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That's What Friends are For

Denise has some fun while her husband is at work.
Denise wrapped her mouth around Cory’s firm cock with a sigh. She sucked lightly then licked around the head a few times as Scott moved to her rhythm. He moved closer to her with her head half in his lap and his back on the headboard. They were oddly straddled on the bed since Scott was underneath her while she road him in time with sucking Cory’s cock.

Denise felt the cool lube as Richie pushed his dick in her butt hole seconds before it found it’s temporary home.

“Oh yeah Baby let’s get this ride moving,” he said as he joined the others. They seemed to all moan in time with Denise’s suprisingly smooth movements.

It wasn’t the first or last time that they all came together to “get off.”

Long haired Cory came first in Denise’s mouth after her viscous assault on his cock, “Shit,” he said "that was so good."
Denise swallowed then squeezed her vagina muscles readily around Scott’s cock after Cory got off the bed, her body shivered as her orgasms hit her a few second later.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Hell Yes!” she said just before Scott came and she collapsed on him with a smile.

Richie was last but he was also a happy camper, “Oh Baby I loved that you are so tight.” They all burst out laughing as they discarded the condoms.

“What would I do without you guys with Jon always out of town?” she asked with a smile as they gathered around her for a hug.

“Oh Baby, we’ll do you whenever you want, you know we’re friends like that,” Scott the slightly over weight one of the group, said after they all hugged her.

She smiled, her red hair that was not all messy as it hung half way down her back. Her newly perfect teeth shown through slightly parted lips.

“I know you all are so great for me, maybe I’ll see you again in a couple of days,” she added hesitantly though it was forced. She wanted them on call twenty four seven for her but she couldn’t say that because it wasn’t proper for her, a married lady. It didn’t matter that she had more money then all of them or that her husband was a big movie star who was rarely at home.

“Just let us know,” Cory said as they all followed him out of the room.

Denise caught up with them then said goodbye at the door.

She hurried to the guest room, the one that was always closed because well sometimes she had other visitors she didn’t want her men friends to know about.

Ellen Henry, Denise’s best friend lay on the bed naked reading a magazine. Her long blonde hair lay in disarray on around her slim shoulders. Her long legs untangled themselves as she turned toward the door as it opened.

“Did those guys finally leave?”

“You could have come in to play with us,” Denise said as she straddled Ellen.

“What and watch them defile you?”

Denise smiled because Ellen was the jealous type at times. She enjoyed that she spoke her mind about her activities.

Denise moved back off the bed then held her hand out for Ellen, “Let’s shower and get their smell off of me then we can start over.”

Ellen smiled then took her hand.

In the shower Ellen made sure that Denise was cleaned. She used the shower head on all of her crevices after she soaped her up. Denise could only smile and endure her cleansing. Ellen meant well because they had been lovers and friends for many years. Ellen who was also bisexual, loved no one the way she loved Denise. It didn’t matter that Denise was married and had many lovers Ellen was always there for her not only for sex but for advice.

Finally in the bedroom after the shower, they kissed properly on the bed before Ellen leaned down to suck Denise’s ample fake breasts. She had been against them but Jon, Denise’s husband like the idea of the enlargement despite rarely being around to enjoy them himself. She licked, sucked and caressed them until Denise was wet all over again. Ellen knew almost the moment it happened as she looked in Denise’s eyes.

Denise bit her lip then moved Ellen’s hand down between her legs. She couldn’t speak. Ellen kissed her stomach then her hip then licked her clit before she opened her nether lips up to lap the wetness between her folds. Denise was moaning by that point that Ellen began to lick up then down and over her trembling lips. She pushed her finger in her warm soft hole, two then three as Denise’s body shook. Denise looked in her eyes then pulled out her fingers to lick them clean.

“I love the way you taste,” she insisted as she leaned down for more. Denise’s body began to convulse in waves of pleasure as she moaned almost in tears with the feeling.

After she came down from her orgasms, she allowed Ellen the same pleasures before they pushed their pussies together as close as possible then rode one another kissing passionately for long minutes.

Denise was more than satisfied by the time she had to dress for the table reading of her new movie.

Ellen left to go to her own home to dress for her role on a television show. It was still only after nine in the morning. A busy day for two busy women.

“Talk to you later,” Ellen said at the door as Denise said goodbye.
At the meeting Denise had a chance to see all the people in the new movie, Hidden. She sat down across from an old friend from a previous television show, Fast Love. The woman, Jenn London, smiled at her. Denise could only sigh as she became moist between her legs almost instantly. Jenn was a dark haired, big breasted, multi racial female. Denise had encounters with her on the set before that were quite pleasurable she recalled with a slight licking of her lips.

The reading lasted almost four long hours, though they had breaks they were reading from the drafts which means they had to included contingent scenes, those parts that usually end up on the deleted reel. Denise thought they were a waste of time but for the paycheck the gig paid she endured it.

“Good job folks, we will be ready to start filming on Thursday,” George Stack, said as he let everyone leave for the day.

Denise shook a few hands, made small talk but in the back of her head all she could think of was Jenn. Jenn who she only smiled at before she went toward her car. Jenn who followed her but said nothing until they were near the exit.

“Hey,” Jenn said to Denise’s back. The same back that belonged with the ass she had been watching while the other woman walked away.

“Hey,” Denise said as she turned around with a smile.

“I remember you from Fast Love.”

“I remember you too,” Denise said with another lick of her lips, interesting because during the breaks they hadn't spoken.

Denise turned to walked to her car, a black Jag, but as she opened the door she realized Jenn was in front of her. It’s not like she wasn’t playing hard to get.

“Do you want to chat?” Denise asked.

Jenn laughed, “I want You at my house as soon as you can get there,” she said as she handed Denise a card with her address on it.

Denise bit her lip as she looked her up and down, “I might be busy, NOW, how about we meet for drinks later 

over at Hazel’s.”

Denise was having a hard time breathing near Jenn but she wasn’t going to make it easy, she liked having to wait it made things that much more fun if there was a game involved.

There were other people coming and going to there cars as the two ladies stared at each other near the Jag. Denise got inside the car so it wasn’t obvious to the others that their conversation wasn’t trivial.

Denise couldn’t keep her eyes off Jenn’s chest even though she already knew how her tits tasted. They were natural and huge. She missed them she knew that for certain.

“Okay I’ll meet you at 8.” Jenn said as she walked away toward her red BMW. Denise watched her ass as she walked away, it was going to be a hard wait.

Denise sighed she had to go back home to get the memory cards she had forgotten then take them to her safe deposit box on the other side of town it was already after three o’clock which might get her stuck in traffic.

She filmed all of her encounters for her viewing pleasure later on but she didn’t like to keep them at her house. For some reason on this day she felt an urgency to get them out of her house.

Jon called just as she walked in the door in a hurry to grab the cards.

“Hey Baby,” she said as she went quickly about doing her errand.

“Hey to you too, busy day? I tried you earlier.”

“Oh yes just running into the house to grab something; I was at a reading. I miss you,” she said as she tried to change the subject so he wouldn’t ask her details.

“I miss you; just wanted to say hello. I gotta get back out there.”

“Love you too,” she said before hanging up.

Jon smiled as the woman on top of him continued to move with him as they had sex on his bed in his hotel room. He had the day off before he had to get back to work. He only called Denise because he had tried her earlier and wanted to follow up. He didn’t need her calling at the wrong time while he was hanging out with his groupies or fans as some call them

“Oh Jon Baby,” one of his favorite fans, Delilah said to him as she rode him for all it was worth. Her dark hair fell on dark her shoulders as he ran his hands over her dark skin. He loved being a god to women.

That night Denise was purposefully late to meet up with Jenn. She saw the other lady at the bar as she walked in. Jenn was already speaking with another redhead. Denise smiled as she approached, “Hey Baby, sorry I’m late,” she said as the other woman eyed her suspiciously like she owned Jenn.

Jenn smiled back, “its okay Vera has been keeping me busy telling me about her first modeling job. Maybe she can hang out with us, what do you think?”

Denise shook her head, it’s up to you but,” she said before she leaned over to whisper in her ear, “I been remembering the taste of you since I saw you earlier.”

Jenn looked at anxious Vera, “Maybe next time Sweetie,” she told her before she gave her a strictly business card that had only her phone number on it with a picture.

Jenn took Denise’s hand as they went upstairs to the VIP lounge. Hazel’s was a bar frequented by actors but the VIP area was private and password protected area where they could be away from prying eyes for a bit of fun. Jenn put in her password then they walked in without being noticed. There were several people curled up on sofa’s kissing or fondling one another as they walked through the common area.

Jenn found an empty room for them where they closed and locked the door. The room was furnished with high end items. Jenn took off her navy blue micro mini dress while Denise unzipped her low cut black wrap dress. Denise’s pussy was soaked and ready after thinking of Jenn for hours; she pushed her on the bed with a wicked grin. She kissed her waiting lips while she pressed her palms against Jenn’s perky nipples before moving her mouth down to suck them her tongue twirled and licked as Jenn moaned against her neck. Jenn’s hands traced Denise’s back eagerly searching for her firm ass.

“Okay we gotta move this along,” Denise said before she moved up. She pushed Jenn on her back then criss crossed her legs with the other woman’s until their bodies were flush together meeting at the pussy. They pushed against one another till they had temporary relief. “Oh Yeah,” they laughed before they fell on the bed. Jenn took control then kissing Denise’s lips, neck, tits, stomach while her hand teased her pussy stroking her clit then moving her fingers in then out slowly. Her lips met up with her hand then she made a full assault with her tongue. Denise was almost jumping off the bed by with pleasure.

There was a knock on the door and it opened, “Oops, sorry,” the man who had a key said before he closed the door again.

Denise didn’t care she was in full blown multiple orgasm land. Denise smiled as she lay back on the bed after she was done.

“Oh you are something else,” she said before Denise spread Denise’s legs open then went to town licking her dripping pussy why she alternately sucked then stroked her. She was more than ready to taste Jenn who was trembling helplessly with ecstasy a few minutes later.


Denise laughed, she had to admit to herself she had enough sex that one day to keep her going a couple of days and Jenn was the best of it. .


More of Denise’s Adventures & to find out what goes on with Jon on the set are in the works!!!

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