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The College Retreat

"Shhhh!" I said hushing my best friend beside me.

"What?" she retorted, "That wasn't my fault!" She looked at me honestly, though we both knew she was just clumsy, and we started silently laughing.

"Honey, you are just something else!" I whispered to her, smiling. But secretly the aching between my legs was just too much. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't control it. It happened whenever I was with Claire, she was just beautiful in a way no one could comprehend. She was slim and toned, with a light, even tan coating her flawless, smooth skin. Her long brown tresses fell to her shoulder blades topped with a light kink from swimming at the Bahama beaches that day. Her green eyes were unique and often changed from that to blue in the sunlight. She was still in her bikini though she had her towel around her waist, just below her belly button, her top covered just enough of her taught breasts, just enough to make me crazy.

I could feel my bottoms getting wet as we traveled as silently as we could through the sparse trees behind the beach house, trying not to get caught by the chaparones guarding the entrances. When we signed up for this college sophmore's retreat we had never expected such fun! There were so many ways to sneak out, and the one we usually used was coming up just ahead. We finally found the tall tree with low enough branches to jump onto, and that's just what we did but on the second level of branches, her towel fell, revealing her long legs. My breath caught in my throat, and she looked up seeing me eyeing her incredible body.

"You jealous?" she teased.

"Mmmm, a little." I replied. Which was true, she was very wonderful, but I did love my own body, my curves a little softer than hers.

"Jasmine, stop it... You shouldn't be." she tried eyeing me right back, first watching my dark brown super-curly hair move it the light breeze, then moving to my face, my big brown eyes, my high cheekbones, and full lips. She kept traveling down towards my full C cups I knew she was jealous of, though she was only 1 size smaller, down to my soft, but flat tummy revealed by my own bikini, then down again lingering on the shorts that covered my wet mound, then her eyes finally traveled the length of my own pairs of long legs. Though I had bronze colored skin that was very nice and curvy, while still slim and she had a peachy colored tone with toned small muscles throughout it, our bodies were alike in more ways then not and we found a bond over that, along with many other things, which made us feel like fraternal twins, and that bond made us inseperable.

And now in that tree we were both slighty aroused though the neither of us knew about the other's predicament.

"Oh come on, hurry up you slow poke!" I said cutting through the silence, she smiled then followed after me as I climbed up the rest of the tree and onto the branch that stopped just outside the balcony of our room. We climbed in then collapsed onto the one king bed in our room, completely exhausted from the day in the ocean.

"Well," she started, "I'm gonna go take a shower, get all this salt outta my hair, feel free to join me." she finished coyly.

And though we had taken plenty of showers together before I don't know if was just me or if I really did here the second meaning in her words, but either way I needed a shower or else all my curls would end up just in clumps of knots in the morning. And as if on cue, I heard the shower come on in the bathroom. I started to undress, first my swimsuit top, then my shorts and my wet bottoms and then tossed them into the hamper beside our closet.

I started to walk towards the bathroom, then stopped and considered waiting until Claire was finished but then I got a peak of her by the shower. She was leaning in a little to test the temperature of the water, and I could see her firm ass, and her perky breasts along with the nipples that topped them. I decided, as Claire got in the shower, that I couldn't miss an opourtunity like this if we had the same things on our mind. So I walked into the bathroom and closed the door, letting the steam gather and increase the heat in the room.

"Knock, knock!" I shouted, trying to make my voice heard over the noise of the shower.

"Yeah, I thought you would come... you know you can't resist." she joked.

"Um, yeah sure," I smiled, ignoring the tension. I walked over to the shower and opened the glass door that was now fogged up from the steam, and for the umpteenth time that day, my breath caught as I took in the sight before me.

Claire was soaked through, but she made it look sexy. Water was trickling down her upright tits, down her torso and onto her perfect little cunt, with a small patch of brown hair just above her lips. And again, she saw me staring at her perfect body. And then, we both knew what eachother wanted. But I decided to be sneaky and try to work up to it... make her work for it. And though neither of us had been with another girl before, we'd watched plenty of movies and heard lots of stories that we were practically experts.

So I stepped into the stream of water with her and closed the door pretending like nothing had happened. I closed my eyes and the water wash over me soaking my hair, and I ran my hands around my body, just to get all places, all of them, wet. Then I reached for the shampoo and started running it through my hair, then rinsing, covering my body in suds. I could feel Claire watching me, while holding a loofa in her hand attempting to wash herself but I guess the distractions were just too much, haha. I continued with the conditioner, though waiting before rinsing to let my hair soak up the moisture. I grabbed the other loofa in the shower and poured some of the intoxicationg body gel onto it then proceeding to lather myself with it passing again over my firm breasts, along my arms, my legs, my pussy... which seemed to bring a sigh from Claire who still stood, staring at me. Then I finished, rinsing out my hair and my body, then stepping out of the shower.

"Okay, all yours, Claire." I remarked as I toweled myself off, smirking at the expression on her face. I pranced over to the bed and wiggled in... not bothering to put anything on.

"Aren't you going to get your pj's on?" she asked.

"Nope! I'm going au natural!" I grinned, "You don't mind do you?"

"Uhhhh, no, it's fine," she replied, trying to finish her shower without hurting herself.

"Okey dokey!" I shouted, while planning what I was going to do to her.

When she finally had finished her shower after dropping several things, we were both in bed, me in my birthday suit and Claire in some sexy lingerie (I assume in an attempt to allure me to her, haha, poor thing).

"Goodnight!" I whispered in her ear, then rolled back a little giving us about 3 inches of space between us, which I knew tortured her after the stunt I just pulled. Then I started to put my plan into action.

"Jesus, I'm cold!" I yelped all of a sudden, "Come here, cuddle with me... keep me warm, k?"

"Yeah of course! I mean okay." she replied, trying to keep her excitement under control as she wiggled towards me, closing the small space between us.

I hugged her as soon as she touched me, so that my tits were squished against her back and her lace covered ass barely touched my pubic hair, tickling it and making me squirm. "Oh my god!" I cried while pressing closer, "You're so warm!" I giggled, my breath tickling her neck.

"Mmmmm, Jazzy, please stop, you know what you're doing... stop it's torturing me!"

"Oh really, I'm sorry," I said innocently, "I didn't know I was doing anything!"

"Jasmine stop it you know what you're doing!"

"Oh? And what is that? You're going to have to be more specific." I cooed.

"Teasing the shit outta me!!! That's what you're doing!" she bursted, "You rubbing those fucking suds all over your fucking tits in front of me in the shower! Making me so fucking horny that I can't stand it, you know I've been waiting to try since forever!"

"Oh that's right! That is what I was doing wasn't it?" I replied trying to hide my amusement.

"Oh shit, Jaz, please! Please take me!" she begged.

"Take you where, hun?" I questioned coyly.

"No! Make love to me! Make me cum all over your pretty face."

"I don't know! you're using such dirty language and you have no manners at all!!!"

This drove her over the edge, "Shit you whore!!! Fine! Please fuck me!"

"Well that's a little better," I said, just before I laid her on her back and leaned into a deep kiss.

She stuck her tongue down my throat fiercely, making me shove my tongue back in hers. I sucked her bottom lip gently then bit it just soft enough to make her moan in pleasure. I moved down her throat covering it in kis,ses, then I reach her bra, unlatching the skimpy thing quickly then I started on her right tit, tugging on the nipple with my teeth. I touched her left breast lightly, making her shiver below me. I started to suck on her breast now, continuing to rub her other with gentle fingers. I circled around the stiff erection, making it harder underneath my tongue. Then I stopped looking up slyly, "Is that enough or do you want me to keep going?"

"No keep going, god, please keep sucking!"

"Keep sucking what?" I asked innocently.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my tits keep sucking my tits!" she cried.

"Mmm, I guess so..." Then I attacked the other breasts with the same routine, sucking and biting until her uneven breaths increased to lustful moans. I then started to kiss my way down to her cunt, stopping just as I reached her panties, then kissing around it and instead kissing the inside of her thighs for awhile. Then, still kissing her legs, I tore off her panties then gradually traveled up softly covering her now wet mound in more kisses. Claire's moans kept progressing along with my touches, and by the time I was about to start fingering her pussy, she was shouting with passion and begging me for more.

Then I looked up once again, eyeing her expression which was now anger as I was not attending to her increasing requests.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh, Jasmine please please, please!" she sighed, "ohhhhhh don't stop fuck meee, fuuuuck meeeeeeeeee!" Her cries turned me on so much I decided against making her wait and I started slowly rubbing up and down her hot slit, finding her clit in seconds and hovering there for a long time before I stroked my way down to her entry, and thrust two fingers inside of her. I closed down on hr pussy with my mouth smelling her sweet aroma.

"Ohhhhh, yes , Jazzy! YES! YES!!! Right there! MMMMMM oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!!!!!"

I kept up my pace, in and out, in and out, as she reached her climax, and slowed when I felt her shaking just before she squirted her juices all over my face and I lapped them up hungrily.

Claire finally came down from her high and she pulled me up 'till we were face to face, "Jasmine, I had no idea you could do that! Oh! That was like nothing else I've had before!" she sighed happily, "Let me return the favor now, okay?" she said and she started down, but I held her in place.

"Oh you can return the favor but not now... maybe tomorrow, I'd rather wait to see what I can do to you to make you want me more than you do right now." I smiled.

"I don't think that's possible but you can try! And thank you that was wonderful! Though I don't know how I going to break the news to Taylor!"

"Mhm... the boyfriend, well I'm sure he'll cope! And I don't know what to do about Jordan either! Oh well it'll work itself out, but for now let's sleep okay?" I giggled, "Get some rest for tomorrow!"

"Jasmine... what would I do without out you?" she asked.

"I don't but I have a feeling that's never gonna happen." I turned to face Claire in the bed and snuggled close, "And now... goodnight."
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