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The Ashley's

Ashley Times Three Equals Ecstasy

This is a little spin off story of my Krista stories. You may or may not have to read them to fully understand everything in this story. Your call.

Ashley sat on her bed staring at the wall she had plastered with pictures of Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and some sexy male model in a Calvin Klein underwear ad.

Just a little over a week ago she had started to date the guy of her dreams, Todd. She finally landed him at her sweet 16th. But ever since then she's had this feeling that something wasn't right, that something was missing between them. And everytime she tried to bring it up to her friend Krista, Krista would fidget and quickly change the subject.

The fact of the matter was Ashley was a virgin, Todd was not, so therefore he should be trying to cash her v-card every chance he got, right? But he wasn't.

Ashley was spilling her guts about all of her relationship woes to her two friends, Ashley and Ashley, as it turned out. Popular name.

"I don't know why you hang out with that slut, Krista, anyways, Ash. She's probably the reason he's not into fucking you, if you get my drift."

Krista didn't have any female friends other than Ashley. Girls generally hated her because their boyfriends jumped in the sack with her if she gave them the chance, and more often than not, she did.

"You guys, don't be so hard on Krista. She's had it rough. And besides, she's my best friend and she's pretty amazing once you get to know her."

If Ashley knew the truth she'd change her tune quite fast and join in on the Krista bashing. Krista did, and currently was, fucking Ashley's boyfriend Todd. Once in Ashley's bed during her swet 16, not even a full day into their relationship.

"She fucked my boyfriend last year." Ashley Carter replied. It was true, Krista had slept with Roger the last day of school before summer break. And the only reason why people knew it was because the janitor found them going at it in his storage closet.

"Yea, and mine." Ashley Torez countered. Also true, and the only reason why they got busted because Brendon was stupid enough to let Krista tape it and then played the tape at Ashley's pool party last month.

"I'm not denying that she hasn't made some horrible mistakes in the past, but she's trying. And she'd never do that to me."

"If you say so." Ashley C said unconvinced.

"You aven't ever been like, fingered or anything, have you?" Ashley T asked, not even realizing she was crossing a boundary.

Ashley blushed a little at the question, "No." In fact, she had never done anything but kiss. No groping, dry humping, nothing.

"Maybe that's the problem," Ashley C said. "Todd can sense your inexperience and it freaks him out."

"Is that even possible?" Asley asked.

"Yea. Guys can sense that kinda shit. I read it in Cosmo."

"Seriously?" Now Ashley was worried. She didn't want Todd to be freaked out by her inexperience.

"Yesssss." Ashley C hissed.

"Well, what can I do? I don't want to be freaked out."

"Get some experience obviously." Ashley T said dumbly.

"How though? I don't wanna cheat or anything."

"It's common for girls to practice on their girlfriends." Ashley C said calmly.

Ashley and Ashley T laughed out loud until they realized Ashley C wasn't kidding.

"Seriosuly?" Both Ashley's asked at the same time.

"God, don't you girl read Cosmo ever? Yes!" Ashley C looked at Ashley T, "Don't tell me you've never kissed a girl."

"I haven't!" Ashley T said.

"Do you want to?" Ashley C asked. "Because I'd be willing, for educational purposes, of course." she offered.

Ashley and Ashley T looked at each other nervously, and then they looked at Ashley C who sat there looking at them cool and collected.

"And it would help me with Todd, you're sure?" Ashley asked, still skeptical about the entire thing.

"Scouts honor!" Ashley C promised.


"Me too, I guess," Ashley T didn't really need the experience but she didn't want to be the party pooper either.

"Cool." Ashley C smiled widly. "Who wantes to go first?"

"Um, Ashley should, because of Todd and all." Ashley T said nervously.

Ashley C looked at Ashley, leaned in and kissed her right on the lips.

Ashley's stomach tightened at first but then she realized kissing Ashley C was no differen than when she kissed Todd.

Ashley C's tongue parted Ashley's lips and started to explore Ashley's mouth. Ashley, followig suit, stuck her tongue in Ashley C's mouth and they grazed for just barely a second, and then they pulled apart.

Ashley bit her lower lip and then looked at the comforter on her bed, too embarassed to look at either of her friends.

When she finally did look up Ashley C and T were kissing exactly the same way Ashley and Ashley C had just done.

She felt a tingle down in her underwear watching them kiss. She didn't know why, but it was unmistakeable.

Ashley C and T pulled apart and they all looked at each other unsure of what to do next.

"Maybe you two should kiss." Ashley C suggested.

Ashley and Ashley T looked at each other and then leaned into each other. When they're lips met they were barely touching but then as they both got caught up in the moment they mused into each other and kissed harder. They're tongues grazing and their saliva mixing together.

When they pulled apart they looked at Ashley C who had her hand down her skirt and was visibly fingering herself. She didn't try to hide it.

Ashley and Ashley T watched for a few moments and then looked at each other and slowly, put their hands down their skirts and started to finger themselves.

They sat their for about 5 minutes watching each other finger themselves, moaning, smiling and giggling nervously, and then Ashley C leaned in and kissed Ashley T, and pulled Ashley in so that they were engaged in a way kissing, fingering circle thing.

Ashley C took Ashley T's hand and placed it on Ashley's lap, while she took Ashley's hand and put it down her skirt and over top he semi-hairy pussy, she then placed her own hand in Ashley T's cunt and was pleasantly happy at the loud moan that escaped her mouth./

The three Ashley's fingered each other and kissed each other for a few more minutes when Ashley C broke the circle. "I am so turned on right now. Are you guys?"

Both Ashley's nodded their heads slowly, confused about what they were feeling.

"So, do you wanna go further?" Ashley C asked.

It was quiet for a few moments and then Ashley replied, "I do. For Todd."

"Okay," Ashley T agreed.

Ashley C pushed Ashley down on her back so that she was sprawled out on the bed and then slowly slipped her skirt off revealing her chubby legs and white cotton panties that has a tiny, fresh wet spot on them.

Ashley T nervously removed her panties exposing Ashley's pussy. There was a triangular patch of pubic hair right above it.

Ashley C then leand down and started to lightly lick Ashley's pussy slit. Slowly at first and then quickly. She parted the lips with her tongue and then licked all around the inside of Ashley's cunt. Ashley moaned out, grabbing her pillows and biting her lips, moving her hips around hoping for some extra pleasure.

Ashley C looked at Ashley T, "Lick my pussy from behind while I eat Ashley, k?"

Ashley T nodded and then removed Ashley C's skirt and panties and then buried her face in between her ass cheeks as she ate her from behind.

Ashley and Ashley C both moaned at the same time.

Ashley felt a rush of fluid come out of her pussy and heard Ashley C lapping it up like and alley cat drinking milk.

Ashley C looked up and smiled. She came. It's time to switch positions. Ash why don't you sit on her face and I'll straddle her."

Ashley T removed her panties and skirt and then sat on Ashley's face, while Ashley C straddled Ashley, placing their pussy's right on top of each other.

Ashley T was moaning in pleasure as Ashley's tongue flicked in and out of her pussy. She grabbed her nippled and played with them. Ashley C leaned forward and staretd to roll he hips and couldn't control her moans as her pussy and Ashley's pussy rubbed together, creating an amazing feeling of friction and tension.

Ashley C leaned in and started to french Ashley T. All the girls moaned together as they pleased each other and had their way with each others cunts.

Ashley grabbed a hold of Ashley T's legs and lifted her face deeper into her sweet tasting cunt.

"Oh my God, Ashley that's...Oh my God. You're eating my pussy. Feels so good." She moaned.

Within seconds Ashley T came all over Ashley's face. She lifted herself off her face, positioned herself with her back to Ashley T and started licking Ashley's face clean.

Ashley C grabbed Ashley's T's sides and started to ride and rock harder now that she had both Ashley's near her pussy. Ashley T started to rock with her.

Ashley moans started to grow louder and louder telling them all one thing, she was getting ready to orgasm.

"Quick, get off." Ashley C ordered Ashley T.

Both Ashley's lifted off  Ashley, who was pulled up to her knees by Ashley C.

"Lick her asshole while I eat her cunt."

Ashley couldn't believe the feelings she was having right now. She was imaging Todd was the one eating her out, and she wondered to herself if this would classify as cheating. She didn't think so.

"Eat me deeper, please. I'm almost there...Ashhhhhh." Ashley moaned out loud. "God."

Her pussy started to tingle a different kind of tingle this time; something much stronger. "Oh my God, it's happening." She warned her friends.

Fluids started to run down her leg and onto her comforter. Ashley T and C started to lick her legs clean and rubbed their own clits while they did it.

Ashley collapsed onto her bed, tired, and without warning a pussy was placed over her face. she started to lick it while the other Ashley moaned.

Whoever was on her face started to rock back and forth, coming close to orgasm and a few seconds later the body as trembling and sh nearly drowned in the fluids washing her face.

Ashley T fell down beside her and gasped for breath.

Ashley C looked at them smiling and grabbed a perfume bottle and handed out for one of the Ashley's to take.

Ashley took it and manauvered it into, what she hoped was the right hole. Ashley C moaned and threw her back in pleasure. Ashley T got behind her started to eat her asshole.

Ashley C came all over Ashley's Paris Hilton CanCan bottle and a little trickled into Ashley's T's mouth.

Ashley T and C looked at Ashley as she sucked the perfume bottle clean.

Ashley C and T left Ahley's house around 6 because Todd was due around 6:15.

He walked into Ashley's room and smiled at her, "Hey babe. What'd you do today."

Ashley smiled, she wanted to tell him to turn him on but she couldn't because she was slightly embarassed by it as well.

"Nothing. What'd you do?" She asked


They smiled at each other, not knowing that other had just fucked like wild rabbits on ecstasy in heat, Ashley with Ashley C and T, and Todd with Krista.

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