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The Boss's Wife (Part 2)

How I'm forced to watch my wife and mistress together
I slid a finger either side of Ellie’s moist clit and gently rubbed it. She didn’t respond like she usually did and all of a sudden sat up.

“I’ve got something to tell you,” she said, “and I’m not sure how you’ll take it.”

“Try me.”

“I think I’m a lesbian. I’ve had sex with a woman and I liked it.”

“Who – what – where – when?” I spluttered – shocked but intrigued.

“It was with Jayne, last week.”

“Jayne? Which Jayne? My wife Jayne?”

“Yes. You know your party last week? Well Jayne took me into your library and locked the door. She said she knew about us. She confronted me and then grabbed me, kissed me and touched me.”

“Just a minute. You’re talking about Jayne – my wife?”

“Yes. She told me she liked being with other women, ‘cos they give her bigger and better orgasms. She finger fucked me and made me come.”

“You liked it?”

“It was lovely. So big. She also said for me to tell you and to say that you could watch us have sex properly if you wanted to but that you couldn’t join in or touch.”

“Wow. I don’t know what to say!” My mind was racing. The moment Ellie and I had was lost but the prospect of seeing her and Jayne together was buzzing round my head.

“I think I’m a lesbian,” she said.

“Of course you’re not a lesbian, silly. Lesbians only go with other women. You’re bi-sexual. If you liked it with Jayne and you want to try it again and you like fucking with me – you’re not a lesbian. OK?” She nodded.

I asked her to repeat her story as I’d found it difficult to sink in the first time and I wanted more detail.

“Do you want to have sex with her again?”

She nodded

“Do you want to watch us?” she asked.

I nodded.


So that’s how you find me sat in a chair in our bedroom a few days later, waiting in eager anticipation.

As part of the deal, I was naked and my wrists were taped to the arms of the chair; my legs to its legs. Jayne had lain down the conditions. “We don’t want you playing with yourself. This is our party. You’re lucky we’re letting you watch, but there’s no way you’re going to join in and there’ll be no wanking.”

Given the choice between being there and not ...

Jayne had put on a red basque, fishnet stockings and red high heels. She looked amazing. I don’t know why she’d not dressed up like this before for me. Perhaps I’d never asked.

Jayne adjusted her bra. “When I arranged this with Ellie I asked her what she’d like me to wear – and this is it. I’m hoping she’s managed to find what I wanted her to put on.”

The doorbell rang and Jayne left to answer it. Ellie was on time as usual and I heard them chatting and laughing and then silence apart from a few low moans.

“Hello! Don’t forget I’m here, please” I shouted.

I waited and shouted again.

Eventually they entered the room looking pleased with themselves but apologising to me. As soon as Ellie saw me she burst out laughing. I know I looked comical but I didn’t care as I was looking at her clad in black leather - boots, matching buttoned-up short leather top, a leather very mini-skirt and thigh-length, high-heeled boots. She looked stunning.

“Wow!” I said as my jaw dropped and my cock rose.

“Jayne told me everything - what to wear; what were going to do – everything. She said she’d get you naked and tied to a chair but I didn’t believe her. I couldn’t see you agreeing, but you have – how wonderful,” said Ellie and giggled.

“I had to agree else I would have missed the party.”

Jayne smiled and said, “But we need to tape up one more thing,” as she approached me. “I told Ellie you could watch but not touch. I forgot the bit about not speaking. We don’t want you making any comments or telling us what to do. Now close your mouth.”

“That’s not fair,” I said.

“The choice is yours. Either your mouth is taped or your eyes. Or perhaps your cock – now there’s a thought.” She hesitated and laughed at the reaction on my face - I knew Jayne was tempted. “What’s it to be? If none of them, then we’ll move the chair outside and lock the door. You might hear but you won’t see anything.”

Again – Hobson’s choice. So now my mouth is taped. I made a mental note to find out where the phrase Hobson’s Choice came from.

Jayne put on some soft music then gave her attention to Ellie. She turned her towards me and stood behind her. Ellie looked straight into my eyes and blew me a kiss. Jayne started stroking Ellie’s body and lingered over her breasts. She brought her lips to Ellie’s neck and kissed it – small gentle kisses. Ellie’s eye’s closed as she did this. My cock was now pointing to the ceiling. A hand began to undo the buttons on Ellie’s black leather top and slipped inside. A small groan of pleasure came from Ellie as hands worked on her bare flesh. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. More buttons and more exposed flesh but not enough for me to get the full pleasure of her beautiful breasts or nipples and what was happening to them. I could see movement and that she was enjoying it, but that was all.

Then off came the top and my eyes feasted on Jayne’s hands squeezing Ellie’s breasts and pulling on both her lovely hard nipples. All the time she was kissing the nape of Ellie’s neck.

The hands moved away from Ellie’s breasts and downwards across her tummy to the top of her skirt. A button at the front and the zip were quickly undone and the Jayne’s hands slipped inside – but she teased me as I couldn’t see what she was doing – only the smile on Ellie’s face as she moved her legs apart. This was more agony for me and my cock was straining.

Finally, the skirt dropped to the floor to expose Jayne’s fingers opening Ellie’s labia lips and rubbing on her clit. Ellie wasn’t wearing panties and had shaved off what little pubic hair she had. Her naked cunt was being opened for me to see - only a few feet away. I could see it was moist and could smell a hint of her sweet aroma mixed with the perfume I’d given her.

Two fingers stroked Ellie’s clit and one was pushed an inch into her hole and then out – making her moan slightly. This was like the best lap dancing exhibition ever - where you could see but not touch. I’ve been to a few but they were tame by comparison. This was electric. A bubble of precum appeared on the tip of my rigid cock.

Jayne turned Ellie around so they were side on to me and facing each other. Their lips and tongues met and Ellie started to move her hands over Jayne; starting to unbutton her basque and expose her breasts and large nipples. Jayne was slightly taller than Ellie even though Ellie still had her thigh-length boots on. She was also perhaps a little larger in the tit department and Ellie was feeling them for the first time. Again my view was restricted but I knew what she was doing as Jayne took a sharp intake of breath. Off came the basque and now breasts were upon breasts – nipples upon nipples - as they continued their kissing.

It was ecstasy and agony rolled into one for me. The ecstasy was what I could see and hear the erotic show; the agony was not being able to join in or at least masturbate. More precum dribbled from my cock. I didn’t know how or when I’d erupt but I was sure it would happen.

Jayne’s skirt fell to the floor and Ellie’s hand moved to caress Jayne’s cheeks and then round to the front to rub her pussy. This went on for what seemed like an eternity until they sat and then lay down on the bed. I now had both pairs of legs facing me as they opened up. Two beautiful pussies for me to feast my eyes on. Hands were moving everywhere and I watched their fingers move down to explore each other; probing holes and rubbing cliits. Their fingers were wet with juices as they each slid fingers around and inside each other.

“I want to taste you. I want you to taste me,” whispered Jayne. I want to taste you both – I thought.

“I’m going to lie on my back and I want you to 69 me.” Jayne’s head was towards me as Ellie straddled her face pointing her open cunt and arse at me. Jayne’s hands rested on Ellie’s cheeks and parted both holes. What a perfect view.

Then Jayne’s tongue started to lick upwards from Ellie’s clit to her cunt hole and on to her anus. And then down. A loud grunt then “YES” came from Ellie as this happened. I saw her bum cheeks clench as the tongue fucking and licking carried on. I wanted my cock to slide in to one of those wet holes.

Elle must have been licking and maybe fingering Jayne as I could see her head bobbing up and down and Jayne groaning softly. If this were a porno movie, I thought, there would be a camera at that end so I could see some of that action. As it was, I could see only one view and it was beautiful. My cock was twitching and dribbling more. I couldn’t even move my legs to massage my balls.

This went on for ten maybe fifteen minutes with slurps, the sounds of wetness and rapid heavy breathing getting louder. I could only breathe through my nose and that was proving difficult as I wanted more air.

And then, between them they let out shouts of “Fuck! Oh Yes! Don’t stop! Aaaaagh! More!!“ as they writhed and bucked together in simultaneous orgasms.

My cock shot its first string of cum two feet into the air followed by another less powerful and a third and forth as my hips bucked upwards. It was bliss – absolute bliss. I’d never felt anything like it – never come so big – never come before without some kind of tactile stimulation.

The breathing from everyone eased off and the movement stopped. They lay still for a few minutes and then moved around to sit up on the edge of the bed. Their faces were flushed and wet; their hair was ruffled up. They kissed each other and licked their juices – each off the other.

Ellie looked at Jayne, then me. “You said that I was bisexual not a lesbian. Sorry to disappoint you, Mark, but it’s girls only for me from now on”.

I shook my head vigorously and screamed a muted “NO!”

“Yes” she nodded and turned to hug and kiss Jayne again.

My head sank and with a tear in one eye I watched my cock droop and wither.

I was deflated in every sense of the word.


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