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That Summer Dress

Mary is struggling to write an erotic lesbian story but gets help from her neighbour - or does she?

“Damn,” she shouted to herself as her middle finger hit the delete key on her MacBook. She had spent the whole night trying to write her first lesbian erotic story for publication on the RedSite, which she had joined to express her sexuality. Mary had successfully written stories about straight sex but had set her heart on completing a lesbian tale. The frustration was evident. She was still learning her craft and despite never having been with a woman, she was completely curious about it.

It was time for coffee and a shower. Maybe that would clear her head. She was still dressed in her toweling robe and a pair of cotton panties. Her dark rimmed glasses were firmly perched on her pretty nose while her almost black hair fell over her shoulders. She grabbed her coffee and made her way upstairs. Her husband had left for his job and their son was now old enough for playschool. She was alone and determined.

She sat on her bed drinking her coffee and thinking about the story she wanted to write. Nothing was happening in her imagination at all. Mary considered herself a sexual woman. She enjoyed it both with her husband and by herself but somewhere in her body was a desire to find a woman to make love to.

She made great coffee and as soon as it was gone she trudged to the shower. She took a quick peek in the mirror as she took off her glasses and slipped out of her robe, letting it drop to the floor. Mary was pleased by what she saw. She was in great shape with firm 36C breasts and a cute bottom. Her legs were pretty good too. She did a quick twirl before stepping in to the steaming shower.

Her shower routine was always the same. Hair first followed by a soapy sponge of her whole body. She loved that feeling of the sponge sweeping over her skin, her breasts, stomach and thighs. She loved showers, the hot water running over her body always made her feel good. As she swept the sponge over her breasts, her nipples responded, sending a jolt straight to her pussy.

Mary lingered on her breasts a bit before parting her legs and slipping the sponge between her legs, soaking up the feeling spreading through her pussy. She felt so good and her own hands were often her best lover. Her eyes closed as one hand grabbed her left breast, pulling her hard nipple as the sponge worked its magic between her legs. She wanted to cum but decided that it was not the time. Reluctantly she stepped out of the shower, dried and wrapped herself back into her robe and toweled off her hair.

Grabbing her glasses, Mary made her way downstairs to the study and sat down in front of her computer and decided to give her sapphic masterpiece another go. The shower had had a good effect on her mind. With her fingers poised over the keyboard, her eyes closed and she pictured herself answering the door to her neighbor who had popped over to arrange a barbeque to celebrate her son’s birthday.

Sarah was tall and attractive. She had a full figure, curvy but perfectly in proportion. Her hair was cut short and today she was wearing a long summer skirt and a vest top. As the movie unfurled in Mary's head, her fingers started typing.

She saw Sarah sitting opposite her on the couch, her unfettered breasts moving against her top as she spoke. Mary could see her nipples poking against the material and as she described the scene on the screen, she wondered how sensitive they might be, how they would respond to her kisses.

As each vision sprang into her head, it replayed on her laptop. As each word passed through her fingers she felt her own body stirring as she committed herself to the story now taking shape.

As Sarah smiled, Mary typed. As Sarah stood, Mary typed. As Sarah sat next to her, Mary typed. She saw the kiss. She typed the kiss. She felt the kiss. The visions increased and her fingers hammered the keys, conveying everything onto the screen in front of her.

Soon everything became a blur of words and visions and touches and kisses. Mary felt her body responding to Sarah’s mouth as it teased each nipple, making them wet and hard. Mary’s own hand had moved inside her robe and was carelessly caressing her breast and teasing her nipple while the other danced across the keyboard. By the time Sarah had begun to kiss down her stomach, Mary’s robe was open and her legs parted.

The visions filled her head and her body as she felt Sarah’s mouth on her mound, kissing softly before her tongue began its dance across Mary’s pussy lips. As she typed what she was seeing, Mary could feel herself getting wet and tingly, causing her to shift her hips on her chair.

It was getting too much for Mary. The vision and feel of Sarah’s tongue flicking her swollen clit, parting her lips and fucking her gently was driving her mad. As she tipped her head back, she noticed she had slipped her own hand between her legs.

She felt her juices running over the fingers now curled against her g-spot and her thumb pressed against her clit rubbing it slowly. All she could see in her mind was Sarah’s head between her legs. All she could feel was Sarah’s fingers stimulating her g-spot as her soft tongue flicked, licked and circled her clit.

Mary had abandoned her typing and was now living out the story in her mind. As Sarah’s tongue went faster and harder, so did Mary’s thumb. As Sarah’s fingers teased her g-spot so did Mary’s.

Mary gave herself to the story in her head completely. Her thumb and fingers moving faster along with Sarah’s tongue and fingers. She could feel her orgasm building with every touch. Closer and closer until it took her over, erupting through her, hips jerking with each spasm, her juices flowing onto her chair.

As she lay back spent, she opened her eyes wondering what had happened. She felt totally exhausted but happy she had got her story. As she stood and walked slowly to the kitchen, she thought she caught a glimpse of a long summer skirt disappearing through the door.

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