The Best Surprise

By iloveblacklesbians

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This is my first story so feedback is appreciated!
I’m sitting at home just chilling and watching The L Word. Damn, those sex scenes between Alice and Tasha are so sexy! I’m horny so I reach into my boxer briefs and start rubbing on my clit. I’m soaking wet and I cum in a matter of minutes. I can’t wait til my girl gets home so I can fuck her.

A thought crosses my mind…why wait til she gets home? It’s almost time to pick her up from work so I start getting dressed. I pull of my boxer briefs so I can put my strap on. My plastic dick is 8 inches long, 2 inches wide, and black. I smile to myself knowing my babe is in for a surprise. I already have on a wifebeater and a bra so I put on some jeans, a white v-neck tee, some jordans, and head out the door.

I drive to the college my girlfriend works at and I wait for her in the parking lot. It’s pretty late out so my plan is to just fuck her right here. I see my babe walking to the car and I immediately get out to meet her with a kiss. I grab her body close to mine and my hands roam to her ass.

She’s 5’3, nice body, and has beautiful chocolate skin. I’m taller than her at 5’10 and I’m very light skinned with curly hair. Our kissing continues and she is hungry for me. She’s biting my bottom lip and sucking it, which she knows I love. I push her against the car and kiss and gently bite her on her neck. I move her hand to the bulge in my pants from my strap on and whisper in her ear.

“Do want me to fuck you with my big hard dick?”

“Yes baby, fill me up. I want you to beat my pussy up, it’s yours.”

I reach up in her skirt, move her panties to the side, and feel how wet she is. My finger slides over her clit and she moans with pleasure. I stick my finger in her mouth and she sucks her love juices off of it. I decide I want to taste her myself so I get on my knees and start licking her pussy. My tongue flicks over her clit and then I take her clit into mouth and gently suck on it. Her legs are shaking and she can barely even stand.

I’m glad it’s late and no one is here but us because her moans and becoming very loud. But there is still a risk of being caught and that gets me even hornier than I already was. I slide two fingers into her tight pussy, thrusting in and out hitting her g spot, while her clit is still in my mouth. I can tell she’s about to cum so I add a third finger, her body tenses up and she explodes into my mouth. I stand up and kiss her and ask her if she’s ready for my dick. She unzips my jeans and pulls them down and then grabs my big plastic dick out of my boxers. I lift her leg up and slam my cock into her hard and start fucking her.

“Ah fuck yes!! Yes baby fuck my pussy!!” she screams.

I fuck her slowly at first but she asks me to fuck her harder and faster and I do what she says. I’m pounding her pussy as fast and as hard as I can. She’s rubbing on her clit now and her juices are running down her legs. I pull out of her and go over to the back of the car and bend her over the trunk. I re-enter her wet pussy and my hands are around her hips pulling her closer to me. I’m deep in her and fuck her fast and hard like before. She cums for what seems like forever and I continue to fuck her. Another orgasm rips through her body and I pull out. She turns around and kisses me, sucking on my tongue.

“So how did you like my surprise babe?” I say to her.

“Just wait til I get you home baby. I have a surprise for you as well” She says.

I drive as fast as I can, excited to see what’s going to happen next.

To be continued?