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The Clitoral Effect

I felt my pussy throb for Michelle's sweet smelling pussy to glide across mine.
My name is Miranda Johnson, a twenty six year old lesbian from Bolton, Manchester, England. I have long straight brown hair, brown eyes and a petite but curvy figure. I have big boobs, which men love to gawk at stupidly, but I'm not interested in them - only in women.

My last girlfriend, named Louisa Clements, had the biggest and most luscious pair of titties I had ever seen and tasted. I sound like a bloke, don't I, describing women like that? Well, I suppose in a another life I had been a bloke.

Was I looking for someone at the moment? Hmm, let me think. Maybe. I have a secret crush on my best friend, Michelle Lopez. She's half Spanish with long black hair, olive skin, big tits, a beautiful face and brown eyes. Whenever we hang out together I try and not to gawp at her like an idiot, especially at her massive tits, and I try not to be turned on. Unfortunately every time I'm around her and she's wearing a tiny tight low cut top, I feel myself getting wet and I go to the loo and see my panties are all wet.

One day, Michelle and I decided to go down to the local spa and have a day of luxury. We got changed in the ladies' changing rooms and placed our belongings into a locker and then walked out and went into the swimming pool and began swimming. My jaw dropped as I watched her slowly step out the pool, the water dripping off her perfect backside. I felt my pussy beginning to throb inside my bikini bottoms.

Michelle and I made our way to the sauna room and closed the door. Within minutes we felt the extreme heat against our bodies. We sat opposite each other but I couldn't keep my eyes from wandering down to her delicious looking boobs spilling out from her purple bikini top.

"What?" Michelle asked.

"You've got a massive insect on the back of your shoulder," I lied. "Don't move, I'll take it off you."

I only wanted to sit next to her as the sexual arousal I was feeling grew and grew in my groin. I stood up and went and sat down beside her.

"Get it off! Get it off!" Michelle cried.

I pretended to pick up an insect and throw it into a corner, but I was really breathing in her beautiful scent. My eyes lowered down to her boobs and Michelle caught me looking.

"Are you looking at my boobs?" she asked.

I looked away ashamed.

"Hey, it's okay," she said. I turned back to her and looked into her eyes. Michelle leaned forward and so did I and we kissed gently on the lips.

Michelle and I didn't hold back then. We threw our arms around each other and kissed passionately and tore each other's bikini tops with such urgency and passion. I gasped aloud when she put her left hand down my bikini bottoms and began rubbing my throbbing wet pussy with it. I began to moan pleasurably, throwing my head back. She untied the strings on either side of my thighs that held my bikini bottoms together and they came away.

"Oops, look at that," Michelle said in mock shock, putting her right hand to her mouth as she grinned. She took her left hand away and leaned down and began licking my pussy with her tongue sending me into utter bliss. Her tongue licked at my pussy like a cat licking up its bowl of milk.

"Oh, my, god!" I cried. I held onto the wall behind me with my hands, to keep me from falling off the bench. Suddenly my body went into spasms as I came. My heart was pounding against my chest.

Michelle sat up, then stepped off the bench and slid off her bikini bottoms before sitting back down again.

The sauna felt even hotter now. Michelle and I, each of us, felt the lust and passion flowing freely in our bodies. We kissed passionately again and wrapped our arms around each other. She wrapped her legs around my waist and our pussies touched and we began to rub our clitorises together sending each of us to utter heaven. We groaned and moaned out pleasurably. Our lovemaking grew faster and faster, still harder and harder, until both of our bodies spasmed together as we came together.

Wow. Who would've thought that having sex with your best friend would be so bloody amazing?

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