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The Bus Ride and Meeting My New Client

I took a final look at myself in the mirror. My name’s Joanna, I stand 5’6 tall, have long dark curly hair, which I’d tied back into a ponytail and have blue eyes. I had on, a white, almost see threw, vest top with narrow shoulder straps. With 34b breasts, I never wore a bra and that day was no different. I straightened my yellow/gold wrap round skirt, with no undies underneath, put on my navy blue jacket, fastened the middle button and slipped on my toeless shoes. I was ready to go, so picked up my laptop case and headed out of the door.

I had a meeting with a new client, in the centre of Birmingham but was going to have to travel into the city by bus as my car was in for a service on that day. It was not something that I was used to doing and hadn’t been looking forward to the experience one bit.

I realised I’d need to walk quickly or miss the bus. I’d had extra time in bed, masturbating to the sound of my newlywed neighbours having sex but had to stop before I’d cum as I was running out of time. I must admit to enjoying the feeling of been frustrated sexually, the tingling sensation I get and dribbling pussy drives me crazy. It was a pleasantly warm day and as I walked briskly down the road could feel myself beginning to sweat. I turned the corner and saw that the bus was close to the stop, so had to run the remaining hundred metres.

By the time I reached the bus stop, I was breathing heavily, beads of sweat forming on my brow. I’d only just made it, the last to climb up the steps and pay my fare. As I started to walk up the aisle, the bus jolted as it began to make its way towards Birmingham. Despite it being a little after 7.30 in the morning, I was shocked to see a good proportion of the seats already occupied, so decided to go to the upper deck and see if it was less busy up there. I guessed that about fifty percent of the seats were free, so walked a little way down the aisle and sat down by the window on the right of the bus.

I opened the front zip of my laptop bag and pulled out my ipod and earphones before putting the bag on the floor by my right foot. I pushed the earphones into my ears, set the ipod to play the tunes in shuffle mode. I kicked off my shoes, unfastened my jacket, took it off and put it down on top of my bag before sitting back down to relax. The journey was going to take at least ninety minutes and after spending a few minutes watching the world go by through the widow I looked around the top deck of the bus.

I took my time looking around but it was the couple opposite who got my attention. When they first caught my eye, they were kissing passionately and ignoring everything else around them. He sat with his back against the seat, with her leaning over to kiss him. As soon as I saw them kiss, my mind was taken back a few hours and to when I woke to hear the sounds of the newlywed couple next door having sex. Within an instant I could feel my pussy dribbling and my clit throbbing. The couple’s kissing was undoubtedly igniting their desire. About a minute after I began to watch them, I saw his right hand slip under her top and venture upwards. Suddenly, he pulled away but then began to kiss the left side of her neck.

As he kissed around her neck, she began to breathe heavily and turn her head to allow him to kiss more. The pale white skin of her left side became visible as his hand ventured higher. Suddenly, as she moaned a little she opened her eyes and looked at me. I felt a surge of guilt spread through my body as she blew me a kiss and wink seductively. A little shamed by my act of voyeurism, I turned round to sit properly.

A few seconds later, the bus pulled up at the next stop and more passengers got on. I closed my eyes, focussing on the music coming through my earphones but a few seconds later, opened them to see who was coming up to the top deck. There were a couple of men who were first to arrive and stride up the aisle towards the back of the bus. Next was a young woman, dressed in a blue jacket and skirt, white shirt and black tights. I was struck by how pretty she was as we exchanged smiles. She asked if the seat to my left was free and as soon as I said it was, she sat down beside me.

My journey into the city had barely begun; the bus was still within the limits of my hometown. I sat back, relaxed, wiggled my bare toes, closed my eyes and listened to my music. It wasn’t long before I was completely relaxed and my mind began to respond to my throbbing, tingly clit and wet pussy.

I began to recall the sounds of sex from my next-door neighbour’s that I’d woken up to and of the times I’d been in their bed during the summer. I was more turned on than I’d realised. My right hand slipping under my top and fingers began to trace seductive patterns on my stomach. Little by little, my fingertips trailed higher until I was caressing my left breast and pinching my hard and sensitive nipple. The more I pinched and pulled the harder and more erratic my breathing became. Juices were flowing steadily from my pussy.

I was lost in my own world, forgetting where I was as I alternated teasing each of my nipples. I was squeezing my thighs together the more turned on I was becoming and hadn’t realised that my top was riding higher as I continued to work my breasts with increasing desperation.

My heart began to pound as I felt fingertips graze against my left leg. It appeared to be an accidental act, so didn’t react, continuing to tease my breasts. A few seconds later fingertips were trailing along my leg again. This time, they lingered longer and continued higher, to the hem of my skirt. Once again, I tried not to react, knowing that it must have been the woman sat to my left touching my leg. I thought the first time she touched me was an accident but the second couldn’t possibly have been. I became even more turned on realising that she must have been watching me.

A few moments later her lips caressed my left shoulder, kissing me repeatedly, moving closer to my neck. Instinctively I tilted my head invitingly and as soon as she nibbled on my soft flesh, I was hers; there was no way I would tell her to stop. As she licked, kissed and nibbled around my neck, her fingers crept further up my left thigh, seducing my legs apart as she moved under my skirt.

Simultaneously, as her fingertips touched my sodden pussy lips, she put her mouth gently on mine. Without thinking for one seconds, I put my tongue on hers and we began to kiss passionately. I continued pulling and pinching my left nipple as hard as I could as her fingers slipped effortlessly into my pussy and started to move in and out slowly. I lifted my right foot, placing it on top of my laptop case. My legs opened further and I immediately felt her fingers slide deeper into my pussy.

We continued to kiss, our tongues swirling together and energising our passions further. My body was responding to her fingers more and more, pussy squeezing, throbbing, and hips starting to buck. I was becoming increasingly desperate. Moving my left hand down to my skirt, I unfastened each of the three buttons. My heart was racing, knowing that as soon as all buttons were undone my skirt would fall open and I’d be bottomless but I couldn’t stop, I wanted her to have full access to my body.

As the last button was undone, the fabric of my skirt slithered off my thighs. Her fingers continued to slide effortlessly in and out of my increasingly wet pussy, fucking me slowly. Within seconds of the bottom half of my body being fully exposed, we stopped kissing as she pulled away to look at my body.

“You’re a very naughty girl,” she whispered and then kissed and nibbled on my left ear.

I moaned with pleasure as my pussy contracted hard as her fingertips found my g-spot and began teasing gently. It felt as though I’d had a mini orgasm with juices oozing from me and between her fingers. She pressed harder on my g-spot but continued to tease slowly. My body responded with more desperation as my hips bucked and writhed more. She pulled back from kissing and nibbling my ear, smiling mischievously as she looked into my eyes. With her right hand, she took hold of my top, looked into my eyes as if asking for permission and slowly pulled the material upwards.

Not for one second did her fingertips stop teasing my g-spot but instead, continued moving harder and faster. I looked down to see more of my body being revealed. My pussy lips and her fingers were glistening, covered by my juices. My hips were writhing more erratically with every passing second and as my top was raised above my breasts, I was incredibly turned on.

She took a few seconds to look at my boobs and mouthed, “Simply gorgeous,” before bending down to kiss and suck on my left nipple. I bit down on my bottom lip in an effort to stifle a moan and then a gasp as her teeth sank in to pull, twist and pinch while her tongue flicked across the tip of my sensitive nipple.

I’d been on edge since teasing myself in bed, seemingly a lifetime before and was desperate to cum but she was taking me to a new level, not allowing my pussy to explode. I was throbbing so hard on her fingers, with each contraction and release, spurting juices with mini orgasms.

She looked up into my eyes and whispered, “I’m so wet and turned on. I want to fuck you properly.”

She giggled and pulled away from me. I was desperate to let all of my pent up sexual frustration and cum hard.

Time had flown by. The bus was within the city, traffic was bumper to bumper and but for the bus-lane the journey would have taken far longer, I estimated there was approximately twenty-five minutes left to travel.

I watched as she moved away from me a little. My heart pounded as she pushed off her shoes, lifted up her skirt, take hold of her tights and begin to pull them down along with her undies. Bit by bit she revealed the pale flesh of her shapely legs and as her tights slipped off her feet, her toes wiggled with their newfound freedom.

She was looking into my eyes as she pulled off her tights and undies. I could feel my pussy throbbing in desperation as juices dribbled from me like a tap. My instincts were working overtime as I shifted position in my chair, turning so my back was up against the window, lifting my left leg up and resting my knee against the back-rest of the seat. She hitched up her skirt and turned to face me as she smiled. I noticed how wet she was as she placed her right foot the left side of me on the chair. Quickly, I pulled off my top and put it on top of my jacket and laptop, leaving me completely naked.

I thought I was going to cum; being nude on the bus as I was and a gorgeous girl getting ready to fuck me, I was unbelievably turned on. She took a few seconds to look at my body, before taking hold of my thighs and puling me towards her. Our pussies were less than an inch apart as she forced her left leg under my right thigh. Then as she took hold of my arse cheeks, with one swift and violent thrust, we pounded together,

I let out an involuntary gasp as my pussy contracted hard. I couldn’t breathe or move as my eyes clamped shut and she continued to pound her pussy mercilessly onto mine. Suddenly my body relaxed and I started to cum, moaning with pleasure as juices squirted from my pussy.

She continued to thrust hard into me. I wanted her to explode with pleasure as I had done, so began to grind in a circular motion against her. We were both moaning, forgetting where we were, completely lost in our own world. I slid my hands under her jacket, pulled her shirt free of her skirt and allowed my fingers to move further up her body. I could feel my pussy lips spreading apart as I ground on her, exposing my clit, allowing it to be teased as she pounded hard. We were losing control, every movement filled with desperation. My pussy was pulsating hard again and knew I’d be cuming at any moment.

Suddenly, I felt her fingernails sink into the flesh of my arse cheeks and her body tense as she gasped. I ground hard against her knowing that she was about to cum. A few seconds later as she hissed, “Oh fuck, yes,” I felt the unmistakable wetness of her juices oozing between our bodies. She was cuming. We kissed passionately, tongues swirling together as we wrapped our arms around the other.

Eventually, we stopped kissing but continued to cuddle, our pussies continuing to dribble but as I looked out of the window of the bus, realised my stop was barely a minute away.

“Shit! I need to get off at the next stop,” I exclaimed as I pulled away from her and hurriedly started to put my clothes back on.

She laughed and retorted that it was her stop too, calmly straightening her skirt, slipping on her shoes and chuckled as she put her tights and undies into her bag.

As the bus slowed down and stopped, we hurried down the steps but I realised that I knew nothing about the girl I’d just had sex with. Without even thinking, as we walked in the same directed, we held hands and eventually, I asked what her name was. She chuckled and told me it was Alexandria or Alex. It was my turn to laugh, telling her that my name was Joanna and that my meeting was with somebody called Alexandria.

There was a pause as we turned to enter the office block, realising how fate had worked that morning to bring us together. The foyer of the office block was busy with people waiting for the various lifts to take them up to their offices, so we joined the queue. After a lengthy wait, we entered one of the lifts and moved to the back wall. As soon as the doors closed, with everybody looking forward, Alex turned to kiss me. Her fingers fumbled between our bodies to undo my jacket and push up my top to caress and squeeze my breasts.

Floor by floor the lift went up. The doors opened on every floor, a few people got out, the doors closed and we began to move upwards again. I felt Alex fumbling with her left hand at the fabric of my skirt until her fingers were teasing my pussy again. Another floor was reached and the doors slithered open. Two more got out, leaving three others in the lift. Alex’s actions were getting more desperate, pushing off my jacket, biting and sucking hard on my neck, pushing my top up over my breasts. The lift arrived at the fourth floor and the doors opened. I gasped as Alex bit down on my left nipple and the three guys turned to look at us as she pushed my top up over my head. I grinned, a little self-conscious but also very turned because I was being undressed again.

One more time the lift doors closed but on this occasion, we were alone. Hastily Alex unbuttoned my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I could feel juices pouring onto my thighs as I watched her take off her jacket, unbutton her shirt and unclip her bra.

Suddenly the lift pinged once more and the doors slid open. This was our floor but I’d not expected to be going from there to Alex’s office naked and my heart began to race with excitement and fear. Alex told me to press the button and keep the door open. I did as she instructed, watched her strip off completely, pick up and pass my clothes and laptop to me, just before she giggled and asked if I was ready to go. I had no idea how far we would have to walk to reach her office. I assumed as we were both undressed that we’d be running, so kicked off my shoes, holding them in my left hand, put my bag over my shoulder, held clothes in my right hand and prepared to follow her.

I knew I was extremely turned on and felt very wet but as I crouched down to pick up my shoes, I was shocked to see that a puddle had formed between my feet. No sooner had I stood up than Alex was telling me to follow her. As we exited the confines and relative privacy of the lift, I felt such a rush of excitement but panic too because Alex was walking very slowly. It was as though she wanted us to be caught. We turned right, into the corridor and walked past the other two lifts, continuing another forty metres before the corridor veered left at a right-angle.

We were just about to follow the path of the corridor when one of the lift doors opened. Alex giggled as I rushed to turn the corner but before I had time to blink, she was in front of me blocking my path. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pushed me back against a window, kissing me with desperate passion. As I crashed into the window, her tongue found mine and spread my legs apart instinctively to maintain my balance. She forced her right leg between my feet and thrust her thigh and pussy hard against me. I was powerless to resist as she began to grind hard and fast. I wanted her as much as she did me and immediately responded as my pussy began to throb. Our moans were muffled as our tongues swirled together but with a growing fear I could hear footsteps coming towards us. Despite my growing panic, I couldn’t and didn’t want to stop, pounding my dripping pussy onto her thigh.

It sounded as though, whoever was coming towards us was just around the corner. I felt my orgasm was only seconds away when Alex pulled away and started to run towards her office, giggling as she told me to hurry and catch her up. It was about twenty-five metres to the office door and well before we made it, those behind us well howling their appreciation of our naked bodies. As Alex arrived at the door, she stopped, leaving it closed and once I was by her side, turned to face the four men to let them see her body. Alex looked at me, as if instructing me to turn around, so, nervously I did exactly that and revealed myself to the group of men.

To my surprise, they were stood motionless about five metres away and were totally silent as I turned to Alex and began kissing her. I couldn’t resist dropping my shoes and tease her clit with my fingers. An instant later, she began to grind against my fingers and moan as we kissed more passionately.

I was so turned on by the girl that I’d met less than two hours before. I knew she’d cum in seconds if I continued teasing her but just as I started to move my fingertips harder and faster, she pulled away, turning to open the door to her office. As she started to go inside, I bent down to pick up my shoes, making sure I gave the four men a good show, then stood up and blew them a kiss before I followed Alex into the office.

As soon as we were inside, I shut the door, Alex took my clothes off me, putting my still wet skirt, along with hers, on the radiator and hung up the rest on the hooks that were on the wall above. We placed our shoes on the floor and she took my left hand with her right, guiding me further. I knew from my telephone conversations with her that she ran a design and photographic studio. We were in a narrow, short corridor, with two doors to the right and a third, her office, at the opposite end. Alex opened the first and peered into the dark but empty studio and we continued along to the second door. There was a big glass sliding door, making it impossible to remain hidden from the eight girls working on their designs inside.

Still holding my hand, she pulled the door fully open and asked the girls if they had any problems. Amanda said that her design didn’t look right, so Alex walked calmly over to her, taking me with her. She introduced me to everybody and I was staggered that none of them took any notice that we were naked. Alex stood beside Amanda’s computer, offering her advice as I looked at the other girls and they looked at me. I was soaked; my pussy dribbling uncontrollably down my thighs and all the way down to my feet, knowing that my naked body was being stared at was turning me on so much.

With Amanda’s problem sorted, Alex led me to her office, not bothering to close either of the doors. It was a medium sized room, I’d guess at five metres square, with a desk at the opposite corner to the door and an armchair in another. As soon as we stepped through the door, my bare feet sank into the luxuriously deep piled carpet and Alex guided me to the centre of the room, turning to face me. With desperation, she plunged her tongue into my open mouth and encouraged me down onto the floor, pushing me onto my back.

Immediately, I manoeuvred the fingers of my right hand onto her clit and teased her as hard and fast as I could. I felt her body tense straight away and let out a moan of pleasure as she pulled away from kissing me. To my surprise, Alex pulled away completely but before I had chance to react she’d moved and was straddling my head with her juices dribbling onto my face. She bent down as I put my feet on the floor either side of my bum and spread my legs invitingly. Having lowered her pussy onto my mouth, I wasted no time sucking and licking on her clit. An instant later I squealed as her teeth sank hard into my very sensitive clit and then pulled and stretched it to breaking point. The pain was intense and almost unbearable but then as Alex began to tease the tip of my stretched clit with her tongue. The pain I was experiencing was overwhelmed with a sense of growing pleasure.

I tried as hard as I could to focus on making Alex cum, teasing her clit as fast as possible with my tongue but the sensations radiating through my body were making it almost impossible. My clit was unbearably sensitive and the more I teased her the harder she seemed to bite and pull it. It was throbbing so hard I could hardly breathe, however whilst there was pain, there was also immense pleasure but it was as though the pain was holding my orgasm back and she wasn’t allowing me to cum. With each movement of our tongues on the other the more we responded, bodies writhing and moans growing louder and more desperate. I could feel Alex tensing more and more as I flicked and sucked her clit but it was as I darted my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy that she froze and let go of my clit just before she gasped.

Immediately, I followed her lead, tensing hard as my pussy contracted violently, unable to breathe or move. A few seconds later, Alex bucked hard onto my mouth and squirted her juices down my throat. I was incapable of any response until my body relented and started to orgasm hard, squirting repeatedly. The feelings of ecstasy radiated from my pussy, sapping my strength as my climax subsided.

As Alex climbed away from me, I felt her juices dribbling over my face, through my hair and over my upper body. Before there was chance to enjoy the sensations, she took hold of my ankles and pushed my feet back, past my shoulders. I looked at her and saw that she too was soaked. She straddled my hips, carefully guiding her pussy onto mine before pushing her tongue into my mouth. The taste of my cum on her tongue was intoxicating and within a heartbeat of us beginning to kiss we couldn’t help starting to grind our pussies together.

Our tongues moved slowly as Alex ground her hips in a circular motion on me. My clit was so sensitive and continued to pulsate hard. With each seductive circle of her hips, my pussy lips spread a little wider. Instinct was demanding a response from my body but with the way Alex was holding my ankles and positioned on top of me, I couldn’t grind against her as much as I wanted to do. Our kiss was developing quickly, increasing the passion and lust between us.

Another rotation of her hips and suddenly my clit felt fully exposed. I was absolutely dripping wet and so tingly but as soon as Alex’s clit touched mine, my sensations intensified beyond my wildest dreams. Suddenly she stopped kissing me, her hips no longer moving in a slow rhythmical motion, progressing to hard, fast desperate thrusts. We began to moan louder with every thrust of her body onto mine. I could feel her nipples rubbing against the soft flesh of my breasts, turning me on even more.

“Harder Alex! Fuck me harder,” I moaned.

She needed no more encouragement, pounding harder against me. With every thrust, her clit collided hard onto mine, taking me closer to another orgasm. We were totally out of control, driven by lust; every touch of our clits was driving us wilder. My pussy felt as though it was being kept open but at the same time, contracting so had I could barely breathe. Alex was groaning louder with every thrust and I guessed she was going to cum. I was trying to respond, pushing up onto her. Suddenly, as our clits pounded together again, my body tensed hard and I couldn’t move, I was going to orgasm. Alex thrust against me, again and again and just as my cum began to spurt hard from my pussy, she gasped and tensed on top of me. I felt my pussy squirt again just as she began to climax and the room was filled by the sound of our ecstatic moans.

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