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The Choker Club Chronicles Pt.3 Patricia

Patricia takes Jane on a journey from oral to exposure...


Skyler was laughing; "No Jane, I'm not a 'Dom' 24/7, nobody can be. You have to turn it off every now and then. Sometimes I even like to be a 'switch'. I will however, pull out all the 'Dom' stops when I'm really horny for a girl, especially a girl that has never been forced into submission before. That turns me on like nothing else in life and I want to enjoy fully her first time because they'll never be another 'first'. If I can give her the fear of the unknown and hold her in that fear, everything that happens, that I do to her, becomes very intense. I want that, I want to be able to force her to control her own orgasm so she can really bring her own intensity out the way you did."

Skyler was getting out of the strap-op at the foot of the bed as she spoke. Her demeanor was very different now, much more relaxed and sociable. This was Skylers 'normal' side, pleasant and congenial when she wasn't screwing a girls brains out and giving-correction-forcing her to control her own orgasm. I was sitting up in the middle of the bed petting my poor kitty that she had worked into a frenzy of de-lite just a short half hour ago. She had fucked me first, then we made love and then we made love again with her never bringing that phallic out of me for hours. Skyler was now naked at the foot of the bed releasing the restraints on my ankles. I looked at her with a slight grin and asked;

"Is there anything I can do for you 'mistress Skyler' because I think I got the best of that deal after all."

I think she smiled as she hopped onto the bed between my legs, don't really know because I still can't see.

"Yes there is, give me your necklace."

A shiver of excitement ran through me, I had completed the first of my trials and was going to lose Skyler's tag. I unclasped my necklace for the first time since I had put it on 3 days ago and handed it to Skyler. She spilled the tags off the necklace onto the bed and plucked out the one with her name on it, place the others back on the chain and handed it to me. I smiled as thought I just won the spelling bee ...again and happily clasped it back on my neck.

"And I'm no longer your 'mistress', you passed with flying colors and now we are just girls again, equals with no respect to the position that we had in the act of sex. Anything that happens now is your own choice with no regard to your initiation."

I felt a strange sense of loss with those words that I think she saw. So she added;

"But once you're in the 'choker club' I would enjoy being you're mistress again.....and again. If you are willing to hand that control over to me again. None of the other girls ever got into it the way you did. You had innocence on your side and took the whole experience as an adventure to be enjoyed."

"Well, you broke me down mentally with that butt-plug and leash. That was so ...I don't know how to describe it. My body had been invaded and now had to obey an object inside me that you controlled. And the whole 'number one' in the shower, how did you know that would enslave me so mentally into you like it did?"

Skyler crawled over me and placed a gentle kiss in the center of my breasts, then up to the sallow of my neck, then finally on my lips. She pulled back and with a genuine smile I could definitely hear and said;

"I didn't. You don't know how anything turns out until you try it. If you did what would be the point of doing it?"

"You mean the last 3 hours of my life were complete improvisation, you made it up as you went along?"

Skyler giggled honestly, "Well not completely, the butt-plug and leash were planned but what came after would have to be made up on the fly because I couldn't know how you would respond. Speaking of which, now comes the ugly part of a butt plug. We should get that out of you now, they can be kinda messy when not expected."

"Skyler...could I please keep it in me...for now...tonight? I'll give it back to you on Monday at school but for now can I please keep it inside me? It will make me know that I'm still yours, that part of me still belongs to you. I want to sleep with a part of you inside my body tonight, Please?"

"Sure, Jane (giggle). I may have started something I can't stop, created a monster. Why don't you just keep it, I have plenty. You never know when you need a good butt-plug, use it and think of me when you do."

I smiled and said; "Thank you 'Mistress Skyler' , you'll be my only mistress." I was starting to like this decision to join the 'choker club' more and more. Of course now I was torn; I wanted to test my darker side more with Skyler, but I was in love with Leah. She was who I wanted next to me in bed and after the last 3 hours that had not changed. If anything I wanted Leah more now.

Skyler was caressing my poor sore kitty with her hand and said;

"I'd love to play with you some more tonight but I don't think I have enough left in me after that ride you gave me. You have great orgasms, by the way. So I was thinking; why don't we grab a shower and go get some pizza at 'Frenchie's'? I could use some calories after that."

"I could eat my weight in pizza right now, that so works."

We bounded out of the bed and ran for the bathroom. We soaped each other down in Skyler's enormous shower, tenderly touching and caressing each other in such a relaxed familiar way. Comfort is the best way I can describe it because I had shared a part of myself with Skyler that I didn't know I had and I knew I wouldn't be judged. There was a bond between Skyler and me that can't be defined with words. A need inside us that we understood and nobody else ever would. We rinsed each other down like we were more than sisters or lovers or friends. We shared a secret that we couldn't describe. We toweled off, there was nothing we could hide from each other anymore. When I got my glasses I saw Skyler was perpetually smiling like I was. I started to giggle and she openly laughed, something I had never seen her do, it was wonderful. She walked over to me still naked as I was and gave a tender tug on the probe she had placed inside me. "Be careful as you sit down, don't forget that thing is still in you."

"It will remind me of the control we have over ourselves with every move I make. Thank you for this lovely gift, Skyler." We dressed each other, me dressing her first so I would be naked as she was clothed.

We arrived at 'Frenchies' and the place was busy as usual, even more so for a Friday night. 'Frenchies' was the place to get pizza if you were in the under-21 club. A typical high schoolers hang out but the best part was, they did make the very best pizza in town...with a million toppings to chose from. We made our selections, grabbed our drinks and headed for a table that was open near the window. The place was loud with T.V.'s in the corners synced to MTV to keep the kids entertained as they eat or just hung out. Skyler and I sipped our drinks waiting for our number to be called and engaged in girl talk. A cute blond with very long hair came in with a tall/dark/handsome guy in tow. She was bubbly and slightly hyperactive, he was .... being cool and tough. I heard Skyler softly say;

"What a waste."

Curious I asked; "What...what Skyler?"

Her eyes were fixed on the blond as she took another sip from her drink with those gorgeous lips. She released the straw and continued;

"She'll probably be drunk in 2 hours and tomorrow wake up with a headache, fuzzy memories of really bad sex and a bag full of regret because she can't find her panties."

I giggled asked; "Skyler, do you really hate guys?"

"No, not at all, I just think a penis is wasted on most of them."

I busted into laughter and almost shot soda through my nose. Instantly Skyler started laughing at me.

"Well? Correct me if I'm wrong Jane." We were both still giggling. She leaned into me and whispered; "Do you think any guy in this room could have done to you what I did earlier."

I laughed; " Not even if they had YOUR strap-on to do it with."

That hit her funny-bone, we were both laughing so hard we had missed our number being called. They came looking for us with the pizza so we tipped the pizza guy and could barely say 'thank you' because we were still laughing. As we munched hungrily and tried to restore our strength Skyler leaned over and spoke to me softly;

"Just think Jane, most of the girls in this room are sexually active and most haven't experienced anything close to what you and I have. You have been active for less than a week, had great orgasms with no fear of getting pregnant or an STD."

I got it! Finally! "No sex with anyone outside the 'choker club'. All girls, with known partners, no chance of STD's. Duuuuuuhhh! Skyler, we should open a 'choker club' franchise in every school!"

Skyler laughed; " What would the school nurse do with all those free condoms then?" she laughed, "Make tiny balloon animals, reeeeeaaaally tiny!"

After we settled down a little she continued; "No I don't hate guys I just think they are too lazy in bed. I tried sex with 2 different guys and gave them the opportunity to impress me with their talent. Instead they jumped me, wiggled for a minute and pulled up their pants. It did leave me enough time afterwards to organize my sock drawer, which I didn't think I was going to have time for but, it didn't satisfy me. I moved on." She started to smile, then chuckle to herself and added; "It's not completely over for me with men, I may get one when I'm older. I'm told they have many uses; getting things off the high shelves, plunging a clogged toilet, taking garbage to the curb for pick-up by other men, yard work, that sort'a thing."

Again we were laughing, Skyler had a terrific sense of humor when she wasn't brooding and being all dominant. All too soon I was being dropped off in front of my house. I asked if Skyler wanted to come in and meet my folks. I wasn't going to make that same mistake again. She politely declined and said she would save it for next time when it wasn't so late. I thanked her repeatedly for what she had given me and the nice time afterwards. She smiled and said "anytime", off she went. That was probably as deep as Skyler was going to get.

The mom/dad conversation was short, told them I had a great time...which was oh-so true. Soon I was settling into the sheets and my mind wandered to what Leah was doing right now. Was she in her bed thinking of me? I liked that thought so I stopped there and dwelled on it. I couldn't help but dwell on the phallic inside my body that Skyler had inserted hours ago. It was now like and old friend comforting me from the inside. I lay there thinking how lucky I am; Skylers presents inside my body, Leah's presents inside my mind. I felt as I had both my lovers with me tonight in my bed and happily held that thought until I fell asleep.

The next morning I was again sore in all the right places. I was so glad it was Saturday and I could sleep in. When I finally did get up it took about 5 minutes to get my legs stable under me and walking was not fun until mid-day. Time to go to the bathroom and relieve myself of Skylers present. It was a bit of a struggle but I would keep it always someplace safe.

I wanted to talk to Leah about my Skyler encounter before school Monday so I gave her a call and asked if we could talk. I was a bit confused but as only Leah can, she set me straight.

"Jane, you're suppose to enjoy sex with someone that knows other things and finds new ways to rock your little world. Just think of what you'll know when you and I can dig our nails into each other again."

"But...I mean...can you do that ...what Skyler did to me? I don't want that all the time but I know I will want something like it again?" I felt a little ashamed telling the girl I love that I wanted kinky submissive sex sometimes.

"I don't think anyone can do what Skyler does, Jane. If you want something like that you know where you can go to get it safely. Just bring your bruised body back to me when your done and I'll heal you up with my gentle caress."

"How can you be so understanding, Leah? I don't even understand it and you just put it all in perspective."

" I love Skyler, she has been a friend for so long and I know that rough Dom/sub sex is what makes her happy, now it makes you happy as well. 2 people I care for making each other happy, how could I not understand that?"

Every time minute I spend with Leah in any form was making me a better, more mature person. I knew I didn't and would never want anyone in my heart but Leah.

"I love you, Leah."

Oh shit!!! That just came flying out of me. I don't even know from where. I never saw it coming and had no chance to stop it! That should do it, that should run her off like a scalded cat! Way to go, Jane!!!

"I love you too, Jane. I can't wait to have you to myself for the evening, or morning, or month. Just holding you to me, feeling you sleep with me, watch you breath."

Oh my God! I started to tear up with all that I was feeling. Emotion was coming so fast I couldn't keep up with it as I started to feel flooded by it. I must have sniffed into the phone because Leah continued;

"I know, baby girl. I feel it too. I want you so bad right now." She cleared her throat, " A-hum, so, get busy with Patricia and Monica and get your cute little ass back to me as quick as possible, I have plans for you."

I knocked away the tear running down my cheek and sucked up the emotions; "I want you so bad right now I might just run up to Patricia on Monday morning and wrap my legs around her face in the hall at school!"

We laughed and talked little stuff, soon it was time to say goodbye and we caught ourselves playing the 'no, you hang up first' game. Finally we hung up and I spent the rest of the weekend waiting impatiently for Monday.

I made it to school fully restored and becoming amazed at how my body could recover so fast from so much attention to parts of me that had been ignored for so long. I was filled with more than a little nervousness at how the first meeting with Leah was going to happen since we had shared our love for each other on the phone Saturday. I made my way to the corner where the 'choker club' always met and was greeted with Leah smiling at me from afar. It was all good, the nervousness just melted away as it always did when I saw my lover. She was all bubbly as she approached me and gave me a girl-hug. I could smell her, I wanted her right now. She pulled back and I reluctantly released my hold on her. She was wearing her hyper-smile and said;

"Patricia is here, is there something you wanted to ask Patricia because if you did she's here, she's right here, see, there she is, c'mon lets go see Patricia."

"Would you calm down, Leah. I'm going to ask Patricia to take her tag today, it's ok. (giggle)"

"No time like the present, Jane. I always say that, no time like the present." She was practically dragging me to Patricia. "And ya know it's true too, there is no time like the present."

"Leah, did you mix coffee and redbull this morning?"

She stopped in the middle of the hallway and whispered in my ear; "I'm so damn hot for you that if I'm not sitting on your face by Thursday I'm going to burst into flames!"

"Well, we can't have that now can we." I giggled as she continued to drag me to Patricia. Monica and Patricia were both at 'the corner'. I could see Skyler coming up the hall to join us but I figured I better not wait to ask Patricia to take her tag or Leah's head was going to spin off.

"Patricia, would you(cut off)"

"Yes Jane, gladly!!! If I don't I think Leah would gut me like a trout on the spot. It's all Monica and I have been hearing about this morning. We'll meet after last class today, good?"

I looked over at Leah, she had her hands clasped together under her chin prayer like, eyes wide and smiling as big as I've ever seen her smile looking at me. She was bouncing on her heals with excitement waiting for me to answer. I sighed; "Weeeeellll...let me think...humm.."

Leah suddenly got serious and slapped my shoulder; "Answer her dammit!"

"Oww! Ok, ok. That would be fine." All of us started to laugh at Leah who realized how she was acting and started to laugh with us. I was where I was supposed to be, maybe for the first time in my life.

Skyler finally joined up with us as the laughter was dying and asked; "whad'I miss?" Monica piped up with a; "Sorry, ya had to be there. Just don't give Leah any coffee or she's just going to blur out and go backward through time." I looked over at Skyler as she blew me a light air kiss, I bowed my head slightly in submission. Our own language.

I looked at Leah and SHE was blushing, I'd never seen her blush. By weeks end she would be mine and I would be hers, it was going to be the longest week of our lives.

Patricia and I hooked up and headed to her place just a few doors down from Leah's house..and just as big. Again as before we were alone, just the two of us in a very big house. It had been over two days since my experience with Skyler and to tell the truth I hadn't even given my next encounters a thought. After Skyler how wild could it get, really. We snacked on some fruit and drink, chatted, drank some more and I followed her out to the pool area. When we got to the lounges I braced for what way come next. Patricia turned to me with an honest smile and said;

" I don't know if this will come as a relief or a let-down but there will be no strap-on's involved today. Today I'm going to teach you how to give me a glorious blow job, because I love my pussy licked. Furthermore, I will teach you how to give it anytime, anywhere, even amidst distractions. Even to the point of having an orgasm yourself in front of someone you may not know."

"I've never given a blow job, I don't know how good I'm going to be at it."

She walked over and started to undo my blouse with a smile and said; "You are going to SUCK!....then lick...then blow at it(chuckle). The fact that you've never gone down on anyone is a bonus because you don't have any bad habits to break."

As she pushed my shirt off my shoulders I started to feel comfortable. An instructor, how nice to have a teacher. As the shirt dropped behind me she released the snap on my bar and pulled it forward off me freeing my breasts. I could feel my nipples getting hard in the sun. She lightly drug her hands over my breasts and they reacted as my chest jutted outward slightly to greet her hands gentle touch. She lowered herself to my waist and undid the button on my pants as I kicked off my shoes. I loved the feeling of her pulling my pants down my legs. I realized that she was the first to do that, all the other times it was me that had undressed myself. I braced off her shoulders as I lifted my legs so she could get the pants off. She managed to snatch the socks off my feet at the same time, Patricia had skills. I looped my thumbs in the sides of my panties and started to drop them when she stopped me with a;

"Not so fast, there is some fun to be had with panties."

She demonstrated as she pushed my thigh's apart slightly and started to blow gently on my muff through the panties. There was a detached type of stimulation that I would not have thought would excite me. She then placed her mouth over my muff and blew through the panties, it created and warm and cold sensation that forced a grunt out of me. I could feel her dragging her tongue up and down on the outside of my panties making gentle pressure as she continued to blow. "Mummmm" Slipped out of me as my head tipped back and my hands came to rest on the sides of her head. It was then that I truly noticed how much larger of a woman Patricia was. I felt like a little girl in her presents not from her personality but her size. She was only a half a foot taller than me but fuller in every area, especially those large breasts. She wasn't huge but I started to think of her as my 'Amazon woman'. She started to bite gentely on the panties drawing her teeth across my slit, I felt them travel across me and meet in the center, she was amazing.

Finally she grabbed the panties that were soaked with her saliva and my lube in her teeth and looked up at me as she dragged them off exposing my sloppy wet pussy to the air, I can't explain how wonderful it felt as I stepped out of the panties and Patricia's face was right there in front of my wet muff blowing on my split. She bought her mouth over my pussy and locked on with both hands on my ass behind me holding me fast in her mouths watery grip. Her tongue started to lash at my slit splitting my lips with each pass it made exploring the channel between my opening and clit. Without removing herself she guided me to the lounge nearby and lowered me down to it. I was almost in a trance at this point, I had never felt anything like this and was wondering how much longer I could hold on. Her hand came up to my chest to push me back from a sitting position to reclining, then she pushed my legs up into a flying 'V'. My hand instinctively went down to hold them up behind the knees. I felt her hands wrap around the outside of my legs and drape over my muff to help her mouth. She split me wide with her hands and now used that magnificent tongue of hers to drive between my swollen lips. She was making the smallest circles around my clit then running her tongue down to my opening trying to push it into me, then back up the clit for more torment. She was working the clit by pulling it into her mouth and torturing it with her tongue when she launched another assault by driving her fingers in and hitting that special spot in me. It was too much all at once. I felt my pelvis pull back then drive outward into her warm mouth and active fingers. my abdomen and chest alternated heaves as the orgasm just seemed to appear and take over.


No, it was no good, words are not going to get formed anytime soon. The brain was completely overwhelmed. as the orgasm started to fade Patricia decided that that was not enough. She started to blow then suck with her mouth completely enclosing my pussy, it made that ...farting... type noise which was distracting but it felt so good that my orgasm came back for a second look. Her tongue plunged back into me and started to tickle around inside my opening as though it was looking for something it had lost. Her tongue was like an entity unto itself with a mind of its own drawing out then jamming back in. I couldn't hold my legs any longer with all the activity in my torso. they dropped over the side of the lounge and I crumbled, just spent, sporadically breathing as her incredible tongue finally relented and withdrew from the attack. She closed her lips over my slit several times as she was slurping the last of my juice. She moved her tongue out from my poor worked pussy and around the area as I came down from the nirvana she sent me to. She pulled her head away and looked up at me, I looked down to her and smiled as best I could. At least I could see this time, I wasn't instructed to remove my glasses(tomorrow was Tuesday, yeah!!!).

"Do you think you can do that to me, Jane?" she asked in a very nurturing way. I responded;

"Eye gan t-why bah.??..Wah m I sa-in?"

Patricia busted out in laughter. Yeah, debate was out of the question for awhile as I laid there trying to get my breathing rhythm and tongue to work again. Patricia moved up over me slightly with her chin about naval high and proceeded to explain;

"Ok, relax and get yourself back together, just listen and I'll fill you in. Pound for pound the tongue is the strongest muscle you have and licking a pussy into orgasm is going to work it out like never before. Your tongue will be tired afterwards but the reward you get is worth it. Never be afraid to explore with it, if the girl doesn't like it she'll tell you. Don't be afraid to stop and ask her if everything is ok if she not responding. Don't be afraid to take instructions, when your down on a girl your there to please her. In short; don't be afraid, give and enjoy."

She made me feel very comfortable with my inexperience, I wasn't afraid anymore, and I was going to enjoy watching her cum as I ate her snatch. I was ready;

"Patricia, I want you in my mouth any way that feels best for you. I'll do my best and take my cues from you but I want to taste you"

Her eyebrows raised through her hairline as she squealed and popped up undoing her top and practically tearing it off with her bra. Her breasts bounced freely at the release from the constrains of her bra and the two largest breasts I had ever seen were there in front of me, glorious. She had large brown areolas and very erect nipples, erect for me to play with. I couldn't wait to feel them in my hands but would have to. She pushed her skirt and panties off in one motion while kicking off her shoes, a beautiful hour glass figure round and smooth, her olive skin shining in the sunlight. My 'Amazon' was now ready for me. She grabbed my arm and spun my head down to the bottom of the lounge almost hanging off the end so that the pool was now above my head. She stepped over me swinging her right leg out and started to bring her beautiful pussy down to my face. It was clean and free of any pubic hair, not a follicle to be found. I saw her hood delicately laced over her clit and her vulva starting to spread as she lowered herself to my mouth. She wanted my mouth on her and I wanted her on me, in my mouth. I wanted to try out my tongue on this gorgeous pussy heading to my face. I reached up to cradle her wonderful soft ass in my hands as her split made contact, finally, with my watering mouth. I opened my mouth to gorge on her, she was sopping wet from anticipation and flowed into me on contact. Fresh girl juice was running into my mouth, sweet, delicate with a slight musk that told me ...woman.

My tongue instantly sprung up into her split labia and was greeted with the softest skin it had ever felt, so smooth and warm. No resistance was offered as my tongue started to move up and down over her wide slice, I could feel the small nub of her clit under its protective hood. She was right about the tongue being strong because mine had no problem forcing her hood out of the way so it could molest her clit. I made the small orbital circles around it the way she had done to me and heard her burst out an;

"Oh!....oh!...oh....ooooo, yeah. That's it right there....ohhh."

I felt her weight settle on me a little more and new I had done well so far. I was rewarded for my effort as more girl-juice flowed from her into my mouth, she was getting very close and I wanted to push her over that edge. I wanted her to cum on me, because of me, for me, in me. I wanted to watch her cum because of what I was doing to her body, satisfying her desire and lust. She started to moan and leaned forward over my head placing her hands on her knees for support. I could see those beautiful breasts but my arms were trapped under her holding her soft ass in position, I would have to wait to fondle those gorgeous globes until later. I worked my right hand under my chin to bring it into play but didn't want to use it in her pussy just yet. No, my tongue was going in her hole first. I pulled back and lapped at her split while bringing my hand up to get covered in our combined juice. I stroked my finger back to her anal button and started to move it around the knot. She said to; "explore and If the girl didn't like it she would tell you" so I got creative. Patricia was not protesting the fingers presents, I took that as an 'all clear' and struck a twin attack. I pushed my juice covered finger in her ass just as I brought my tongue in for a full plunge into her opening. The response was fantastic. Patricia's head pulled back out of my view and her hands came to rest on both sides of my face as I heard her take in a huge gulp of air. Her legs split farther apart as she leaned over more to expose her ass to my invading finger forcing her pussy deeper into my mouth. She started to buck and I could feel her split get warmer as blood flowed to fill her female. The orgasm grabbed hold of her.


Her hands guided my face and mouth where she needed it most and I continued to stroke into her ass without mercy. My tongue was inside her body and I felt the muscles gripping my tongue as the orgasm wrecked her. Her pelvis started to move back and forth over my face as she started to shiver and jerk. I was doing this, I was making a beautiful girl cum on my mouth and I was rewarded again with even more of her juices and the view of her orgasm grabbing and shaking her body like a helpless rag doll. Now it was her turn to try and speak.

As she came down and got control I removed myself from her ass and watched her collect what was left of her body and mind. I was smiling up at her when she made eye contact and tried to speak. She pushed her body up the length of the lounge and came to rest on top of me face to face. She started to kiss and lick herself off my face finally coming up with a word;


That was all she had and I started to laugh, my moment of revenge was here;

"Ha-ha, not so funny when the mouth is on the other pussy is it? (giggle)

She laughed as best she could trying to get her breathing rhythm back but I could see the smile and satisfaction in her eyes and all over her face. I leaned up and kissed her gently on the mouth with a;

"Thank you Patricia for teaching me how to bring pleasure to a girl."

She had more power over her mouth and responded; "Had no idea I was that good of a teacher. Besides, were not done. Can you do that with a distraction going on, that's the real test."

"Not sure I really know what you mean, Patricia."

"You will soon enough." She smiled and lifted herself up and back into the lounge opposite me. She patted her chest as if she were calling a pet cat to her and said; "Come up here and kiss me."

I left the bottom of the lounge and crawled up to join my beautiful amazon laying on her ample chest not going all the way to her face. I wanted those boobs and was going to be denied no longer. She opened her legs so my knees could be supported by the lounge itself as I lowered my face to kiss her left breast. I had both arms down on either side of her on the lounge for support, my butt was facing the pool behind me as my mouth worked on her left nipple, pulling it in, gripping it ever so gently with my teeth and torturing it with the tip of a tongue that was starting to feel the effects of overuse. Patricia's hands started to stroke the length of my back, smoothly, gently offering the reassurance that I was treating her breast well and that she was enjoying my mouths efforts. My left hand left the lounge and cupped the right breast, it was more than one hand could work with but it felt wonderful and I was going to do my best to please it. I started to stroke my thumb across the nipple as I gripped the mound of flesh and kneaded it into de-lite. I heard Patricia start to moan, when I looked up her head was back and eyes were closed as she pulled in all the pleasure she could from my actions. I was sure I heard a noise from behind me like some kind of metal 'clank' but Patricia took no notice so I continued to love her breasts. I brought my right hand up to join the left in fondling those wonderful boobs and supported myself on Patricia's chest. I released my mouth from her left breast and this caused another groan to come out of her as her hands moved off my back to my shoulders. She started to push me down towards her split, I got the message.

Once again I heard something behind me but as I tried to turn and see Patricia's hands caught my face and kept it pointed towards hers.

"Not yet, you don't get to look yet."

"What's going on behind me, Patricia?"

"Tell in a few minutes, take my pussy now, Jane. Take it in your mouth and pleasure me."

I smiled at her feeling good that she wanted me to go down on her again. I saw the need in those eyes and could not resist her. I needed the practice because I couldn't wait to do this and more to Leah. She was flush with girl-lube when I brought my head down to her love channel. I pushed her thighs apart a little more so I could get my mouth into position. I wanted to lick her into bliss again, feel the orgasm take hold of her like some unknown entity making her body undulate like it was being controlled by unseen strings from a puppet master high above her. I started to work my tongue over and around and got immediate response so strong it surprised me. I wasn't as far into her as before but I was getting twice the response. I looked up to see her in the strong throw of ecstasy already, she was braced by her hands off the lounge supporting her body and her head was bobbing down as if to look over me every now and again. I settled down into the lounge with my mouth firmly locked onto her split, now my hands could work on those breasts that were already moving on their own. I landed on her nipples at the same time and she lost her control. Patricia's hands never left the lounge as her torso lifted up in waves like an ocean storm. Only "Oh's!" and unrecognizable grunts came out of her mouth as she was lost in her orgasm. It was so beautiful to see a girl thrashing around because of my actions. I slowly stopped all the tongue actions and groping of her breasts as her orgasm withdrew it's grip on her, I knew she would be tender and I didn't want to 'ruin her happy'. She giggled and tried to laugh a laugh of relief and satisfaction but she was barely able to. She reached down to me and brought me up to her face, placing her hand behind my head she kissed herself off my face once again.

"Patricia, way did that come on so fast, I was barely into it when you came? You may be a great teacher but I'm not that good of a student."

She was still trying to manage her breath control but couldn't so she held up a finger telling me she needed a minute. When she got it all back she explained;

"You are a good student, you gave me that cum with distraction you didn't even know about. That made it so exciting you could have made me cum with a tickle."

I was still confused and she knew it so she told me to stand up and face her. I did and she got out of the lounge facing me; "I'll show you the distraction now."

She turned me around half way so I was facing the pool and there with a smile I can't describe was the pool boy. Almost 6 foot, about 24, well built with sandy blond hair leaning on a skimmer that he wasn't using. Swim shorts, flip-flops and a t-shirt that was a size too small to show his chest was all he had on. He was the noise I heard from behind me. For the last 5 minutes he had quietly observed me going down on Patricia. He was what she was looking at beyond me when I was pleasuring her. His watching us was the reason Patricia got off so fast. I'm sure my tongue had something to do with it but he was Patricia's amplifier.

Instinctively my hands tried to cover my naked body causing Patricia to laugh out loud as she closed the distance behind us and moved into my back with her body. I could feel those wonderful breast pressed into my back. She came under my arms and cupped my right breast with her left hand across my body from behind, the right went down to my pussy and pushed my hand out of the way.

"Jane, he's had the best view of you that anyone could ever have. He's been staring at your open split for the last five minutes watching you swallow my pussy, what do you think your hiding at this point?"

I was still staring at him across the pool and as she said those words into my ear I felt my pussy start to warm.

A stranger who's name I don't even know had seen every part of me as I used my body to give a girl an orgasm right in front of him. With my glasses on I could see everything this time. The expression on his face, hell, I could identify him in a police line up if necessary and he could pick me out of a crowd as well as the girl that gives other girls blow jobs on pool side lounges. Patricia leaned to my ear and started to whisper;

"Look at him, Jane. Don't take your eyes off of him. He watched as you made me cum, now he's going to watch you cum for me." I felt Patricia's fingers start to probe my opening and I started to flow with my own girl-juice. My eyes were fixed on his face. "Jane, look at the bulge in his shorts. He is fully erect right now because of what he saw you do. That stiffy in his pants is all because of you. You are the cause of that."

It was a large bulge and he was not trying to cover it if he could, I could just see his penis had grown over the top of his shorts and was barely covered by the t-shirt pulled down in front of his shorts. We had turned him on and I had made Patricia cum with him watching. I wanted him to watch me cum for Patricia. I was feeling no modesty, I was as horny as I had ever been and that was saying something lately. I raised my arms to Patricia's head behind me and cradled her head in my hands. I widened my stance, smiled at him and turned my head to her face, she was looking down to me.

"Patricia, make me cum in front of him, I want to cum in front of him for you."

Patricia smiled a smile of satisfaction that said she knew I understood what she was about. Cuming in front of others was her thing, the experience she wanted to share with me. I got it and I wanted to do it, to cum in front of someone I don't know, to just be observed as my body is caught in the throws of ecstasy. For someone that has no interest in my life to watch as I expose the most intimate part that is me.

"Gladly, but I'm going to use your technique to do it because it worked real well on me."

I was confused as to what she was talking about until I felt her left hand release from my breast and re-appear from behind me at my pussy. I felt her left hand run under my legs and gather up as much moisture from my pussy as it could hold. Then she ran it back to my ass button and transferred the lube to that area in preparation for her assault on my knot.

"This is going to be so strong, Jane. I'll hold you and take care of you, just give in to your orgasm when it comes and don't take your eyes off of him. Keep watching him watch you and it will be so strong."

I turned my head back to see our pool-boy peeping-tom, he had not moved and seemed to have no shame in watching us, like he sees this event all the time. Then it occurred to me that this was Patricia's thing. He is probably never late for the pool cleaning at her house and has special reduced rates as well.

Patricia started to probe deeper into my sopping wet split. She was using 2 fingers and was driving up and into me pressing on my clit at the top of each drive. I was so wet at this point that I could hear 'slurp' type noises coming from my gash each time she withdrew and re plunged. I knew he could hear these noises my body was making, he could 'hear' how turned on I was as he observed Patricia molest my body across a pool from him. I was already feeling my orgasm build fast, my warm spot was becoming an inferno and I wasn't going to hold out much longer. I still had my hands behind Patricia's head buried in her hair, my Amazon was so big compared to me she had her head lowered to my shoulder to reach up into me, she surrounded me with herself. I could hear her breath in my hear as it started to match my own.

"Your orgasm is on it's way Jane and it can't be stopped now, I feel it building inside you and soon it will burst out for him to see. He will be beating his meat tonight thinking about what he's going to see you do. You will be the porn star in his next masturbation. Think about him beating off as your body breaks loose with it's need."

"OhmyGod, OhmyGod, Ohmy GOOODDD!!!" I screamed out loud as my body was thrown around by an orgasm that had me shaking and jerking like I was being stabbed with electrical probes from every direction. I still had my fingers locked in Patricia's hair and some how was still looking straight at my unknown voyeur but the rest of me was not under my control any longer. My audience was enjoying my orgasm as the smile on his face broadened and his hand had moved over the top of the bulge in his shorts applying the lightest stroke to his growing need. Patricia's breathing was starting to spasm, I realized that she had been stroking her pussy as she was violating mine. I was still enjoying my own orgasm as she brought herself to bliss, I heard the familiar noises she made as she came in my ear, her right hand drove harder into my split as her orgasm tore through her. Her hand felt so good in me I wanted to take it home with me tonight.

Patricia was still inside me gently stroking my love channel now as we came down together. I was still looking at my silent observer with a healthy dose of satisfaction knowing I had just shown him my most intimate self, I felt so powerful. Patricia whispered in my era;

"You're not done yet little girl, He needs more, I want him bursting to get relief. I want him so hard he could drive a nail into a board with that dick and then pull it back out with his balls. You are going to be the reason he may drive his truck right up a power pole on the way home from here. I want him crazy with need ready to hump anything with a heartbeat."

Patricia renewed her attack on my pussy reaching into my body with her fingers to find that spot that would send me back to heaven. My stare was locked into his as my body gave into it's lust once more and my pelvis went into auto-pilot. I was starting to bend slightly at the knees so I could get more travel out of my pussy, meeting Patricia's thrusts one for one. The orgasm was building again as I watched the poor lad across the pool start to lose the power to stand straight up, his erection was causing him pain now. I felt only Patricia's well trained fingers reaching inside me to grab hold of my coming orgasm. I felt no mercy for him, he could have left at anytime. I smiled and thought; "this is the price you are going to have to pay, big boy."

I was feeling quite in charge of everything around me when Patricia brought me back to reality. Her left hand was now free of duty to her own pussy so it now had my ass at it's mercy. Her finger started poking at my knot as her right hand continued it's attacked from the front into my aching pussy. Once she had the tip of her finger inside my ass she gave a power plunge driving it all the way in and started to wiggle it around, pulling it in and out as she did. I bent over forward and lost control to stand myself. I was now being held up by my powerful Amazon's hands impaled in my openings. She shifted her right arm over my shoulder to control me and pull me back to her but I was loosing the legs completely. The familiar grunting vowel noises were coming out of me and I could no longer hold the stare I had established with my audience across the pool. I fell back into Patricia as she kept my body upright by her hands plunged into my body with powerful thrusts. Working into me through both holes she launched me into another orgasm. My vision became blurry with the glasses on so I knew the end was near. I felt as though my body was floating again as Patricia alternated the thrusts from front to rear. I was so spent from the bliss I was in I just crumpled again as the warm orgasm washed over me again and again. So intense, so exposed, so full, so powerful, so satisfied.

Patricia gently pulled out of me and held me like a wounded bird as she guided me back to the lounge and laid me on my back to collect myself, but I dropped off into a light sleep. When I awoke I was on the lounge with my arms across my tummy and my legs together with a towel over my body. I smiled at Patricia's attempt to cover me and preserve my modesty...but never more. I was free of that inhibitor and I had no intention of ever going back. I withdrew the towel, balled it up and placed it under my head as a pillow, a much better use. I looked down over the top of me laying there naked and thought;"no, just not enough." I slipped my legs open and dropped them off the sides of the lounge exposing my pussy. "Much better."

Patrica came over and leaned down to kiss me. I brought my arms around her and held her tight as she gave me gentle kisses and tongue probes. When she pulled back I saw her smile. She said;

"You do get it, I'm so proud of you."

"I get it, thank you for showing me how liberating it can be. I want to experience it again."

"That's good to hear," She held her happy smile and continued; "because the landscaping crew will be here in half an hour..."

Next installment, Monica...

August 24, 2012

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