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The Club

After sleeping with her sister in law, Emma and Lucy head out to a club.
After engaging in erotic sex with her sister in law, Emma takes Lucy's offer of a night out at a local club that has a back to school theme night, but who will she go back home with, Lucy or Trisha her newest best friend?

She lay spread-eagled across the bed, her legs apart and an arm flopped out over the pillow where Emma’s head had been just half an hour ago. Emma swallowed hard and sank down into the seat by the window. Outside the sun was shining but she felt no great desire to go outside, she only wanted to be inside, with her, and yet, she raised her eyes and stared at the picture of Led Zeppelin it seemed so wrong. And yet it was so right. She let her eyes fall to Lucy’s naked body, her small pert breasts sagged slightly, the brown nipples erect, a lock of hair had fallen across her face. She fixed her gaze on her throat, remembering the night of passion. Every fiber of her body longed for more of this and yet, she glanced at the mobile phone on the bedside table, he was waiting there. The screen lit up and she closed her eyes, knowing it was him, the phone was on silent so as not to wake his half sister.

A low rumble began building outside as a passing jet flew overhead and in that instant she wished she was away from here, the lilac colored wallpaper had a jasmine print interwoven with orchids on it. She had admired the paper the first time she had been here a few years back. Lucy groaned softly and rolled over onto her side, one hand under her pillows the other pulling the bedspread close around her body. Emma held her breath and tucking her knees up under the white shirt hugged them close and leaned on her knees. The room was small but homely, an antique dressing table stood to her right and directly in front was a wardrobe, also with a mirror. Her backside had been hard up against the mirror last night as Lucy savaged her throat with soft, sucking kisses.

It had been the final climax to what had been a tumultuous night, one that had changed her forever and she wasn’t sure if she liked all the changes.


The Soho club had been pumping when they descended into the underground room, all the patrons were dressed in either school uniforms or something similar to a school uniform, it was one of those theme nights. The music was definitely eighties, Adam Ant was singing Stand and Deliver and dozens of people were gyrating to the music as they recalled glory days.

Straight away she had the distinct impression she was being checked out but when she looked at a guy standing by the bar he was too intent on talking to a woman in a white shirt and short skirt, a striped tie dangled loosely from her neck. Lucy was chattering with a couple of friends, it was obvious she knew at least some of the people.

Emma turned to find a statuesque Spanish woman wearing a school uniform, she had to be at least five feet eleven with large breasts and a tight waist, the leather skirt was short, any shorter and she would have been arrested before she entered the club. The leather boots extended over her knees and were finished with half a dozen buckles, she let her eyes go up the fishnet stockings, taking in the perfectly formed figure, tight blouse that barely constrained her breasts and finally stopping at her face. Gold bangles dangled from her wrists and a hint of gold at an ear winked mischievously, she seemed to have such poise and elegance, like a painted doll on a painted stage. Long thick black hair fell to the small of her back accentuating a perfectly formed face and brown eyes. The uniform was genuine she noted with surprise, most women seemed to have mixed and matched outfits but hers was the real deal.

Lucy turned and kissed her gently.

“I’ll get us a drink.”


She turned to find the Spaniard had disappeared in the swirl of dancers on the floor, there seemed to be as many men as women. A DJ was behind a desk on a small raised platform and she turned to look for Lucy, she had headed for the bar and then people were coming behind her. She moved out of the way and felt something at her back and turning around found herself staring at the Spaniard again. Where had she come from?

“I’m Trisha,” she smiled.

“Emma,” she inclined her head and read the motif on the blazer, St Elizabeth, “I came with a friend,” she glanced around.

“I saw that,” she fluffed out her hair, “friend friend, or just a friend?”

“Um, it’s complicated,” she smiled.

“It usually is,” she glanced around, “great party though, I don’t usually come down to this club.”

“Oh?” she looked across at Lucy who had suddenly reappeared, she was carrying two drinks and chatting with a blonde woman and her girlfriend. She brightened up and turned back to her.

“I don’t come here either,” she admitted, “Lucy is my sister in law.”

“Oh,” Trisha smiled broadly, “so what part of America are you from?”

“A little town just out of New Orleans, Hammond,” she replied, “you’ve probably never heard of it.”

“You’re right, I haven’t but I’ve been to New Orleans plenty of times, I’m a travel journalist.”

“Oh,” she looked at her with renewed interest, “I’m a journalist too.”

“What kind of stuff do you write?”

“It varies, anything from corporate takeovers to sex toys, I just finished one on sex toys.”

“I’ll bet the research was fun,” Trisha smiled exposing perfect white teeth.

“I um, it was,” she looked across at Lucy, the other woman had gone leaving Lucy alone with the blonde who seemed to be standing a lot closer, she was whispering in her ear and a grin lit up Lucy’s face. A moment later she burst out laughing and Emma turned away again.

“You were saying?”

“Oh, it was fun,” she replied, “it’s the first time I’ve been to one of these parties.”

“I have been to a few.”

“So what’s the big deal with getting up in school clothes,” she raised an eyebrow, “recapturing our innocence?”

“Something like that,” she nodded, “all about reliving our youth, it’s slipping away moment by moment and we try hard to make the moment last as long as possible. Some people are really into it and do all the weird fetish stuff, I just think it’s a fun way to unwind, and undress.”

“Quite,” she looked over as Lucy approached, trailed by the blonde.

“There you are,” she smiled, “i was looking all over for you, this is Sam, an old friend from Thailand,” she glanced at Trisha.

“Trisha,” she took the glass from here, “my sister in law, Lucy.”

“Wow, is that the genuine article?” Lucy stared at the blazer.

“Afraid so,” she grimaced, “I was raised a Catholic, I just haven’t been near a confession booth it would take too long to confess all my sins.”

“Me too,” Lucy giggled, “come on, let’s find a seat somewhere.”

Trisha proved to be a virtual goldmine of information, born in Bilbao she had come here as a baby with her parents.

“I was back there a few years back,” she flicked her hair over her shoulder, “tried to do the getting back to my roots thing but it didn’t do anything for me, I’m English, what do I have in common with Basques or Spain apart from the color of my skin and the language.”

She spoke Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Euskaldun.

“Euskaldun?” Emma had raised an eyebrow.

“It’s the language of the Basques, my mother’s people, my father is Spanish, my mother is Basque, they had to leave the country not long after I was born because of the troubles, you have heard of ETA?”

“A terrorist group,” she nodded.

“It all depends on your definition of terrorism,” she replied smilingly, “they do not speak for all of us, but it was too dangerous.”

“You don’t have an accent.”

“But I do,” she giggled, “an English accent.”

Educated in a private school she had rebelled early on, choosing a life of petty thieving before winding up in court on a shoplifting charge.

“I just couldn’t help myself,” she confessed, “if it was there I’d take it, it was like an addiction.”

“And now?” Emma squinted past her at Lucy who had found yet another friend, this time a man in his mid forties.

“Now I’m all grown up,” she smiled, “I went back to school, went onto university and haven’t stolen anything since, although I’ve stolen a few hearts.”

Lucy waved to Emma and nodded at the dance floor as a familiar song came over the speakers, Born to Run.

“Wanna dance?”

“I’d love to,” Trisha rose and grabbing her hand, led her to the dance floor.

She moved with a sensuous grace that defied imagination, swivelling her hips and soon had the attention of a half dozen men and some of the women but it seemed her dance was for Emma alone as she sidled up to her, slid around her and pretended to fuck her. Hands moved over her body keeping a few inches from her front as she gyrated, Lucy shrieked with laughter and taking her hand, hauled her forward and rubbed her pussy against her.

“Isn’t this a blast?”

Trisha was moving in closer and Emma turned towards her as Lucy continued swaying, Sam was off to one side along with her friend from before, Elise. Emma felt the music pumping through her and the magnetic attraction pulling her ever closer to Trisha until she had one hand locked on hers and her hand on her waist. She felt her pussy against her belly, Trisha was half a head taller, the aroma of perfume filled her nostrils as they swayed, their bodies locked together. She felt breath on her cheeks and then Trisha was sliding her hand down over her buttocks and squeezing her cheek. Emma felt a twinge, she glanced at Lucy but her sister in law had disappeared into the crowd as she danced with Sam. A fingernail traced up her crack and she instinctively moved closer but when she looked into her eyes there was no hint of sexual intent, just teasing or was she just hoping it wasn’t there? The teasing stopped and her hands spread over her buttocks, tantalizing, erotic and then it was gone again as she spun around and began to move her hands over her own body, Emma smiled and sliding around her, moved her pussy hard against her and let her hands slide up her thighs. A man hooted and whistled and the two women parted suddenly and the dancing became a little less intense but their eyes were still locked onto each other, willing the other to take a step forward.

The dance ended all too soon and yet they remained attached for a few seconds but to Emma it seemed to last forever, the feel of her body as they mingled and then they were breaking apart as an Abba song blasted out over the speakers, Dancing Queen and the floor erupted as more dancers flooded onto the floor. Trisha and Emma were separated and she found herself dancing with two men who were trying to muscle in with all the poise of bullfighters, their movements were definitely sexual but not in the subtle sensuality of a Trisha or Lucy. This was more the testosterone ridden male variety. She pirouetted around them and slid past Sam until she finally found Lucy, her sister in law had one arm draped around a man’s neck and other around his waist, their foreheads touching. She slid an arm around her and pulling her away, put her hands on her waist and pushed her pussy forward firmly. Lucy’s eyes flickered and then she put her hands on her buttocks and kissed her gently.


Emma blinked.

No one had seen the kiss but she felt as if she had crossed a point, an invisible line drawn on the floor that separated straights from gays, she hadn’t even flinched, it felt so normal she could have let it continue if not for the fact that Lucy pulled away.

She hadn’t seen Trisha until just before they left when Lucy went to the bathroom.

“Call me,” she pressed a piece of paper into her hand, “we’ll talk, journlist talk.”

And then she was gone her hand firmly enmeshed in Sam’s hand, she cast a glance over her shoulder and blew her a kiss before ascending the stairs.

“You okay?” Lucy asked as she fluffed out her hair.

“I’m fine,” she stuffed the paper into her handbag, “your place or mine?”

“Mine,” she decided, “unless you want to sleep alone?”

She had stood on the brink, knowing if she said yes it would happen between them, a moment later she had nodded.

“Your place.”


Emma picked up the phone and stared at the message from her husband.

Mark:Where are you?

EmmaCall you later.

Emma set the phone down and walking into the bathroom, closed the door, what was happening to her?

She stared defiantly at her reflection in the mirror. Thirty two, stuck in a loveless marriage and she had made love to his sister in law and been virtually propositioned by another woman, the implication had been clear. She reached out to the shower control and flicked the switch as she fumbled at the buttons of her shirt. One moment she was in control, the next she was sliding helplessly out of control and into a world she knew little about.


The door had clicked behind her as Lucy shut it, Emma was fumbling at the buttons of her coat when she felt a finger trace down her spine. It sent a shiver through her body as she rested a finger on the button. Lucy’s breath sounded in her ear as she inched closer.

“We’re alone,” she whispered, “just you and me.”

Emma continued undoing the buttons as Lucy rubbed her back, she tugged at the collar and inched it down her back as she leaned her chin on her shoulder and traced a finger down the front of the white shirt.

“You were so hot tonight.”

She glanced over her shoulder as the coat slid all the way down her body, moist lips touched her cheek and a slight feeling of anticipation nudged at her, Lucy slung the coat over a rack as she moved past her. Emma stared straight ahead, one hand clutched around her tie as Lucy took off her tweed coat and hung it beside Emma’s. It was happening again, she closed her eyes momentarily, the moment had been there with Trisha, and then it had been gone.

A dainty finger slid under her collar and another two fingers walked up the front of her shirt and around a breast, moist lips caressed her cheek and she felt herself getting weaker. Emma put a hand on Lucy’s sleeve feeling the sateen weave sliding over her fingertips. She felt her hair being pushed over her ear as Lucy continued kissing her cheek and instinctively turned her head to meet her lips, a tongue flicked out and traced over her lips as the gentle stroking continued. Her front and ear received gentle strokes as Lucy kissed her gently, her ear was tingling and the other hand was inching around her breast, following the line of her cup, it rose higher up the strap and her other hand slid down her throat and under her chin. Emma’s hand was now on her upper arm as she turned slowly to meet her mouth, she parted her lips and let the moistness enter her. A moment later a tongue slid into her mouth and gently teased her. A hand was moving up to her ear and through her hair while the other hand was sliding down the bra strap to her breast using light flicking movements. Emma slid her other arm around her waist and let herself go for just a second, afraid to break the moment.

She felt herself soaring as her hair was stroked and the kissing became firmer, lustfully exploring her mouth. She was vaguely aware that the hand was moving around to the other breast and pushing hard against it. The kissing became harder for a split second and then softened as Lucy pushed her against the wall and broke contact for just a second.

They stared into each other’s eyes, both willing the other to break contact, walk away or make some signal that the intimate encounter was over. It seemed to last for an eternity.

Emma exhaled and looked away and when she turned back it was Lucy who was looking down at the floor runner and an insane urge came over her. She placed Lucy’s hand over her breast and then grabbed Lucy’s breast and raising her head kissed her passionately. She felt a slight pulling away and then nothing as Lucy let go. She pushed harder against her breast, feeling its weight, the nipple beneath the bra getting firmer. Lucy was responding in a likewise manner, moulding her breast gently pinching the nipple and something exploded inside Emma’s head as she pushed her across the passageway and against the other wall, they hit it with a thump and she broke free and kissed her throat with soft, sucking kisses. Lucy moaned gently and it sent a thrill down her spine as she kissed her way around her throat while her hands moved over her front.

“Emma,” she exhaled, “Emma.”


“Don’t stop.”

“I don’t intend to,” she slid her hands down and grabbing Lucy’s hands, kissed her lips with soft, gentle kisses, “you’ve been a naughty little schoolgirl,” she teased her as the kissing continued, “I saw the way you looked at Sam.”

“And I saw the way you looked at Trisha,” she slid along the wall.

Emma guided her backwards.

“Fuck me?”

“How do you want it?”

“I don’t care,” she grinned, “let’s fuck like minks.”

Lucy giggled.

“I’ve never seen minks fucking.”

“You should watch Discovery channel then,” they reached the bedroom door and Lucy pulled her hands free and wrapping her arms around her, kissed her slowly and passionately. The tussle lasted a full minute getting more and more intense and then the door was opening and she was pulling Emma inside. Emma felt herself moving backwards as Lucy pushed her towards the wardrobe, she hit it with a sudden thump that almost knocked the wind out of her. Lucy turned her head and ran a tongue along her earlobe while she pushed against her breasts. Emma moaned as she wrapped her arms around her neck letting the tongue work its way up and down her ear.

“Oh Jesus.”

“He won’t help you,” Lucy panted as she kissed her throat with gentle kisses, her tongue flickering over her throat, teasing her nerve endings. Lucy slid her hands down over her buttocks and began circling gently, using her fingernails against the cotton skirt. Emma whimpered with pleasure as the circling movements became more intense. She worked her way around to her ear but it was getting more and more difficult as Lucy slid her hands down to her thighs and up under the skirt. She found her inner thighs and began teasing her with featherlight touches while she kissed her lips gently. It was having the desired effect as Emma began getting slower, she felt like she was floating, her mouth felt dry and her pulse was quickening. Lucy reached her buttocks and sliding her hands under the panties, inched her hands under the waistband and grabbed her firmly.

“Got you,” she whispered, “one false move and you’re mine.”

Emma smiled as she pulled free from her mouth which was savouring her throat.

“You think so?”

“I know so,” she hooked her thumbs over the waistband and slid it suddenly over her buttocks and sank down at the same time forcing Lucy to release her. She hit the floor still with her thumbs around the panties and looked up.

“If you don’t mind?”

Emma stepped out of the panties as Lucy unzipped the boots and pulled them off her feet, Emma stroked her hair with soft caresses, and she tossed them aside and rose slowly. Emma met her before she was halfway, pulling her the rest of the way up. Lucy now slid her hands under the skirt and found her cheeks. They kissed again, sucking and pulling at each other’s lips as they made their way over to the bed. They hit the edge of the bed and gathering all her strength, she pushed Emma hard.

She fell backwards onto the bed and Lucy stepped back suddenly and grinned as she turned on the bedside lamps. Emma bounced on the bed and gazed up at her as she moved around the bed to the other side and switched the second lamp on.

The CD player beckoned and she flicked through the collection and Emma groaned inwardly as the music filtered out over the room. Shania Twain. Lucy sauntered around the room like a cat savouring its prey a mischievous smile on her lips, Emma felt as if she was in a time warp, watching herself being watched. Lucy put her foot up on the bed and slowly unzipped her boot, Emma stared as she inched her foot out and dropping the boot on the floor with a thud, removed her other boot and tossed it over her shoulder playfully.

“I’ll be back,” she intoned in her best rendition of a line from the Terminator movie.

Emma had time to think as she found her head hitting the soft pillow, Mark was nowhere to be found unless she thought hard and even then it was like looking at a stranger. She stared at the wedding band, it had been his choice ultimately, he had chosen to pay for the marriage and according to his way of thinking it gave him rights other husbands didn’t have.

A shadow darkened the room and Lucy stepped into the room carrying the Rampant Rabbit and this time Emma groaned audibly as she slipped her wedding ring off and put it on the bedside table.

She sat up as Lucy knelt on the bed. The faint tinglings of desire were starting again.

They met in the middle of the bed, hands stroking each other’s faces and then they kissed again, Emma parted her mouth and let the tongue slide inside as she slid her hands around her body and began moving up and down her back feeling the corresponding reaction as Lucy began kissing more insistently. She found the zipper of her pinafore and held onto it, willing herself to pull it down as the erotic kissing continued and then she inched it down, slowly but surely as Lucy began circling her back with dainty little movements that sent her wild. Lucy reached her waistband and slid her fingers under it. The zipper came down further and further as Emma felt her shirt sliding out of the waistband. Feather touches danced along the small of her back as she slid the zipper all the day down and sliding her hands under Lucy’s shirt started teasing her skin.

Lucy whimpered and broke free and arched her back.

“Oh God that feels good.”

Emma had been a little unsure up until then, feeling her way around Lucy’s body. Lucy looked down at her as she continued stroking Emma’s back and sides, causing her to squirm.



“Ooh this is going to be such fun.”

Emma brought her hands around to Lucy’s front and danced her fingers up to the straps while she locked onto her eyes. The buttons came free and the front of the dress fell downwards.

“Almost on first base,” she smiled nervously.

“Well don’t stop there,” Lucy smiled as she squeezed her sides.

Emma stroked her face, reverently. Eventually Lucy closed her eyes and let the face massage continue for a few minutes, only opening her eyes when Emma undid the tie and hooked her finger behind the top button. Lucy swallowed as the button came undone, she looked so vulnerable in that instant that Emma wanted to drag that moment out for eternity as each button popped free, exposing her bra and then her belly. And then it was open and their lips met again in a frenzied encounter as she stroked her front. She felt something tugging at her throat and closed her eyes as Lucy reached out and undid her tie, Emma cocked her head to one side and let the moment go and then felt herself being pushed back as her top button was undone. She hit the pillow with a soft plop and opening her eyes, found Lucy inches from her face, her legs apart as she kicked the dress free. Emma ran her fingers over her front and kissed her again and again, gently massaging her body.

It lasted a full five minutes Emma only knew because she had noticed the clock hanging on the wall directly in front of her but only vaguely registering the time. Lucy was on all fours straddling her as she savoured her lips, face and throat, Emma couldn’t respond while that was going on, she kept her hands locked in Lucy’s thick tresses. It had been so long since anyone had done this to her, Mark would have finished long long ago but Lucy was just warming up.

She felt a tugging at her shirt and then a button came loose, Lucy’s head dipped to her throat and she started licking, kissing and stroking her way down her front with feather light touches as she opened up her shirt. With each button she undid, she moved back to her throat and kissed, licked and stroked her way up and down until she undid the next button.

Emma whimpered gently, it was a slow and laborious torture. Nothing like this had happened to her before, men didn’t do this, they couldn’t last the distance. She lay back, relishing the undressing, taking in the full assault and wanting more of this, her belly was crying for attention and then the shirt was inching out of her waistband and she finally found the strength to unzip her skirt, Lucy pulled it over her hips.

She opened her eyes weakly to find her shirt wide open and Lucy sitting up with the skirt in her hand and a triumphant smile on her face.

“Ta da!”

Emma’s eyes grew wide and soulful as she fumbled her cuffs. This was going to be excruciating, a moment later Lucy shifted down the bed and began kissing her calves.

“Relax, “ she paused, “the first lesson is free.”

How long since she’d relaxed? It had always been a matter of pleasing the other, was this what was meant by the term guilty pleasures? The feel of Lucy’s tongue and fingers on her legs caused her to spread her legs wide opening up her passage. She slid her fingers along her moistening lips and let herself go. Her breathing became shallower and more measured, her breasts began to swell and her nipples hardened, she rubbed her breasts in turn as she kept playing with herself and then Lucy was moving her hand aside as the tongue and fingers reached her thighs. She bent her legs as the relentless assault continued.

Emma whimpered as a tongue flicked lightly over her engorged lips, a finger daintily stroked her entrance and then slid inside as Lucy’s other hand slid under her buttocks to support her. Long dark hair fell over her belly as Lucy grabbed her perineal tissue between thumb and forefinger. Her kisses were light and tender as she brought her to arousal and then the tension began to build as she began licking her way up and down her lips alternating vertical with horizontal strokes and just as she began settling into the rhythm her breathing becoming more regulated, a series of sharp diagonal strokes sent shivers down her spine. This became the routine and all she was conscious of was the gentle slurping and Lucy’s slow measured breathing, the feel of her hair over her sweating belly as the finger slowly moved around and slid up a digit at a time with a slow come hither motion and still that tongue wouldn’t let up. Now it was circling her clitoral area, she felt something hard against her clitoris, Lucy’s teeth pressing hard while her tongue bathed the area directly below.

She groaned audibly and squeezed her breasts through the bra it was excruciating and so erotic, Lucy was taking her time, sliding the hood back and dancing over the exposed clitoris, a series of light shudders went through her and the hood slid back as Lucy continued moving her fingers in and out, in and out. Her tongue was sliding around her clitoris and she pushed upwards slightly the hood slid back just a fraction and she felt the same sensations but they were nowhere near as sharp and sensing her change, Lucy began working it, the pain was not so intense as her tongue strokes became firmer and the hood slid all the way back. God it was so fucking amazing.

Why can’t men do this to me

Emma’s mind had long gone, her breathing was becoming more and more intense as the assault kept on and on, building tension as her other hand massaged her lips and then she was peaking her gasps came in short and hard. Lucy drove relentlessly onwards until suddenly she was exploding, the vibrations moved through her body, her belly felt weak, her heart was pounding hard and her legs shook as the orgasms flooded through her body again and again.

“Oh my God, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck me oh fuck.”

It took a while to ease but when she finally looked into Lucy’s eyes she was blurred. She wiped tears from her eyes and whimpered.

“Oh my God, that was, that was, so fucking beautiful.”

“And so were you,” Lucy leaned over and kissed her gently.

Emma giggled and rolling onto her side, dragged her downwards and wrapped a leg around her, she looked so beautiful so radiant and she was so turned on. She kissed her again and again, running her hands over Lucy’s beautiful body. The younger woman rolled onto her back and Emma sat up and straddled her as she kissed her way down her body and she felt the shirt sliding over her back and her bra finally being removed as Lucy nibbled her breasts with soft kisses.

Emma worked Lucy’s shirt and bra free, but only after an extended kissing session although she avoided her genitals, still unsure about what to do, or if she wanted to do it and sensing her hesitation, Lucy reached for the Rampant Rabbit.

“Not everyone can go down there first time,” she handed it over with a smile, “would you be a dear?”

The vibrator was music to her ears as she moved it over her body, taking time to tantalise her genitals but never actually entering her. Lucy’s eyes closed as she worked around her pussy, her sighs giving signals that she was enjoying this. And then the head was sliding inside and she winced and taking her hand, guided it to the right spot. Emma took time to focus on the area, memorising it as she brought her higher and higher until eventually she broke her with a series of gasps and when it was finally over they lay side by side and stroked each other’s bodies talking long into the night, sleep finally claimed them.


Lucy opened her eyes as Emma zipped up the skirt, she had showered and sent a text to Trisha to check she had the right number. The woman had sent on straight back.

TrishaGreat talking with you, hope to see you soon.

“Hello you,” Lucy grinned as Emma sank onto the bed and began fastening her cuffs, “leaving me already?”

“I have to go home,” she swallowed, “Mark’s here.”

“Ah my ever loving brother,” she smirked, “what’s for breakfast, luv?”

“Tell me about it,” she sighed.

“Are you okay about what happened?”

“I,” she looked at her, “it’s complicated.”

“I see,” Lucy’s lips tightened.

“It’s not like that,” she hastened to reassure her, “I took my wedding ring off last night, and that’s a wake up call for me, I can’t go back to him not like this. I’ve been trying for too long to make a one night stand last longer than one night.”

Lucy stroked her wrist.

“You want my advice?”

Emma wiped her eyes.

“Go back to him, I’m still here but don’t commit to anything with him, or with me. I’m not going anywhere. You had an affair with your sister in law but it doesn’t mean we’re committed, I love you in whatever way you want, sister in law, friend, lover.”

“How can you say that after what I’ve just said.”

“Because,” Lucy sat up and put her hand on her cheek, “I’ve known you longer as a friend than a lover, that’s why I can say that,” she kissed her gently.

“I’ll call you tonight, go and cook his fucking breakfast and massage his ego, think about what you want to do and we’ll talk later on.”

Emma put her arms around her and let the warmth fill her, wanting to stay here forever and yet knowing she had to go home to him.

“Am I a lesbian?”

“No,” she rubbed her back, “you shagged a woman, doesn’t make you a lesbian, just means you’re open minded, don’t listen to all that academic lesbian bullshit it just gives me a fucking headache.”

“I love you.”

“Good,” she put her head on her shoulder, “that’s a good start to something.”

Fifteen minutes later she stepped out of the apartment block and waving goodbye, started walking along the street her head held high and a determined look in her eyes as she slid her wedding ring back on her finger.
It was time to take a stand.

Trisha: Can I call you later?

Emma blinked.

Emma: No problem, give me an hour.

Trisha: LOL! I’ll give you whatever you want!

To be continued.

Written by Alastair Rosie.

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