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..testing the water..

..he dropped me off at my door step and kissed me deeply, promising to call later to make plans, he was planning a dinner party and would love me to help him host it. Not really my thing but after the night we had had I would have agreed to anything! I was also slightly curious as to what kind of dinner parties he has, after last nights revelations...

I walked in to my apartment and was greeted by the new maid I had hired; she is very tall about 6ft I think, slim waist with broad shoulders,  a surprisingly firm big ass and curvy hips and good shapely long legs with shapely calves, it is those features coupled with her French accent and quirky beautiful face that made me hire her. She had water blue eyes and always had a slightly awed look on them when she spoke. She always wore an immaculate uniform, a shirt with a short skirt, good shoes usually black or red high heels, stockings with the french line along the back of the leg,  her dark brown hair was curly and always up in a scarf, cute touch I thought

I started realising that there is more to this girl, when she kept walking in to my bedroom when she knew I was getting changed or if I were in the shower she would wait until I get out to dry myself and pick that moment to come in to ask for something very urgent...then she would linger on; once she offered to help put cream on my back;

I sat in front of my stand up mirror, while she rubbed the cream, very slowly and lovingly and as she reached around me and caressed my breasts firmly, I couldn't stop my breasts from reacting, my nipples became hard and erect and a small gasp escaped my lips, I looked into the mirror at her face, she was looking straight at me, I held her gaze, she looked strong, her blue water eyes seemed to change to a darker green, I blinked and she looked away and then carried on back to my back again, I pretended not to notice but looked at her face again for any signs of..anything but she just had that water blue stare and looked like she was concentrating but peaceful..what was she thinking about I wonder? I wanted to know for sure so I lifted my hair up so she can get to my neck and parted my legs a little so she can get a glimpse of what she wanted to see in the mirror, to my satisfaction, she did gasp a little and stare a little and then she carried on rubbing the cream on the whole of my back. my arms, swiftly around my breasts and then lingered around my hips....she didn't make a move to go between my legs though..funny..when she had had enough, she cleared her throat and said something about washing up and left. It was so nice to have someone around to flirt with.

I was still feeling high from last night, those waiters were really cute and really quite big, my pussy was still throbbing from all that action, I could really do with someone just giving me some attention right now...I looked at Lola, lingering in my room as usual and pretending to pick up clothes for the wash. I said 'Lola what are you doing later' she replied that she just had this job today and she was supposed to be at a bar later and she hastily added but no strict plans as such. So we made a date for that evening to meet later to go to this bar she mentioned.

I lay in bed after our little conversation and feeling horny, took all my clothes of and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good. I felt my breasts and played with my nipples until they became hard and erect, I squeezed them ran my hand down to my stomach, I wanted to tease myself a bit longer, so I stepped in to the shower and let the cool water run all over me, my hair my back, my breasts and down my legs. I lathered up and teased my nipples some more..

Later I lay in bed, fresh and clean, I couldn't wait any longer, lifted my knees up and felt the gentle breeze from the window flutter around my thighs and caress my labia, I fingered my self, one finger, two fingers three, my long finger found the small spot which makes me breath out heavily when I tease it, I played with it around it and reached for the large vibrator I had next to my bed, I held it against my pussy and let the vibrations tease me, I couldn't wait any longer, I thrust it inside me and fantasised about the waiters last night, mmm...I spread my legs wide and looked at myself in the mirror as I felt myself coming I squeezed my nipples hard and let the waves take over me.....I lay back and felt the juice dribble back to my ass. I held the vibrator away, still on and enjoyed feeling the vibrations on my hand. I was blissfully aware of the cool breeze from the window, the stillness of the room and of the silent Lola who has been watching me wide eyed all the way through, the thought of being watched has always inspired me..

I waited till the last waves of my orgasm subsided and looked in the mirror, Lola was still there, hiding in the doorway, silly girl doesn't she see that I can see her? I said 'Lola, I'm thirsty, can you do me a favour and get me  drink?' She said, 'yeh sure!' and then slapped her hand to her mouth..

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