a shower and you will feel like a million dollars. I covered myself up and said " Thank you " " I hope l was not any problem last night "
     Not at all she said.
     Now have a shower and meet us down stairs. As she turned she said " But you did say that you wanted another real live penus, but we might have an alternative for you " and she winked and left.
     I showered and went to my room to get dressed. I was confused as to what to put on and l glanced down stairs and they were both walking around naked. " What the hell " I thought and went down stairs naked too.
     " Good afternoon precious said Kim and she came over and hugged me and kissed my fore head."
     We had breakfast and talked and laughed and they were telling me stories about my singing to the toilet bowl and wanting a penus in the worst way.
     " Girl " says Kim. " You have got to unwind and let us teach you the joys of life"
     " I thought l was unwinding " l laughed, " You mean to say that sex is not puking "
They both split some ribs laughing and then led me to the pool and pushed me in. I jumped out of this shock and chased down Elaine and wrestled her into the water. We were rolling around and splashing and then we teamed up and got Kim into the water.
     After playing around for a while l said that l needed to lay down for a little nap to get rid of this head ache. Kim gave me a couple of aspirins and told me to go to her bed because it would be way more comfortable and the late evening sun does not go in that window.
     I awoke and it was dark outside. Night had fallen on us. I was in Kim's arms and she was stroking my side. Elaine was on the other side doing the same thing. Kim looked me in the eye and in a very soft and serious voice she sent a shock to my senses.
     " Honey, Elaine and l are going to give you some thing that you have never had before "
" This is going to be your first orgasm " "
     I tensed up a little and was kind of scared.
     " Precious if you want us to stop we will but l think you owe it to yourself to at least see what an orgasm is all about. "
     " Do you trust me honey "
I looked into her beautifull black face and nodded
     " Ok l will explain everything to you and Elain will be the demonstrator. There are many sexy and vulnerable places on a female that feels really good to the touch."
     " Our bodies are like roses. If you crush them they will not bloom and and if you softly stroke them and care for they they will respond."
As kim was softly talking to me l felt Elaine shift and start to stroke my fore head and softly kiss my eyes. Little tingles were starting to run through me. I was starting to shiver like l was cold but l wasn't.
     Kim said " Kissing is a very big part of love making "
     E$laine lowered her lips to mine and slowly l opened to receive her and this was the most romantic kiss that l have ever received. I wanted to do this over and over again and as sahe was kissing me l felt Kim stroking my nipples. L let out a soft moan and l could feel myself getting wet. This was different though because l have never been that wet down there.
     She went on to explain how the nipples are real sensitive and now Elaine was softly kissing and sucking each nipple. Elaine craddled my head and said that she will just let the nerve endings do all the talking. We both watched Elaine enjoy my breasts and her hands were stroking my legs now. She spread them apart and crawled between them and continued to suck and lick my nipples.
     I closed my eyes and was moaning with pleasure. I then whispered to Kim, " My god this feels good and l think l have to pee, or something, YYyyees l have never felt this before, my god"
     " No you don't have to pee and l want you to release what ever you are feeling "
I was shaking and Elaine left my nipples and was working her way down my belley and my breathing was very eratic and l started to tense up.
     " Ohhhhh gggoooodd what is happening "
     " Don't fight it just let it go " And then Kim leaned over and kissed me for a long time. I was moaning into her mouth and now Elaine was licking my inner theigh's and l let go a lot of pee l thought and l shook and moaned into Kim's mouth.
"mmmmmmmmmmeeeeee" Now her lips were licking my pussey and lstarted to convulse. I shook and screamed and l did not want this to stop and by god it didn't stop and Elaine was licking my pussey lips and then back to my clit and l had another strong orgasm.
     " YYYYyyyeeeesssssss moooorrree please mummy" As l broke away from the kiss and now she inserted two fingers into my pussey and rubbed on this hard button and l shot liquid out of me and l shook and shook and shook and wanted more and more and l was screaming and tears were running down the side of my cheeks and then Elaine started to work her way back and in unison Kim worked her way down my chest and belley and to my pussey. Elaine leaned over to give my trembling lips a deep kiss and l now started to feel what Kim was doing.
     " Oh my Fucking God was all l could say and my body tensed and l shook again and this time seemed stronger than the first. Elaine straddled my chest and l had my eyes closed and l was screaming and whinning and crying. I knew what the noises were now and that was Elaine get eaten by Kim.
     Elaine slowly moved her pussey up and over my mouth and when l opened my eyes l could smell her sweet pussey. I stuck my tounge out and l sloppily started to eat her to a mini orgasm.
I hads a hard time doing this as l was convulsing and shaking too much but l liked the taste of pussey.
     Kim came up and cuddled me and Elaine took her place beside me and l was trying to calm down and think about what just happened.
     Kim Spoke " That my dear is what an orgasm is and a woman has many. After all mother nature was a woman.

If you want to read more about this educational experience please respond to this one. I look forward to hearing your comments.
Next story is about further education at the cottage.

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