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The Babysitter

A sweet babysitter seduces her employer
The Babysitter

She gave a light tap on the door, knowing that there was a baby in the house probably trying to sleep. The tapping was loud enough to alert the child’s mother who was sat in her living room. The house had been silent so the sound startled the young mother who, up to now, had been playing through the infinite possibilities of the night ahead in her mind. The more she thought about it, the more nervous and edgy she made herself.

At least her 3 year old son, Callum, had drifted off to sleep without too much bother. It felt like the young boy somehow knew his mother was going out on a real date for the first time since separating from his father and wanted to do what he could to help. The separation had been hard on Kerry. It had happened just 3 months into the pregnancy. She suspected that the sight of her ever growing ‘baby bump’ scared Jason (her boyfriend of 2 years and Callum’s father) away.

What made it worse was how connected she had felt to him, at 25 years of age she lost her virginity to this man who, she thought, would be around forever, no matter what. However the ‘no matter what’ part didn’t seem to include a positive pregnancy test. He’d left his seed in Kerry and ran. It was then up to Kerry to raise their child alone and for the first time in her life she’d felt really alone. Of course that wasn’t the case, her mother and father had been there for her when it mattered most and the last couple of years of motherhood had given her some of the best moments in her life.

Tonight Kerry was set to meet Stewart, a man she’d met on Facebook through a friend of a friend. After weeks of online chatting she had learned a lot about the man. They shared similar tastes in music and movies and he hadn’t been put off by the fact that Kerry had a son. The first time they arranged to speak on the phone had been nerve racking but tonight, as she awaited the arrival of the babysitter, she was in a whole new stratosphere of panic.

Lucy was the daughter of a good friend of Kerry’s. She only lived 5 houses along the street from her and, according to her friend, Lucy was happy to sit on the sofa watching DVDs while Kerry went out with her new man. Especially with a £7.50 reward!

Lucy waited at the door for Kerry to let her in. She had to be persuaded by her mother to come here tonight.

“Do it as a favour for me,” she had said. “Kerry’s been through so much and she’s finally found the nerve to date again. All you have to do is sit on the sofa and watch the telly for a couple of hours!”

Later that day Lucy heard her mother on the phone declaring how happy her daughter would be to baby-sit! It wasn’t the money that had convinced her to accept the job; it was her mother’s plea, who can refuse a favour to dear old mummy anyway?

As it was only a short walk to Kerry’s house Lucy hadn’t felt the need to dress up or anything, no point in tarting herself up for a night on the sofa. With that in mind Lucy wore a low-cut white tank top and a thigh length black and white striped denim skirt with a wide white belt that had a round buckle at the front. A simple pair of sandals finished off the outfit. She had pulled her dark shoulder length hair back into a ponytail. She looked at herself in the full length mirror on the bathroom wall and smiled at what she saw. At 5 feet and 5 inches Lucy could be described as petite. Small in height and in build made her look younger than her 19 years. If she felt like wearing her old school uniform she would easily pass as a year 11 student.

Looking young was great but sometimes she wished she looked more like a woman than a girl. She had small breasts that sat pert and proud on her slim chest. Her flat stomach was lucky considering her lack of exercise and her junk food addiction. Her legs were also slim, not ultra skinny by any means; they looked nicely toned right the way up to her thighs and bum. It was a beautiful figure that could be the envy of any young woman.

She wasn’t dressed for a special occasion, but, like most girls her age, she still wanted to look nice (sexy if possible.) Even if it was only for a quick walk followed by a night of nothing, and when the door opened and Lucy saw Kerry for the first time she was extremely glad she had made at least a little effort to look good.

Kerry was beautiful; no other word Lucy could think of did this woman justice. She looked around 5 feet 7 inches tall with long blonde hair that hung right down to the middle of her back. Kerry was clearly dressed to impress and Lucy envied the man who would be her date.

She was wearing a gorgeous black dress which managed to be revealing without looking slutty. It had a low-cut V-shaped top with the point of the V ending just below and between her ample breasts, low enough to reveal there was no bra under the thin clothing. Lucy imagined that it would be very easy to accidentally expose a nipple in a dress like this. The dress hugged her slim body down to just above her hips. Here, the skirt part of the dress flared out and hung loosely around her thighs.

“Lucy? Are you ok?” Kerry’s voice seemed far away.

“Yes, sorry, my mind ran away with me for a second, yes I’m Lucy, my mum said you needed me tonight.” Lucy replied trying to look Kerry in the face rather than her breasts.

“That’s fine sweetie,” Kerry said with a laugh. “Come on inside, I really appreciate you coming tonight, my mother was going to baby-sit for me but she hasn’t been well this past week.”

When Kerry turned around Lucy saw that the dress was backless with a single strap running around her neck and fastening with an ornate looking clasp over the nape of her neck.

Lucy followed Kerry through the door and nudged in closed with her bum. As Kerry walked towards the living room Lucy’s eyes dropped down from her bare back to the short hemline of the dress, settling on the tops of the young mother’s thighs. It was only a small amount of material that bridged the gap from her bare lower back to the hemline but right now Lucy would’ve killed for a peek through the skirt.

She had known in her heart about her feelings towards her own gender for years, since she was no more than 13 years old and sat with her legs apart busily bringing herself to her first real orgasm while watching the hot female presenter of kids TV. But outside of those special circumstances her feelings were well hidden. As she grew up she would stare at boys her age as well as men on the TV. She would watch wrestling with her dad and look at hulking biceps and arses as well as the bulges between the legs of the guys in Lycra trying to feel something. But it was no use. She had even had boyfriends, she had spent time behind the science department up against the wall with a guy darting his tongue in her mouth while sliding his hand up and under her school skirt to caress her buttocks, but she felt numb to the feelings of pleasure the schoolboy was desperately trying to give her.

Nobody knew of course. Lucy could not imagine a more humiliating situation than actually telling people she was of those kinds of people. The word lesbian made her cringe just thinking about it, let alone saying it to people! But what else could she be? Not bi-sexual because men were not of any interest to her, so it had to be that she was...the L word. Lucy had never met a woman who really made her want to dive on her, even at school where so many small skirts were around, her one enduring fantasy was of the kids TV vixen. That had changed when Kerry opened the door.

Before Lucy could get too carried away with fantasies of dropping to her knees and sucking this woman's clitoris until she screamed Kerry turned to face her.

"Callum's fast asleep," she said. "And I doubt anything will wake him up but still, try not to go overboard with noise. There's a load of DVDs in the drawer beneath the TV in case you get bored. Feel free to take anything you want out of the kitchen, there's loads of food and stuff."

Lucy nodded and said, "No problem, I'll be fine. When will you be leaving? Is your date picking you up?"

"Yes, he should be here in about 10 minutes or so, can I get you anything? A hot drink?" Kerry replied.

"No, I'm fine, are you ok?" Laura asked, she had noticed Kerry was trembling and that she was quite pale.

"Yeah I'm alright, I'm just nervous, very nervous actually," Kerry surprised herself by admitting how she was feeling so readily. She was slightly embarrassed, after all she was 28 years old, but tonight she felt like a young girl going out on her very first date.

"I'm sure it'll be ok," Laura said soothingly. "Everyone gets nerves on a first date. My mum told me you were going to meet someone tonight."

Kerry said, "That's sweet of you to say honey, do you think I look ok?" She was seeking reassurance; it had been a long time since she had dressed up like this for a man. During her conversations with Stewart, her date for the evening, he had mentioned how he was a 'leg man' and that he loved to see women wearing 'more feminine' clothing rather than trouser suits and the like. During one of their more explicit conversations he had said the thought of a woman in a short skirt with no underwear was a huge turn on, however that was further than Kerry wanted to go. She wanted to look attractive for him but she didn't intend to screw him tonight. This was their first face to face encounter and she wanted to get to know him properly, not to end up behind the pub with her dress bunched up around her waist being fucked like a whore.

"Are you kidding?" Lucy replied, taking full opportunity of the chance to look Kerry up and down, "You're beautiful, very sexy." She immediately regretted saying that last part, afraid it would show her up as that kind of girl. She felt her cheeks begin to blush and quickly turned away in an attempt to hide her face before it betrayed her secret to this woman.

"Aww thank you," Kerry responded. It felt good to know someone else thought she looked good. "I was worried it might be a little too much," she continued, gesturing to the low cut top and short hemline of the dress.

"No it's fine, really it is," Lucy said. God she’s driving me crazy, Lucy thought to herself, she could feel a little wetness in her underwear and she was suddenly terrified that she might have an orgasm while standing in front of this woman she'd met only 5 minutes ago!

"Thank you, let's sit down for a bit rather than standing to attention," Kerry said with a smile. Lucy kicked off her shoes onto the floor and sat on one end of the sofa with her knees up on the cushion and Kerry sat cross-legged near the middle, when she'd sat down her dress had ridden up a bit and when she crossed one leg over the other and sat back more a more of her thigh was on show. From her position on the seat, Lucy was facing Kerry side on and, even though she tried not to, she couldn't help peering down the top of Kerry's dress. Lucy was enjoying her unrestricted view of this gorgeous woman, Kerry's legs were almost entirely on show and her bra-less breasts were also ripe for her viewing pleasure.

Lucy's sex drive was going ballistic at this point, she didn't dare move her legs in case it caused the material of her panties to move over her aching pussy and send her over the edge. Even as they made friendly conversation she could help mentally tearing the little black dress off this woman and fucking her, and herself, to wonderful orgasms. But then, mercifully, the women heard a car horn outside followed by a knock at the door.

"Oh God, Oh God," Kerry was beside herself. "What am I going to do? What if he doesn't like my dress? What if he wants to go further than I do? And what if..."

Lucy interrupted her, "Kerry stop! It's ok; it'll be ok, just answer the door and go have fun." Kerry half smiled back and quickly grabbed her coat and purse.

"Ok I'm going, don't forget the baby monitor is on the table and there are DVDs in the drawer, my mobile phone number is underneath it, if there's any problems at all call me ok?" Kerry was breathless by the time she finished. After Lucy had responded positively to everything Kerry smiled, a beautiful smile that lit up her entire face, so much so that it took Lucy's breath away.

"See you later, have fun," Lucy called after her. Kerry opened the door and said a quick hello to her date for the evening and with one last smile shot in Lucy's direction the door closed and she was gone.

After watching the car leave with Kerry and her date inside Laura pulled the curtains together and leapt back onto the sofa. She wasted no time looking for DVDs or exploring the kitchen cupboards, there was only one thing on her agenda now. Her hands were quickly up and under her skirt, her left hand grabbed the panties, which were damp from her immense arousal, and pulled them down and off while her right hand went straight to her burning pussy.

"MMMMM," Lucy moaned and her index and middle finger slipped inside her aching hole, she didn't start to fuck herself yet, she just pushed her two fingers into her pussy and enjoyed the moment. In her head there were images of Kerry racing through her mind. Kerry in her little black dress. She added her ring finger into her wet tunnel, loving the feeling of having her hole filled to capacity. She thought about Kerry's legs, her breasts, her hair, her neck, and her lips. In Lucy's fantasy she was kissing those lips, her tongue was in Kerry's mouth, tasting, licking, sucking her tongue.


In her minds eye Lucy was sucking one of Kerry's tits, her tongue danced around the erect nipple causing the sexy older woman to shudder in excitement, the cute little black dress now lay on the floor, torn and ruined from the initial assault on Kerry's gorgeous body. Not to be out-done Kerry had ripped open Lucy's panties and shoved three fingers into that dripping cunt where, in reality Lucy's own fingers works.


Lucy writhed around on the sofa where, not 10 minutes ago, she and her new friend had chatted to politely to each other. Her fingers pounded inside her, she had never masturbated this vigorously, this violently before, but she had to do it, had to finish, she was too far past the point of no return.

"MMMmmm FUCK Yeaaaahhhhh"

Her orgasm was mind blowing, her pussy gripped her fingers hard and her whole body tensed up so much it hurt.

"FUCK....OH..... Kerrrryy..."

Her voice trailed off as her body slowly came back under her own control. She hadn't noticed but one she had one of her hands under her top holding one of her breasts.

"Good god," she said to herself. "Wow, that kid of hers must be a hell of a heavy sleeper." She had been certain she would hear the soft crying of a disturbed child through the one-way baby intercom, but no such sounds of sobbing came. Lucy relaxed herself, her body was still sensitive and she thought better of setting herself off again. She slowly withdrew her fingers from her pussy, listening to the sound it made with her fingers coated in her juice making a slick, wet noise. She brought her other hand out from underneath her top, being careful to stay away from her over sensitive nipples. Eventually she cleaned herself up, her knickers were a lost cause and ended up in the bin, and went to make herself a drink and tried to decide how to spend the rest of the evening.

* * *

Lucy had eventually calmed herself down; she still felt a slight buzz after her wild orgasm. She couldn’t remember ever feeling that level of euphoria before and it was down to the situation itself. Being turned on in somebody else’s house had felt almost dangerous, as if there was a chance of being caught. Anything could’ve happened really, if Kerry had forgotten something and had come back for it while her trusted babysitter was splayed across her sofa, skirt around her waist and her glistening pussy housing three fingers for all to see. What if her date had come in too? Entering the house only to be greeted by a half naked 19 year old in the throws of a self-induced orgasm.

Despite the fact that Lucy was thinking about these scenarios as reasons why she shouldn’t have done it, she couldn’t help feeling slightly turned on. She’d never thought about herself as an exhibitionist before but the idea of being caught violently fucking herself by a stranger was sort of appealing in its own way.

Holding her hot cup of coffee, Lucy flicked through the vast array of Sky TV channels.

“900 channels of fuck all,” She said to the empty room. Rather than spend the evening watching the re-runs of every show there is she decided to look inside Kerry’s DVD drawer. After placing her coffee on a coaster, Lucy knelt in front of the TV and opened the large drawer; it was the kind that was on runners so it only took a slight pull to open, probably so Callum could easily get in there without bothering his mummy.

Looking in the DVD drawer Lucy saw why Callum would want easy access; there was a huge array of kids’ films, including Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story and so on. Pulling the drawer out further there were a few grown up films, nothing spectacular; The Matrix, Batman Begins, Silent Hill and a few others like that.

Lucy pulled the drawer out some more, obviously too hard, and it came out of its runners and dropped to the floor.

“Shit!” Lucy said to herself. She started to lift the drawer back into its slot when she noticed a few DVD boxes at the back of the drawer space. Intrigued, Lucy pulled them out one by one and when she saw the covers of the DVD boxes she smiled and giggled to herself.

“Kerry, Kerry, Kerry, what do we have here,” Lucy said, as if she was admonishing Kerry for having these kinds of films. Lucy hadn’t needed to look at the titles of the DVDs to know that she had found Kerry’s porn collection. The pictures on the front told her all she needed to know. There were pictures of women totally naked and posing with dildos and vibrators. Another box had a man on the front with a massive erection, probably due to the woman who was knelt before him with the tip of his penis in her mouth. Another box labelled DP had a woman laying on top of a man with his dick buried in her pussy and another guy behind her with his cock buried in her arse.

“Ouch,” Lucy said to herself. “I bet she has trouble sitting down afterwards.” She giggled again and put it to one side. There were a few boxes with this kind of hardcore sex. Lucy was getting slightly horny again, picturing Kerry screwing herself, on the same sofa as Lucy had used earlier, while watching this stuff. There were two other boxes without pictures on, Lucy opened one of them and fed it into the machine, curious about what might be on there.

Sitting on the floor with her legs crossed Lucy pressed the play button and the machine whirred into life. What came on the TV was not what she expected. There were two very attractive girls sat on a bed kissing each other, it was all very slow and passionate and the camera zoomed in to show the girls’ tongues caressing each other. The camera then dropped down and focused on their legs, both of the girls wore micro mini skirts which were more like belts and no underwear, one girl let her hand drop to the other girl’s lap and began stroking her inner thigh.

Of all the things Lucy had expected to be doing this evening, watching lesbian porn was not one of them. Her hand had found its way back under her own skirt and was gently copying the movements of the girl on the TV. Lucy was gently rocking to and fro and moaning to herself in a world of her own. At least she was in her own world until she heard a car engine outside and saw the duel white glows of headlamps through the curtain. She glanced up at the clock, surely Kerry wasn’t home yet, she’d only been gone 45 minutes! Lucy sneaked a look through the curtains, the car outside was a taxi and, sure enough, Kerry was in the back seat reaching forward with something in her hand. Presumably she was paying the driver, but hadn’t her date….Stewart picked her up in his car? Why was she retuning in a taxi only 45 minutes after leaving? Then Lucy left the window and quickly ejected the DVD out of the player and shoved it back in its box.

Lucy heard the car door slam outside and quickly gathered up the porn DVDs, feeling incredibly guilty, like she had pried into something deeply personal. Just as she lifted the DVD drawer back onto its tracks she heard a child sobbing and realised Callum had been disturbed and needed her attention. She rammed the drawer into its slot and ran past the door and reached the upstairs landing just as the front door opened. Callum had stopped crying already so Lucy had time to compose herself before walking downstairs acting perfectly natural.

“Oh, Kerry,” she feigned her surprise. “I didn’t realise you were home!”

* * * *

They sat beside each other on the sofa with a glass of wine each, the bottle of Italian Asti sat on the table in case there was a tragic emergency of an empty glass.

When Kerry entered the house after only 45 minutes of her date with Stewart, Lucy knew something had gone wrong. Her eyes gave it away, they were sad eyes, and when Lucy looked into those beautiful eyes she almost cried herself. She had the look of a woman who was fighting back her tears in the traditional ‘stiff upper lip’ English spirit.

“Are you ok Kerry,” (stupid question.) “I didn’t think you’d be back for a couple of hours,” Lucy said, genuinely concerned.

“No, not really, just another man who thought a single mother would be an easy…” Kerry’s voice trailed off as she forced the last words out. Her stiff upper lip failed at last and as Lucy walked towards her, arms open, a flood of tears soon trailed down her face.

The two women hugged each taking comfort from their firm embrace. Kerry’s head lay on Lucy’s shoulder, moistening the soft material of Lucy’s top, and her hair flopped against Lucy’s arm tickling her skin.

After a moment had passed by they slowly broke apart, Lucy’s grasp a little more reluctantly loosened. It was Kerry who suggested the wine and now they sat together. Lucy felt awkward as she had to position herself in such a way so that her exposed pussy would not be in full view. Kerry couldn’t seem to relax properly, she sat hunched forward with her legs crossed and her head slightly bowed, it was as if she felt ashamed, embarrassed even, and normally she’d want to be alone now. But there was something about Lucy that made her glad of the company. Besides if she were alone she would only have gone to bed and cried herself to sleep, no, she wanted Lucy to stay.

When Kerry leaned forward to reach her drink the V neck section of the dress slightly parted, giving Lucy a side view of her entire left breast! She had to suppress a gasp and tried to remember she was supposed to be being supportive (of the tearful woman, not the breast.) Still, Lucy couldn’t help feeling slightly pleased at the outcome of the date. Earlier she had thought about this man being with Kerry and it had sparked a deep sense of jealousy in her. It made her feel guilty, and she knew she shouldn’t be so selfish, but it was a feeling that wouldn’t go away.

As they continued sipping their wine Kerry told Lucy about the date.

As soon as the door closed behind them and they headed towards Stewart’s car, Kerry had felt uneasy. He had taken her by the hand and at every opportunity he stared at Kerry’s breasts.

“I dressed nice to look alluring, but I didn’t think I’d be ogled at the whole time! It was nice, well; it was flattering for a while. But it’s hard to hold a conversation with the top of someone’s head,” Kerry explained. Lucy nodded, and then quickly peeked at the tits in question before she continued her story.

When they were in his car heading for the restaurant Kerry had tried to engage him in conversation, asked him how he was, if he’d been to this place before, talked about the weather and so on. In response she got a lot of one word answers. Then, while they were waiting at some traffic lights, Stewart had leaned over and placed his hand on her exposed thigh saying how gorgeous she was, then the hand was gone and they were on their merry way again.

“Seriously?” Lucy asked, amazed at the man’s rudeness.

“Seriously,” Kerry affirmed. “What do you say in a situation like that? I just let it pass and thanked him for the compliment, really I should’ve just told him to ‘fuck off’ and got out but, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.” Kerry was shaking her head as if she should have known better.

They had arrived at the restaurant shortly after and were quickly shown to their table for the evening. Kerry had attracted a fair bit of attention from some of the male patrons but she was far too shy to admit this to Lucy.

Kerry had expected to be sitting at opposite ends of the small table but Stewart had insisted they sit side by side. The table was one of about five that were on a small raised platform towards the back corner of the restaurant. The light was soft and their table had a small lamp with a fancy lamp shade atop it giving just enough light. It was a romantic setting but, after they got comfortable, Stewart became less of a gentleman.

As they were in the back corner of the room they were quite hidden from the other people in the place, Kerry couldn’t help wondering if that was the very reason he had reserved this table in particular. The waiter had left the menus and while looking through the available dishes Kerry felt a hand on her knee. Stewart simply smiled at her as his hand slowly slid up her leg and gently stroked her thigh.

“I told him to stop,” Kerry told Lucy, as if defending herself.

“Did he?” Lucy asked.

“No, he just smiled and said, ‘hey baby just relax, you know you like it.’ Then his hand shot up my dress and he started trying to pull my knickers off!” Kerry blurted it out, sounding a bit like a child accusing someone of picking on them.

“Oh my god,” Lucy said. “What did you do?”

“I just pushed his hand away and stood up but he still had a grip on my knickers and they just snapped!” Kerry was blushing and Lucy’s mouth hung open.

“My god, what then?” Lucy asked.

“I ran, right out of the door,” Kerry said. Her eyes were filling up again but she continued. “I wasn’t frightened, just angry; I walked over to the payphone and called a taxi. I felt so embarrassed though, I felt like everyone knew I was bare down there,” Kerry’s eyes lowered indicating that she meant her pussy. “The taxi only took five minutes to pick me up, I kept looking around but I didn’t see him. Then I just came home.”

She managed a weak smile before adding, “I just thought the sick bastard’s still got my knickers!” She looked disgusted and Lucy didn’t blame her. However Lucy hadn’t let the fact that Kerry was now naked under that little dress pass her by.

“Would you like me to go?” Lucy asked, hoping the answer would be negative.

“No, stay with me for a while,” Kerry said. “I don’t want to be alone just yet, let’s have another drink.”

“Sure,” Lucy replied, feeling relieved and, for the first time in a long time, feeling wanted. Feeling needed. It gave her a slight buzz to feel that way.

The two women carried on talking for a short while but Lucy could see that Kerry still felt really tense. She had said that she wanted Lucy’s company but, for some reason, she still couldn’t relax.

“It’s ok, everybody makes mistakes, it’s his fault, not yours,” Lucy’s voice was soft, hushed even. She gently combed her fingers through Kerry’s hair, brushing it back behind her ears. Then, with her palms, she went back to stroking but pressed on a little bit causing Kerry to push her head gently into Lucy’s hand.

“Why do men think that because I’m separated and have a kid that I’m some kind of slut, a whore that they don’t have to pay, like because I’m a single mother I should be grateful for a cheap fuck,” Kerry said, again holding back her tears in classic British style.

“Shh, I don’t know,” Lucy said in her calming voice. “You’re very beautiful and I guess guys are always gonna be after you, but just because one or two of them might think those things it doesn’t mean they’re right.” Lucy’s hands fell to Kerry’s shoulders, gently massaging the tension out of her muscles.

“I know you’re right,” Kerry said. Her voice was calmer now and she was enjoying the young woman’s soothing touch. “It’s just hard.”

“I know, but look at what happened tonight, you didn’t act like a slut or anything, you got up and walked away, and then you came straight home!” Lucy felt like these words of wisdom needed to be drilled in. “If you really were like that you would have stayed with him. You should be proud of yourself, you could’ve lost your self-respect tonight but you held on to it!”

“That’s so sweet,” Kerry said with a croaky voice. “Thank you, I’m so happy it was you who babysat for me and not my mum!”

“I’m sure your mum would understand as well,” Lucy said.

“No, she would say ‘now Kerry what do you expect to happen when you go out with men wearing that kind of dress.’” Kerry was giggling a little.

Lucy smiled and said, “Would she make you get changed into trousers, a woolly jumper and sensible shoes?”

Kerry was laughing now, “Yea and iron knickers to keep the naughty boys out!”

Lucy said through giggles, “And a sign saying ‘No Entry!’ Trespassers will be de-cocked! ”

Both girls were in a fit of giggles now and, for a few seconds, Kerry forgot all about her terrible night with Stewart. Unfortunately this release of emotion, even though it was laughing, brought the tears back to her eyes. Kerry raised her hands to her eyes, as if she was hiding her sobs from the young girl who was slowly rubbing her neck and shoulders.

Gradually Kerry’s tears subsided and she focused on the feeling of being touched. Neither of the women spoke a word, the only sound were the occasional quiet groans of pleasure as Lucy massaged the tension away. She had moved behind Kerry on the sofa and now her breasts and stomach we pressed against Kerry’s bare back. To accommodate her position she was knelt down with one knee either side of Kerry.

Knowing that her breasts were only separated from Kerry’s skin by a thin piece of material was making Lucy feel quite excited. As she rubbed the exposed shoulders and neck of her newest friend she began thinking about the current situation. Her own legs were apart with nothing covering up her most private area, her breasts pressed up against Kerry’s sexy, and bare, back and Kerry herself wearing only the skimpy black dress with nothing beneath. It was making her hotter every moment.

“How do you feel now?” Lucy asked.

“Better now,” Kerry replied dreamily and now totally relaxed. Her body had gone limp and she settled back against Lucy’s young body. The 19 year old babysitter leant in close to her temporary employer, her head drooped down to the base of Kerry’s neck, and her lips agonisingly close. Then Lucy went for it, her hands went to Kerry’s shoulders and stroked down her arms and then pressed her firm young lips into her beautiful neck, sending a shiver through the older woman’s body.

Kerry knew she should protest but she felt powerless, even as Lucy continued kissing her neck and up toward her cheek and ear. Eventually she had the strength to at least look at the girl, she had to lean back and turn her body towards Lucy to see her, as she did she met the piercing blue eyes of her friend’s daughter. She had meant to turn around and tell her to stop but Lucy wasn’t going to give up. Just as Kerry’s lips parted Lucy moved in and suddenly they were kissing and, to Kerry’s surprise, her own impulses (or perhaps an inner desire) took over and kissed the young girl back.

For a moment they shared their first kiss, and then Kerry came to her senses and pulled her lips away from Lucy’s and leant aw ay. Her intention was to say ‘no’ but as she moved her head away Lucy’s hands ran up her bare back, her neck then when they reached the back of her head she pulled Kerry back into their kiss. For a moment Kerry tried to pull away but then she couldn’t help the fact that she was enjoying the experience. She allowed Lucy’s tongue to part her own lips and enter her mouth; they tasted each other as their tongues clashed together.

Lucy’s hand trailed down the older woman’s body, down until she felt the warm skin of Kerry’s thigh, it was the feeling of being touched in such a sensitive place that brought Kerry back down to earth and she pulled away from the girl’s lips.

“Lucy I can’t,” Kerry couldn’t deny that the feeling was amazing. Different, but amazing all the same.

“It’s ok,” Lucy whispered, her lips were millimetres away from Kerry’s ear. “Relax; let me make you feel better. Let me treat you the way you deserve.”

Lucy stroked her face gently then put a finger under Kerry’s chin to bring them face to face again. Kerry’s mind, and heart, was racing but her body was betraying her, she wanted to stop, but oh god she wanted to carry on and allow this experience to unfold. It’s wrong, she told herself time and again, but if it was really wrong why did she like it?

Lucy carried on kissing despite Kerry’s mild protests; first she kissed around her ear, her cheek, right along her jaw line and back towards the corner of her mouth. Kerry couldn’t help herself at this point, her walls were breaking down and she stopped thinking. All that mattered now was the moment, the feeling and it was so good. She turned back to Lucy again and this time it was Kerry who instigated a passionate kiss. This, finally, was the green light as far as Lucy was concerned, she felt the beautiful woman kiss her and a shiver ran through her body.

Their kiss was becoming more passionate, more urgent now. Kerry’s hands were in Lucy’s hair, she combed her fingers through it and pulled the younger woman in closer as if trying to become one with her. For a moment she pulled away to catch her breath and to regain some kind of control over herself. The separation was short lived and soon they enthusiastically resumed their first real lesbian encounter.

Now that Lucy was in no doubt that both of them wanted this to happen she once again let her hand drift down Kerry’s body. She felt her way down to the exposed skin of Kerry’s chest and slipped her hand inside the delicate fabric of the dress to take hold of an ample left breast. Kerry shivered at the young woman’s touch, her body suddenly aching for further stimulation. It had been so long since she had felt desired, or even lusted for this way. She still struggled to believe any of this was happening although the growing warmth and moistness between her legs begged to differ. She wanted to speak, to say things to her new lover, but deep down she knew that the time for talking was done for now.

Kerry was turned on in a way she had never been before, even her sexual relationship with Jason was no comparison. She didn’t want to stop kissing; she kissed Lucy’s lips, her cheeks, her neck and her fingertips.

Lucy moved her hand away from Kerry’s breast and began stroking the inside of her thigh instead. Even though Kerry knew what was coming she still shuddered and moaned when Lucy’s fingers lightly brushed against the moist lips of her exposed pussy. Lucy was just as excited when she felt the moistness on her fingers, even more so when she felt Kerry’s reaction to her touch. Lucy was in uncharted territory as far as she was concerned having never experienced this before, she trembled slightly as the adrenaline built but she wasn’t going to stop now. Her hand closed over Kerry’s wet lips and rubbed up and down, knowing from her solo experience how sensitive the area would be and how pleasurable it could be, but she didn’t allow any fingers to slip inside those lips just yet, choosing to tease the sensitive area first, building up the tension until her lusty partner could take it no longer, until she begged to be fucked to a thunderous orgasm.

Kerry was breathing deeply, she felt Lucy’s soft touch around her most private area. She slightly lifted her left knee as the fingers probed and stroked under the little dress. No man had ever touched her so gently or teased her so exquisitely; it wasn’t just the feeling of being touched, it wasn’t even the feeling of Lucy’s soft tongue probing her mouth. It was the whole scene itself; she was having an incredibly erotic experience with a beautiful 19 year old babysitter, it was like she was in a scene from her secret and very private DVD collection.

Lucy broke the kiss and then broke the silence, “Are you still OK with this?”

“I’ve never…I mean yeah it feels good, really good…but I’ve never done this before, I mean…I have done it of course just never with…y’know…with a girl,” Kerry was rambling and she knew it. The fact was that she had become worried. She’d worried during sex all the time, scared of doing something wrong and letting her partner down.

“It’s OK,” Lucy said, her soft voice almost becoming a whisper. “I’ll take care of you. All you need to do is lay back and relax.”

Kerry leant against the back of the sofa and half closed her eyes, focused simply on the experience and nothing more. Lucy reached around her neck to undo the clasp and, after a bit of fiddling, pulled down the top of the dress and fully exposed the beautiful breasts she’d been thinking about all night.

Lucy had been on her knees on the sofa for a long time and they had started to ache so she moved her right leg out from under her and placed her bare foot on the floor, while she was getting more comfortable Kerry moved as well so her left leg was on the floor and her right leg up on the sofa. This movement caused the dress to ride further up her thighs so only a tiny part of it covered her bare pussy. Lucy accommodated by leaving her left leg under her and putting the right one over Kerry’s so now she straddled her right knee. They had giggled while trying to sort their legs out and get comfy; it was harder than it ought to have been, mostly because of the alcohol making its devious way up to the girls’ minds.

It was now, after they eventually settled, that Kerry realized that Lucy was going commando as well as she was. She felt the younger woman’s moist pussy on her leg; just above her right knee. The feeling of Kerry’s warm skin on her cunt added hugely to Lucy’s own arousal and before long her juices were moistening Kerry’s leg.

Lucy sat with her back straight for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of skin on pussy, and then she relaxed and brought her head down to Kerry’s level and planted another hard kiss on those smiling lips. They parted with a little smooching sound after the brief, but intense, kiss. Lucy rose slightly and put her hands down flat against the arm rest on the sofa to brace herself and then, literally, slid her pussy down Kerry’s leg and rested it on her knee. She resisted the urge to keep sliding up and down for the moment because her movement had left her head over Kerry’s bare chest. Without another thought she brought her lips down to her right breast and ever so slowly teased the erect pink nipple with her tongue. The feeling of Kerry’s hands stroking the back of her head told Lucy that she was doing a good job, sometimes she heard Kerry gasp or felt her shiver when she took the sensitive nipple in her mouth and gently sucked, licked and very softly grazed her teeth along it. Then Lucy set about giving the same treatment to the other breast.

Kerry was enjoying herself so much, she had never experienced this much foreplay for a start. She had learned through her own experiences, and the experiences of her friends, that a lot of men could be quite selfish. There were exceptions of course but the impression she got was that some men thought a quick kiss, brief tit fondling and a quick pussy rub followed by a minute and a half of penetration was all that was needed to turn a woman on to the maximum. And they wonder why their girlfriends either don’t have orgasms or just fake them!

This was a whole new way of making love, it wasn’t about fucking your partner, its was about eroticism, it was fully exploring a persons body to find out where their most erogenous places were and paying proper attention to each of them, and right now Lucy the babysitter, daughter of her friend from down the street, had her warm mouth and soft tongue on her amazingly sensitive breast. Kerry decided that life was pretty good in this moment!

Unable to resist the temptation any longer Lucy started to slide up and down Kerry’s leg, softly humping her knee. In order to enhance the experience for her, Kerry slightly raised her right knee, the extra ‘bump’ causing Lucy’s pussy lips to part a little when she slide over it. Lucy was still going from tit to tit while softly gliding over Kerry’s knee, her licks and sucks were getting a little wilder as her arousal grew and grew. Kerry could tell that Lucy was closing in on an orgasm and decided to go a little further; beginning with fondling the small breasts through Lucy’s little white tank top, even through the material she could feel the hardened nipples upon the small mounds. Kerry was tingling all over, loving actually being aroused but also the thrill of knowing that she was arousing Lucy as well, the moisture on her leg from her pussy and the feel of the two erect nipples left her in no doubt of that.

“Mmmmm,” Lucy was feeling her orgasm building up inside her and it was going to be a big one, she was certain of that. Her body took over and her hips bucked against Kerry’s knee, she raised her self up from the breasts she had been toying and put her hands on Kerry’s shoulders, bracing herself against them to hold her steady while she increased her speed. Kerry looked up at the teenager who now leant over her, there was such passion, such lust in her eyes. Lucy’s head lolled down and soon her face was inches away from Kerry’s, they stared blissfully into each others eyes as their love making rapidly came towards its first climax.

When Kerry put her hands under Lucy’s little top and massaged her breasts, with her thumbs rubbing the incredibly sensitive nipples, and then, just for good measure, raised her knee up further into Lucy’s groin, the orgasm that had been building up in her slender young body finally began to break. Lucy quickly moved a hand away from Kerry’s shoulder and put in in-between her own legs, she stop rocking against the leg that had given her so much pleasure and instead parted the lips of her vagina and rubbed vigorously at her erect clitoris. That was the last straw.

It started with a tingling in her legs, arms and stomach which spread over her body leaving a feeling of warmth in its wake. Then she felt as if she was falling from a great height, like going over a huge drop on a rollercoaster, her body was suddenly rigid and the tingling returned but this time is was between her legs.

“OOhhhh, Mmmmm,” Lucy cried out involuntarily.

She felt like she burst open, her pussy tingled and leaked its juices onto Kerry’s already soaking leg and waves warm of energy shot through her body. Her body eventually started to feel heavy and she fell into Kerry’s arms. Kerry held her as the final waves of pleasure ran through her body, and when it was over Lucy raised her head just high enough to allow their lips to meet. They held each other and their body’s relaxed as they shared a soft kiss, afterwards they just looked into each others eyes, they were both relaxed, they were both comfortable and they were both smiling.

Kerry shivered with excitement after Lucy broke the silence.

“Your turn,” she whispered into Kerry’s ear.

Just as Lucy moved in to kiss her once again they heard a soft crying sound coming from the baby monitor.

“Oh Callum, of all the times to interrupt your mummy,” said Kerry.

Lucy could see that Kerry was disappointed to leave her, even for a moment.

“It’s ok,” Lucy said as she raised herself off of Kerry’s leg. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I shouldn’t be long, he normally sleeps straight through,” Kerry said apologetically.

Lucy sat back and smiled while she watched Kerry sort herself out, when she stood up her dress almost fell to the floor but she caught it in time and hurriedly fastened the clasp at the back and pulled her skirt down over her bum as she walked away.

“Kerry,” Lucy said as she watched. “Why don’t you get out of that dress when Callum’s settled? I’d hate to be responsible for damaging such a pretty dress.” A wicked grin played across her lips.

When Kerry entered her son’s room she immediately saw the problem, he had managed to kick his covers off and his dummy had found its way onto the floor. She quickly retrieved the dummy and rinsed it off under the tap in the bathroom before returning it to its rightful place. His needs satisfied, Callum drifted off to sleep again, freeing his mother to go and have her needs satisfied.

Kerry went back to the bathroom and stripped out of the little black dress, there were butterflies in her stomach again and she didn’t have enough bravery to walk downstairs naked. Instead she wiped herself down with a towel, suddenly self conscious about the stickiness between her legs. As she cleaned herself up she caught a glimpse of the moisture on her thigh and knee, it wasn’t hers of course, it had leaked out of Lucy’s pussy when she grinded against her. As if amazed by the glistening substance she reached down and touched it then brought her hand up to examine it more closely. She knew what she wanted to do, but if she did it would that make her dirty? Well, considering what she had already done tonight, she decided that it would be ok, so she gathered up more of the juice from her leg onto her fingers and quickly put them in her mouth.

“Are you ok?” Lucy softly called.

“Yeah sorry, I’ll be right there,” Kerry replied, still tasting the girl’s sweet juice on her tongue.

Kerry quickly finished cleaning herself off and grabbed her bathrobe, then she threw the bathrobe away and instead got her gold satin robe. It came down to her ankles and clung to her body; she loosely fastened it in the middle and checked herself in the big mirror. She looked a mixture of sexy and slutty, which suited her mood perfectly. Then she took a deep breath and headed back downstairs. Despite her deep breathing, the sight that she saw when she entered the living room still took her breath away.

Lucy was leant against the wall staring at her, she was completely naked. She stood on one foot because the other one was up on the arm of a chair. Kerry was frozen on the spot and was unable to take her eyes off the young beauty that stood before her, and her gaze fell to Lucy’s pussy that was accommodating three of her fingers. Lucy continued watching Kerry, taking in the gorgeous figure, as she gently pumped her fingers inside herself. Then she stopped and removed her hand from her groin and lowered her leg, she walked slowly towards Kerry who still seemed to be under a spell. Finally they stood toe to toe. Lucy looked up into Kerry’s eyes and smiled. Kerry smiled back as she felt Lucy begin to undo the front of her delicate nightgown. Once it was undone Lucy brought her lips up to Kerry’s and, as they slowly kissed each other Kerry shrugged off the silky robe and both women stood naked in the living room, oblivious to anything else in the world other than each other’s soft, warm touch.

Lucy took Kerry by the hand and led her back to the sofa. That piece of furniture had seen plenty of action tonight and, Lucy thought with a smile, they were far from finished! Once they were in front of the sofa Lucy put her hands on Kerry’s shoulders and eased her down onto the seat.

When Kerry sat back Lucy leaned in close and, with her lips almost touching her ear, whispered seductively, “Now just relax and let me take care of you.”

Kerry nodded and leant back, her heart was thumping so much she could barely hear Lucy’s whispers. She felt more vulnerable and exposed then ever before, this feeling grew as Lucy stood back and studied her naked body, she could feel the girl’s eyes on her. What surprised her was that she didn’t attempt to cover herself up, her arms were down by her sides and her legs were slightly apart.

While Lucy stood in front of her, Kerry took the opportunity to examine the pretty young thing that had given her so much pleasure already. Her slender figure, her cute breasts and, of course, the glistening moisture that sat on a hairless pussy. Kerry had shaved herself down there this morning; just in case she had been swept off her feet by her date tonight, funny how things can turn out!

Finally Lucy stepped forward, she bent down and put her hands on Kerry’s knees and gently eased them apart and stepped into the space she had created and knelt down. The sofa was pretty low to the ground so on her knees Lucy was just below eye level to Kerry. Lucy could tell how nervous Kerry was feeling, so far she’d managed to hide her own apprehension about their experience but, in truth, now that Lucy had this beautiful blonde woman in front of her and she was tasked with bringing this person to a climax similar to the two she herself had experienced tonight, she felt shakier than ever. Up to now it had all come fairly natural to her and she was certain that Kerry had no idea that this was her very first sexual experience.

Lucy decided that, rather than guessing what Kerry might need in order to peak, she would do things that she herself would like. She began by kissing around Kerry’s knee and slowly made her way further up the sexy long leg. Kerry’s chest still thumped away, even more so as she felt Lucy’s soft lips making their way along the inside of her left leg. Kerry’s breathing became more ragged and shallow as Lucy got to her inner thigh, now the girl was licking as well as kissing the soft skin of her upper leg. As she got closer to the special spot between her legs, Kerry closed her eyes and soon she could feel Lucy’s warm breath on the sensitive lips of her vagina.

Now faced with the sweet smelling, and highly lubricated pussy, Lucy resisted the urge to dive straight in and, instead, planted a firm wet kiss just above the juicy lips.

“Mmmmm,” Kerry moaned. She surprised herself as she was never usually vocal during sex, but this wasn’t a usual kind sex. Lucy was pleased that what she was doing was going down well and another kiss in that area got a similar response. Despite the position they were in and where Lucy’s head was, Kerry had to idea what the other woman’s intentions were. She had a secret collection of lesbian/bi-sexual pornography and, more often than not, the women would end up performing oral sex on each other. When she and Lucy had begun their ‘lesbian encounter’ however, she had not expected it to come this far. She had performed oral sex for Jason but had never actually received it in return. Experiencing so many new things at one time was a mixture of fear and excitement as well as feeling extremely erotic.

Lucy was enjoying teasing Kerry; she would drag her tongue right along her inner thigh and stop just short of that moist area. Then she placed her tongue just above those pussy lips and lick all the way up to Kerry’s navel. Now, Lucy thought, it’s time to go to the next level, with that thought in her mind she again brought her face closer to Kerry’s excited opening. With the tip of her tongue she delicately licked around Kerry’s pussy, she didn’t dive straight inside the naked woman’s body; instead she ran her tongue up and down the slick slit, adding a little more pressure each time. Slowly she worked her tongue between the lips and was soon lapping at the pussy like she’d been doing it all her life.

“OOhhhh Lucy,” Kerry’s entire body was reacting to the gentle intrusion of her pussy; her legs quivered and she felt something like little spasms in her stomach, she had never even dreamed this level of arousal even existed before these last few moments. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter and every time Lucy’s tongue came near to her erect clitoris Kerry couldn’t help gasping. The sexuality of it all was so exquisite, her mind was racing, her heart was thumping, her pussy throbbed and her senses were overflowing and overloading with sexual energy, she knew an orgasm wouldn’t be too far away.

Lucy was also enjoying herself immensely, every time Kerry moaned or shivered it sent a thrill right through her because she was doing this to her. It was her actions that were giving Kerry such intense pleasure, she felt bolder and her nervousness had fallen away. She could tell that Kerry was close and she wanted to push her right over the edge, her tongue technique was good but she needed more. She withdrew her tongue for a moment and used her forefinger to gently stroke the engorged clitoris, the second she touched it Kerry shivered and moaned louder than before. Lucy was satisfied with this response but decided a softer touch was required there so she trailed her fingers down Kerry’s slit and positioned them at the wet entrance to her writhing lover.

Kerry felt Lucy’s fingertips around her hole and instinctively braced herself for what was bound to happen next. She cupped her breasts, rubbing her pink nipples, unable to keep her hands still. Then it happened. Lucy penetrated her pussy with what felt like two or more fingers which seemed like more than enough to fill her up. The two digits went further and further into her body until they were as far in as Lucy could get them, then she withdrew them slowly all the way back out again. Next time three fingers were introduced, the added thickness made Kerry gasp, her body was tingling and the gentle fucking was dragging her to climax. Lucy didn’t add any more fingers in case it hurt; instead she picked up the pace with each penetration.

Lucy’s fingers were sliding in and out of Kerry’s slick hole quicker now and each time they did she gasped and moaned. Kerry had stopped massaging her breasts and now her hands were on her head combing through her now bedraggled hair.

“OOHHHH,” Kerry’s voice was rising, clearly oblivious to her sleeping child upstairs. She felt as if she would float away, however, when she suddenly felt Lucy’s tongue on her highly sensitive clitoris; she soon came crashing back down to earth.

“Ohhh my GOD! FUCK.”

Kerry’s pussy gripped Lucy’s fingers and, even though Lucy knew she’d done enough, she kept on licking that sweet clitoris and fucking the hole that was quickly releasing more and more moisture, it served only to further lubricate Lucy’s fingers so she still persisted in her full frontal assault on the burning pussy.

“OOOH LUCY, MY…” Kerry’s grasp on the English language was rapidly fading.

Kerry felt like a hot wave had slammed into her body, her muscled tightened and she squeezed her eyes closed. Her skin tingled and her senses were unbelievable sharp. The feelings subsided but only for moments, Lucy’s continued stimulation was bringing her quickly to another peak and once again her muscles tensed as the second wave hit her.

Lucy had taken her fingers away from the dripping pussy, unable to continue because Kerry had become so tense down there, she didn’t stop licking and sucking on the clitoris but she did slow her movements. She wanted to prolong the beautiful blonde’s climax as much as possible but Lucy felt the strain and her muscles were slowly tiring as the adrenaline seeped out of her system.

Kerry felt like she’d spent a full day at the gym working out, her body still tingled and in a way she still wanted more but, for tonight at least, her body had run its race.

Lucy raised her head up from in-between Kerry’s thighs and the two exhausted women looked into each others eyes and shared a wonderful, contented smile. Kerry leant towards Lucy and they shared a kiss, it was a different kind of kiss than before though. They stroked each others hair and embraced. Kerry could taste her own wetness on Lucy’s lips but it didn’t repulse her as it might do some other women, although she wouldn’t imagine that she’d do this part with a man. But, after all, this had been a night of new things.

“You’re Mum will be wondering where you are,” Kerry said regretfully, not wanting to part with her sweet lover just yet.

“No, I called her when you went upstairs to check on Callum and to um, get changed, I told her that we were getting on really well and that I wanted to stay over to watch some DVDs and have some wine,” said Lucy.

“I hate that you had to lie to her,” Kerry replied shaking her head.

“I know, maybe I should have said that I wanted to stay here so I could lick your pussy,” Lucy giggled at first and when Kerry joined in they both laughed for a while before embracing each other again.

Later that night after cleaning themselves up by taking a quick shower together they both went into Kerry’s bedroom. They lay naked under the covers and talked and kissed and hugged until finally, while still embraced and still smiling, they slept.

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