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Tegan's lesbian adventures

Tegan finds pleasure in her first hot heated lesbian sexual encounter with her promiscuous employee.
Tegan has always been ambitious since she was a child. At twenty-four, she is taking over her mother’s fundraising foundation which has been at its peak of success for the past years. During her college years, trying to be rebellious towards her mother, Tegan was in an open relationship with a guy name Adam. Adam was a complete opposite to her. He was nothing like what her mom would expect. He is musician, a lead vocalist in a band and he had that rock musician look. They didn’t suit each other but the sex was good. That kept them together. Living together, they were more like roommates than partners. They had sex when the other wanted, they shared a can of beer together, and they would even search for each other’s hook ups. It was not until about a few months ago, before the long Christmas break, when Tegan came in terms with her sexuality. Tegan had met Mandy.

Mandy was her secretary who has always been there for her whenever she needed. Even on Christmas Eve, Mandy remained behind, while the office was completely empty. Mandy has always been a provocative dresser, with her tight blouses that clings to her perky but round breasts, slim waist and a tight tummy and she also loved wearing those pencil skirts which highlights her ass and her tanned slim legs. It arouses Tegan when she ties up her golden blonde hair in a pony tail, giving her a sneak peek at her neck. Tegan, despite fucking men, she has always been interested in girls, especially Mandy. Though, she had never tried anything before. Mandy being new to the work place and being twenty was always unsure, nervous and innocent. Tegan always made sure whenever they have their meetings, she would sit close to Mandy. Occasionally she would pat her thighs, her shoulders, and once when she was showing some new software to Mandy, she would make sure that she leans closely on Mandy's back allowing her breasts to stroke against Mandy and she would also put her arms so closely next to Mandy's breast while controlling the mouse. Sometimes she would place her face so closely next to Mandy, so close, that it might look as if they were about to lock their lips. She can sense Mandy's arousal. Once she even saw Mandy fingering herself from under her desk, Tegan went home that night had amazing sex with Adam. Never in her life was she that turned on. It was not until Christmas break did everything started happening.

Managing the foundation is an exhausting career choice. Tegan started filing all her work; she had just had a long haul of a call with an association who is need in for fundraising. However her foundation did not have enough funds to support such company and hence, there was a lot of pleading and begging. She looked at the time, and sighed. It was 6 o’clock in the evening. She can't wait to go home, and have a sip of wine, maybe if she was feeling horny, she would have some alone time with her vibrator.

At that moment, Mandy knocked the door and said, "Hi, I just want to say that I am on my way out.”

Tegan looked up and saw Mandy all dressed up in the sexiest white blouse, a tight figure hugging skirt and her heels. Her hair was worn out with the ends of her blonde hair bouncing lightly on her breasts. "Wow, Mandy, are you going somewhere? You look amazing."

"No, I had a date at first, with a friend from out of town, but he can't make it because of the cancel of flights." She blushed, trying to look away. She is really adorable, thought Tegan.

"Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! He doesn’t know what he is missing!" Tegan can't help saying it, gleaming at her. She knew that she had to jump at this chance for her to invite Mandy over, plus Adam said he will be out; didn't he have that gig thing going on a city away and isn’t he going home tomorrow night? Nothing can be claimed as more of a perfect timing.

"So, ummm, I better be going, have a good Christmas break! “ Just as Mandy was about to walk away, Tegan had planned the perfect excuse. "Wait! Mandy! Umm, do you want to come over to my house? Adam is going to be away, I was just going to have a nice dinner and some wine, some company would be... really nice."

"Are you sure about that? I feel like I am going to interrupt your night,” asked Mandy looking a little uncertain. "No, don't worry, you know, I always love your company." At that moment, knowing that she had succeeded, she quickly took her blazer and rushed out of the office. She had a feeling that, that night was going to be a changing point in her life.

Throughout the drive back to Tegan's place, they chatted casually about everything. Tegan had even learnt that the guy, Tom, who Mandy was supposed to have a date with, was her first boyfriend. She was a late bloomer and at eighteen, she lost her virginity to him. It wasn’t until now did they found each other online and he decided that it would be nice to meet her again, as friends she had stressed out. Twice. Upon entering Tegan's place, Tegan could sense Mandy's anxiousness; she was constantly pulling her blazer, and fiddling with her thumbs. It was cute. "Mandy, oh I’m so sorry about the messiness," trying not to trip while picking up the beer bottles in the lounge room, "it's all Adam’s work! He and the boys had some kind of gathering thing, you know them? Make yourself feel at home."

Mandy nodded and allowed herself to sit on the couch. Over dinner, there was a share of laughter and stories mostly about high school, boys and the future. Mandy started to open up to Tegan, as she moved closer to her while they sat on the couch sipping a glass of chardonnay. Mandy would occasionally rub her knees against Tegan's thigh. Tegan felt her heart thumping and started feeling flushed. She took out her blazer, just wearing her white blouse which was unbuttoned at the top revealing her cleavage. She even noticed Mandy looking her breasts.

"Ahhh, I can't wait for this break finally, my shoulders have been hurting me,” Tegan complained, touching and trying to massage her shoulders. "Oh, do you want me to massage for you? A friend of mine taught me the best ways to massage shoulders which are really effective." Tegan wanted to decline, not because of embarrassment or anything, but because she knew that if Mandy had touched her shoulders and rubbed them, she would have definitely came right on the spot.

Before she could say anything, Mandy had placed her hands on Tegan's shoulders, slowly rubbing and massaging her neck and shoulders. "I just have to unbutton your blouse down by one, it would be easier for me." All Tegan could do was nod and gulped. Mandy carefully massaged the back of her neck and gradually, rubbing her shoulders. While massaging Tegan's shoulders, she would occasionally let her fingers to caress towards Tegan's cleavage. Tegan arched her neck and let out a soft moan. Mandy smiled at her, secretly loving the fact that she has this power over Tegan, her sexy boss, she thought. Mandy allowed her fingers to travel further down her top, even touching the base of her nipples. Tegan's nipples were already hard by then, all she could do to stop her from screaming out Mandy's name for more, was to clench on the sides of the sofa. Right when Tegan started to get turned on, Mandy's phone started beeping. "Oh sorry, I have to take this call!"

Tegan bit her lips, unsure at what had just happened, does Mandy feel the same about her? What was that all about? Tegan liked this ‘other’ Mandy who was more confident and what she did was When Mandy came back into the room, she was looking a little sheepish. "Sorry, I have to go now, Tom said that his flight is confirmed and he'll be arriving here in two hours!"

She wanted Mandy to stay so badly but the only words that came out was, "Oh, wow, what? That's...that's good!"

"Thank you, thank you so much for the dinner, the wine and everything! I guess I will see you in a week and a bit then?" Tegan was still stunned but for Mandy to stay, she had to do something."It was nothing, thank you, Mandy." Both the ladies smiled at each other, and they both chuckled, and came into an embrace. "Seriously, thank you for the amazing time." Mandy gave her a longing hug and even gave her a peck on her cheek after.

Tegan never wanted anyone more. She is an ambitious character, always thriving to get what she wants. Her fantasies battled to be free in reality. If Mandy had walked away, she would have lost this chance. Mandy was about to release her embrace and walk out of the house, when Tegan grasped her by her hand, pulling her closer towards her and slithered her tongue into this twenty year old sensual lips. Tegan pulled Mandy towards her tighter, meshing their soft lips passionately, placing her other hand on Mandy's thigh. Mandy pushed away, looking slightly unsure, but to Tegan's surprise, she pulled Tegan with force by her blouse and placed her lips over Tegan’s. "What took you so long?"

The heat in the room started to swell with intensity. Mandy’s question, what took you so long, made her dizzy with arousal. Tegan pushed her against the door, nibbling and biting on her lower lips. Her tongue was deep in Mandy’s mouth while her hand was caressing and gripping her ass. Mandy still had Tegan's blouse twisted in her left hand, she used that to control Tegan and whispered in Tegan's ears, "Now, let see who is boss." Tegan began unbuttoning Mandy's blouse aggressively and trying not to rip it off her. Mandy bit her lip and gasped with pleasure at the touch of Tegan’s lips on her neck and chest. With their tops off, just in their bras, skirts and heels, Tegan bend down, giving Mandy trails of kisses from her neck down towards her navel. She stuck her tongue into Mandy's navel, making Mandy jerk uncontrollably. "Tegan, fuck, you are amazing...mmmm" Tegan has always had a huge weakness for a girl's hips. She let her tongue linger around the brim of Mandy's skirt, allowing her hands to grip Mandy's firm ass. She slid Mandy's skirt off and looked up at Mandy, giving her a gaze. This was a gaze of a million desires. Mandy looked down and greeted into Tegan's brown eyes, pleading for Tegan to give her that pleasure.

Mandy was on such a high that she had her neck arched back, leaning against the door and her fingers trying to grip on to the door knob to steady herself. She arched her body backwards inviting Tegan to her crotch. Tegan kissed Mandy's crotch teasingly. Since Mandy was wearing a thong, it was not hard for Tegan to see that Mandy's pussy was already glistening and swollen, aching for Tegan's lips. Tegan placed her thumb over Mandy's clit, softly playing with it. Mandy's expression was priceless. "Please, Tegan, I need you." Tegan knew that she had gained her power back again, simply stood up and winked at Mandy. "Follow me, if you want more."

Tegan beckoned Mandy towards her as she walked towards her room, her ass swaying from left to right. Mandy grinned, following Tegan's lead, admiring her ass, "You fucking tease!"

In the bedroom, Tegan had lit up her bedside lamp which made her tanned brown skin glowed. She sat on her bed with her arms leaning on the pillow, inviting Mandy towards her. Mandy paused at the threshold of the room, not believing how lucky she is. Here, is the sexy boss, which she has been fantasizing about. The fact that Tegan was only wearing her bra, underwear and her heels made Mandy hornier than ever. Playfully, she rushed towards the bed and bounced on it. She took off her heels and crawled towards Tegan. Mandy reached out for Tegan's legs, giving her teasing kisses leading it up towards her crotch. Before Mandy could make a move by pulling Tegan's undies off, Tegan sat up forwards and gave Mandy a kiss, "Not yet, Mandy, I’m the boss, you do what I say."

As much as she desire to get into Tegan’s undies, Mandy loved being taken control of. She sat back while Tegan moved forward and kissed her cleavage. She took her bra off, and Tegan teased her further by licking around her nipples. Tegan also had her fingers on Mandy's thighs, pleasing her by caressing and tracing them. "Someone has been a naughty girl, hasn't she?" she whispered into Mandy's ears. Mandy was speechless, she was too overwhelmed with pleasure to say anything. “I saw you fingering yourself. You fingered your horny pussy while you put your skirt up and your hands under the desk, last Friday, didn’t you?"

"What were you thinking about Mandy?" asked Tegan, while she once again let her tongue linger on Mandy's crotch, "Tell me, and you might get lucky." "I was...mmmm...fantasizing about you! You were under my desk...tonguing my....mmmm...pussy." "Like this?"

In cue, Tegan pushed her tongue into Mandy's already wet pussy. It was electric. All Mandy could do then was tangle her hands into Tegan's long brown hair, pushing her face into her pussy and jerking her pelvis forwards. Mandy was gasping for air. Tegan continued tonguing her and put her hands on Mandy's butt and raised her pelvis towards her. Mandy's body arched backwards and her toes curled in pleasure while Tegan's face completely disappeared into her crotch. Tegan looked up and look at Mandy who was about to come, begging for more. Using her fingers, Tegan slid two fingers into Mandy's wet pussy, fucking her at a slow and gradual speed. While doing so, she used her skills and tongued Mandy’s clit. "Tegan! Fucccccccccccck!" Tegan swore that her neighbours were able to hear Mandy's scream for her. Mandy's sweet juices flowed out all over Tegan's face. Tegan grinned, licking her lips and gave Mandy a sweet kiss, letting her taste her own juice.

"My turn now." Mandy had never felt better before. She sat up and pushed Tegan down against the pillows. She placed her harden nipples into her mouth, nibbling them, while she traced Tegan's legs with her fingers. Tegan's underwear started to become drenched. Mandy left a trail of kisses from her breast down towards her hips as she pinched Tegan's breast. "Do you like it like this....boss?" "Yes please, oh...mmmm." Mandy raised her eyebrows when she realised that Tegan's underwear was completely drenched. She used her finger and pushed it into Tegan's pussy through her underwear. Tegan moaned for Mandy. She did not expect that from Mandy.

"Ahhh, good girl...more, more...”Mandy liked being called a good girl, and boldly, took Tegan's undies off. She has been craving for this time to lick Tegan's pussy ever since she met her at the job interview. Though she had never licked a girl's pussy, from what she had seen on the porn movies, she had always wished to do so. "Please, Mandy, fuck me." Mandy saw Tegan's eyes, desperate for Mandy to fuck her. "This is payback, baby." Taking a playful revenge, she let her warm breath to tease Tegan's pussy and blew gently across her crotch. Tegan began to jerk in arousal, "Please! Mandy, pleaseeee!" Mandy giggled playfully. Seeing Tegan desperate like this satisfied Mandy and without any hesitation, she forced her tongue into Tegan's clit, licking her already wet pussy. "I am so thirsty for you, baby.”

Tegan began to thrust her shaved pussy towards Mandy's face. The fact that Mandy's wet lips were on her pussy and her fantasy had came true, Tegan was hornier than ever. Using her thumb, Mandy played with Tegan's clit while she tongued her. Feeling slightly naughtier, Mandy even licked Tegan further down south to her anus. Tegan had never been licked there before and she gripped onto the bed heard board over her head. Mandy continued licking back to her clit, while she inserted her index finger into Tegan's ass and her thumb into her pussy. "FUCCCCCCCCCK! MANDY!" After what it seemed like five minutes of fucking Tegan's pussy and inserting a further two fingers into her pussy, Tegan came to a climax and her body began to relax. She was breathing heavily, relieved from the amazing sex that she just had. She had never had an orgasm that great before, not even with Adam, James or even the hot lawyer she fucked the other day.

Mandy crawled over her, straddled over her lap and gave her a long kiss. While they kissed, Mandy began to move her body and grind her pussy onto Tegan's. They both held in an embrace as they made love to one another, grinding their pussies and letting their juices mix as they climaxed together. Tegan and Mandy both collapse next to each other, laughing at how amazing that was. "I'm glad I didn't meet Tom, you have no idea, how glad I am!" Tegan turned around, playing with Mandy's blonde hair that covered her face, she tucked it behind her ears and said, "You don't think this is the end of it do you?"

Tegan and Mandy both continued fucking each other like never before. They also went into a 69 and drained each other’s juices, making each other screamed and begging for more. It became like a competition for the both of them to see who can make each other cum more. They loved it. They had fucked all over the house; in the bathtub, in the shower, in the kitchen, in front of the television, in Adam's room (this made Tegan more horny than ever), even in the garden porch. Tegan even took out her dildo and used it to fuck Mandy. Mandy was screaming in pleasure, pulling Tegan's hair and screaming for her to go either faster or harder. Tegan used the dildo to her advantage and thrust it slowly into her pussy. She was good at this. They even had time to stop and ate ice cream, where it obviously ended up in Mandy licking ice cream all over Tegan's breast, navel and even face. Before they knew it, it was 7 pm the next day and like young teenagers crazy in love and experimenting, Tegan found herself licking Mandy's breast and wrapping her legs around Mandy on the couch. Oblivious to everything, without realising, Adam had been standing there for the past minute trying making sense of everything, "Um, Tegan?"

But that's another story.

 (This my first story but its to be continued, enjoy)


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