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The Choker Club Chronicles: Chap. 2 Skyler...

Jane meets Skyler first and embraces her darker side.....

The Choker Club Chronicles:


{Authors note: This is part two in the series and is probably as dark as I will get. There are strong elements of BSDM, submission, humiliation, toying, exhibitionism and anal penetration. Sensitive readers are cautioned to avert their eyes. If you haven't read the first chapter it is recommended you do so now, but this can be read as a stand alone story.}

The reality of this afternoon was sinking in slowly as I contemplated the decisions I had made while fingering the necklace I had place willingly around my own neck. I was trying to grasp all the things I had agreed to by performing such a simple act as latching a clasp behind my neck. As Leah drove toward my house I was very quiet and more than a little serious. Looking out the side window of her BMW series, whatever (convertible of course), I felt a little lost and overwhelmed. Leah knew it too.

"Jane, we'll get through this, don't worry about it. Everyone in the club had to do this to get in. It seems like a lot but it's worth it."

"Not you, you started the club. There was no initiation for you."

"Not true, that wouldn't be fair to anyone else. Granted, my initiation wasn't as extensive as yours will be but I did still went through it just the same. I had to submit myself to the desires of another like you will."

"Why does this have to happen, Leah. I don't want to share myself with the others, just you. It somehow makes me feel what we did today is not as special as I thought it was."

"It was and always will be very special to me, Jane. I can't wait to have you again under me wiggling with as many orgasms as I can give you." She leaned over and whispered as though someone could hear us in the front seat of her car and said; "I still haven't washed my hand from when I touched your pussy upstairs when we were fitting you with clothes. I'm gonna smell you again as I go to sleep and I'll be wearing your wet panties tonight in bed."

"I can't wear any right now anyway, I was glad to give them to you. I couldn't enjoy your touch as much as you did, my kitty is still so sore from that....that...OH! I can't even say it!"


"Giving it an exotic geographical location somehow doesn't make it any more pleasant, Leah."

She laughed at my comment. " 2 days your pretty pussy will have more than recovered and will be as smooth as oiled glass. I am dying to take my tongue and explore it, it will be like nothing you've felt and you'll love it, promise."

Ok, I was convinced that it was special for her too and it did bring a smile to me thinking she would fall into slumber with my scent in her lungs and my panties wrapped around her pussy. The possibilities with Leah more than outweighed the price I was going to pay to have her. There was this very little part that was intrigued with the thought of being the slave of each of the girls in the 'Choker club'. I mean that was what it boiled down to no matter how Leah tried to make it sound better than it was. I had 2 weeks to lose the 4 tags on the necklace with each of the girls names on it. If I did what they wanted, ANYTHING they wanted without hesitation, protest or question they had to take the tag with their name on it from my necklace. At the end of the 2 weeks if there was only the silver tag with the inscription; "I'm lost, please return me to Leah Johnston" complete with her address on it (Yes, it was a real dog tag.) then I could go through the "initiation ceremony" and get my choker. More than that, then I would be able to have Leah.

The 'choker club' girls only could be with 'choker club' girls or initiates, thats just one of the rules. Thats the reason I put the necklace on my self and excepted the restrictions and rules that came with the 'pledge necklace'. When I say 'be with' I mean of course 'have sex with', but have sex of any kind. Anything that happens inside 'choker club' is always a secret, so your sexual desires stay inside the club. Actually kinda exciting knowing that if you're really kinky it can't become common knowledge except within the club. The most important rule is you don't talk about the 'choker club' with anyone that isn't in the 'choker club'.

As an initiate I can NEVER be caught without my neckless on. During my initiation period while I'm trying to lose tags I can never take it off unless instructed by a club member to do so. If I'm ever caught without it on or can't display it on demand to a member the initiation is over and I'm out. Once I get the choker I can take it off only in my home, showering, swimming and things of that nature, but never be seen without it on in public. Its a rule, all rules must be followed. Leah says it teaches club members discipline and that discipline gives us freedom. I really didn't have my brain wrapped all the way around that concept but I wanted Leah and I would have her in 2 weeks, that was my rule.

"I can give you some good advise, Jane. Whether you take it is up to you. The order you should lose the tags is; Skyler, Patricia, Monica then me."

"Why not you first, I'd be so much more comfortable with you and besides I owe you an orgasm or... 20. Can I make love to you as an initiate?"

"Yes, we can fuck each other into the next dimension after you have lost all the other tags with the other girls names, but not again until they are all gone."

"Dammit! Is that another rule?"

"Yes, and all rules must be followed, no exceptions."

"Ok, help me here, Leah. Just how do these rules, especially that one "Liberate us"?"

"Following the rules means you had to do something to get something. When you get that something it will be so much more because you sacrificed your desire for instant gratification to get what you wanted."


"Wow, Jane! It was almost 3 hours ago you were this shy little introvert, now you my unstoppable 'sexpot'! Calm down lady. Follow the rules. Get in the club. Do what it takes. Soon enough I'll be riding your cute face like a bicycle...(giggle)."

"Why that particular order, Skyler has never impressed me as friendly, she would not be my first choice. Why her first?"

"Thats the order I recommend, I can't tell you why becas..."

I cut her off with, "Let me guess, it's a rule."

"Yep, It's your choice on the order, I have to be last because you are my pledge."

I wasn't paying attention to where we were and almost missed my house.

"Oh, Leah, here's my house, next on the right."

She pulled into the drive of my 'family estate', a plain 3 & 2 'brick box' unrecognizable from all the other cookie-cutter houses on the street. I felt a little embarrassed when I mentally compared where we both lived so I tried to bolt with a, "Ok, see you tomorrow, Leah." as she stopped in the driveway.

"Not so fast there speed-girl, can't I come in for a minute and meet your family. We are going to be spending more time together in the future, I'd like to meet your family."

Umm..sure, I ah,'s just that its dinner time and ah.. well they might be.."

"You think because your family is not as rich as mine I'll somehow care and be all judgmental? I'm rich not shallow, Jane."

I smiled at her and said, "That was pretty bad of me wasn't it? I'm sorry. Please come in and meet my family. They are mostly normal...usually."

As we entered I called out that I was home and had some one with me. Mom and dad came out and introductions were made. Leah was a genuine charmer and my parents were so happy to meet someone I called friend that I think Leah could have been a drooling idiot and this would have been a good day for them. Mom, dad and Leah engaged in a conversation of 'how are you's?, 'how did you two meet?', 'can you stay for dinner? etc. Leah was standing behind me and to my left with her body slightly covered by mine as she talked with my parents, no damage was being done until I felt her right hand start down the inside of my pants to caress my left cheek. My back straightened and I tried to keep my expression neutral as I felt Leah's fingers wander over to my crack and start down to my anal button. She gave it a few light taps just to see if I noticed and it came to attention. There were no panties down there to slow her progress, not that panties made by mere mortals could impede her in any way. Her hand pushed outward on the seat of my pants drawing them into my poor sore kitty. I was loving the slow strokes she was caressing my ass with. With no panties on I was worried that if she kept it up a wet spot was going to appear in my crotch right in front of my parents. She gave me a few more soothing strokes across my checks and withdrew her hand, all in front of both my parents while mesmerizing them with her charm. This girl was kinky, I loved her more and more.

She said her 'goodbyes' to my parents and shook their hand again....with the same hand that a minute earlier was exploring their daughter right in front of them. I walked Leah out to her car.

"You are a naughty girl, Leah Johnston!"

"You love it, don't even deny it. See you tomorrow. Remember the order I gave you for the tags." and off she went.

I scrambled to my room with the clothes and hair conditioner she gave me. Shoes too! Really cute ones with this little strap that goes up arou...never mind. I headed to the dining room and sat with the family to enjoy dinner but my head was still places elsewhere.

"...Jane.....JAAAnnee... Hello!"

"Sorry, mom. What did you say?"

"Something wrong with the meatloaf?"

"No, sorry just lost in thought." I started to eat dinner. My brother, Jason was sitting across the table oblivious to everything but the calories he was woofing down. Dad and mom were both looking at me and smiling as they ate.

"So nice to finally meet one of your friends." Dad said.

"She's really cute too, and so polite." mom added. "Did you do something with your hair Jane?" She asked.

"Leah did that, she gave me some conditioner and is going to trim it later in the week. By the way I'm going to be spending my afternoons with Leah, she is going to help me come out of my shell, if that's ok?"

"Sounds like a good thing, you should be with friends, just don't let your grades drop. You're going to State in a year, got it?"

"Got it, dad. No worries. Subject change. I know I was resistant to contact lenses before and never wanted to let go of my glasses but who do I have to kill to get them now? Jason? Say the word and hes gone. It could pay for itself in the amount of money we'd save not having to feed him anymore. He's only been with us for fifteen years, you two can't be that attached to him."

They laughed and Jason gave me a goofy look with his mouth full of food of course.

"I don't think we have to go quite that far, how's next Tuesday, I'll set the appointment." Mom said as she looked at me as though she knew there was something very different about her daughter.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I knew I kept you guys around for a reason."

Look at me! Playing 'little Miss personality' with my folks! God, where did all this come from? Oh yeah, I remember, it came from my lover.

I slept very deep that night, very satisfied. The only thing missing was Leah holding me, that was the only thing that could have made it better. When I awoke the next morning my kitty wasn't the only thing that was sore. It now had the company of my thighs, abdomen, lower back, calves, pelvic muscles AND my boobs (Self inflicted, can't blame Leah for those.).

When I got to school there was the 'choker club' with Leah motioning me over. I came into the group rather meek but was instantly showered with warm feeling and happiness from all of them. Monica mostly who stated;

"Finally I won't be the newest member, I'm so glad you took the necklace, Jane." Monica was all of 4 feet 9, with sandy red hair in a short pony tail. A small but lovely face and a petite smile formed from small even lips that required no added color from make-up. Blue eyes and a handful of freckles running cheek to cheek across her small nose. Her figure was that of a pixie and she had the voice of a 6 year old girl. She always dressed to extenuate her small size which I know drove the boys crazy.

Patricia added; "Yes, new blood is needed and we thought you were sweet. Welcome Jane, I know you'll make it." Patricia was the tallest at about 5 foot 8. She had dark brown hair to just below the shoulder, brown eyes with the whitest white part of the eye you have ever seen. Nice cheek bones and a slightly pronounced chin. Valoumpous was the best way to describe Patricia's body, 'C' to 'D' cups down to an even waist and round hips. Olive skin that gave her legs such nice color nylons were not in her vocabulary.

"We'll see, some of us are not as easy on initiates as others. It will be interesting to see how well you do, Jane." The smokey voice of Skyler did kind of give you a shiver. Skyler was topped with arctic white hair cut in an above the neck bob. White skin that contrast with the black choker, grey/blue eyes under white eyebrows. Not an albino, Skyler was just really ...white. She was my hight, my weight, my build just trade my little bit of my dough with a more athletic build. Other than Leah, Skyler had the lips I wanted to kiss the most. A small mouth, round with full lips. Only thing was there was something dark about Skyler you couldn't put your finger on. Try as I might I couldn't figure it out but it was there.

The girls treated me as though I was already in the 'choker club', never excluded me from the conversations and never whispered to themselves around me. They didn't have to, remember the rules. No subject was taboo inside the club and everything said in the club, stayed in the club. The day progressed and when school let out Leah and I went to her place for sunning and behavior modification lessons...but no touching, dammit!

The next day I had completely recovered and was ready for my first tag offer. By the way, I had a really good looking kitty now, I wanted to wear it on the outside. Leah was right, it did make me feel beautiful. At lunch I finally had enough nerve to ask Skyler to take her tag back. Without hesitation she said;

"Tonight tell your parents your going to be late for dinner tomorrow because your going spend the afternoon and eat with me, I'll have you home by 11:00. It's Friday night, they should have no problem." She looked at Monica with a sly smile and continued, "They never do." Skyler was very matter-of-fact with her instructions. I got the feeling she was the professional of the group. I started to protest;

"I thought this was just going to happen in the afternoon and be over."

"No hesitation, protest or questions. Unless... you don't want to join." Skyler said with an indifferent look on her face.

"I'M IN! I'm in. Got it, forgot the rules, won't happen again."

"I like your enthusiasm, Jane. That's what I wanted to hear.

We'll spend some quality time together...really get to know each other."

Skyler was right about the parent angle. I told mom and dad that I was now "hanging with a group of girls" that had taken me under their wing and made me their project. They were practically giddy. If they only knew what I meant by 'project'.

Skyler met me after last class Friday and we headed to her car engaging in getting-to-know-you chat. The conversation continued as Skyler drove us to her place. It was not as nice as Leah's but bigger and better than mine. When we got inside she closed and locked the front door. Her parents were still at work so we would not be disturbed for many hours. She took me to her room and said I could leave my clothes in the chair in the corner for now. She asked if I wanted anything and I said; "Really, just water is fine, just water." She left to get it and I dropped my bag, backpack and jacket in the chair and looked around the room. It was dominated by a huge king size four post bed with 128 pillows on top of it. There was a weight bench of some type in the corner. That made sense as she was atheistic, it just had no weights on it, strange. Chairs, Dressers and a make-up table took up most of the wall space along with end tables at each side of the bed. I moved around the bed to a doorway that enter another room on the far side. OMG! SHE HAD HER OWN BATHROOM!!!! Just like Leah. I was never so jealous in my life. She returned and when she came in with the drinks I watched as her expression turned from friendly to puzzled.

"I though I said you could put your clothes in the chair?"

"I did, my bag and stuff is over there in the chair." I pointed.

She place the drinks on the dresser and said; "No, I said your clothes, not your 'stuff'."

Ok, the talking was over.

"Get out of your clothes and then you can have some water."

I did as she said 'without hesitation, protest or questions' as she took a seat in the other chair to watch me. Three days of tanning with Leah made me the darkest in the room, which wasn't saying much since Skyler was so white you could lose sight of her holding a bed sheet. I realized this as I took my top off and looked at Skyler enjoying the show. I tried a little strip-tease since she was watching, a little playfulness might ease things. A sly smile turned the corner of her mouth upward as she seemed to be contemplating what she was going to do to me and in what order. My clothes piled up in the chair and in no time I was completely naked. The nude sunbathing had other benefits, I wasn't uncomfortable in my own skin anymore. Skyler looked me over real good grabbing every bit of me with her eyes. Ogled by Skylers lustful expression I started to get the feeling I was an object. She told me to bring the drinks over to her. On my return trip to Skyler with the drinks I saw her reach into a drawer and recover a tube of lube and...a butt plug! I had seen them in the porn videos (don't judge me! I was a sexually frustrated teen til Leah. Oh, like you haven't looked at porn!).

I stopped dead in the middle of the room and Skyler knew what was going through my head.

"No hesitation, protest or questions." she said in her deeper sultry voice as she calmly applied lube to the plug. I watched in horror and fascination as the reality of that thing going inside me took hold. I continued my walk back to her rather slowly as she finished coating the plug with lube. It was about 3 inches long and tapered from a narrow rounded point to about 1 1/2 inches wide at its widest, then down to a detent at the end. I was staring at the implement when she broke my concentration;

"Did you actually want that water or is there something else you want right now, instead?"

My eyes moved up to her face which was covered with a very devious expression. Caught looking again I felt a blush and was very aware that I was the only one naked. That comfort I had earlier had been washed away and was replace with uncomfortable vulnerability. I broke a small smile and downed the glass of water nervously...then the other.

"Oh, thats good. I'll need you very hydrated for the afternoons activities otherwise it won't be as much fun for me." she said in that same calm measured voice.

I felt a little tremble as my nervousness became visible and was replace with fear. What kind of sick bitch did I turn myself over to? What had I been thinking? the tremble didn't go unnoticed either.

"Mmmm... thats good, we haven't even started yet and your shaking. Come closer and lose the glasses."

I placed the empty glasses on the table next to her and stood waiting for my next instruction.

"I said 'lose the glasses', you don't listen very well, Jane. If you're going to require every command I give you to be repeated then this isn't going to go as well as I'd hoped."

"Sorry, my bad, I thought you meant...well only meant the glasses that had (cut off)"

"That's the second time you missed my intention, Jane. There will not be a third or that tag with my name on it stays where it is, understood?"

"Yes, Skyler. I understand." I took off my glasses and laid them on the table next to the empties. Once again I was reduced to fuzzy vision which only added to my fear. I did not like this but parts of me did, I felt a surge in my nipples, a slight quickening of breath and yes, some fluid in my kitty.

"Come closer and spread you legs, lets see what we will be playing with this afternoon."

I stepped forward and spread my legs wider than my shoulders. I didn't want to open myself that wide but I also didn't want to miss her intentions either so I went with the over kill method. Her hand went straight to my pussy and landed flat across the top of it. She spread my labia open with her fingers then rubbed a finger into the exposed opening sampling the warmth and moisture that she knew was all hers. As one of her fingers poked into to me I yelped followed by a quiver.

"Oooo, found something good in here did I? It's certainly wet and warm enough. You have a very sensitive pussy, I like that in a girl. Cross your arms behind your back and spread your legs a little wider."

I took a wider stance and clasped my hands over the wrist behind me as instructed. There I was naked as the day I was born, offering myself to a girl I really didn't know. Willingly allowing her to explore any part of me she wanted at any time in the most familiar way she wanted. I started to feel excited submitting myself to her demands. She continued to probe my vaginal opening and stroked her hand flat up and down over my pussy. It did feel good and the fear factor did add an element of excitement because I hadn't forgot that the plug was still in her other hand.

"It's time to try you out for size, Jane. Turn around, spread your legs, bend at the waist and use your own hands to hold your cheeks apart."

No loss on intention here, I knew she didn't mean the cheeks on my face. I did as instructed. When I turned and bent over at the waist I did so keeping my legs locked straight and made sure I bent over as far as I could keeping my back straight. I spread my legs as far apart as I had when I was facing her, the vulnerable feeling was incredible. I was getting turned on taking her orders and knowing I could not resist. I was scared but at the same time filled with antipisapation of the events to come. I place both hands on there respective cheek and exposed my self for inspection and toying at her leisure. I was Skylers to play with. I felt her hand in the small of my back with her thumb near my anus messaging around it.

"it's time, Jane. Just relax and let me push the plug into you."

I felt the tip of the plug come to rest on my button as she gently started to apply pressure. This was gentler than I thought she was going to be. She got just the tip in breaking my knot and I gave an "Oh!".

" Just relax, Let it in." as she pushed deeper. I could feel the taper grow as she penetrated further. It was difficult and unwanted, I clamped down and forced it back out.

"Stop resisting, Jane. It's going in whether you want it to or not."

"I'm trying to relax, Skyler." I shot back. She continued to invade my body with her implement.

"We'll do it the hard way then."

She slapped my exposed pussy several times with sharp quick strikes that sent pain through my helpless muff. Each blow caused my pussy and anus to clinch then release. She timed her pressure with the release correctly and drove the rest of the plug into me in one smooth action. I felt my anus close around it and clamp down on the detent. So much for gentle. It was painful but also gave me a feeling of fullness I have never experienced or even thought about. Once My body had finished betraying me and had seated the plug inside me she gave it a few quick tugs to make sure I couldn't expel it easily. I didn't really like this but I didn't hate it either, It was just a new sensation.

"Theeerrree we go, not so bad really? How does that feel, Jane?"

"Ummm...really...not so good but ok."

"Kind of a mix of reactions there, Jane. And it took a lot of effort on my part to get it inside your body. Don't you think you should at least 'thank me'?"

Ok, Skyler was a dominate and I was the slave, literally. I want Leah, I can do this.

"Thank you, Skyler."

"Thank you? For what, Jane?"

"Thank you for ... the plug in my butt."

"Your what?"

No hesitation, protest or questions, "Thank you for the plug in my ass, Skyler."

"Your welcome, Jane. Happy to please your tight little ass. Go ahead and stand straight up with your legs together. that will pull the plug deeper into you, maybe that well feel better."

She was right on all counts, legs together and straight backed I could feel the plug reach into me fully as my cheeks pressed it up into me. It did feel better.

"Mmmm, I can tell your feeling it deeper and deeper. The look on your face tells me you're starting to like that little control device in your ass. I love it when I can make a girls body and desire break down her own resistance and work against her to get what I want from her. Delicious." There was that uncomfortable sound in her voice again that had the ability to make me shake.

She walked around in front of me and wiped between my legs with her hand. She brought it up to show me the slick glistening wetness she pulled off my kitty but I couldn't see it. When she realized this she smeared it over my lips and told me to lick her hand clean. I did as she demanded and tried to take her hand in mine so I could clean better.

"No hands!"

My hands instinctively went behind my back and locked together again as they had before. I even spread my legs as wide as my shoulders at the same time. Was I a submissive as well as a lesbian? My quick reactions to her command didn't go unnoticed:

"Very good, Jane. You are making quite a comeback from a poor start. That's it, good and clean, between the fingers, get it all ,Jane. After all it is yours."

I worked my face around her hand to get all that I could and I heard her chuckle as I did. I was starting to give myself over to this role of slave. I started to wonder if I would me calling her "Mistress Skyler" in an hour or two. Would it even be that long. I finished cleaning her hand and she placed them on my very firm nipples. She started gently caressing them then would give them sharp pinches just when I was starting to enjoy her. She leaned in and replaced her right hand with her mouth. She sucked as much of my breast into her mouth as she could get and started to tease my nipple with her tongue. When she started to get me feeling good about her mouth attacking my poor breast she would drop her teeth down on the nipple with a painful bite bringing me back to a harsh reality. Dammit, this was going to be a long afternoon. She released my breast from the confine of her mouths suction torture chamber. It was time for some instruction and training.

"When you present yourself to me it will always be like this, feet shoulder wide and hands behind you either fingers locked behind your head or clasped behind you back, understand?"

"Yes, Skyler."

"Good. Now go to the table where I got the butt-plug that's inside you now and you'll find in the drawer a leash, bring it to me."

When I got to the table I put my glasses on so I could find what she wanted, wished I hadn't. I opened the drawer and was shocked at what I found; an assortment of nipple clamps, ball gags, spurs, restraints and things I didn't recognize or want to know about. It bothered me that she felt comfortable leaving this stuff in a drawer, it bothered me more that I knew what some of it was for. I found the leash, took my glasses off again and walked back to Skyler. I handed her the leash. She slapped it out of my hand to the floor. I was shocked at her actions and felt a chill of fear, Had I not done what she asked?

"When you offer me something you do so by placing it across both hands and extending them in front of you, dropping to both knees and lowering you head as you do so. You stay there in that position until I take it from you and tell you to rise. Understand?"

"Yes Skyler." I was scared and dropped to the floor groping around to find the leash. This made me once again very aware of the intruder inside my rectum as my motions caused it to bump around inside me with my actions. When I did find the leash I gathered it across both hands and stayed on my knees, bowing my head down I raised the leash in my hands up to her. This was uncomfortable and erotic all at the same time. On my knees bent at the waist gave the plug a reason to remind me of it's presents inside me.

She took the leash and commanded; "Now, go and get the empty glasses of water, bring them to me here."

"Yes, Skyler."

I wasn't going to fail again. When I returned to her with the glasses I dropped to my knees, bowed my head down and raised them to her...waiting.

"Stand slave, and spread your legs wider than normal."

I did as instructed and watched as she reached between my legs and clipped the leash to the finger ring on the butt-plug.

"I have a rule; 'no slaves permitted outside my room unless leashed'. I'm thirsty and you drank all the water, we will go and get some more now."

With me carrying the glasses she turned to the door of her room and gave a tug at the leash. I gasped out loud as the plug in my ass impolitely pointed suddenly the way Skyler want to go with me. The chain of the leash dug deep into my swollen puss lips as Skyler draped it over her shoulder and kept a light constant pressure on it to make sure I followed obediently. With that probe deep in my rectum there was no way I could resist, this was humiliating...and stimulating at the same time. No one had ever exerted physical control over my body before, let alone used my own body against itself. The plug captured in me was held in place by it's size and my own ass not wanting to let it go when pressure was used. If Skyler tugged, my anal knot would automatically grab the plug tighter. I could do nothing to stop this response, I was in a sense truly a slave and my own body was betraying me, being used against me. Lead by a chain being held by a beautiful fully clothed blond as she paraded me naked through her house this way was degrading ...and my slit was dripping.

We walked through a sunlit living room en route to the kitchen and I knew the window curtains were open, Skyler was exposing me to any street traffic that happened be looking this way. We finally made our way to the kitchen and I though I was safe, but she stopped me at the entrance to the kitchen from the living room and my naked backside was still there for any passer-by to see. To be honest Skyler had a large front yard with trees, bushes and the living room windows weren't that large but if you were walking by and knew where to look, there I was.

She passed the leash through my legs and up my back so it could drape over my shoulder letting the handle fall below my breast in front. She gave a good tug and now the pressure was up and in. I could feel the cold of the chain on my back and between my cheeks. She stood there looking at me for a few seconds then I remembered. I dropped to my knees, raised the glasses to her and bowed my head in submission.

"Very good slave! I didn't want to slap the glasses out of your hands, but I would have if I had to remind you of your position."

She took the glasses but did not tell me to rise so I remained on my knees, once again pushing my anal intruder around inside my body. I heard her fill the glasses with ice and she asked;

"Does my slave need some more water?"

"Yes Skyler, thank you.....and...I need to pee."

"We'll take care of that too on our way back. You may rise."

She was standing in front of me and held out a glass, I took it and thanked her as I gulped it down. As I finished the glass I felt her hand come to rest on top of my mound, she pushed into my full bladder.

"Ah-ha, please, no. I really have to go, that hurt."

"It was suppose to hurt." she took the glass from me and didn't offer another. She place the glasses on the counter and returned to me again placing her hand over my bladder. She started to caress over it gently with only the lightest pressure, then applying more pressure to the top of it in a downward motion. She was trying to coax a pee out of me but didn't want me to go yet:

"Don't lose your bladder here slave, Not one drop or you'll clean the mess you make up with your own body, understood?"

"Yes Skyler." I realized that I was once again standing with my legs apart and arms locked behind me, I didn't remember doing it, it was already automatic now. I had been trained in the matter of a few short strokes and was becoming a willing submissive to all of Skylers demands. I could have told her to shove it and walked out...but then I couldn't have Leah and I really wanted Leah. Did I want this too?

She alternated from pressure to gentle massage then back to pressure. She pressed with one hand and then the other joined in at my split to fondle my urithera and urge the urine out of me. It was an excruciatingly delightful mix of pain and pleasure. I had to focus completely with my mind to make sure my bladder never gave in. Once again Skyler was using my own body against me, wanting my body to betray me. I was straining and grunting in resistance to her assault, she said I couldn't pee, I wasn't going to pee until she said I could. No matter what. Finally she relented and removed her hands as if she knew I couldn't take any more. She took hold of the leash draped over my shoulder and told me to lock my fingers together behind my head. Now the leash was captured between my neck and arm and could not slip away around my side. Yet again she used my body as a weapon against me, if she tugged forward the leash pulled upward on the plug she had placed inside me. She turned me with a quick jerk that transmitted her authority to the butt-plug deep in my ass. I was once again lead through the living room in full display for the world should anyone be in the right place at the right time. Down the hallway to her room we returned and straight into her bathroom. Finally relief was in sight...just not where I was looking though.

"Oh no, slaves don't use toilets, those are for people. You can relieve yourself in the shower where I can watch and make sure all the urine is out of you while you are in full display for my pleasure."

"I can't pee in your shower! I'm not sure I can pee in front of you let alone standing in your shower."

"I'm sure you can slave, or you can't pee."

I needed to pee, those glasses of water ran through me and Skyler's attention to my bladder had worked, there was real pressure and I HAD to relieve myself. I obediently walked into the shower which was big enough for 10 people and split my legs far apart over the drain ready to flow.

"Not yet slave, you can't release until I tell you to so, understand?"

The look of shock on my face must have been truly enjoyable for her because I heard her chuckle with delite.

"Y-yes, Skyler."

She reached in between my legs again and removed that clip on the leash that had controlled my life and my every action for the last 10 minutes. She wrapped the leash around my neck several times and let it hang in front of me. Skyler was looking at my pussy in anticipation of what was coming. After watching me struggle to hold back against my urges she walked behind me, reached around me from behind. She started to apply gentle pressure in a downward motion to my lower abdomen to get the flow going.

My body was starting to quiver from the mix of sensations it had been receiving. "Please let me flow, Skyler."

"Not yet."

As she pressed into me I could hear her low moan of pleasure in my left ear. Her position was perfect, I couldn't even withdraw from the pressure of her hands because she had trapped my body between her pelvis behind me and her hands working in front of me. I was captured by her with my fingers locked together behind my head in submission. She would push down trying to express from me then bring her hand down across my sloppy wet pussy and draw back up with only the lightest finger pressure. The unendurable pain mixed with the pleasure was becoming delightful. I could feel her as she started a slow grind into my ass every now and then brushing the plugs finger ring sending a shock up my...spine. Her attention was becoming too much and I was in trouble. Begging seemed like a good thing to try right now.

"SKYLER, PLEASE! I can't take any more! ...Uh-huh...Please let me pee!"

"Not yet , slave." She continued to work on me. "You need to endure this for another minute, then on my command, you can relieve yourself. You can do that for me can't you slave?"

"Y-yes I can do ...(pant)..that. You will (pant)...let me pee in a minute...please?"

She release her grip on me and walked outside the shower to observe me through the glass. "Yes slave, I will tell you when."

I started to tremble in anticipation of the release soon to come. I could hear my self excited as a small "oh!" escaped me with each breath. There I was, nude except for the chain around my neck, legs wide apart, intruder in my rectum, hands locked behind my head, standing in front of a fully clothed beautiful blond waiting patiently for her to tell me when I could relieve myself in front of her. This was a mind screw. Finally, the words I had been dying to hear came from Skyler in an oh-so-casual tone:

"You may release now ,slave."

The response was instant as a stream of warmth burst out of me onto the shower floor. I gasped and cried out as pain was replaced with relief and then satisfaction. I visibly shook as my bladder emptied itself in front of Skyler who's smeary image I could see through the shower glass. After a moment the strong stream weakend to a trickle as I thought I had never taken such pleasure in something I did many times every day. Never did I think I could do something like this in front of another. Never had I willingly given that power and control over to another. It was ...exciting. When I had finished there was a moment of quiet as I recovered from the most erotically charged urination I had ever had. Finally Skyler broke

the moment and said;

"Slave, I want you to take a shower now, get nice and clean, shampoo your hair. Leave the chain around your neck to remind you of what you are and who you belong to."

"Yes Skyler, and thank you for letting me pee."

"Letting you pee where and with whom, slave?"

Suddenly, I got it and said; "Thank you , Skyler for letting me pee in your shower in front of you. I hope you enjoyed watching me pee. I hope it made you happy."

"It's amazing when what we think we can't do turns to something we did. Five minute ago you KNEW you couldn't do what you just did, think what the next hours are going to reveal."

Control: it's not just having it, it's being willing to give it over to someone else. I started to see how sometimes that can make you stronger. I enjoyed the shower, the warmth of the water, the scent of the shampoo and the fact that Skyler was watching me from the other side of the glass. After urinating in front of Skyler, my modesty was now completely gone, it went down that drain with the last of my urine. Skyler watched me soap myself down and clean every part of me for her enjoyment and use. I switched off the water and walked to her at the shower entrance where she was holding a towel. She wrapped me in the towel and dried her slave with gentle patting and caress. I stood there legs wide apart for her to dry my every part and she did. She worked the towel onto my hair leaving my body exposed. I could see my blurred reflection in the bathroom mirror as Skyler's form moved around me ( I can't wit til Tuesday and I can get those damn contacts.). I was now clean and dry and ready for her further pleasure. She removed the leash chain from around my neck and lead me by the hand back to the bedroom.

"Hop up on the bed back side first, slave. I want to watch."

Ok, she's not going to get me that easy, 'hop' was the operative word. I walked to the bed and turned my back to it. She wanted to see me land on my butt and drive that plug a little further.

I placed both hands on the bed behind me and hopped onto the mattress hitting it ass first. Most of the impact was cushioned by the mattress and my butt but she still got what she wanted. As the pressure of the plug went further I let out a hard groan. I can't see her face but I know she enjoyed.

"Mmmm. Good girl! Now put yourself in the middle of the bed, move the pillows away if you need to. On your back, slave."

"Yes Skyler." I moved to the middle and layed on my back as instructed. Skyler had moved to the upper bed post and was fishing for something. When she found it she told me to raise my right hand over my head. I did and felt her take my hand in a restraint of some sort. I turned my head to look but it was useless, I can't see. Something black and comfortable was clasped around my right wrist. She pulled on something and I felt the slack in the restraint get taken up pulling my arm to toward the post. She moved to the bottom of the large bed and restrained my legs in the same fashion pulling them tight drawing my legs apart in straight lines pointing at the posts of the bed. When she got the remaining hand I had already positioned it toward the post for her. I was now split apart in the middle of Skylers bed, Pulled tight I could only move my waist, abdomen and upper chest a little. All else was pull fast. I was completely helpless and now at Skyler's mercy which I was sure had left town yesterday with no forwarding address. The fear was still building inside me but I wasn't going to stop complying with any command she gave me. I was wet and excited but in a very different way. I wanted Leah, but I wanted to be Skyler's slave right now and see what was in store for me. I heard her digging around in the end table for something then felt her get on the large bed and crawl over to my head. She place some kind of sleep mask over my eyes, now I was in total darkness.

"Skyler, that is really not necessary, I was already unable to see."

"But you could see something, now you can't see anything. You have to rely on all your other senses to tell you whats going on and that will make every sensation more intense."

She lightly drug her fingertips over my exposed breast and my reaction startled me. It was a more intense feeling from a lighter touch. I drew in a deep breath.

"Now, now, Jane. We'll have none of that. I'll keep close track of your breathing. No passing out on me and denying me my fun."

She moved off the bed and I heard her getting out of her clothes, then struggling with something. She then got back on the bed and went right to my very wet pussy. I could feel my limbs tense against the restraints holding them fast in place. I felt her hand move into my split working up and down the length of it spreading her finger around my clit then dragging them over the top of it as she returned down. She was doing this in constant rhythm and I notice my breathing follow her strokes. Her touch was even and well practiced, I could tell she knew how to please a pussy. I was relaxing and starting to enjoy the feelings that were coming at me. My orgasm was just a few strokes away...or so I thought.

Skyler moved to my opening and pushed two finger inside me without any warning, straight in and fully.

"Aaa-HA! Oh...(pant)... You could least warn...(pant) a girl, Skyler."

"And how would that please me?" She responded in that indifferent voice.

The sudden reminder that I was here for HER pleasure came running right back to the front of my brain and now I didn't like the restraints as much. I was her toy to use and use me she would. She continued invading my pussy with her fingers at the same pace but wasn't trying to reach to the special place Leah found in me. Why should she, she was having her fun. I could feel as she moved into me she would spread her fingers inside me as if to widen me. After a short time plowing into my now sensitive pussy she pulled her fingers out and attacked again using four fingers. It felt like she was using two finger from each hand and was pulling them apart inside my vagina. When she pushed into me with all four I yelped at the sudden invasion, but when she pulled me wide trying to spread me it hurt and I cried out.

"Skyler, thats painful. Please be gentle."

"Again, Jane. How would that please me? Besides I have to loosen you before we go further or you well soon realize that 'this' is not painful at all."

The lack of comfort in those words didn't help as a shiver of fear and pain ran through me.

"You can take it, Jane." Spoken as if she were giving instructions on how to use nothing more important than a toaster or other kitchen appliance. "The vagina is a very tough and flexible part of your body. Its designed to be able to take this kind of abuse and more, much more. Mm-humm. This is after all the same vagina that we all came through to get here. You will stretch out nicely to accommodate my pleasure and return to your tight little self for Leah. I promise no....permanent damage."

And that sent yet another tremble of fear through me but the promise of 'no permanent damage' brought some comfort, who wants scars at 17? It made me flow because Skyler commented on the volume of fluid I suddenly started to pass.

"Mmmm...that's a good girl, the more natural lube the better. You do taste very sweet. Oh, by the way my sweet slave, no cumming unless you ask me and I give you permission. NO CUMMING!"

"Yes Skyler, I won't cum unless you say I can."

With a few more good tugs to separate me she abruptly removed her fingers...I strangely missed them. She gave a solid tug on the plug in my ass to remind me it was still there. As rough as she was being with me it was turning me on. I don't really know if it was the restraints, the fact that I can't stop her from doing anything she wanted to me, the plug in my ass getting bumped by her actions in my pussy and sending a now very wonderful feeling through me, the submissive character that was suddenly coming out of my mouth or a mix of all of the above but I was enjoying this even if I didn't want to. Even if I was still gripped with fear. After a few seconds of my now empty pussy I remembered my place as slave.

"Thank you Skyler for stretching my pussy."

"Oh my, very nice. A slave that has learned her manners. I'm impressed. But it's not your pussy, it belongs to me now and soon so will all the rest of you. You will give yourself to me willingly."

"It's your pussy, Skyler." I responded. I was shocked how into this I was getting.

The entrance to my vagina now had a visitor, there was something knocking on my opening that was large, round and for the moment happy to stay on my doorstep. I felt her hand spread my lips and release them around the new intruder. Then I felt her other hand take purchase on my waist and then... wait..TWO HANDS!!... OH SHIT!!! SHE'S WEARING A STRAP-ON AND SHE'S ABOUT TO FUCK ME!!!

"SKYLER! No-no, this is not fun anymore so stop."

"Really? stop?" She pushed the head just inside me as my lips surrounded it. "A little late for that, don't you think? I don't ever recall giving you a 'safe' word or any choice for that matter."

"No Skyler, I mean it."

I felt her lay on top of my restrained, helpless body. Her chin in between my boobs, her hand clasping around my face and that thing still just inside me. She chuckled as she stroked my face knowing I couldn't stop her. I started to beg and admitted reluctantly;

"Skyler, please! I'm ...I... I'm still a virgin."

"Are you shitting me, Jane?!" A true honest emotion from Skyler, shock and disbelief. "Oh my day just keeps getting better. Thank you, Jane. Thank you for giving me your virginity, I'll cherish it always along with all the others that have been willingly given to me. Of course I'll have to humiliate you by lording that fact over you every now and then but I promise I'll make it fun for you too."

"Skyler, I don't want to remember this as the way I lost my cherry."

Still laying over me she said, "Hummm... That's an interesting statement. Tell me Jane, just how did you envision the fateful moment when you went from girl to women? Some slobbering, clumsy 'meat-stick' that was finally going to get himself wet by carelessly pumping himself into you 2, or if your really lucky 3 times. Then he fumbles and spills his seed on you, instead of in you because he forgot the condom? Oh! and there's the inevitable question of 'Was it good for you too?' with you then lying, 'oh, yes "Studly"! You were magnificent!' Yes, that's very ....whats the word...ah yes, very romantic. Yes, that's a memory you just shouldn't miss out on. And you'll be in good company too because thats how 95% of the girls in the world enter womanhood."

"Really know how to kill the moment don't ya, Skyler."

"Just keeping it real, slave. Look at it this way, in twenty years you'll have a story to tell that others will be envious of because you are going to willingly beg me to accept your cherry from you as a gift to me for being such a good mistress and letting you come on your first time."

Oooo...fear, submissiveness, willingly begging her to take my cherry, orgasm and getting a very good fucking from a girl that probably knew how to use a dick better than any boy in school. Squish! I was getting into this. She pulled out of me with that 'thing' and examined me with her finger. As she pushed a little farther in to me I yelped again as she came to rest on something very painful. I felt her spread me again.

"Oooooo...your weren't kidding either, there it is, well some of it, anyway. It is torn on one side but not completely, I never even gave it a thought when I was trying to widen you. I can feel the resistance of your hymen now. You're intact!! Well for the moment. Mmmhumm, I'm going to enjoy every bit of this."

I felt so full with the plug in me and now this monster she was going to deflower me with was back and resting happy in my vaginal entrance. The warm inside me that usually precedes my orgasms felt different this time. It was building but building stronger, bigger, different. Skyler lifted her body up off mine and withdrew the cock almost to the entrance then smoothly drove it back into me and stopped at the hymen. She repeated this motion never more than touching the hymen, tapping against it and then withdrawing again. It was starting to feel really good, she did know what she was doing and I was starting to crave it. It was such a small movement but I started to 'coo' as she relentlessly worked herself into me. My breath started to quicken and I was trying to respond to her as she worked. The restraints held me fast, I could neither help or get away, powerless to effect this except with my words. The more I held out against these thoughts, the worse it got for me. My desire to cum built with each short stroke she made. It was time to accept my fate. I was ready, I wanted to feel that rubber cock inside me fully more than I wanted to avoid the pain of my torn cherry. I was ready to give in to her and give her my virginity.

"Sk...Skyler...(pant)...please...(pant)..take me."

"What's that, slave? I couldn't quite make that out." She was going to play with me.

"Plea...please...(pant)...Skyler, I want...(pant) to take me." I was starting to get desperate.

"Take you? take you where, slave? The mock honesty was very well rehearsed. She was still moving in and out of me without missing a beat.

", Skyler."

"Take? Taking is wrong. I couldn't take anything from you my little slave, that would be stealing." Innocently evil.

"Oh don't...tease...(pant)...I give...(pant) my, please."

"Oh! A gift, but I didn't get you anything, slave. I couldn't accept your gift without giving you something in exchange. Any Ideas, slave?"

" Take my ...(pant)...virginity and give"

" I don't know, I think I'm getting the best in that deal. That doesn't sound very fair to you. Convince me this is what you really want, slave. Make me believe it."

"Please...Skyler...(pant)...accept the my...virginity. Please...make me...cummmm...oh" I was really trying to force my pussy down on her rod, damn restraints.

"Mmmmm -no, Try again louder, slave."

"Skyler! I...I...want you...(pant) accept my...virginity..(pant)..make me women...Skyler, PLEASE!!"

I was struggling to fine the right words that would release the fury I knew was bursting to get out of her pelvis, and drive into mine. She may be playing with me and enjoying it but I could sense that this was driving her crazy too. Then I remembered what she said earlier. About belonging to her, all of me. She could take me anytime she wanted, there was no way I could stop her if I wanted to but that wasn't enough for her. She wanted me to give myself to her. To 'willingly' give myself over to her and be hers. I would have to convince her that I wanted to be under her complete control. Control was what she needed to get off. I get this whole dominate/submissive thing now. Oh, to willingly give myself over to someone else for their pleasure. To be used as nothing more than a fuck toy. How erotic. I was mind fucking myself on these thoughts when I was rudely brought back into the moment by searing pain in both my nipples. She had pinched them with her fingers and as sensitive as they were, it really hurt.

"OOWWWWW!!!" I heard my own scream.

"Ah good, thought I lost you there, slave. And I'm sorry I'm still not convinced you want me to break you, so I'm thinking this is a good place to stop." She withdrew from me completely, I felt so empty and ....useless. If I couldn't please her what good was I?

"No!!...PLEASE...'MISTRESS, SKYLER!'...please don't..(pant)...I want be...(pant) be yours completely....I want you...(pant) use me...(pant), to make you happy...with all ...(pant)...of my body...I want you pleasure you....(pant)'s all...I'm ...good for...(pant) ...I'm begging (pant)...Please!"

Oh God did I ever want to cum. If that didn't work on her and she did quit and released me from the restraints I was going to attack myself. I think I had her at 'mistress' though. I heard her moan softly as she pushed in and stopped at the cherry. I felt her hands slide under my back and come over the tops of my shoulder hooking on me so she could get the grip me she wanted. I could feel her breath on my face and she was breathing spasmaticly, I had her as horny as I was. She could fuck my body but I could fuck her mind and we could both get the orgasm we wanted. The moment had come.

"Oh my little slave....I accept your generous offer. You have earned the pain and pleasure you are about to receive. You see, slave, I don't believe in pealing the band-aid off fast, I like to do it nice and slow."

She started to push slowly in to the unexplored region of my body. It was excruciating, I could feel the tearing as my hymen gave way to her agonizingly slow drive. I was screaming in pain and enjoying it all in the same moment. One cry followed the next as bit by bit I felt my cherry give up its hold on me and spread itself over her phallic. My virginity belongs to her now. I could feel my pussy expand to receive the new visitor inside my body. When she finally got through and was deep in me, I heard myself whimper the words;

"Please mistress.....please may I ....cum...cum....may I cum now, Please!"

"...(pant), not ...yet my....slave...(pant)...not yet."

She started to withdraw and I felt my pussy try and 'death-grip' that cock inside. She thrust back into me all the way then out again several times as I endured this pleasant torture. It was amazing how my body could stretch to accommodate so many intruders and they made me feel so wonderfully full.

I whined and begged; "Oh, please mistress....(pant)...I'll you...(pant)...anything...just tell me...and I'll do it...(pant).

Her breathing was heavier than mine now and I new she was close, I just had to find the right combination of words to push her over the edge and then she would release me from the prison of my own orgasm. Her thrusts were becoming more aggressive and the cadence was increasing. With each drive I could feel the tip of that monster bottom out in me. She was every bit the pro with that cock that I thought she might be and it was driving me crazy. She could pull all the way out of me and repenetrate with perfect accuracy, never missing me once.

"I belong to you....mistress...(pant)...I your power completely....(pant)... you have my virginity...(pant) you have me....and always ...will....I'm helpless...before you...(pant).

I won the match with that 'helpless' line I think because she drove into me and started to grind away pushing her pussy into the back of that strap-on and crushing my poor aching clit. I yelped again.

"Please, mistress....(pant) ...let your worthless ...(pant)...slave cum for your.....pleasure."

She was busy enjoying the orgasm I gave to her mind but through her frantic breath I heard what I was longing for.

"You may now....(pant)... cum for me...(pant)...'worthless' slave."

It was like someone broke the dam. I couldn't believe that I instantly came when she said I could. Though I was fully restrained, Skyler had to hang onto me for dear life. My torso and pelvis started to go into convulsive jerks and twitches with no pattern. My head snapped back and drove down into the mattress. All I could do was make noises, not words. I could feel everything from the relentless cock inside me grinding into my sopping pussy to the plug banging against it inside my ass, to her hands holding me down over my shoulders to the restrains that held me fast. I focused as much as I could on my breathing because this was so good I didn't want to pass out again. The ecstasy was running all through my poor body and all though my head. As her orgasm released its hold on her she started to fuck me again with that wonderful cock. Not pulling all the way out due to my spasms, only as far as she dared then back in finding bottom. Each drive sent another wave of bliss through my puss and out to the rest of me. I felt her reach down under me and tug at the ring of the plug in my ass. She wiggled it around until I felt it make contact with the strap-on plunging into me through the thin wall between pussy and anus. I responded with a gasp and another orgasm. With my limbs pulled outward I could feel the waves move out through my arms and legs in a radiant pattern. My God it was wonderful! She continued to work in me for and hour it seemed but I'm sure was no more than a few minutes. Finally she started to slow and I started to come down out of the orbit she had thrown me into.

she stopped all the way inside me and for the first time I felt her lips touch mine. I opened and allowed her into my mouth. Now Skyler was filling every opening in my body at once. I did feel that at that moment I did belong to her, completely. Turns out she was a good kisser too, not as good as Leah, but good. I felt her arms come out from under me and then stroke up the length of my extended arms to the restraints as she continued to kiss me. She released my wrists from their captors and place another kiss on me. My arms came down and wrapped around her back holding her to me. She started to move out of my very happy pussy and I clutched her tightly to my body.

"No! Please mistress, stay inside your slave."

"In a moment, there is something I need to see."

With that she pulled out of me and it was uncomfortable as she left me empty. She lifted off me and without her presents on me and in me I felt so alone. She was doing something to make her lips smack because I could hear them and the soft moan that came with whatever she was doing.

"Open your mouth." I did as instructed and felt her fingers rest on my tongue. "Suck it off me"

I closed my mouth to savor the pussy juice that I thought it was, and some of it was. But some was ...blood. I was tasting the last of my own virginity. I could hear her feeding more, she must be wiping the cock clean. I felt her tongue lap up my slit and I quivered as it ran it's course several times, cleaning my swollen opening.

"Alright slave, you have done well."

It felt so good as she settled that phallic back into my pussy and I could feel her relax her weight on top of me. With her inside me again I felt 'owned' and loved. Completely satiated. I wrapped her in my arms again and slowly, lovingly stroked the back of a girl that had worked so hard to give me the tremendous climax of a wonderful afternoon. I was a happy, satisfied slave cradling the head of my mistress next to mine. Savoring the pain and ecstasy she had given me. I cooed with satisfaction of a different kind than I had known from Leah. I felt her hand try to remove my blinds but I turned my head away.

"No, please, I can't see anyway and I want to feel you. You feel so good on me, in me. Please stay in me. Please don't leave me empty yet."

She giggled and said; "As you wish my pet."

Mmm, pet. I liked that...

next installment, August 9, 2012

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