The Best Day Off Work {1}

By LadyBug8769

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The start of a very sexy series... inspired by my first chat... hope you enjoy!!
It was the middle of the day and I was lounging around the house in some lace boy short panties that allowed all of my sexy chocolate ass to hang out the bottom and a plain white t-shirt with no bra, so my 34C tits hung freely. I had pulled my hair up in a loose ponytail and had just put the finishing touches of color to my own pedicure. I had taken the day off from work, just to relax. It had been a stressful week and I just wanted to take a day off and do nothing.

The doorbell rang and I looked at the door wondering who could be disturbing me. I asked who it was and looked through the peep hole, but didn't see anyone. I walked back to the couch, but before I could sit the doorbell rang again. I instantly got pissed, because someone just had to play with my doorbell. I hurried to the door and yanked it open, ready to curse whoever it was out. However, I could only show excitement, because my longtime friend and on line lover, Cassie, was standing at the door. I was so shocked to see her sexy frame standing at my door, that I could only stare as she greeted me with a sexy “Hello.”

“Can I come in?” she asked. I moved to the side and let her in still unable to produce any sounds from my mouth. Finally after a minute of staring at her I found my voice. “What are you doing here?” and “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to see me?” We had previously chatted the night before and she made no mention of ever coming to see me or wanting to see me in person for that matter. However, I did remember telling her that I was not going in to work, so I could relax at home.

“I thought I would surprise you,” Cassie offered while she removed two bottles of Moscato from the big bag she carried with her. “You still aren’t doing anything today are you?” she asked. “No,” I responded. I still couldn’t believe she was here in the flesh. She was so beautiful. She stood about 5’5, 135lbs, sexy pert 36C tits, a slim waist that flourished out to curvy hips and a shapely and fat ass. Her skin was so radiant and soft looking. She too had her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail, exposing her sexy slim neck. She wore a short denim skirt and a tank top, and I could clearly tell that she wore no bra either.

She moved from the living area where she placed her bag on the floor and made her way to the kitchen. “Where is your corkscrew?” she asked while pulling open drawers. I slowly made my way to the kitchen and stopped right behind her, because she had finally found her what she was looking for. She turned around and I caught her luscious lips in a sweet and longing kiss. I had been imagining kissing her sexy heart shaped lips for months as we filled our computer screens with each others pics and sent each other heated and horny chats nightly. Her kiss was like a dream come true. I moaned instantly into her mouth and whispered how much I had been wanting to kiss her for so long.

She placed the corkscrew on the counter, and wrapped her arms around my body. She placed her lips again on mine firmly and with passion. I could feel her letting loose as her hands moved up and down my back and her lips drew out my tongue and she sucked it for dear life. I returned her passion filled kiss with just as much vigor and I let my teeth lightly bite each of her lips and then suck each one. She moaned against my hot mouth and whispered, “I couldn’t go another day without seeing you and feeling you in the flesh.”

I broke our kiss and began kissing her face, and earlobes and moved down to her delicate neck. I inhaled her sweet scent, as I tongued her neck and then blew cool air over it to make her body shudder. I had committed each of her special spots to memory and was thrilled to actually be able to see her reaction in the flesh. “I am going to have so much fun with you today, Cass,” I spoke in a husky voice. I moved my hands up too her chest and began to kneed her breast between my finger tips. I wanted to trace and touch each and every one of her body parts and commit them to memory, because I still felt like this was a fantasy and I would wake up soon.

She moaned at my touch and started to kiss my cheeks, nose, forehead and finally back to my waiting lips. She slide her tongue in my mouth and I moaned as her tongue caressed my own. She then broke our kiss and grabbed the corkscrew, “Lets have some wine,” she said as she moved from me and back to the living area where she sat on the couch and opened one of the bottles. I was reaching for some glasses, when she called out that we wouldn’t be needing any. I smiled at the very naughty girl and walked slowly over to the couch. My pussy was quacking uncontrollably against the tight fabric of my boy shorts and I’m sure she could smell my juices as they leaked from me. She turned the bottle upright and took a long swig, before offering it to me. I took an equally long swig as she watched me as I stood in front of her open legs.

I placed the bottle next to us on the couch and knelt down in front of her. From my point of view I could see that Cassie also did not have on any panties. Her plump pussy lips glistened with her juices. This made me more horny for her. I reached up and slide the straps of her tank top over her shoulders and pulled her shirt down over her taunt belly and over her fat ass and down her sexy and smooth legs. I threw her shirt across the room and nearly pounced on her beautiful tits. Her milky smooth skin was a great contrast to her reddening and hardened tipples. I sucked her right breast into my mouth while flicking my tongue over her nipple. She growled low in her chest and her breathing quickened. I palmed her left breast, and then switched to licking and sucking her left breast. I then pushed her succulent breast together and sucked her nipples at the same time, while blowing cool air over them, then licking them with my hot tongue all over again. She moaned loudly and said, “I have been waiting to feel your tongue on my wet ass pussy.”

“You can wait a little longer,” I teased. I unbuttoned her mini skirt and slide it over her curvy hips and threw it across the room. I picked up the bottle of wine and drizzled some of the cool liquid over her breast. I licked the trails of wine from her body, before poring more over her belly button and catching it with my mouth as well. Finally I poured some over her shaved mound and kissed it off her, before diving head first into her sopping wet ass pussy. Her body froze as I sucked each of her pussy lips and tongued her clit slowly. She shuddered so, I moved away from her clit and stuck my tongue deep in her tight puss.

“Oh yes... Danie... You are licking me better than I could have ever imagined... Please don’t stop fucking me with your tongue!” I didn’t ever want to ever stop. Her juices mixed with my favorite wine was like a drink from the gods. She thrust her hips on my face, pulling me deeper into her pussy. I removed my tongue and replaced it with two fingers and began flicking my tongue over her engorged clit. She screamed out in pleasure, “Oh shit baby... you are going to make me cum harder than I have ever cummed before!” I was so hot from what she was saying, that I had to jam two of my own fingers into my panties and rub my clit vigorously. She noticed this and it seem to make her wetter as more of her juices leaked from her hot pussy. I then jammed three fingers in her pussy and fucked her faster and faster, while sucking on her clit harder and harder. Her body started to shake all over. She grabbed her own tits and pulled her nipples until her body froze all at once and then I was drenched by her lady cum as she skeeted and squirted her orgasm all over my hands, face and t shirt. I removed my fingers as her breathing slowed and kissed over her mound, up her stomach, on each breast and finally on her swollen and red lips. She kissed me longingly and sat up off the couch, so she could kiss me harder and with abandon.

She pulled away from me and said, “That was so fucking good babe, but now it’s your turn and I have a whole bag of tricks for you, So get naked Now!!!”

I looked at her shocked at how aggressive she had gotten all of a sudden then I looked at the bag...... This was going to be a great day off....

To Be continued.......