The Birthday Present

By Susan

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A fantasy comes true



Catherine and Brittney had been dating each other for about six months now. Brittney's birthday was coming up and Catherine wanted to make it a night she would remember. She remembered a conversation they had recently where Brit told her it was one of her fantasies to be kidnapped and dominated, and Catherine was going to make her fantasy come true.


It was finally Friday and Brittney was attending her last class of the day. Her spirits were high, it was her birthday this weekend and while Catherine was acting as if she had forgotten, Britt knew better Catherine never forgot any special occasion. That was one of the things she loved about her.


She was sitting at her desk in a purple summer dress cut low to show off her perky breasts, hardly listening to her professor’s lecture her pencil lightly tapping her book as she watched the clock. Crossing and uncrossing her long legs, she was antsy to be done with classes for the weekend. And seeing as it was Friday she knew her and Catherine would be going out to dinner. In fact class was almost over and odds were Cat was on her way to meet her.


  Every Friday Catherine got off work a little before Brittney’s classes were over. She would head straight from work to the college to pick Brittney up and they would stay the weekend at Catherine’s house. While Britt had a dorm room she could stay in more and more she was staying over at Catherine’s and Brittney assumed this weekend would be no different.


She stopped tapping her pencil and started doing slow circles as her mind drifted to Catherine.   The way her voice was always so soothing and calm. No matter how stressed she got with college she knew Catherine could ease the pressures just with her voice. She smiled to herself as she thought of her large breasts and how Catherine would moan for her when she would suckle her nipples. Her mind’s eye drifted lower to the curve of her thighs and the small patch of hair covering her mound. Without thinking Brittney licks her lips at the thought of tasting her lover tonight loving the way Catherine cries out when she makes her cum.


Lost in these delicious thought Brittney almost jumps when her cell phone begins to vibrate. Making sure the professor isn’t looking she checks her phone and sees she has a text from Catherine quickly she reads it,

        Sorry baby Maggie called out sick. I have to work late.

        I will call u later. Love u.


Damn it Brittney thinks of all times, it’s her birthday weekend. She tosses the phone down into her purse and tries to listen to the rest of the lecture. Finally the class is over and Brittney slowly heads to her dorm.


Her head is down as she makes her way to towards the dorm kicking rocks as she going. Barely speaks to her friends as the past her by. When she reaches her dorm something causes her to look behind her but she sees nothing and just as she opens the door someone grabs her tying her hands together. She starts to fight but it is too late it all happens so fast. Then she is blindfolded and quickly a gag goes in her mouth. She then feels ear plugs going in her ears as well. Struggling as she does who ever has her is stronger.


She is quickly dragged to a car and feels herself being thrown in the back seat and feels her feet being tied together. She kicks and struggles but again to no avail. She is shocked and amazed that no one has come to her aid yet. Surely people had to see what has just happened. Surely someone has called the cops she thinks as she feels the car pull away.


Catherine shakes her head as she slams the back door and hops in the driver’s seat. She can’t believe how strong her baby is. Her heart beating fast as she catches her breath and pulls away from the college. More than once she thought Brittney was going to get away from her. She put up quite the fight she thinks.


Catherine is glad she took the day off work to prepare for this weekend. Who knew kidnapping the woman you love would be so much work. She had spent the day out shopping for a variety of things from whips to whipped cream. She wants this weekend to be perfect for her lover. She just hoped she could be the dominatrix Brittney craved.


Catherine is a little worried that she is scaring Brittney to death and is glad when she pulls into her driveway. She knows that before long Brittney will know it is her. She jumps out of the car and opens the backseat. She struggles to get the fighting Brittney out but she does thinking she will only have a few minor bruises for her effort.


Catherine gets Brittney in the house and into the bedroom. She has installed a hook from the ceiling. She unties Brittney’s hands and quickly puts them in handcuffs lifting her hands high about her head she hangs Britt from the ceiling her feet barely touching the ground and then leaves the struggling Britt alone so she can go get changed into the outfit she has bought for her lover.


Brittney hanging from the ceiling is starting to calm down now. She is beginning to realize that it is her Catherine that has her, the car ride was short and she knows Catherine lives near the college. And the house it smells like Catherine’s place. She starts to smile as she realizes she is going to be ok and it is just Catherine making one of her fantasies come true. The smile starts to fade a little when she starts thinking more about this fantasy. She begins to get a little nervous and excited at the same time.


Brittney feels Catherine brush against her as she takes the ear plugs out and then the blindfold. Catherine steps back letting Brittney see her for the first time a little nervous about her reaction. Brittney looks at Catherine her eyes going wide and her body responds to the sight; her heart starts to be faster, her pussy starts to get slightly damp. She thought Catherine was beautiful before but now “wow” is all she can think.


Catherine is dressed in all leather. She is wearing a tight black corset, her breasts all but busting out of the outfit.   Wearing strappy high heels and fish net stocking held up by lacy garters. Her hands encased in black leather gloves that reach her elbows and a whip in her hand. She walks up to Brittney removing the gag from her mouth.


“Baby oh my god you look amazing!” Brittney says.


Catherine raises her hand and lightly swings her whip and hits Brit’s hip and ass.


“Don’t call me baby. Tonight I am your master and you are my slave. You will address me as mistress or suffer for it.” Catherine tells her.


“Oh come on baby let me down god I want to fuck you right now.”


Catherine raises her hand and swings the whip harder across Brittney’s thighs say,


“I am not fucking kidding you little whore.” Hitting her over and over again.


“Ow… fuck… fuck… ok… ok… mistress…mistress. Please stop mistress.” Brittney begs even as she is getting more and more excited.


“Better you little slut. The night is young and there is so much to do yet.”


Catherine walks out of the room as Brittney catches her breath shocked and amazed at her lover. She has never wanted to fuck her more than she does right now and she can’t do anything as she is all but hanging from the ceiling.


Catherine walks back in the room with a knife and walks up to Brittney smiling slyly.


“Babbbyyy???” Brittney asks.


Catherine quickly grabs the whip again and starts to spank her ass with it hard over and over telling her,


“Don’t make me punish you again for so simple a task. You are to call me Mistress at all times.” And with each word Brittney feels the sting of the whip on her ass.


“Mistress… Mistress.” Brittney says over and over again.


Finally Catherine stops and setting the whip down picks up the knife again. She walks up to Brittney and slows cuts the dress off her body. She runs the tip of the blade down to her bra and cuts that away as well. Brittney breath is coming quicker she knows Catherine would never really hurt her but then again she has never seen her like this. Brittney can’t believe how turn on she is getting by her lover cutting the clothes off her body. She looks down as Catherine looks up the knife running along her thigh and up to her panties as those are cut away as well.


As her panties fall from down to the ground Catherine notices the wet spot on them and smiles to herself glad she is making her lover excited. She picks them up showing them to Brit.


“Look at them you little slut. Does this turn you on? You like to be punished and called names don’t you? Don’t you slut. The knife turns you on as well I bet whore.”


“Yes… Yes.. Ca…Mistress it does… it does.” Brittney replies almost slipping up and calling her by her name.


“That is what I thought you sick twisted slut.” Catherine says as she starts to slap Brittney’s breasts lightly back and forth.


Catherine then leans forward and starts to suck first one nipple and then the other as they quickly harden under her touch. She can hear Brit moaning above her as she sucks on one nipple as her hand pulls on her other nipple.


Brittney can’t help but fight against the cuff she wants to touch Catherine so bad as she continues her wonderful assault on her nipples. Without realizing she is even doing it her hips start to move back and forth as her body aches for Catherine’s touch.


Catherine stops and walks to the dresser picking something up Brittney can’t tell what it is as Catherine looks up to her and   smiles rolling one nipple in her hand making it harder still.


“I brought something else for you my little slut.” She says taking the nipple clamp out and showing it to Brittney.


“What… wait…. Mistress…please.” Brittney responds scared not sure about this.


“Don’t tell me what to do whore.” Catherine responds slapping Britt’s breasts.


Catherine takes the nipple clamp and runs it over Brittney’s breast before clamping the nipple. Catherine hears her quick intake of breath and moans of pain and is surprisingly turned on by it. Taking the other clamp she clamps the other nipple and again Brittney cries out softly in pain and Catherine finds herself getting more and more excited by it. She feels the wetness between her legs growing. The desire to have her is almost overwhelming her.


Brittney slowly stops panting as she becomes accustomed to the clamps. She has never been so turned on in her life and says,


“Mistress please I want you so bad I can’t stand it please…please…I need you.”


Catherine leans forward whispering in her ear,


“I know you do you whore.” Her hand running up and down Brittney's thighs.


“You want my fingers inside you don’t you slut?” Catherine asks as she begins to rub between Brit’s legs.


“Yess… Yess… Please…Mistress.” Brit sighs, her hips arching forward wanting more trying to show Catherine how much she wants her.


“This belongs to me doesn’t it whore?” she says squeezing her pussy slightly.


“Yes oh yes Mistress I am yours… please…fuck me.”


Catherine starts to slowly slide her leather clad finger inside Brittney finding her oh so very wet for her moving in and out with one hand the other she begins to smack her ass.


“You like that don’t you slut?” she asks as another finger slides inside going faster and deeper.


“Oh fuck yes.” Brittney responds as her hips start to move back and forth faster.


Catherine stops spanking her ass as she looks into her eyes telling her,


“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you slut.”


Now three fingers inside her moving in and out fast and hard you can hear the wet sounds of her fingers working her. Catherine’s leather clad hand is a blur as it works her slut into a frenzy of desire and need for release.


“Oh God please baby please I need to cum. Please let me cum for you.” Brittney begs and pleads with her lover.


The sounds of Brittney’s pleas are making Catherine wetter. She has never felt so aroused before and demands her lover to beg more.


“Beg me you slut. Make me believe you really want it.” She says.


“Please…please…please… mistress I need to cum so bad please I beg you. Please I will do anything.”


“Wait till I tell you whore. Wait.” Catherine demands.


Catherine knows Brittney can’t last much longer. For that matter Catherine knows she is about to cum herself just listening to her Brittney. She feels her lover’s body starting to shake and her breath coming fast and hard. She grabs one of the nipple clamps and releases it as she says,


“Cum for me whore.”


Brittney screams in pain and pleasure as her body explodes, shaking uncontrollably. Catherine quickly removes the other clamp as Brittney screams again the mix of pleasure and pain making her body convulse.


When Catherine hears her lover scream like that she almost cums just from the sound she makes, but she doesn’t she isn’t done with her slut yet. Letting Brittney down from the hook she can’t help but kiss her long and hard wrapping her arms around her for a second before saying,


“Get on your knees now whore.”


Brittney quickly complies, she wants nothing more than to satisfy this amazing woman who was making her fantasy of being dominated come true. She leans forward eager to taste her.


“Yes lick me… taste me slut.” Catherine responds as she rips the corset off her body and then the gloves off her hands wanting to feel Brittney's hair in her hands.


She grabs Brittney’s head grinding her pussy against her covering Brittney’s face with her wetness. When Brittney slips her finger inside her and starts to suck on her clit Catherine starts to moan.


“Yes baby yes make me cum. Oh god Oh yes.” She says repeatedly her breath quickening.


Thrusting into her face hard her hands holding Brittney’s head in place, her body quivering, she still hearing Brittney’s screams and moans in her head, Catherine cums hard collapsing back on her bed exhausted and truly spent.


Brittney slowly gets up off the floor looking down at her lover. Her face wet with Catherine’ juices.   Loving her more right now than she thought possible. She crawls onto the bed straddling Catherine. She leans down and kisses her softly on the lips.


“Sweetheart that was the best birthday present you could ever give me.”


“You like that did you?” Catherine asks.


“No baby I loved it.” Brit tells her kissing her cheek.


“Good because the weekend has just started and there is more to come my little slut.” Catherine says with a laugh and a slap on her ass.