The Coming Storm

By Kim

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The coming storm lends bravery to a hesitant friend
“Explain to me, again, why I have to go on this camping trip with you?” Kat asked her boyfriend, Quinn.

“Because I want to spend more time with you...,” he replied.

“You know how much I detest camping, and what am I going to do while you and Scott are fishing?” she complained.

“I already told you that Scott is bring Raven. You guys can keep each other company,” he said.

“You know it is going to rain....this sucks,” she bitched.

“Please?” Quinn asked.

“Ok. Ok. I'll go, but you owe me big time, buster,” she said, as she wagged her finger in his face.

Kat really hated camping. It was hot. It was uncomfortable. There were bugs. She could list a million reasons why she hated it. The one thing she loved was Quinn. So to keep him happy, she would go.

Scott was Quinn's best friend. They grew up together, so in many instances they were very alike. Except that is, for their taste in women. Scott was the typical male slut. He must have had 10 girlfriend, since Kat met him 2 years ago.

His latest, Raven, was a girl he had met at a local night club. She seemed nice enough, a bit wild, but friendly. Kat had only met her once, but she seemed alright.

Raven was a looker. With long straight, jet black hair that reached the middle of her back, she looked to be part Asian. Her eyes were exotic, again like the most beautiful Asian woman, but were a vivid blue. She was slender and short, just like Kat. In fact, they were built almost the same.

Both reached barely 5'2”, but had curves right where they were supposed to be. Whereas Raven had a darker complexion, Kat was fair skinned. Being a natural redhead, she had the freckles to prove it. Kat kept her wild and curly main cut to her shoulders, which accented her softly rounded face. Brilliant green eyes completed her look.

Kat liked Raven, but didn't really know her well enough to want to spend a whole weekend with her, and only her. Gathering some stuff to occupy herself with, she prepared for a long couple of days.

The drive to the camping site was beautiful, dotted with rolling hills and thick green forests. It was a long drive, so to keep entertained, she would occasionally reach over and grab Quinn's crotch. Laughing, because she knew he couldn't do anything about it, she teased and tortured him throughout the whole drive.

Raven remained silent for most of the drive. She would make a comment here and there, but mostly she kept to herself. Every so often, Kat would look into the mirror and catch her staring, but she would quickly look away before Kat could say anything.

Finally, they reached their destination and began to set up camp. The spot they picked was nestled in a grove of trees, secluded from view. Sitting next to the bubbling spring, it was perfect for lovers...not fishing buddies.

While the guys put up the tents, Kat tried to log onto her Iphone. Disgusted with the lack of internet service, she wondered how she was going to make it all weekend with nothing but woods. With a big sigh, she went inside the tent she was sharing with Quinn.

Plopping down on the air mattress, she thought, “At least, I don't have to lay on the ground.”

Changing into a bikini, she went to the stream to cool off. The day started off muggy. As the heat of the sun warmed the air, the day turned sweltering, even the stream was warm.

Raven emerged from her tent in a bright pink bikini, which Kat thought was about 2 sizes too small. The tiny triangles barely covered her nipples, and the bottom was basically a thong. Laying a towel out beside Kat, Raven smiled, as she sat down.

“It is too hot today, don't ya think?” Raven asked.

“Yeah,” Kat answered.

“I love your suit. Green is so the color for you,” Raven said, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Thanks,” was all she said.

Both women lay quietly, basking in the sun. Eventually, Raven spoke again.

“You know you are going to fry,” she remarked.

“Huh?” said Kat.

“Turn over. Let me put some lotion on you,” Raven told the other girl, “Don't worry. I won't bite.”

With a small laugh, she replied, “I know.”

Kat turned over to lay on her belly. She felt Raven's small hands undo the strings to her top, then felt her soft hands spreading in the lotion, which was warmed.

Unused to that kind of kindness, she said, “Wow. I was expecting a cold blob to hit me square in the back.”

“What do you mean?” Raven asked.

“Well, when I ask Quinn to put lotion on me, he just squirts it on me directly,” the other girl replied.

“Yeah! I know what you mean. Scott's hands are always so cold,” Raven commented, as she kneaded Kat's shoulders.

Relaxing, Kat closed her eyes. The small soft hands rubbed up the center of her back and back down her sides, lingering a moment to long at the curve of Kat's breasts. Something inside Kat ignited. The simple touch from a stranger caused a flare up of passion that Kat tried to keep repressed. Maybe the reason she didn't hit it off easily with Raven was she desired her.

The smaller girl sat on Kat's ass, rubbing up and down her skin, and it felt wonderful. Raven loved the feel of satin. Kat's back and sides were so soft and just the feel of her skin was making Raven wet. She kept up the massage, hoping that Kat would not want her to move.

With a small smile, Raven scooted down Kat's legs. Warming more lotion, she began to rub the sensitive skin of the bigger girl's upper thighs. Raven knew she was getting to Kat, when she heard the other girl moan softly. Nudging her thighs open, Raven ran her hands up her inner thighs, brushing Kat's crotch.

“Sorry!” Raven said.

Kat mumbled something that sounded like it's alright. With a constant and steady circular motion, Raven rubbed and kneaded Kat's inner thighs, moving higher and higher with each motion. Kat groaned, opening her legs wider, almost in invitation.

Smiling, Raven brushed her fingers over Kat's mound again. Using the very tips of her fingers, she pushed in slightly, causing the crotch of Kat's swim suit to mold her pussy. Kat rotated her hips, pushing her ass out.

Just then, Quinn and Scott returned. Kat jumped up, pulling her bikini bottom out of her ass.

“Hey, baby!” she gushed, running over to wrap her arms around his neck.

Kat could not believe how incredibly horny she was, and just from a simple massage. Looking back over her shoulder at Raven, she saw the other girl sitting there smiling at her.

“Sorry, baby. Scott and I are just coming back to gather some stuff. Night fishing is great around here,” he kissed her on the head.

Quinn grabbed some tackle and headed back to the boat, where Scott was sitting. Both waved, as they rowed away. Kat was pissed. Stomping to her tent, she flopped down on the air mattress. Raven entered and sat down.

“Why don't you like me?” she asked.

“What makes you think I don't like you?” Kat countered.

“Oh...I don't know...perhaps your unwillingness to be alone with me,” Raven said.

Looking out the window of the tent, Kat watched clouds roll in. She hoped that both of the guys would be caught in a huge thunderstorm. She glanced back at Raven, who was still sitting on the mattress with her.

“It's so hot in here,” Raven said, “Do you mind if I remove my top? We are pretty much the same, so I am sure we have the same parts.”

Kat remained silent.

“Well?” Raven asked.

Kat nodded and watched as Raven stripped off her top. Unable to help herself, she watched a bead of sweat form on the girl's collarbone. Following the bead as it rolled from it's origin down Raven's chest, she watched it suspend itself on her nipple. Kat stared at that drip, hanging so delicately there. She would have never known just how sensual sweat could be.

Raven watched Kat. Following her gaze to the drop of sweat hanging off her nipple, Raven took a deep breath, causing the drop to fall and land on her thigh. There was electricity in the air. The coming storm seem to weave a magic spell on the other girl.

“Kat?” Raven tried to get the other girl's attention.

Scooting closer, Raven took Kat's hand. Gently squeezing it, she brought it up to her lips. Raven used Kat's fingertips to trace her own lips. She touched the tip of her tongue to Kat's fingers, before sucking them inside her mouth.

They tasted like salt. Raven kept sucking on the taller girl's fingers, almost like she would suck on Scott's cock. With a small whimper, Kat could do nothing, but watch the smaller girl.

Kat was so very aroused. She could feel her breasts getting so heavy and full. Breathing heavier, she flexed her finger, rubbing Raven's tongue. Raven pulled Kat's finger from her mouth and placed Kat's hand on her bare breast.

“Touch me,” she said.

Kat didn't know what to do. She had never touched another woman like this. She cupped Raven's breast, cupping it like she would do her own. Raven's breast was fuller than her own. If she would have to say, she would compare them to grapefruits. Yes...nice firm grapefruits.

Cupping the other breast the same way, Kat used her thumbs to stimulate Raven's nipples. She brushed over them. The sweat that covered the other girl allowed her thumbs to glide over them, causing her nipples to bead up hard. Raven covered Kat's hands with her own.

“Pinch them,” she said.

Kat pinched both nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She rolled Raven's nipple and pulling them out. Raven had the most fantastic nipples. Long, rubbery. An unknown urge surged through Kat. She wanted to taste those nipples.

Leaning down, she sucked one into her mouth. Using her tongue, Kat flicked Raven's nipple, biting down. She heard Raven suck in her breath and was made braver. Opening her mouth wider, she tried to get more of Raven's tit in her mouth.

Almost frantic, Kat began to suck and lick Raven's hard nipple. Her finger worked the other. Neither girl noticed the lightening and wind picking up. They were lost in the charged atmosphere.

Raven untied Kat's top. Dropping it down to the floor, she pulled Kat's head up for a scorching kiss. Licking Kat's lips, Raven rubbed her breasts against Kat's. Nipple to nipple, both girls sucked and licked each other's tongue and lips. With her hand tangled in Kat's curly red man, Raven deepened the kiss by putting her tongue deep inside the other girl's mouth. She tasted sweet, yet salty.

Breaking apart breathlessly, Raven pushed Kat down onto her back. She kissed down the girl's belly, using her chin to rub Kat's pussy mound. With a grin, she purred against the redhead's clothed pussy.

Wiggling, Kat tried to push her pussy into Raven's face.

“Like that, baby?” Raven purred.

Humming louder to make harder vibrations, Raven attacked the bigger girl's pussy. She reached beneath Kat and pulled the suit down and off her. Kat, bashful now, closed her legs. Bending her knees, she tried to shield herself from view.

“Uh uh...we will have none of that,” Raven whispered, as she brought her hands between Kat's knees.

Raven opened Kat's legs and pulled them apart, revealing a bare pink slit. The wider Kat's legs opened, it was like a iris blooming. Thick, puffy outer lips gradually opened to show delicate moist inner lips. Kat's pussy was beautiful. Her pussy was a pastel pink, and beads of moisture dotted her plains.

Sliding her hands down Kat's thighs, Raven used her thumbs to open the slit wider. Her clit was swollen, peeking out of it's hood. The bud was begging to be played with. Making herself comfy, Raven laid down on her belly, close to Kat's fragrant cunt.

She could smell the other girl's arousal. Leaning up on her elbow, she used the two longest fingers on her right hand to push them inside Kat's steaming pussy. Kat arched her back, digging her feet into the mattress. Only the tips were inside, but Raven could feel her pussy clenching. Pushing them in to the second knuckle, Raven used a corkscrew motion to stimulate Kat.

Kat had never felt desire like this. Her pussy was gripping Raven's small fingers, and she began to hump her hand. Raven watched Kat's eyes roll back, as she dropped her head back. Kat gasped and moaned, but the offending fingers would not go deeper.

“Oh...please...Raven, please,” Kat begged.

“Here. This will help,” Raven murmured, as she leaned down and brushed her lips to Kat's pulsing clit.

Screeching, Kat's hips jerked upward when she felt the warm breath and hot tongue touch her. She reached down and grabbed Raven's head. Holding her close, Kat rubbed and ground her hot cunt to the smaller girl's face.

Raven worked the taller girl harder. Rubbing the inner wall hard, Raven explored for the small area about 2 inches inside. Feeling a spot about the size of a walnut, she applied a steady pressure and felt it grow. Kat rode Raven's hand. Her pussy so wet. The more Raven rubbed the wetter and tighter Kat became.

Raven could actually feel Kat's pussy clamping down hard. It felt like she was trying to push her fingers out, the contractions were so hard.

“OH GOD...faster. Please, dammit. FASTER!” Kat yelled.

Leaning up, Kat pulled Raven around. Guiding the smaller girl on top of her, Kat pulled Raven's bottoms to the side. Mimicking what Raven was doing, she pushed two fingers inside Raven and was rewarded with a hoarse cry.

Raven's pussy was a dark, dusky pink. Lightly furred with dark hair, it was just as beautiful and moist. Kat pulled Raven's pussy open and saw that her clit was pierced with a tiny gold bar. What a surprise. Using her fingers, she played with the bar. Flicking it back and forth over Raven's growing bud, she watched as the other girl's pussy and anus contracted with each stroke.

Feeling braver, Kat licked from clit to asshole, using the flat of her tongue. Raven had a tangy taste and fragrant bush. Sucking her clit into her mouth, Kat used the tip of her tongue to play with the piercing. As she attacked that helpless bud, Kat pushed three of her fingers inside Raven's cunt.

Raven bucked and moaned. She licked and sucked Kat's hole, then traced a path down to her puckered brown hole. Tonguing that tight orifice, Raven managed to push the tip inside Kat's ass. The redhead tried to howl, but was unable to, because of a mouth full of Raven's pussy.

Using a slightly different technique, Kat pulled one of her fingers from Raven's pussy. Slick with pearly juices, she pushed it into Raven's winking puckered ass. Two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass, Kat continued to suck and gnaw on Raven's clit, until she could feel Raven's pussy contract hard, then a gush of wetness surged out and down her chin.

Kat knew she was close, and it was obvious that Raven was about to cum. Feeling the spasm beginning in her pussy and radiating out in waves, Kat could feel her toes curling. Arching her back, her screams muffled, she humped the other girl's face, as she rode a hard, spine chilling orgasm.

Shortly after, Raven began to ride Kat's fingers, roughly. The smaller girl was gasping, trying to keep her concentration, but failing. Raven came hard. She felt her pussy ballooning and collapsing.

Rolling off the redhead, Raven rested her head on Kat's thigh. Trying to catch her breath, she noticed that Kat still had her fingers buried deep inside her ass and pussy. Tiny aftershocks ran through her body, as Kat gently pulled her fingers out.

Righting herself, Raven laid her head on the pillow next to Kat. They listened to the sound of the storm.