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Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 16: Hot talk With Mom

A story in a story. Not much Missy but dips into the mom's life. I hope you enjoy :)

My night with Laci was amazing, It was like I could tell what she wanted and when she wanted it by instinct and she could do the same for me. All that weekend it was all I could think about as I continued on with a normal weekend. Nothing to special really just washing my normal and my Missy clothes as well as taking care of chores around the house. I went off with some friends at times to because even though I do have my Missy life I also like to keep my normal life as well.

Eventually my weekend came close to its ending and as of Sunday afternoon mom came home from her weekend away. I wasn’t dressed by any means, just in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, however I did put in a butt plug just for a little naughtiness for the morning. We sat down at the table and I asked her how her visit went.

“Good, there was a lot of people and the first night was a little boring because all we did was catch up and talk about old times but the second night was a little better. There was a party and everyone got pretty drunk, some people even hooked up and went home with old boyfriends and girlfriends from high school.” Mom replied and started to blush as she looked down at her hands before continuing to explain her weekend.

“I actually met one of my old high school girl friends that I used to hang out with. In fact she was the first girl I ever kissed and a few years later in life we even experimented together her name is Cassey but her nickname is Candy because she is sweet and innocent. At the same time she is wild and juicy on the inside. Oh, and she is the same age as me to.” Mom giggled before continuing.

“She has a double D chest like mine now and a cute ass that was so tight she could break a walnut. We got to talking and I guess in hindsight we had WAY too much to drink. We started touching each other and our pussies were soaking right through our clothes. So we went back to her hotel room and that’s when things really got hot.” Mom paused for a minute and started to fidget in her chair.

“She got upgraded to the honeymoon suit because of some problems with her hotel room and what a room it was. It had a heart shaped bed with mirrors all over it with two bathrooms and a hot tub right in the middle of the room. She gave me a minute to take in the room but then she grabbed me and we started to make out like a couple of sex starved lesbian teenagers. We rubbed and touched each other wildly and I could feel her big breasts press against mine as her hands rubbed my ass in a way that spread my pussy lips and drove me wild!” Mom stopped again as she opened her shirt and her pants to cool off from getting so hot and heavy.

“I go so caught up in making out with her I forgot we were still in our clothes and I almost had an orgasm right there from Cassey touching me as I could feel our sopping pussies make our jeans so wet it was like we spilled a drink on our jeans. Cassey broke off our kiss and pushed me off playfully and told me she needed to get ready but she will be out in a bit. Then she took a bag and disappeared into one of the bathrooms. I went to the other bathroom to get ready as well.” At that point mom needed to get up and said she had to use the bathroom quick.

I just sat there waiting for her return as I felt my throbbing hard cock in my underwear and as soon as she was gone I stroked my cock as I rubbed the butt plug until I came twice. I was just able to get my cum cleaned up before mom came back looking refreshed but tired and I knew she had to masturbate as well.

By the time she had come back she had changed her clothes from jeans and a button up blouse to a bra, a thong and some tight booty shorts and even a garter. Just before she sat down, I noticed a wire that went from out of one of her pant legs to her pocket. I bet she had hoped that I wouldn’t notice but I knew that she had one of those bullet vibes in her pants for some relief during her story. I have to admit it was erotic and clever on her part. Then she continued with her story.

“When I got to the bathroom, I noticed there was a little bit of makeup in front of the vanity mirror. I guess she thought she might bring home another woman and set up another place for her to do her make up if she had to. I washed off my face and re-applied my makeup before stripping off my clothes but leaving on the black g-string and bra that I wore up there. I was missing something to give me that on the road sexy look I thought Cassey would like and then it hit me. I opened my purse and took out a garter and put it around my thigh in fact it’s the same one im wearing now see?” She said as she stretched up her leg until her shin almost touched her face then put it back down.

Her face turned a little red as she tried to hide the fact that she was moving the remote to the garter so she could turn it on when she got horny again. Even though I knew what she was doing I just played along because it was fun and I wanted to hear the rest of the story.

“Anyway once I felt like I was ready for Cassey I went to my purse once again to get my vibrator, lube and anal beads before going back out to the bedroom. When I got there, Cassey was already laying on the bed and I have to say she looked so hot I felt like I creamed my gstring right there! She wore a double string zebra striped thong with matching bra that was almost see-through. She also had on a glittering collar and one of those sexy see-through robes that was purple and had soft fluff like stuff all around the edges with some strappy heels. Cassey wiggled her finger for me to come closer as she rolled over on her stomach. I couldn’t help but play with my pussy through my thong as I watched her tight ass. I even saw she had a cute little tattoo on the lower part of her left cheek. It was a playboy bunny logo with Naughty over top of it and Playmate below it.”

At this point mom started to get horny again and opened her legs before closing them again. Then she ran her hand long her chest just above her breasts like she wanted to play with her big tits but tried desperately to hide it and still satisfy her craving. She smiled then leaned forward until her tits rested on the table and crossed her arms in front of her. I bet it was so she could tease her hard nipples without me seeing. Then she continued the story.

“I could no longer hold back and I hoped on top of her while she was still laying on her stomach. I set my toys and lube next to her and saw she had a few of her own on the bed with mine. At the time I was too horny and just started to ride her beautiful ass as I reached under and massaged her sexy tits. She started to moan and grind my pussy with her ass which got me really excited. Then she rolled over until I was on my back and she was riding my crotch like in the cowgirl position. She put her hands on my hips then slowly and gently rubbed up my stomach and onto my chest as she rubbed her finger tips on my hard nipples. Then Cassey leaned forward and pressed her tits against mine again and kissed me deeply as she reached around and undid my bra. It felt so erotic I could have died right there.”

Hearing this made me crazy horny once again and my ass started to throb around the butt plug as well as my cock throbbed in my boxers. I thought to myself that if she was going to play exhibitionist so I was and started to rub my cock from under the table.

“It was so sexy as she pulled my bra off with her teeth then buried her face in my chest then motor boated them. I started to play with her pussy as she played with my tits rubbing, sucking and licking my tits as my fingers explored her sexy lips that were covered by her thong. Then she sat back up and took off her robe as I sat up and undid her bra and giving her the same treatment she gave me.” Mom’s tone in her voice started to change as she leaned back in her chair again and wiggled her hips a little as she spread her legs and ran her fingers from through her hair, down her body to her thighs where I heard a click then a very faint and slow vibrating sound.

I could feel my face burning bright red as was moms as I started to stroke a little faster. Mom reached behind her and pretended she was scratching her lower back but she forgot about the little mirror that was behind her in the kitchen that we set up to check out the asses of some of our visitors as we talk to them. She moved her hand down to her crack and rubbed it as I saw she pressed where her ass would be and the outline of a ring near by. I giggled to myself as I just found out my mom was using anal beads as well. Suddenly she stopped and I think it was because she realized she was getting carried away with her movements a little and continued her story while she stood up straight.

“We laid there for a while wearing nothing but our thongs and me with my garter and her with her strappy heels. We got a little giddy and she told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. I couldn’t help but smile and do as she asked as I turned away from her and stuck out my ass as much as I could for her. She gave my ass a playful slap before getting right behind me and bumping her crotch into my pussy like she was fucking me doggy style. It was funny but still turned me on big time and I moaned and screamed as loud as I could to play along yelling things like oh god candy you fuck me so good, oh god yes you are better then any man give me that dick! Then we laughed a little but got serious again as she started to kiss my thighs to my pussy.” Now mom started to shake and the sound of the vibration got a little louder and faster. The sudden change in intensity made her body quiver and she moaned a little more.

“I could feel her fingers as they wrapped around my thong and pulled them down to around my knees. God her kisses felt so warm and wet on my clit when she made contact. Then I felt her fingers slowly probe into my wetness which cased me to fall over on my back. My whole body began to get hot and I started to tweak my nipples as I waited for her fingers to slide back into me again but instead I was met with her thong hitting my face. They were sopping wet to but not as much as her pussy was when she got on top of me in a 69 position. Her scent was so strong I buried my face into her pussy and licked madly and she did the same. Eating each other like hungry wolves and probing each other, first with 2 fingers inside then I pushed in three and plunged one finger in her ass. This made her cum a little and juices flowed out like a river. Cassey got even though, She sucked on my clit and put 3 fingers in my pussy as well but stuck 2 fingers in my ass. I sped up my pace and smacked her ass a few more times before dipping back in and twirling my fingers around in different directions and stirring her up inside.”

Saying this suddenly became to much for her to handle and she grabbed the table, opened her legs wide and threw her head back as her whole body shuttered into an orgasm. Then out of embarrassment she ran to her room with her sexy booty shorts completely soaked like she had squirted like a porn star in her pants. I waited a few seconds and quickly shot out one more load before I quietly made my way to her room. I peaked through the door to find her rubbing her pussy on her knees on the floor and learning forward on her bed. She had taken off her thong and booty shorts but was now fingering herself. The ring for the anal beads danced as her hips and her ass shook wildly on her fingers trying to take in more. I slowly opened the door and tip toed my way to her and waited for her to climax again. Once I could tell she was close I grabbed the ring and pulled it out in one quick motion as she squirted and created a massive wet spot on the floor. She turned around and smiled at me.

“Guess I was a little obvious huh?” she said with a laugh.

“Ha ha yeah maybe a little.” I told her

I gave her a few minutes to rest and then she continued her story but this time if we needed to masturbate we agreed that it was ok to just do it right there in front of the other so it wouldn’t interrupt the story anymore.

“Eventually I reached over and gone some of my toys that I had brought with me to the bed. I poured a little lube on her ass and slowly pushed in the anal beads one by one as I wiggled my tongue into her pussy. She seemed to have loved it because she had a hard time staying still while my tongue was in her. I had finally got the last bead into her ass when she screamed an orgasm that poured like a fountain onto my face. Her sticky warm liquids were so delicious about half way through I put my mouth to her hot little slit and swallowed what was left. She panted heavily and I caressed her hot and sweaty body before she rolled off of me and onto her back. I was savoring the taste of her juices when I felt her fingers once again slide into my pussy but this time she grabbed some toys to play with me as well.”

At this point both my mom and I were laying on her bed on our sides facing each other. I applied more lube to my butt plug and I was moving it back and forth in my ass without taking it to the narrowing point where it sits while it is inserted. Mom was lubing up her ass again and inserting the beads one by one and rubbing her pussy as she continued to tell her story.

“Cassey started off by using what I and her called a tri clip. Its like those nipple clamps on a chain but in the middle is an extra part that goes down to a woman’s clit and clamps onto that to. She sucked on each one of my nipples before placing the clamps on each of them then went down to my clit and rubbed it furiously until it was hard like a little pebble. Having clamps on my nipples was no big deals as I have done it so many times before but when she attached the third one to my clit I didn’t know if I was going to cry or squirt like she did. I laid there for a second to get used to the sensation while Cassey grabbed a pillow and my vibrator. She put the pillow under my lower back and raised my hips up a little before putter my legs over her shoulders. Cassey put a condom over the vibrator then covered both my holes in lube before teasing me and saying that since I made her cum with her ass that she was gonna do the same with me.”

It seemed as though mom had forgotten that she was telling the story to me. Instead of just playing it back in her head because now she had her eyes closed and she was laying on her back with her legs spread wide open and using what I assume was the vibrator from that night and moving it in and out of her pussy with it on low and going slowly all while telling the story out loud.

“My legs were wide open and I could feel Cassey slowly pushing my vibrator into my ass. It felt wonderful and so slippery as she twisted and burrowed this toy into me deep. I could feel her warm breath on my pussy but barely touching it with her tongue as the vibrator turned on low then got faster and faster and more intense. Soon it was on high and I could feel the vibrating surge up to my stomach. Her pace started out slow but began to increase in speed as she fucked my ass as fast as she could. I moaned louder and louder and pressed her face to my pussy to make her start licking which she did. She continued to lick me and fuck my ass with the vibrator for I don’t even know how long before I came as well and squirted onto her face, Screaming oh Candy and covering her in my juices like she did with me. Then Cassey removed the clamps from my nipples and my clit before she laid down on top of me and we cuddled and kissed as we rested for a bit.”

Mom was going hard with her vibrator, fucking herself furiously as her liquids squirted out of her with every thrust of her toy. I was stroking still stroking my cock raw but now I was on my knees and bent over wearing a short skirt and a bra while I fucked myself with a dildo to moms story. It was so incredibly hot I had to have some fun as Missy as well and not just my normal self. Soon an orgasm rushed through our bodies and collapsed onto a couple of pillows on mom’s bed.

“Wow mom that was a great story. It was very hot and very sexy.” I complimented her.

“Oh it didn’t end there, there was still one more part of the story.” Mom told me before finishing her story.

“After we relaxed for a few minutes, Cassey said to me that she wanted to try one more thing with me since I was here and got up to go to her bag and son I have to say you would have loved to have been there with me to watch her sexy ass walk away. Anyway Cassey came back quickly and hopped onto the bed with a purple double dildo and sucking on the head. I took the other end and sucked on it as well as Cassey and I stared into each other’s eyes. We started to take the dildo deeper and deeper down our throats until we could kiss in the middle. My god the feeling of that dildo in my throat while our tits pressed against the other and we kissed probably sent me to another level of pleasure that combined kissing a woman and deep throating a big juicy cock. We had to stop because we needed air but that was alright because I wanted it in my pussy. Cassey and I got on all fours and pushed the dildo into our pussies until we were ass to ass and rocked back and forth into each other. That was the real fun and we stayed like that until 2 in the morning. In the end we were so tired we had to sleep in and that is why I was so late getting home today.”

Overall I thought to myself that it was a great story but I couldn’t help but wonder if she was just making it up or if this really happened so I asked her. She said it was completely true and I would get to meet her very soon.

Now I was confused, what did mom mean when she said I would get to meet her very soon but I didn’t have to ask because she told me anyway.

“You see when we woke up we just sat and talked for a while and she asked about you. I got out my purse and I showed her a picture of you and I at the fair last year. In fact it seems she already knew you from the Missy website and in fact she was a big fan. She told me that she loved a lot of my videos and loved how sexy I was in them and the clothes I liked to wear. I told her that it was nice to hear and that I would tell you when I got home but she said I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. I asked why and she told me it was because she was moving to our city around the end of the month because of a job transfer and would like to meet Missy if she had a chance. I had to giggle and told her that would be great.”

Mom continued to talk about how great it was that I had so many fans and that Missy was so popular with both men and woman. I just drifted off and started to fantasize about what kind of “Candy” she would taste like and giggled to myself.

“Hey I got an idea mom. You must be sore from being with Cassey last night and my cock is sore from stroking to your hot story. Therefore how about you and me go back to that gloryhole tonight and see if we can get a nice taste of hot sticky cum. You know, the one at the porn shop you took me to a while back? I feel like sucking some cock and I bet you want to taste a real one after that dildo am I right?” I asked her with a smile and a laugh.

“That sounds great hunny you actually read my mind. Let’s wait until later tonight to go but right now I have an idea.” She said smiling.

To be continued.

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