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Teacher and Pupil

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accident on hockey field leads to first aid treatment
Jessica Collins arrived at work early as usual and put the finishing touches to the day's lessons. English Lit. from nine all the way through till two and then two more hours of field hockey.

Jess was a 25 - year - old teacher of English and Physical Education, to give it its old fashioned name, and she absolutely loved her job. She worked at Endsleigh High School in London, and taught girls from the ages of 11 to 16. It was a Friday so it meant that the final two periods of the day were to be taken up with her organising and coaching some of the fifth form in hockey.

Jess was lucky because field hockey was a sport that had been played at Endsleigh for several generations and some of the girls had gone on to represent their country as full international athletes. The school was justly proud of these achievements and Jessica was determined to continue with that tradition and do everything she could to encourage and coach the students to keep it going.

After a 20 minute coaching session Jess selected two of the girls to have alternate picks of the rest of the class so that they could have a practice match. Jess herself would be the referee.

Five minutes into the game and a collision between two of the girls resulted in Sarah Pearson crashing to the ground on her backside and letting out an ear piercing shriek. The other students immediately rushed to Sarah's aid along with Jessica and it was quickly determined that although Sarah was not badly hurt, she would still require some first aid.

Jess asked one of the girls to take charge of the game whilst she took Sarah back in to the school to deal with her injury.

Although called field hockey, the school had decided to invest in a playing surface that could be used in all weathers, namely astro turf. The down side of playing on this type of surface though was the frequency in which the girls could receive rather severe grazing to their legs when they fell over.

With Jessica's help, a tearful Sarah limped in to the changing room and tried to sit on one of the wooden benches. She winced as she lowered herself down and Jess could now see that the back of Sarah's leg had turned a vivid red and also that her hockey skirt had been badly torn.

"Come on you," said Jess.

"You're going to need me to look at that leg and we can't do it out here. Come in to my room and I can clean and dress the wound properly".

Jessica asked Sarah to hop up onto the table that also doubled as a sort of bed that you would normally expect to see at the doctor's surgery. Jess noted that Sarah was not wearing her lyrcra shorts under her skirt despite instructing her girls to always make sure they have them on when playing hockey.

"This is exactly the reason why you should be wearing them, Sarah," said Jess, not unkindly.
"Those shorts are worn to protect your delicate skin and also, may I say, to protect your modesty should a sudden gust of wind blow your skirt up." Jess was smiling when she said it and she was glad to see Sarah smiling too through her tears.
"We don't want any passing boys seeing you in your underwear. You know what they can be like. Whistling and cheering. The little devils".

"I'm really sorry Miss Collins. I completely forgot to bring my shorts to school this morning, but I so love playing hockey, and I didn't want to sit the lesson out", said Sarah in her soft voice.

"Don't worry now, but in future, - no shorts, no hockey. Clear?" said Jess smiling.

"Very clear, Miss," said Sarah, smiling back.

"Okay, Sarah, you need to lie face down on the bed so that I can get a good look at this leg. I'm just going to gently bathe the wound with some warm water and cotton wool".

Jessica washed her hands and then soaked some cotton wool under the hot tap and then sat on her stool alongside the bed to treat her patient.

"Sarah I'm going to need you to just pull the hem of your skirt up a fraction please. My hands are now wet and I don't want this cotton wool touching anything other than your grazed leg".

Jess watched as Sarah reached behind her and did as instructed by pulling her skirt up. Jess began gently bathing Sarah's leg.

"How does that feel, Sarah?" It's not stinging you is it?"

"It's fine Miss, thank you. It feels nice and gentle", said Sarah.

Jessica got more cotton wool and continued to clean the wound. She realised that the graze was worse than she first thought and had to ask Sarah to pull her skirt up higher.

"Sorry to have to ask you this, Sarah," said Jessica.
"Don't feel embarrassed or anything though. After all, we're all girls together, right?"
And Jessica gave a little laugh so as not to make Sarah feel awkward.

"It's okay Miss Collins. I know you have to do it and I can feel the burning a bit higher, so it has to be done. I'm fine, honestly."
As she was speaking, Sarah pulled her skirt up to fully reveal her bottom which had a slight graze disappearing under her white cotton panties.

Jessica felt herself blushing and was glad that her pupil was face down and unable to see her embarrassment. Jess began bathing Sarah's buttock but realised she had to clean all of the wound and not just the part she could see.

"Oh well, here we go", said Jessica as she placed her hands on Sarah's hips.
"Lift up, young lady, or we'll never clean this scratch properly."

And Sarah dutifully lifted her body up an inch or two and Jessica peeled down her panties to fully expose her pupil's bottom.

Jessica gave an involuntary gulp at Sarah's half naked body in front of her. She tried to remain focused on the job in hand and allowed her fingers to lighlty touch and caress the nubile young backside of one of her star pupils.

"Mmm that feels nice, Miss," said Sarah, her voice suddenly an octave lower.

"Please don't stop."

Jessica was then stunned to see Sarah slowly part her legs. Sarah looked over shoulder and said, "Is this okay for you Miss? Can you get to it now alright?"

Jess watched as Sarah coyly looked down and then parted her legs even more. Jessica was astonished to realise that she had become completly aroused and suddenly the small changing room reeked of the aroma of sex.

She was staring at Sarah's young backside and the exposed adolesent puffy pink pussy lips of a16 year old school girl. Jessica was dripping wet and had to control her breathing before she dare speak again.

"You may turn over now, Sarah," said Jess, her voice catching as she spoke.

As Sarah did as she was asked there was suddenly noisy activity coming from outside and Jessica realised that the bell must have sounded to signal the end of the school day.

"Have I been a good patient, Miss Collins?" said Sarah as she slowly began to pull her panties up.

Jess saw that Sarah had shaved her pussy and the very thought of her student removing her pubic hair at such a young age made her go weak at the knees.

"Very good, young lady. A model patient, and for that you deserve a kiss."

Jessica had no idea why she said it, but she quickly leaned down and placed her mouth over Sarah's and gently brushed her lips. The touch was so light that it barely registered as a kiss at all, and then Jessica placed her hand on Sarah's thigh and dragged her hand slowly upward, and her thumb made contact with Sarah's vagina and Jess applied a little pressure and felt her pupil's wetness. Jess quickly ran her middle finger over Sarah's crack and was rewarded with Sarah shoving her tongue into her teacher's mouth. Jess pushed her tongue deeper and Sarah let out a slight moan. Jess moved her hand over Sarah's breast and felt her nipple harden through the material of her bra and polo shirt.
Jess felt Sarah's hand on her stomach and almost climaxed as the hand travelled downwards into the waistband of her tracksuit. Jess breathed in as if to allow Sarah easier access to her panties and soaking wet cunt. Sarah went lower and then Jess could feel Sarah's fingers exploring the mass of pubic hair that protected her pussy.
Sarah hesitated and Jess could tell that this was because of the surprise of feeling all that hair.

"Wow," said Sarah. It's so thick and wiry. I fucking love it. And you're hot cunt is soaking wet. I want to stick my tongue inside you, Miss. You are so sexy."

And then their kissing intensified. Jess was turned on to the point of blacking out. Sarah's unexpected raunchy language only served to increase Jessica's lust.

Sarah pushed Jess back and got down on her knees looking at Jess the whole time as she slipped her hands into the waistband of her teacher's tracksuit.

"My turn now, Miss," said Sarah, as she pulled Jessica's slacks and panties down to her ankles in one quick motion.

"Oh my god, Miss Collins, I'm going to eat this gorgeous hairy cunt and make you beg for more," said Sarah.
"I want to lick you and shove my hard little tongue as far inside you as I can."

Jessica was leaning back on the table for support as she felt Sarah's tiny hands pulling her pubic hair aside in order to get to her pussy.

"Miss, your pussy hair is so matted with juice, it looks like you've just come out the shower," said Sarah, and then Jess felt her clitorus being sucked and nibbled and then Sarah's free hand was squeezing and tweaking her breast.

"Christ, Sarah, we must stop. The other kids are right outside the door," said Jess.

"In a minute," said Sarah. "I have one more thing to do," and as she said it, Jess felt Sarah's middle finger slide straight up her anus.

Jessica jumped in surprise as she felt her bottom invaded by Sarah's finger. She was slippery everywhere by now but now no longer cared. And then Jess felt the wave of her orgasm approach and she had to grab Sarah and groan loudly into her shoulder to try and muffle the sound.

Both Jessica and Sarah had to control their breathing before stepping back out into the main changing room, and as they did, Sarah whispered, "Miss, can we share your vibrator one evening?"

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